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Happy New Year!

It was a great way to end one year and begin another.  I started off the day with a hike in Mentryville with my friend Tina. It was fantastic! A turkey vulture in all it's glory circled around our heads as we stood transfixed by its amazingness.  Amazing!!

Afterwards we went to breakfast at Tea Garden, and then I did lots and lots of errands, repotted some plants, wished lots of Happy New Years, watched Saturday Night Fever (again), and eventually got dressed and ready to go over to the Hyatt for Jacqui and Justin's wedding.

It was really fun!  I danced and danced and danced and danced, and since this was a reverse wedding, we got all the partying out of the way before the ceremony which ended just before midnight.  It was really beautiful.

Immediately after the ceremony, I ran into one of my oldest friends who was also at the wedding (but I had no idea!!) and she and I and her husband got all caught up. Though we don't see each other much, our lives are deeply entwined.  In fact, it was from Linda and Dave that I got my beloved dog Peaches, and my son and Linda's daughter have been best friends for YEARS. I think since they were 4  and 5 years old (they are 28 and 27 now), even dating at one point. So we had a great time catching up and I thought if this is any indication of what 2012 is going to be like, well, it's going to be spectacular!!!

Happy New Year!!

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After a Very Busy Day....

....I had a most unexpected and wonderful visit with my son.  I'm very happy.  And as a treat, he brought with him my friend Sissy's daughter.  I've known Sissy since she is 14 years old  (she's 45 now) and her daughter who is nearly 20, I have not seen since she was 1 week old.  Ahhh, I love life and the continuity of it!  Happy New Year!




Shooting Star

It was 80 degrees outside today. I LOVE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA IN DECEMBER!! It was so utterly scrumptious that I ventured with my daughter's boyfriend to walk a couple of miles to Downtown Newhall to the bike shop to pick up the 2 bikes being repaired.  Riding them home was blissful. I can't remember that last time I rode a bike. It was soooooooo fabulous!

Afterwards I got ready for the day to meet up with my friend Aimee for her birthday. She and her daughter Nicole and I opted to see We Bought a Zoo, the Matt Damon movie. Soooooo good! 

When the movie was over it was dinnertime so we were joined by Aimee's husband Barry, and went to Lima Limon Peruvian food to eat.  My oh my~ Sooooooooo delicious!!

Driving home, I saw a shooting star.  A perfect moment for a perfect day.

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Ten Tips for a Rockin' New Year

Today's radio broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was awesome! The topic was 10 Tips for a Rockin' New Year and Jupiter in Taurus.  To listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above. For a teaser, here are the 10 Tips. 

Tip #1 - Reflection  
Tip #2 - Letting Go  
Tip #3 - Oneness Consciousness
Tip #4 - Spiritual Hygiene
Tip #5 - Release Anger & Negativity
Tip #6 - Put Yourself First 
Tip #7 - Honor Your Body
Tip #8 - Conscious Eating
Tip #9 - Watch Your Words
Tip #10 - Be Grateful

To hear more about each tip, plus Bonus tips, please click HERE.

After the show I attended the SCV Women's Networking Group at New Moon. What FUN!!  I love seeing my friends, networking, sharing this past year's successes and looking forward to what 2012 will bring to all of us!  What are your successes of this past year, and what are your goals for next year?  A perfect question for Jupiter in Taurus.

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A Blip and a Blur

The days are going by so quickly, it's difficult to keep track of what happens each minute.  This morning seems like eons ago. Tonight I attended a party at my meditation teacher's house. It's an annual gathering that benefits the local homeless shelter which has been renamed Bridge to Home (www.BtoHome.com). In addition to the pot luck, and bringing items needed for the shelter, it was a meet and greet for local political candidates. Tonight was non-partisan in nature, keeping with the theme of Oneness (the Buddhist monks were there to give blessings as well).  The most fun, of course, was the ride there and back that I shared with the two Julies and Kri.  A lot of laughing. A lot of fun.

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Boxing Day

The weather was so delicious today that I had to grab my Nordic Walking Poles and take a power walk. It was fabulous! I used the time wisely talking on the phone. Does that count as exercise?  It was a magnificent walk and a magnificent day.  

Tonight I went to an annual Boxing Day party at my friend's Gerry and Debbie's house.  Everyone brings their favorite Chinese food and we eat and visit and laugh. It doubles as Gerry's birthday party since his birthday falls on Christmas. Since the Boxing Day bash last year, there have been 2 weddings in their family and now a grandchild on the way.  The crazy thing is, is that the grandchild is from their son who I have known since he was 2 years old. In addition to the regulars at the party tonight, there were a couple of infants as well, which means all of us are getting much, much older.  

I knew it had to happen eventually. That my children would become older than me!

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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful Christmas with their friends and families. I had a lovely day with my mom and friend Sue. We went to the movies and saw The Descendents which was really, really good. I loved it.  And then we went to TGIF's for some dinner.  Afterwards I got all cozy in my pajamas and watched a couple of Christmas movies on tv. They were on the ION channel (?) and one of them was filmed in my neighborhood! I mean, I knew it looked familiar but when I caught the street sign in a background shot I was certain for sure!  I love stuff like that.

Merry Christmas to ALL. May you continue to enjoy the blessings of the season.

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It looked for a moment that there wasn't going to be much celebrating when yesterday I came down with some weird stomach flu. It was god awful and I actually went to bed at 9PM, but after 13 hours of sleep, I seem to have had a miraculous recovery which was a good thing since there was so much planned for today.

Happy birthday to me!

I love birthdays, I really do.  And today was full of so many wonderful blessings and surprises. My daughter took me to brunch at Egg Plantation (free omelet on your birthday) and then we spent the day together shopping and getting all the things she needed for Xmas gifts for her friends. It was super fun. I loved spending the time with her.  After schlepping all over Target, Kohls, and the like, I took a quick nap before the evening events.

A group of friends met at my house and we caravaned down to LA to Genghis Cohen for Wendy Hammer's Chop Schtick.  It's a comedy show for those who have no where to go on Christmas Eve. As you can imagine it was mostly Jewish humor.  VERY FUNNY! Being jewish and from NJ, two things I share with Wendy, as well as having December birthdays, my group of friends yukked it up for 90 minutes (oh my face was hurting from laughing) and then we went in to the restaurant for the BEST NY Chinese food ever. I'm not kidding. The BEST!!

It was a group of 10 of us including my son, so for me, the day was full, full, full and fully wonderful.  I loved every minute of it.

Have you had a birthday on Facebook yet? OMG!!! I must've received 300 birthday postings.  I am feeling the love for sure!!! Thank you to everyone who sent birthday greetings my way.  I sooooooooo appreciate youuuuuuuuuuu.  And now I get to wish YOU a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Enjoy, enjoy!!

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A Whirlwind

If I thought for a moment that things were going to be leisurely I was clearly mistaken. My phone was ringing before my eyes were open this morning. Friends bringing birthday gifts, clients making appointments, others calling to say hello...it was a moment in time when 3 phone calls collided and someone was at the door.  I barely had enough time to snatch my keys and head out for my mammogram appointment.   After that, I met my friend Maile for lunch at Chipotle (so yummy) and since she has a truck, we used it to load my daughter and her boyfriend's bikes and bring them to the bike shop for a complete overhaul. It'll be like getting 2 new bikes!

Since the bike shop (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NEWHALL BICYCLE SHOP) is on Main Street right next door to Madison Schwartz's store FRESH, Maile and I got to do a little visiting and shopping at the same time!

On my way home from there, a very kind person stopped next to me at the red light let me know that my tire was unusually low, so I hightailed over to the tire place to have it all checked and patched. What an angel that person was!!

The day continued with more calls, visits, appointments, errands, and it wasn't until 11PM tonight that I got to watch X Factor.  Everyone has guilty pleasures and tv certainly is mine.

Tomorrow is proving equally busy with clients in the morning and a birthday lunch date with Tina. I LOVE BIRTHDAY TIME!! Thank you to everyone for your well wishes. I appreciate you!!!  I hope you are having a glorious holiday season!

