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How to Quit Eating Desserts

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Going on a retreat of any kind is relaxing, revitalizing, invigorating, and soul nurturing. There are numerous types of retreats you could choose, but creating your own art retreat will bring you hours of satisfaction and open the door for your creative muses to come out and play.

Sugar highs and lows are common, but what if you didn't have to experience them? What if you could get rid of the craving of sugar and desserts? If you suffer from late afternoon exhaustion, or tend to grab a brownie instead of dinner, read on!







Probably the hardest part of getting rid of the craving of sugar and desserts is the desire to do so. Many people don't want to give up the comfort of a chocolate chip cookie or doughnut, but if you really want to quit, you can. The first step is to make the commitment.

Give yourself 3 days to jones for sugar and desserts. If you can get through 3 days, you have it made. Know that the first 3 days are going to be tough, but each day is closer to your goal. Sugarless gum can help quell the craving, or better yet, grab a carrot instead of a candy bar.

Once you have decided to stop eating desserts, erase it from your consciousness. After three days the craving is deleted from your system. Not eating desserts, in your mind, can be the same as not smoking, or not drinking, or not wearing blue jeans to work. It's something you simply do not do.

Beware of people who say, "Oh, just have one bite. It won't make a difference." Remember that choosing to give up desserts is a choice for better health and well-being. It is an addiction just like anything else. One bite can lead you back to old habits.

If a craving comes back, know that the craving will pass. As long as you are committed to remaining sugar free, you will feel very proud of yourself as you go day to day feeling more energetic, not to mention thinner!


Tips & Warnings

  • Stay away from diet soda. Even though they are sugar free, they trick the body into believing it is getting a sugar fix and can make the craving harder to kick.
  • Fruit is an excellent option to cakes and ice cream.

  • Dried fruits (and nuts) are healthy, but fattening, however, they can quell the dessert craving.  If you really need a fix, try a little bit of honey.




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