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How to Breathe Life
into Your Life


By Harriette Knight

Breathing is the most natural thing for any person on the planet to do, yet how often do you find you are holding your breath, or not breathing at all? Stress, frustration, being out of shape, or holding back emotions are reasons many of us forget to breathe. Want to breathe life back into your life? Here's how.




Take a moment and breathe. Notice if your breath is shallow, or in the top of your chest. Many people breathe this way all the time, with an insufficient amount of oxygen feeding their cells. Your body needs oxygen to remain healthy and strong. It is a proven fact that cancer cells cannot live in a heavily oxygenated body.


Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor. Breathe in through your nose and fill your belly up with air. Need some help with that? Put your hands out, palms up, and connect your thumb and forefinger together, like you've seen people who meditate or do yoga. When you do this, and take a breath in through your nose, your belly cannot help but fill up with air. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your nose, filling your belly up, and emptying your belly in. This is also a good workout for your abs.


Another way to get a full breath is to look at the spaces. What does that mean exactly? We are so busy looking at the things around us, we forget to look at the things that aren't. Try this. Put your hand in front of you with your palm facing your face. Now don't look at your hand, but the spaces between your fingers. When you do that, you cannot help but take a breath. This technique can instantly get you some oxygen to your cells, and relax you.


Need some body heat? Take a deep breath through your nose and fill your belly up with air. Then release, through your nose, but make a sound. The sound comes from the back of your throat, like a fire breathing dragon or Darth Vader. Speed this up, like a huh, huh, huh all the while breathing in and out of your nose only, and you will warm up in an instant.


There is a pose in yoga called Dead Man's pose which is when you lie on your back on the floor with your eyes closed, your arms at your sides, your legs relaxed straight out, and there is almost no breath at all. You are quiet and silent. And even though there is no focus on breathing, you are completely relaxed and still. If you take time to do this daily for even just a few minutes, you will actually breathe easier during the day. The best stress reliever is honoring yourself.


Tips & Warnings

  • Don't forget to breathe!



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