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A Full Hour of Psychic Questions!

That was today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. A full hour of answering psychic questions, doing healings, clearing chakras, and so much more!  We also covered the New Moon in Capricorn exact at 2 degrees Cap at 10:06AM PT and 1:06 PM ET on Saturday, Dec. 24th. The thing about this is, the New Moon is EXACTLY on the minute of my birth!! Yes, it is true. My birthday is on Saturday, Dec. 24th and I was born at 1:18 PM ET.  I'm not certain what this all means to have a New Moon EXACTLY on my birthday at the moment of my birth but guaranteed it is HUGE.

To listen to today's show, please click on the player above.  It was a wonderful show full of healings which can be felt by anyone who listens to the archive. Enjoy, enjoy! It was my holiday gift to YOU!

Tonight was a surprise when I was invited to dinner for sushi by my friend Shawneen Rubay.  We had such a good time, and I am so appreciative of all the birthday celebrating this week. Tomorrow, lunch with Maile!  I love this time of year!

12/21/2011 = 22222
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All 2's and 1's - 12/20/2011

The numbers have been talking to me lately.  LOTS of 5's (change), and 3's (healing), and 2's (dad), and 4's (angels and my children's dad), and 8's (something moving towards completion)...it's been an endless stream of number conversations over the past two days.  All I can do is notice.

Lunch with my mastermind group at Egg Plantations was fantastic. We were celebrating birthdays (mine and Julie's) and the holidays (Candice, Sheri, and Tami).  Lovely gifts and sentiments (and food) were exchanged and shared.  It was such a beautiful way to spend part of the day.

Roto Rooter battled the clogged tub and won! Yay! Afterwards I did some errands before a healing client's appointment.  Once again the day was full morning til night.  Tomorrow I am gifting the listening audience of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour with a full hour of answering psychic questions. If you have a psychic question, please call on Wed. at 3PM PT to 646-929-2242. Just press one on your phone to get in the queue.  Call in early!

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Never a Dull Moment

I have to say that every minute of today was full. EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.  My closet is organized and now my underwear drawer is too. I even got those little organizing boxes that fit everything in so nicely. Once all that was squared away, there were other places in the house that needed slight tweaking. I did that while talking on the phone.  Multi tasking at its best. I had to go to Glendale for an appointment and then one in Canyon Country. Zip, zip, zip. Then a little fun at Big Lots, the Dollar Tree, and Lowes.  I got a new fountain pump and doorbell and installed them both when I got home. More phone calls. More multi tasking. My neighbor helped me with the doorbell and I then helped their daughter with some healing. When I walked back into my house, the phone was ringing, and ringing and ringing. I think I was on the phone all night. I felt so good that the tourmeline I got at the Psychic boutique was helping with the obsessiveness with the computer, I forgot how addictive the phone can be.  

Now that my house is in perfect order, wouldn't you know that the tub is backed up?  Roto Rooter is set to come tomorrow. Betwixt and between a million other things to do.  Whatever happened to Christmas vacation???

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My Day with Cousin Lisa

My cousin Lisa lives in Boulder but was out here to go to a wedding so we got to spend the day together.  She took me to a pre-birthday brunch at Tea Garden and since it was so beautiful today, we even ate outside. Afterwards she wanted to buy me a birthday gift and since I didn't know what I wanted, we went to Home Goods for some inspiration.  I took home a new rug for my bathroom and a new soap dispenser. It doesn't seem like much but the first thing was something I needed and the latter was something I have been on a search for for the past year. We came across the display of skinny velvet hangers and I suddenly got inspired to redo my closet. This was a perfect activity since my cousin is a professional organizer and the thing she loves to do the most with me is tackle my closet and clean it out.  I did not object.  We got back to my house and got to work. I ended up donating 2 giant bags of clothes and a couple of more things for the consignment store. Everything is hung up on new hot pink and purple hangers. I even devised a way to store my scarves so that I can have easy access to them without them falling on my head every time I grab one.  Even Lisa was impressed. Here is a picture for those who have a similar scarf addiction.

After Lisa left and I finished my closet, I settled in for two season finale's.  Dexter and Homeland.  Jeez~ Talk about loads of surprises. I was on the edge of my seat!  Too bad we have to wait so long to find out what happens next, but that is so much more satisfying then not being surprised at all.  Great night. Great day.  I've been inundated with birthday wishes for the past couple of days. It's going to be an unbelievable birthday week!

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Thank You

Thank you to all those who supported the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique today.
I appreciate you!!


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 "Thank you, Harriette! I always get so much out of it and today was my family's turn. They loved every minute ♥ you!" Denise Saylor

"It was a magical event! Love you Harriette! ♥" Alyse Korn

"Thank you Harriette for another wonderful day of healing and love!" Leigh Taylor

"Always such an amazing, energetic and loving day! Plus its always fun hanging with Maile and Shawneen, who I got to talk with a lot to today. Thank you for all that you do for putting this together, Harriette."  Diane Stacy

"Thanks Harriet. It was great!" Claudia McDowell

"Great day!! Can't wait till March!" Maile Gray

 "Thank you Harriet - as always, I enjoyed seeing you and appreciate your time, words of wisdom and insightfulness. Peace and Joy to you during this Holiday Season." Kim A.

"It was a pleasure meeting you in person, Harriette. You are fabulous!" Edna 

"What a great day, thank you." Julie Molinare

"I can't thank you enough for today Harriette! :)" Kelly Jester



Readings, healings, jewelry making, getting everything ready for the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique tomorrow at the Courtyard Marriott from 10-4. Woohoo!! Please come!  It's going to be a spectacular day. Here is the line up of who will be there. What interests you?

Harriette Knight - Psychic Readings/Healings - $30 for 10 minutes
Kimberly Barclay - Angel Readings - $25 for 15 minutes
Maile Gray "The Rockin' Cool Hypnotherapist" - $30
Diane Stacy - Heavenly Healing Chair Massage - $20
Sharon Wright - Iridology - Eye Reading - $25 for 15 min.
Stacey Nivichanov - Quantum Touch and Oneness Blessings $25
Tina Landrum - Crystal & Energy Healing - $25 for 20 min.
Shawneen Rubay -Rose Reiki and Readings - $25 
Kri Chetan -Whole Body Vibration Machine $10
Jane Ramboldt - Animal Communicator - $25 for 10 min. 
(Bring pictures. Cell phone pix work, too!)

Harriette Knight - Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry
Sheri Varela - Sheri Baby Inspirational T-shirts, Scarves & Bags
Elaine Giftos Wright - Feng Shui Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
Nancy Gonzalez - Gemstones and More!
Shannon Bonfanti - Chakra & Crystalwear Clothing
Shawneen Rubay - Eco Friendly Yoga Bags, Totes, & Dog Scarves
Jessie Megali - Soaptopia Soaps

Since I need to get up SUPER EARLY tomorrow, I'm calling it a night.  It's always a big day at the boutique. I hope you can swing on by and say hello.   The Courtyard Marriott is where the 5 Fwy meets the 126 in Valencia just north of Magic Mountain.  Fun!!

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Thursday, Feels like Friday - Almost Saturday

The whole concept of time is changing so dramatically. Time has sped up so much, I'm ahead of myself. Believing today was Friday when in fact, it was Thursday.  Saturday is the Winter Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at the Courtyard Marriott. It's from 10-4 and is going to be incredible!! What a great list of vendors and services.  The Courtyard Marriott is located where the 5 meets the 126 freeway.  Please come!  You'll be glad you did.

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Winter Animal Totems

Ooooh, today's radio broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was sooooooooo good! We covered Winter Animal Totems and the information that came through was excellent. If this subject interests you, please click on the player above to hear today's broadcast.  

A lot got done today. Must be mercury and uranus moving in a forward motion. I posted 10 new watches in the Online Store (Click HERE to see them) plus updated my website in numerous places. Gemstone books were ordered and sent out to some Spiritual bookstores.  GEMSTONE POWER! 52 Meanings and Meditations from Abalone to Zircon is also now available on Amazon and Kindle.  It's spreading like wildfire!  I'm offering a 10% off special if you purchase both of my books - Chakra Power! AND Gemstone Power!   Click HERE for details. Great gift idea!

