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How to Listen to Your Intuition

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Everyone has intuition. It is the inner voice that guides us to make correct decisions. More often than not, we choose to ignore what our intuition tells us and we find ourselves on a long and winding road which could've been much shorter and easier to travel.  Listening to your intuition can lead you to a life of fulfillment and better choices.






After you have found the perfect spot, you want to shop for a shallow bowl that matches your decor. The garden section is a good place to start, though remember that the bowl must not have a hole in the bottom as most planters do. A ceramic bowl, or a terra cotta bowl is an excellent choice.

Next, pick out some rocks or stones that you like. The smooth ones are lovely and come in an assortment of colors. You need enough to fill your bowl.

A water feature cannot work without a fountain pump. They are usually found in the garden section of popular Home Improvement stores. The best pump is the small fountain pump (Beckett is an excellent choice) that is 120V, 60mz, and 4 watts. The pump comes with a little piece that fits in the spout, however, if you find you need more height for the flow, you may have to get a piece of tubing that will fit in the spout. Most likely, you will not have to get tubing.

When putting your water feature together, place the fountain pump on the bottom of the bowl in the center. There are suction cups to keep the pump in place. Fill the bowl with rocks and cover the pump. Make sure to leave room open around the spout for the water flow.

Fill the bowl completely so the pump is submerged and the water covers the rocks or comes to just under the top layer. The water flow is adjustable. You might want to do a test by the sink when you first plug in your fountain to avoid spraying water on your furniture. The flow does not have to be strong. A bubbling effect is lovely, and you can move the rocks to enhance the sound and flow.

The plug will drape over the side of the bowl towards the back and is usually not noticeable, however, you can hide it with the use of artificial plants.

Make sure the flow aims towards the room and not out the back. That will help to bring wealth and prosperity into your life.

The key ingredient for listening to your intuition is TRUST. Trust that you already know the correct answer which will lead you to the perfect destination on your life journey. When you trust that you are being guided to exactly where you need to be, you will stop second guessing yourself and your choices.

First impressions are powerful, and they are often guided by a strong sense of intuition. When you meet someone for the first time, notice what you are feeling. Are you getting a good feeling of trust with this person, or are you left with something uncomfortable? Just because someone tells you that they are say, 'perfect for the job,' does not mean they are being truthful. Your intuition is always right, and first impressions go a long way to help you decide who and what is right for you.

Driving is based on intuition. You know when to put your turn signal on, and how far back to hang behind the car in front of you. While driving, your intuitive state is heightened. It is often while driving that we get our best ideas. Following through on some of those ideas will take you to great places in your life. Trust that the ideas that come to you while driving are important.

Here's a test. Get in your car and drive. Just drive. When you come to a crossroads, feel in your heart which way to go. Trust that you are exactly where you need to be. Ask your guides to take you where you most need to go. See where you end up. Inevitably there is something waiting for you that you weren't consciously aware of.

If you find yourself lost and your GPS is on the fritz, ask your intuition to get you where you need to go. If you feel the urge to turn left, then turn left. Your intuition will not let you down. You just need to listen. You can do this exercise when looking for an address, or something in particular such as the perfect rug for your family room. Your intuition (and your car) will get you to the perfect place.

When you find that you cannot get something off your mind, it is your intution telling you to pay attention. Ever have a song stuck in your head? What are the lyrics? Most likely, there is a message there specifically for you. Noticing these signs, and paying attention, will allow you to trust your intuition to the fullest capacity.

Tips & Warnings

  • Intuition is listening.

  • Intuition is trusting.

  • Follow your first hunches.

  • Pay attention to first impressions.

  • Never second guess yourself.





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