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How to Live in Present Moment Awareness

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Going on a retreat of any kind is relaxing, revitalizing, invigorating, and soul nurturing. There are numerous types of retreats you could choose, but creating your own art retreat will bring you hours of satisfaction and open the door for your creative muses to come out and play.

How would you like to experience a new appreciation of what is happening RIGHT NOW? Living in present moment awareness allows for the negative mind chatter to stop, mundane tasks to become interesting, and an excitement that will carry you from day to day craving more. Tasks such as washing the dishes, or going through paperwork can be just as magical as enjoying a spectacular view when present moment awareness is achieved.







Stop whatever you are doing right now, and take a moment to breathe. Really breathe. In through your nose, and out through your nose. No, don't go back to what you were doing...STOP and BREATHE. Stop everything. Take a moment and close your eyes. Breathe. Stop and breathe. We do not take enough time to just stop. Right now, the only place you have to be is right here. Enjoy the moment. If you do this throughout the day, you will not only be honoring yourself, but you will begin to experience present moment awareness.

Listen to what is going on around you. Take a moment and close your eyes, and listen. What was once din, will begin to separate into individual sounds. Birds, wind, chimes, a fountain, the hum of the air conditioning are sounds to listen to separately. Take a moment and listen. There's a lot more to become aware of than just noise.

Notice your thoughts. Simply, notice them. Do not put judgement on anything you are thinking. If you are rushing to get to work and are stopped at a red light, you might have the thought, "It's a red light. I hate red lights. I'm going to be late to work! I'm going to lose my job. I'm going to lose my house, my family, my life! My life is over!!" Hey! It's only a red light. Stop at the thought of 'It's a red light.' That's it. That's the thought. Once you NOTICE THE THOUGHT, the other negative mind chatter will cease. The less mind chatter you have, the more present moment awareness you will experience.

The next time you are doing a mundane task such as washing the dishes, notice how the water hits your hands. Notice how the soap turns into bubbles on the sponge. Notice the way your hands move from one dish to another, washing, rinsing, drying. By noticing each action as a separate entity, you will forget every single thing that has bothered you all day. When you notice what you are doing that intently, you are experiencing present moment awareness in perfection. All worries will wash down the drain with the dishwater.

An affirmation such as "Every moment is perfect," is a wonderful way to open the way for your subconscious and conscious mind to learn present moment awareness. Once you understand that every moment IS perfect, you will begin to realize that even if a moment is less than perfect, it is exactly as it should be at that moment. Saying "Every moment is perfect," silently to yourself during the day, will pull all moments back to you so you can enjoy each and every moment to the fullest.



Tips & Warnings

  • The present is just that. A gift to be enjoyed!

  • Literally STOP and smell the flowers.

  • Present moment awareness can lead to a fulfilled and happy life.

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