12/14/11 - Happy Birthday, Robbie, Julie, and Kris!
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Every minute was full today and most of it was very, very fun. I started off the day with a healing client which is, of course, the most fun. I LOVE my work. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! When the session was over, my friend Sissy was here for lunch and a visit.  Sissy and I have been friends since she was 14 years old. She's 45 now which freaks me out. She still looks like a kid.  We went to what turned into a 3 hour lunch at BJ's where I was so happy with a gluten free BBQ Chicken pizza, so yummy! We walked over to the mall where I managed to see about 20 people I knew. Sissy kept calling me the mayor of the town which is what my daughter used to call me years ago.  Believe me, I don't know everyone in this town, but today it sure felt like it. Afterall, I have lived here for 24 years EXACTLY (Dec. 15). Speaking of my daughter, she was one of the 20 we ran into today which was a lot of fun. 

When Sissy left, I had about a smidge of time before meditation class. It was there that I learned that my auto mechanic for the past 20 years had died. It was such a shock, and I found out so randomly; one of the others in the meditation class sort of blurted out that an odd thing had happened when she went to get her oil changed and found out her mechanic had died.  I just KNEW when she was talking about it that it was my mechanic, too, which was even odder since he had been on my mind sooooooooo much lately that I had mentioned him to two other people in the last week, one of which was sitting next to me in the class.  Such an odd experience.  I suppose it really got to me since I am writing about it here.  So, this is my Ode to Hank, who was an auto guru if ever there was one. Full of kindness, integrity, and honor.  I will miss you so.

Our topic for tomorrow's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour is about Winter Animal Totems. It should be a really interesting show.  Do you have a psychic question? I will also be doing psychic readings. The show starts at 3PM PT so either call 646-929-2242 or listen online HERE.  See you then!

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My Women Moving Forward Mastermind Group had scheduled a field trip for today.  We like doing that.  Spending time together laughing, shopping, being friends.  When I awoke today the rain was pouring. Southern California does not do well in the rain since it does it so rarely.  And I certainly didn't want to get out of bed and meet in the parking lot at Yamatos by 10AM so we could drive to our destination. But I did. I got up, showered and dressed appropriately for a day in the rain and met my friends in the parking lot as planned.  As soon as I saw my friends, I said, "I don't think we should drive in this weather." They instantly agreed.

So, off we went for breakfast locally at Eggs and Things and then a quick walk in the rain to the consignment store Just Between Us and out mini field trip was over.  

I decided to hit Goodwill for the fun of it and found exactly what I needed.  A pair of jeans, an ivory tank top, a copy of The Alchemist since I had to return Sheri's copy to her, and a beautiful oversized cherub for my zen garden.  Total score!

I intended to get in my pajamas and watch tv for the rest of the day, but my friend Christiane swung by for a visit and I ended up doing a bunch of work. I did get to the tv, but it wasn't until after 8PM. Typical for me.  I even cleaned off my desk, just in time for mercury to go direct tomorrow. 

More rain is predicted for Tuesday. I have clients and a lunch date with my friend Sissy who I have known since she is 14 years old. She's 45 now.  Man oh man, time flies!

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Raising Money for the Rescue Train

Today I was fortunate to be a vendor at a fabulous home in Van Nuys that was the location for a boutique to raise money for The Rescue Train, a no kill animal shelter.  It was a beautiful day especially when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, and then later when the sun played hide and seek, I was glad I had my gloves.  

I had Sheri Varela with her Sheri Baby T-Shirts, scarves, and bags on one side, and on the other was an incredible artist - Tanya Mikaela, who does these extraordinary pieces entirely of collage. This isn't any kind of collage. Each piece looks like it is a combination of paint and mosaic, but the truth is, each inch of each piece is made from recycled paper.  EXTRAORDINARY!

I couldn't help myself, and indeed purchased a print of one of her pieces.  Here it is:

What you can't see in the picture is that in the sphere are the words I AM repeated over and over in graduated sizes.  Being the chakra girl that I am, I could not resist this piece, and after I purchased it, the artist revealed that she was indeed paying very close attention to the chakras as her inspiration.  But, of course!

Among Tanya's work is an amazing piece of President Obama which was featured at the Inauguration in a museum in Washington DC.  I mean, these pieces are utterly magical and amazing.  

After the event, Sheri and I warmed up over soup at Soup Plantation.  Right now they have a Sweet Yam Bisque which already has me dreaming for more.  Tomorrow is a field trip with my WMF Mastermind girls. It's supposed to rain, but I don't think that will stop us from hitting some vintage stores in NoHo/Burbank.  

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

I woke up this morning, rolled out of bed, threw some clothes on, headed to the Swap Meet, then to a friend's garage sale, was headed out for a power walk when I ended up at the Consignment Store bringing hot designer shoes from my daughter's closet, decided some food was in order (it was already 1PM), and a shower, too. Got dressed, got my delivery of yummies from M&W Gourmet Foods, post office, Trader Joes, did some work at home, got ready for the boutique tomorrow, out to dinner with friends.............jeez! Eclipse energy anyone?

If you live near the San Fernando Valley, please come to the boutique Sunday, Dec. 11th from noon to 4 at 5704 Ranchito Ave, Valley Glen, CA.  It's just north of Burbank Blvd. between Hazeltine and Woodman.  I will have the entire line of Charity Clarity Jewelry, and Sheri Varela will have her t-shirts, scarves, and bags, and the newest cutest most verstatile shrug/scarf/cardigan combo!  Get them before they're gone!

Hope to see you there~

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From Morning til Night

What a wealth of activity!  GEMSTONE POWER! books flying out the door, jewelry being sold and enjoyed, visit from Mom, new watches made, and so much more!  The fun continues as I gear up for Sunday's boutique in the Valley to support the Rescue Train.  Tomorrow there is much to get done, but then again, there always is.  

The Full Moon Total Eclipse at 18 degrees Gemini is upon us.  Speak your truth, let go of the past, embrace your future.  With Uranus going direct in Aries, look out! Who even knows what is around the corner.  Simply enjoy it all!

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That Time of Year

Is it busy or what???  Wow. Every minute is jam packed with something to do!!  From the excitement surrounding the new book GEMSTONE POWER! and all that has to get done with its release, to going to the dentist, having lunch at Stonefire with Sheri, going on a hike with Tina, sending books to Amazon, making a list and checking it twice, and all the other things that happen this time of year (gift giving, etc), it's like WOW!!

Believe me, I am not complaining. I LOVE this time of year.  And, there is so much more of it tomorrow!

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There are no words to describe the excitement of seeing your book in print, and after today's radio broadcast, I got to squeal in delight as I picked up the cases of GEMSTONE POWER! 52 Meanings and Meditations from Abalone to Zircon.  What a rush!!!

The new book is GORGEOUS, and vibes really high. In fact, for today's radio show we utilized the book to open and align the chakras with gemstone meditations.  WOW!  By about the 3rd chakra I already started feeling tongue tied, and by the crown chakra, I was so out of my body, I am surprised I was able to do readings and healings at all!! It was amazing!! To listen to today's broadcast, simply click on the player above or click HERE. It's a special show indeed, and you can get an idea of what the meditations in the book are all about.  The definitions of the stones are extensive, and the book is so physically beautiful, you will surely want one on your coffee table.  To order your copies, simply visit the ONLINE STORE or click HERE.

After picking up the books, I brought the first copy to my mom, (who fed me dinner), and then I went to meditation class where everyone was so kind (and excited) and bought at least 2 books each.  It was truly an extraordinary day.

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A Healing Day

Today was full of healing.  With clients all day and then a surprise shopping excursion with Mom (don't you love Big Lots?) and then dinner at Rattlers.  Healing all around.  

Tomorrow's radio show is going to be extra special as we utilize gemstone meditations to align and open the chakras. Tune in at 3PM PT by calling 646-929-2242 or clicking on the link HERE. Psychic questions answered, too! 

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The Banger Sisters
I LOVE that movie. Every time it is on, I just have to watch.

Today was BUSY, so what else is new.  Clients and running around, and getting GEMSTONE POWER! ready for Kindle.  It's all so exciting.  Feel free to order your hard copy TODAY by clicking HERE. The books will be shipped out this week!! Woohoo!!! 

12/5/11- Happy Birthday, Adrienne!!
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Thank You!

A quick thank you to everyone who supported the boutiques this weekend. It was so great to see old and new friends.  I appreciate you, and your support for some great causes.

Busy week ahead!

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One down, one more to go for this weekend's boutiques! What fun! It was great to see everyone who came by to say hi at today's Home Tour Boutique at Hart Park.  I look forward to seeing more friends at tomorrow's Temple Beth Ami Hanukkah Boutique from 10-2. Located at 23023 Hilse Lane in Newhall, simply take Walnut St to the end and just before the wash, turn left and you are there!  

I have GREAT gifts including feather earrings for just $10 a pair, and Bracelets - buy one and get one at 1/2 off!  And of course so much MORE!!  See you tomorrow!

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Ready, Set, Go!

Alright! We are fully stocked up with new watches, yoga necklaces, earrings, and so much more! The thing is, the new items are not online (yet).  The way to see them is to come to the Home Tour Boutique on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 9-4 at Hart Park in Newhall at 24151 Newhall Avenue or on Sunday, Dec. 4th at Temple Beth Ami Hanukkah Boutique at 23023 Hilse Lane (at the end of Walnut Street in Newhall nearl Placerita Jr. High) from 10-2.

See you there! 
Remember, Hart Park is a NEW LOCATION for the Home Tour Boutique.  ♥ 

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Social Networking

There is Social Networking where you don't have to leave your house (like on FB), and then there is Social Networking where you actually get to interact on a personal level. The past two days have been full of the latter and it's been fantastic!

Yesterday, after the radio show, my friend Julie Molinare (landscaper extraordinare) picked me up to head over to New Moon for the New Women's Group Networking event. It's called the New Women's Group because no one has decided on a name yet, but quite frankly I think "New Women's Group" might actually BE the name forever.  It's an amazing group of women who just love to get together and network. Most of us met at other networking groups that either no longer meet or disbanded. Three amazing women, Kim Rocke, Candice Hirst, and Lois Lopez formed this group so we could guarantee seeing each other at least once a month.  

After networking, Julie and I hit Target and then Trader Joes which was a win/win to get everything done.  The winds have been howling like crazy with gusts of up to 70 miles per hour. Being out in the wind and cold was crazy last night, and they continued into today (and for the next 3 days).  

Tonight, I picked Julie up (we live 3 blocks from each other) and we headed over to Sake for Tera McHugh's Launch Party for her new radio show. What fun we had! It was a like a reunion with our friends Craig Duswalt (my Rockstar System for Success guru) and his wife Natasha, Maile Gray, Linda Fleischmann, Diane Stacy, and so many more. The band August Rising played and the Happy Hour menu was DELICIOUS!!

Afterwards, Julie and I went shoe shopping.  So fun!

Tomorrow I will be getting ready for the two boutiques this weekend.  Home Tour will be on Saturday from 9-4 at Hart Park, and the Temple Beth Ami Boutique is Sunday from 10-2. Both are in Newhall. For more information, click HERE for Upcoming Events.  I hope you will stop by and say "Hi!"

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Getting Organized Inside and Out!

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was AWESOME with numerous tips about getting organized for your mind, body, and spirit.  I mentioned a wonderful book by Missy Bystrom called Organ-ZEN-ation (isn't that clever) and shared a few quotes that supported today's topic.  We also covered a lot about what is going astrologically which offers great insights into things you may be experiencing right now.  

To listen to today's show, simply click on the player above or click HERE

As promised, here is the link for the 21 Day FREE Meditation Challenge. Simply click HERE or go to http://www.mentorschannel.com/bestsellers/ew_meditation/register.asp

Also, as promised, here is the verbage for the Reclaiming your Power exercise we did on today's show.  


1. First, fully feel what is bothering you. Feel it to your core. If it is anxiety or stress or anger, feel it, feel it, feel it!

2. Then say, "I am the Power and Presence of God*!" (Even if it feels silly to say that, say it anyway. Even if you say it silently, it will work.)

*Feel free to subsitute whatever word feels comfortable for you, such as Universe, Source, or Spirit.

3. Then say, "This is not real. It is all an illusion. Simply made up."

4. Then say, "I RECLAIM MY POWER FROM THIS CREATION NOW!" And feel your power coming back into your body. (Even if you don't feel anything, it is working).

5. After you fully feel your power return to you, give thanks. You can say something like, "I give thanks that the perfect situation came about so I could reclaim my power."


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Family and Friends, Clients and Customers

I am grateful.




The Little Things

I've been taking the time to appreciate the little things. Today was full of little things. Good things. Some clients and readings, errands, a walk with a friend.  Some phone conversations, spaghetti dinner (gluten free), and some cozy time on the couch.  The little things mean so much.  I hope you are taking the time to appreciate the little things. 

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Still on Thanksgiving Vacation

Spent time with my mom, my kids, ate lots of turkey and all the fixings, enjoyed a scrumptious So Cal day, and hope to continue all these warm and fuzzy feelings as we head into a very intense week!  Mercury retro anybody?

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Thanksgiving Weekend Continues

Hope you are enjoying yours!




Black Friday

There were no lines at the 99 Cent Store.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pre Thanksgiving

It's 3 in the morning. Thanksgiving morning.  I've been watching West Side Story.  I just love that movie.  

Today's radio show covered Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius and included some great info about the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse (also in Sag)  Thursday evening.  If you missed the show, simply click on the player above, and enjoy, enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!!

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Mercury Retro

Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday, just in time to snag up Thanksgiving day traffic, but it has hit us so hard already, I can't even imagine what is coming in the next 3 weeks.

I went to the printer this morning to sign off on the final proof of GEMSTONE POWER! and noticed a hot pink stripe on the back cover that was clearly not there before.  Fortunately I was able to send the PDF of the final proof to the printer for corroboration who was able to fix it in time.  A perfect mercury retro in sagittarius experience involving publishing, books, and communication.  

I was so stressed out that I tracked down my BFF at the eye doctor and stalked her until she was done. She calmed me down (as she always does) and I was able to get on with my day. Before I saw clients I had a mercury retro paypal incident that just had my eyes rolling.  It's just the type of thing I tell others to laugh about during a mercury retro, but for some reason I wasn't there yet. 

Old friends are showing up in droves which is such a perk of MR, and I did receive a stunning email which instilled such gratitude inside of me it erased all the frustrations of the day.  Here it is:


I was introduced to your book Chakra Power a short time ago by a lady that performed the 2nd Rising Star Healing Treatment on me.  I asked her if she had any brochures or information that she could give me so that I could follow along each day as each chakra was being healed (for the 21 days following the treatment).  She LOANED me your book!  And the rest as they say is history.
It was as if each page spoke directly to me answering questions that I had been asking for a really long time.  It is clear, simple, easy to read and extremely informative.  But the reason I am taking a chance and writing you this email of appreciation was what I read on page 22.  You see I had been asking myself for probably 30 years:  "Why do I have so many personal relationships (8+)" and "Why do I have such a difficult time with confrontation".  Never did I think that those 2 questions were related or that the answer was in both.  I am FOREVER in your debt for sharing these simple teachings in your book or else I could perhaps be continuing to relive these lessons over and over again! 
I love you very much and again I will be forever grateful. 
chi-miigwech (thank you very much)!  Cindy


Tune in tomorrow at 3PM PT for more info on this Mercury Retro in Sagittarius and the upcoming eclipse (also in Sag), plus your psychic questions answered for free! Call 646-929-2242 or click HERE.  

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Impromptu Monday

It's Monday but it feels like....I don't know....all the days seem to blur together. Friday seemed like Saturday, and today felt like Friday. Thanksgiving is in the air and everyone is either at the market or going out of town.  

I was at the market, gathering up the fixings for green bean cassarole and cranberry relish.  The fresh flowers were so beautiful, and the aisles packed with people.  The holidays are officially upon us.  Mom and I had an impromptu shopping trip, and when I got home, my friend Sue came over for an impromptu dinner.  Earlier this morning, my friend Kri and I went on an impromptu power walk, and when I got home the phone rang and someone booked an impromptu healing session.  I love IMPROMPTU anything!!  Life is one giant impromptu experience.  Enjoy it!

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Rainy Day Off

Rain. TV. Soup. Bliss.

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Work and Play

I don't know why I called this blog post Work and Play when it really should be Play and Play because I love my work so much. I actually indulged myself and had a healing session today. One for me!! It was really lovely, and I thank Chuck Creighton for indulging me.  Afterwards, I had a client, then sold some jewelry, visited with a friend, and then mom and I headed down to Beverly Hills to meet up with my brother and sister in law.  Mom was treating us to dinner at The Palm!  

I hadn't been to the Palm in many years. I mean MANY years, like 13 or even more. I remember going there 30 years ago when I first moved to LA. Quite frankly, it hasn't changed a bit. The lobsters are still GIGANTIC and ultra delicious.

When we arrived at The Palm and mom checked on our reservation, the receptionist asked is your party for Michael or Shirley?  Michael? Michael, who?  It seems there were two Birnholz's on the reservation this evening. I mean, what are the odds???

It's not like my mom's last name (and my maiden name) is common, like Smith. This is Birnholz!! Even stranger is that Michael Birnholz is related to us AND we have never met in person only on Facebook!!!  

It was Michael's birthday and what a treat to meet and greet at The Palm. It is also my nephew Josh's birthday today.  Another Birnholz! Another coincidence!  All in all, we had a great time out tonight. Thanks, Mom, for such a wonderful time!!

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One of my favorite things about mercury retrograde (coming on Nov. 24th but feeling it already) is that we reconnect with old friends.  Today I spent the day with Sissy.  

I have known Sissy since she was 14 years old. She is now 45.  She still looks the same as she did so many years ago. It is quite astonishing really.  Okay, maybe she looks 17 now. 

When Sissy was 14, she saw the movie Porky's and wrote a letter to Wyatt Knight because she wanted to be President of his Fan Club.  Wyatt played Tommy Turner in the movie, the one who sticks his dick through the wall. (Did I just say that?).  I was the production coordinator on the film which is how Wyatt and I met.  He became my husband and the father of my two children.

Sissy and her friend Kelly used their babysitting money and flew from the San Fernando Valley to Miami to be extras in Porky's II.  That's where we met in person.  I quite don't know how it happened, but we were friends ever since.  She babysat for my kids and grew up as part of our family. Ultimately she married, had 2 children of her own, divorced, married again, became widowed, and through all that remained friends with us especially Wyatt. He was like her big brother, though after I divorced him, I joked with her that she would be his next wife.  

Sissy and I can go a long time without seeing each other, but when we do it feels like not five minutes has passed. That is what it was like today.  We have such an incredible connection. I never thought of her as a kid, though I clearly know that when we met she was just a teenager. When she showed up today, we were wearing practically the exact same thing. 

As I mentioned, Sissy stayed in touch with Wyatt over the years and as recently as last month. Her son called her to tell her that he saw on the news that Wyatt had taken his life.  She has taken the news really, really hard. When you think about it, (and if you knew him) she probably had the most consistent relationship with him. More than anyone else in his life.  

I'm so glad I got to spend the day with Sissy. She carries so much light. Like a walking angel. What a beautiful day it was.

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Tasty Words

In a nutshell, my friend Sheri and I went down to Santa Monica late in the day, and hit Third Street Promenade in the middle of the fog rolling in.  We left Santa Clarita where it was sunny and gorgeous and ridiculously warm and went to the Westside where it was cold and dingy and fog, fog, fog. It was cool to feel like we had left CA completely and gone to a whole other state (of mind). 

We didn't have too much time to browse the stores before meeting our friends Jen Gerard and Elle Madison at one of my favorite Thai restaurants Bangkok West on Santa Monica Blvd.  Dinner was DELICIOUS and after scarfing it down, we headed over a few blocks to the Santa Monica Playhouse to see the latest rendition of Wendy Hammer's Tasty Words.

Sheri and Elle and I loved every minute of tonight's show. It was 12 different performers (writers, actors, musicians, comedians) who write a piece and read it to the audience. Tonight's theme was grandparents. Every single reader was absolutely spot on.  It was funny and touching and creative and wonderful.

I feel so fortunate to be able to take advantage of some amazing cultural events here in LA. And even more fortunate to enjoy them with amazing friends. 

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I'm really overflowing with gratitude right now.  It was such a special day.  Having lunch with my kids was such a rare treat.  I was so excited. The feelings continued as I did today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. The topic was GRATITUDE. To listen to today's show, please click on the player above or click HERE.  There are some great tips to carry you well beyond Thanksgiving.  

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My New Baby

Here she is!

To order your copy or copies, please click HERE or on the picture above.  Your book(s) will ship in approximately 3 weeks.  I'm so excited!!!!

And, just in time, tomorrow's radio broadcast is all about GRATITUDE! Don't miss this inspirational show.  Do you have a psychic question?  Call 646-929-2242 at 3PM PT on Wednesday or click HERE to listen and chat online. 

11/15/11 - Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad~ I love you ♥
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A Momentous Day

When I woke up this morning there was a message from the secretary of the principal from my high school.  Remember, I graduated high school nearly 40 years ago and the principal of the school now was someone I was friends with back then. The secretary was returning my call to secure the cafeteria for part of our 40th high school reunion celebration. My high school is in NJ. I live in CA.  I don't even know why I am sharing this except I LOVE where I grew up in Millburn, NJ and anything associated with the high school makes me happy. It also makes me realize that we are getting closer and closer to our reunion which is in one year exactly.

The day was so gorgeous, I had to take a power walk with my Nordic walking poles. I didn't even take any music with me and left my phone unplugged. I just wanted to breathe in the gorgeousness of the day.  Immediately I knew that the topic of Wednesday's radio show was going to be about GRATITUDE, and I did an intense 40 minute meditation thanking each part of my body.  When I got to my thumbs I started to feel ecstatic but that paled in comparison to how I felt when I got to my elbows and shoulders, arm pits and lymph nodes.  I am still feeling the effects of this marvelous exercise and you KNOW I will be talking about it on Wednesday.

Today was our monthly Women Moving Forward Mastermind Group. Five of us have been meeting for over two years now.  It's an incredible dynamic and support system for us professionally and personally.  Lunch was good, too!!

While there, I announced that my GEMSTONE POWER! book was completed!! Just a few tiny typo changes and we are ready for printing! I'm so excited! It's like giving birth again.  CHAKRA POWER! was born three years ago, and this sister book is almost here. I'm hoping to sign off on the design and lock in the printing tomorrow morning.  Ooooooh, I can't wait for it to arrive!!!

I did a few readings today, visited with mom, made a delicious dinner for myself, and indulged in some serious tv watching.  It got the best of me, however, and before I fell asleep completely on the couch, I figured I'd better call it a (momentous) day.

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Sunday. Really?

Today started off feeling like a Sunday and then segued into feeling like the middle of the week. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I got up fairly early and emailed my friend Sheri to see if she wanted to go to the swap meet. Then I went back to bed.  When I awoke hours later, Sheri had texted me to see if I wanted to go to the swap meet. She didn't know that I had emailed her the same thing. By the time I got her text, she was already there, so I threw on some clothes and met her over there. I was barely awake.

The Saugus Swap Meet is so much fun. I love going there and walking up and down the rows of stuff. You never know what you will find.  My daughter needed ties for work (at Mimi's Cafe) and I got a bundle of them for a buck a piece.  My kind of treasure.  The weather was delicious, and actually got really, really hot out. I love Southern California.

When I got home, my phone rang and someone wanted a healing session right away.  I worked it out so that I still had time to get all the changes for GEMSTONE POWER! to the designer, visit with my BFF's (for a quick minute), do the healing session and get ready for being a guest on Christine Matthews Psychic Medium blog talk radio show.  It was a two hour gig of doing readings and sharing information. What a great show!  Christine bent over backwards to make my experience a wonderful one. She promised to roll out the red carpet and she did! She's pretty amazing and gracious and generous, I must say.  I feel fortunate to have experienced such star treatment!  To listen to the show, please click HERE.  We did quite a few readings in the two hours, plus some chakra info, and much more.  

I want to thank everyone who listened to the show tonight for their warm welcome and wonderful comments.  Doing this work has opened the way for me to meet some pretty extraordinarily kind people.  I'm so lucky.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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The Magic Continues

It was a rainy and gray day, so after a healing client at noon, I made a fire in the fireplace and pulled out the manuscript of GEMSTONE POWER! and did a final proofread. I made a huge batch of gluten free spaghetti (modern day comfort food) and watched a couple of movies on tv.  A perfect blend of work and play.  

Tomorrow evening from 8PM - 10PM PT, I am looking forward to being a guest on Christine Matthews Psychic Medium Blog Talk Radio Show.  It is sure to be lively!  Here is the link and the phone number to call in your psychic questions - 347-215-6456.  Click HERE to listen online or to to the archive.  Fun stuff!

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At last! 11-11-11 is here! As the portal opens into the Golden Age, we will begin to see so many changes!  I felt absolutely bouyant today. Like everything was suddenly lighter.  What a great feeling.  I began a healing session at exactly 11:11 this morning and immediately thereafter did a reading with a client.  After that, I focused on my GEMSTONE POWER! book and fine tuning the design as we get ready to print!!  My daughter visited with me practically the entire day (I was so happy), and tonight I did 4 more readings at a party and got to visit with all my friends.  What a feeling!  Like that song from Flashdance. What a feeling!!

I am so blessed, too, to receive such wonderful comments from listeners of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  This one came today, and fills my heart with joy:

Hello Harriette! Happy 11-11-11! I wanted to write you to say your shows are wonderful, and inspiring. I wanted to confirm to you about what you said a week ago, that I am looking into making my hobby my career, and you directed us to Anne Orterlee's sight, and her article on her page, was exactly what I had named my business, uncanny! That was an amazing confirmation for myself! And so much more, the changes you described I've been experiencing. I always look forward to your shows to learn more from you and your insights, I find them synchronistic. I loved the cards you pull for your show, especially when you pulled the same card twice (Children), very cool! And of course you blew my mind with the story of your ex visiting in your car, I hope for peace for you. Thanks Harriette, you continue to amaze, Abby :)

I hope you had a chance to make your wishes today and reflect on the goodness in your life and what is yet to come.  Thank you for being on the is journey with me.

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The full moon is exact at 12:16 PM PT/ 3:16 PM ET today (11-10-11).  This is an important full moon about LETTING GO OF CONTROL.   We talked about this in length on the radio yesterday. To listen to the archive, please click on the player above.  We also covered the aspects of 11/11/11. What a time to be on this planet!!

To listen to the broadcast or download to your MP3 player, simply click HERE.  

Make your list of what no longer serves you and then burn your list.  You have 48 hours to do this for the full effect.  The full moon is exact at 18 degrees taurus and is very powerful.  To find out more, click HERE.

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"THANK YOU! I didn't get to listen to your show live--but--I just listened because I knew I had to. I appreciate your show and knowing that I can listen and connect the dots when I am not clear as to what I am experiencing or to confirm what I am experiencing. So I close as I open- THANK YOU!"  11-11-11 blessings- Heather





A Day of Gratitude and a Visitation

Hearing Glenn Morshower speak is like being in some sort of chamber that cleanses your soul and raises your vibration. An infusion of all that is good. It is the BEST feeling in the world. 

Glenn Morshower spoke today to 50 lucky people who attended the Shine and Dine luncheon put on by Ronda Fisher.  It was at the Paseo Club in Valencia. I'm so glad so many of my friends got to be part of this great event.  I've been fortunate to hear Glenn speak about 5 times, and each time I come away with something new.  

Here is a picture of me with my friend, Glenn Morshower (Agent Aaron Pierce from 24):

Afterwards, my friend Tera McHugh and I sat by the pool at the Paseo Club and visited. It was a delicious day.  Tonight I am going to my BFF Diana Shaw's house for an Election Night party. She is running for seat on the Community College Board.  I hope you were able to vote today!!

In response to my blog from yesterday, there was a comment from a reader/client/friend who asked the question "If someone is a 'putz' from this life, are they still one once they pass?' That's a good question.  From my observation as a medium, it seems that when someone passes they generally apologize for their behavior. It is usually "scripted" anyway.  We agree in pre-birth planning to behave a certain way to be a teacher for those around us.  Some people, however, do not change, and their personality does comes through.  

The day after I got the news that my ex-husband Wyatt Knight passed, I was driving to see my son for lunch. This was about 2 weeks ago.  I realized that he (my ex) was sitting in the seat next to me.  I checked in to first see if I was just imagining it, but quickly realized that he was there wearing a Hawaiian shirt (he lived in Hawaii).  I was so angry with him. I said, "Oh, you are going to show up now???"  And I made him promise me that he would do EVERYTHING to watch over his children and ensure their success, joy, and happiness.  He gave me a white rose which I clearly saw on the console of my car between the seats. In my head I thought, "when I get a white rose it will be a validation of this exchange."  I felt his energy pull back and felt an enormous sense of peace.

When I got home from seeing my son, the doorbell rang and UPS handed me a giant long box. In it was a dozen white roses from a friend who had heard the news and was sending their condolences.  When I called to thank her, she said that she was going to send something else but at the last minute changed to white roses. She said, "White roses mean...." and before she could finish I remembered the exchange I had in the car with my ex husband, and realized it was a validation of his promise. 

Since then, many "miracles" have happened in regards to my two children, and I give thanks that their dad is now able to do what he couldn't do while physically here.

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Day Off....sort of

It was sort of a day off. I mean, I worked and all, but took it easy, too. After working all weekend, it was kind of nice to lay low.  Saw a couple of clients, did a couple of errands, and called it a day.  It's been a rollercoaster of emotions these past couple of weeks while processing the passing of my ex-husband, Wyatt Knight.  Some of you may have seen it on the news.  

Moving on.....I am looking forward to seeing Glenn Morshower speak at The Paseo Club at 11AM tomorrow as well as meeting Tera McHugh afterwards and then attending Diana Shaw's Election Night party. (Please vote for Diana Shaw for Santa Clarita Community College Board - Seat 4). It will surely prove to be a lively and exciting day.

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I just had to comment on your blog today.  I owe you a regular email anyway with an update on the craft sale and the leaf you liked.  But this blog today stunned me.  Earlier this year, I found out that my ex-husband passed away too!  It was the weirdest feeling.  I almost didn't know what to feel, so I just....felt.  I didn't try to analyze it.  He was someone that I knew long ago.  I hadn't heard from him in 25 years, but it still felt like a loss.

When you did my remote healing and gave the reading, you mentioned a "fatherly" like figure you saw with blue eyes.  I could not help but think that that was Tommy and that wherever he was now, he was watching over me. I don't think that if you were a putz in this life you necessarily have to be one after you pass, do you?

Anyway. Just the fact that our birthdays are only a few days apart and that this happened to you in the same year was something I just had to comment on.  Be well my friend.  Anne Marie




I want to thank everyone for coming by and saying "HI" this weekend at the Saugus High Boutique! What fun we had!!  I look forward to seeing you at upcoming events.  After the boutique, I went over to Jen Gerard's Housewarming party - WOW! What a new spread she has going on.  After pigging out on delicious food and visiting with fabulous friends, I finally, finally got to relax. Didn't take much before I was zonked out on the couch.  Tried to watch tv, but I was getting sleepier and sleepier.  I had to can the whole tv watching idea and get to bed. That's where I am heading now.  Goodnight.....Zzzzzzzzzzz.

P.S. If you are in the Santa Clarita area, you are in for a treat! Glenn Morshower, who I have heard speak about 4-5 times will be at the Paseo Club on Tuesday 11/8 at 11AM.  YOU MUST COME SEE HIM!!  He is best known as Agent Aaron Pierce from the tv show 24 and is an incredible inspirational speaker. Did I mention how funny he is???  Don't miss this opportunity to see him. $30 and includes lunch. To register, please go to www.RondaFisher.com and mention my name!  See you on Tuesday!

11/6/11 - Happy Birthday, Sue!
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Today was the first day of the Saugus Boutique Fantastique (there will be more tomorrow!) and it was great.  This is my favorite boutique because I get to see sooooooo many of my friends that I don't get to see too often. Such fun!!  Mine and Sheri's booth (Sheri Baby T-shirts, bags, and scarves) is like a vortex of energy. We always have so many people hovering around and visiting and chatting and trying things on.  It's the best.  If you are around, please stop by! We are in booth 271 by the back door. 

Tonight, my mom and I went to a special event at the Santa Clarita Repertory Theater (Thank you, Shawneen, for the tickets!).  It was a VIP one night only performance of Les Miz.  We both LOVE the score from that show, and it really was a wonderful evening. Even with the temperature outside dipping into the 40's and below.  Cripes, it's cold outside!!

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The Alchemist

I recently read The Alchemist and it quickly became a favorite.  I had heard about it for a long time and it wasn't until my friend Sheri stuck it in my hand that I took notice. Even then, it sat on my nightstand for quite awhile. Of course the timing of it was perfect.

As I read this magical gem by Paulo Coelho, I noticed that the book was mirroring my life, or my life was mirroring the book. Either way, we were completely in sync.  When I got scammed, the boy in the book also got scammed and all his money was stolen by a thief.  When the boy turned into the wind, the winds were howling outside my window.  Strong enough to blow the furniture all over the yard.  When the boy was almost to his treasure, he had one obstacle to overcome, and it was the worst obstacle ever.  On this end, I, too, was experiencing my own kind of obstacle. 

I love this book.  It is no wonder it has been translated into nearly every language of the world. It is a gift.  Gift yourself The Alchemist.

If you in the Saugus area tomorrow and Sunday, please swing on by and say hello at the Saugus High School Boutique Fantastique!  From 10-4 each day, I will be there with all the great pieces of Charity Clarity Jewelry. Plus, Sheri Baby T-shirts, Scarves, and Bags will be there, too.  And 100 more vendors!!  The location is 21900 Centurian Way in Saugus CA.  (at Bouquet Cyn).

Fun for all of us! Have a great weekend!

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Big Boutique this Weekend!

I'm gearing up for Saugus High School Boutique Fantastique this Saturday and Sunday.  The entire liine of Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry will be available as well as Sheri Baby T-shirts, Bags, and Scarves. Plus about 100 other vendors!!!  Please come to Saugus High at 21900 Centurian (at Bouquet Canyon) from 10-4 on both days.  

I hope to see you there!!

With loads of Goddess Necklaces, Car Charms, Worry Bead Bracelets, and MORE, you can get all your holiday shopping done!

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How to Align Yourself with the New Planetary Energies....

....was the topic of today's show.  INTENSE!  To listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above.  Or click HERE.  

Since the radio show began in March of 2010, we've had over 16,000 listeners. It's incredible! Thank you all for listening to the live shows and the archives. Next week, we will talk about 11/11/11.  

After today's show, I helped stamp postcards for my friend Diana Shaw who is running for the Santa Clarita Community College Board.  She and I have been best friends for 23 years.  The teachers turned out in droves to help her campaign, and the students are also supporting her. Please vote on Nov. 8th to make a difference.  If you do not live in Santa Clarita, please send good vibes.  Thank you!

11/2/11 - Happy Birthday, Janet! (we've been friends for 39 years!!!!)
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November is the month of thanks.  I want to thank my mom.  For everything.

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Happy Halloween!

For new Goddess Necklaces, please click HERE.
For new Watches, please click HERE.
For new Car Charms, please click HERE.
Lots of new things in the ONLINE STORE!

See them all this weekend at the Saugus High Boutique Fantastique!
Saugus High School
Centurian and Bouquet Canyon
Saturday & Sunday

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Snow, Power Outages, and Havoc............

..........in NY and NJ, but not here!!! OMG! It was a gorgeous day. An exquisite day. The temperature hit 90 degrees and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I'm so sorry if you were experiencing all the hardships of winter, I really am.   But I lived back east for the first twenty something years of my life and never looked back. 

I noticed on Facebook that someone I know who is entrenched in a pile of snow and ice and cold (in October, mind you!) had been contemplating taking a job in California.  Contemplating! I mean, what is there to think about? He posted a note on Facebook and I was shocked at the reactions from some of his friends. I mean, people really give California a bad rap.  

I love living here in Southern CA. LOVE IT! I moved here in April of 1981 and knew when I got off the plane that this was my new home.  I don't understand how anyone could bad mouth paradise.  I really don't.  That is how I think of CA.  Paradise.  Even with the fires, earthquakes, and avocados (yes, someone actually wrote that as a negative), I love it. It's my home.

I hope those who were affected by the freak winter storm do not have to endure any hardship. I am sending prayers and blessings. It is no surprise that my guest room already has some reservations booked.  

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I Dressed Up for Halloween!

The above title for today's blog is a bit of a miracle. I really, really do not like Halloween and I never, ever dress up. But tonight I was invited to do psychic readings at a Halloween party so I had to dress up. It's no fun being a party pooper, right? Well, my daughter has a whole closet full of costumes and she was more than happy to help me out. Afterall, Halloween is her very favorite holiday. She even keeps Halloween decorations in her room all year long!

She gave me two choices; Velma from Scooby Doo and Rizzo from Grease. Guess which one I picked?  Of course! Rizzo!  She's hip and cool and goes against the grain. I LOVE Rizzo!  So tonight I dressed as Rizzo with her Pink Ladies jacket and Ray Ban sunglasses and a little black halter dress and platforms. So cute!!  So comfortable! No fake blood anywhere!

The party was incredible. It was in a mansion not too far from where I live.  If a house could be too big, well, this one was.  The costumes were incredible and the food was all made to look like brains and kitty litter.  It gave the phrase "finger food" new meaning. There was a DJ, incredible special effects, and a fire dancer!!  I was on hand to do psychic readings along with Maile Gray who was doing Handwriting Analysis, and Shawneen Rubay doing Angel Card readings.  It was very fun!

Earlier in the day, I went power walking with my Nordic poles, had a client, and then got to visit with my BFF's.  What a wonderful Saturday, with the most divine weather ever!  It's snowing in NYC and NJ. Snowing!! IN OCTOBER!  

Ah, today was full of surprises!

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A Blur

Today blurred by.  There is a lot going on right now.  And the veil seems to be getting thinner all the time.  Speaking of time, it is speeding up, which makes it all the more challenging to report what goes on every minute.  

I had a healing client this morning, and afterwards it was my intent to load new product into the Online Store, but with all the phone calls, and visitors, and an impromptu shopping trip with my daughter, the day flew by.  More phone calls, more visitors, and even dinnertime got pushed way into the night.  

I'm working tomorrow. Healing clients and doing readings at a Halloween party.  They expect me to dress up. I have not dressed up for Halloween since maybe.....6th grade.  I'm one of those anti-Halloweeners.  I don't dress up. I don't buy candy. I close up my house, turn off the lights and pretend I'm not home. I know, I know, it is the ultimate Bah-humbug, but the truth is, Halloween is scary to me, and I wait every year for it to be over.

Interestingly, my daughter LOVES Halloween. She has an entire closet full of costumes.  She watches horror films and doesn't even flinch.  Not me. It's just not my thing. However....tomorrow night I will be dressing up in some kind of costume. Not scary, of course. Since I'm doing readings I suppose I should dress up as a ....psychic!!

What about you.  Do you like Halloween?  

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I so appreciate hearing from those who tune in to the radio show.  If you missed yesterday's broadcast about the New Moon in Scorpio and the End of the Mayan Calendar, please click on the player above.  Here is what one of the listeners had to say: 

"Harriette, I just listened to your blog radio program from yesterday and wanted to thank you from my heart.  This program touched me deeply and I just finished the New Moon ritual of writing down my wishes, reading them aloud, burning and washing them away. 

The past few days have been dark, heavy and hopeless and your program helped shift that for me.  You are an inspiration who lives always in spirit. Your gentle energy and deep caring are so poignantly felt by all who come in contact with you and I am grateful to know you and your healing. 

Thank you for walking this healing path and for being a bright and shining light in so many lives, not least of which is mine."  Love and Light, Linda

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New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon was exact at 3 degree Scorpio this afternoon at 12:56 PM PT.  You have about 48 hours from then to make your wishes. This is an intense time. Lots of changes. Letting go. New moons are about new beginnings. Scorpio is about birth, death, and rebirth.  

To find out A LOT more about this and the End of the Mayan Calendar, simply click on the player above. We covered this in detail on today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour on Blog Talk Radio.  

Here's what some listeners had to say about today's show:

I just wanted to tell you what an awesome show you had today! I can't wait to go outside and burn my wishes!  Happy New Moon and thank you for all that you do for everyone. You are truly a blessing! 
Much Love to you, Gloria

You gave me a mini reading in the chat room today regarding getting laid off and finding a new job. Just wanted to say thanks. You have a wonderful energy full of love and caring! I will be tuning into your show on a regular basis :) Happy Divali!  Natasha


Wow, how about Lolita, your guardian angel calling to bless you today. That was amazing Harriette.  Love, Tami

Please click HERE to listen to today's show~

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Rainy Day

Well, I didn't hike the 5 mile Towsley loop I thought I would today. In fact, when I woke up at 10AM (I swear, I set my alarm for 9!), I saw that it had been raining. At first I didn't believe it, since it really never rains in Southern California (or is it Sunny California? I forget what the song says), and to tell you the truth, I was soooooo happy! A cold rainy day means we can stay inside and do stuff in the house!

I did computer work, made soup, drank tea, had Sheri come over to visit me and Lori (yes, my houseguest is still here), and then later in the day after doing a lot of paperwork, another friend of ours came over for Psychic Boot Camp. I'm actually thinking of starting something like this where we practice doing readings.  This could be a very cool thing. I've been toying with the idea for quite some time to have a once a month gathering in my home where we would learn about a topic such as Animal Totems, or Archangels. It would be $30 for the "class" and whomever wants to attend will attend. It will be once a month for 2 hours in the evening.  I have a feeling we will incorporate Psychic Boot Camp as well.  How does that sound? Stay tuned!

Tomorrow's episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour radio show at 3PM PT will be just 2 hours after the New Moon is exact in Scorpio. Find out what that means by tuning in.  We will also be covering the End of the Mayan Calendar on Oct. 28th.  Plus psychic readings.  Call 646-929-2242 or click HERE at 3PM sharp!  

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Pajama Day

The title of today's blog is so misleading!  It's because today was so busy, I didn't have time to get out of my pajamas.  In fact, it wasn't until 5PM that I switched into work out clothes for a brisk walk at Bridgeport.  Then dinner at Outback. It's amazing that a day so full can be squeezed into just a few lines.  Tomorrow morning I plan to hike the 5 mile Towsley loop.  Every day is full. Everyday is full of surprises. Everyday is amazing. Today was no different.  

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Indian Springs Spiritual Faire

After the best night's sleep, I welcomed the day with a power walk, had a healing client, and then Lori and Sheri and I headed down to Indian Springs to the Spiritual Faire. I love going there for their events. The woods, the hills, the smell of horses (okay, not that), but the surroundings are so magical and peaceful. I always seem to run into the same people each time; my friend Kri, and another friend Phyllis.  This faire was smaller than most, but the group of friends always remains the same and we have the best time.

Today was extra special since Gail Thackery, who organizes these great events, did a special presentation and meditation. First she shared some of her John of God experiences and then after we each selected a special crystal from Brazil we went deep into a soul journey that was incredible.  All of us were affected by it, and I felt absolutely jubilant.

I also ran into a few people who purchased CHAKRA POWER books from me in the past, and even though I was not a vendor, I did sell a few copies.  I love that!

We stayed late, until dusk, and the ride home through the mountains at Magic Hour was a perfect way to end the adventure.   I was craving some comfort food, spaghetti, and Trader Joes just came out with a gluten free spaghetti (made out of brown rice) and Lori and I chowed down a ton of it and delicious salad.  I know that might not seem appetizing for you, but it was soooooooo delicious!  

The day was full of magic, insights, and surprises. I feel really, really fortunate to have experienced the magic with such good friends.

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The Drowsy Chaperone and MORE!

Today turned into an amazing day!

My friend Lori, from Saskatchewan, was back in LA and I went to pick her up at the Westin LAX, which was perfect because a bunch of my other friends were there attending Maurice DiMino's Presentations that Sell Boot Camp.  I have attended his boot camp before and it is AWESOME, but today was purely social. I got to see so many of good friends who were attending the boot camp as well as snag Lori from the event she just crewed for.  

When I left my house in Valencia, the temperature was hovering around 90. It was warm and sunny and scrumptious.  When I went down to the airport, the fog was so thick you couldn't even see the planes landing!  And it was bitter cold. More than 30 degrees different.  You would not believe that (without traffic) the airport is just 30 minutes from my house. CRAZY weather changes!!

Lori and I did our Trader Joes shopping down by the airport and then drove back up this way just in time to see The Drowsy Chaperone at College of the Canyons. It was a huge WOW! What a fantastic production. I have seen the show in LA at the Ahmanson and I have to say, this production was BETTER than that one. The performances, costumes, set design - AMAZING. If you are able to go see it, please go see it!!

When I got home, my daughter and her friends were dressing for a Halloween party.  Here is a pic of my daughter (the devil) and a friend.  

This one is of my daughter (still the devil) and her boyfriend as Waldo.  

Tomorrow I am attending the Indian Springs Spiritual Faire at 14300 Little Tujunga in Sylmar. It's all day and a lot of fun!

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Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for new products in the ONLINE STORE.  There are some gorgeous new pieces which I am excited about.  Even more than in the pictures below!!

Today was full of surprises and amazing healing sessions.  I always believe that not only is Every Moment Perfect, but every minute is a SURPRISE!  So, keep the surprise in your life. It's better than tv!

I want to thank Pam C. for sending me this wonderful email about Wednesday's radio show about Energy Vampires. If you missed the show, simply click on the player above.  Or click HERE.

She wrote:

"Hello Harriette,

WOW!!! I just listened to yesterday’s radio show and it was EXACTLY what I dealt with a week ago. Actually, this year has been the year to release those who are negative and drain me. Last week, a childhood friend whom I’ve known for over 30 years is extremely negative, and angry and always has been. Because I’ve known her for so long, it was like she was family so I just put up with it. I’ve been going through some health issues and she was just negative and cutting off any of my ideas, as was the usual, “I’m right, you’re wrong” attitude and I just cut her off by saying she is so negative and I don’t need negative people in my life. I tried to explain tactfully but she kept interrupting me and was very defensive. I told her when she’s ready to listen to me I’ll be happy to explain what I am saying but if she chooses to stay in this mode, I cannot control how she feels and it’s unfortunate that she took what I’m saying wrong. I told her that I need love and support and not having to debate and fight with her. She hung up and has not called me since. It was freeing and I felt lighter for it.
Your show yesterday was so validating yesterday. Thank you so much!"

10/21/11- Happy Birthday, Jennifer!!
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What My Day Looked Like

Recently I've been busy making jewelry to stock up for the Holiday Boutique Season and here are some pictures to give you an idea of what is coming.

Worry Bead Bracelets for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls, plus NEW Goddess Necklaces. 
Coming soon to the ONLINE STORE


And,  Part 2 of a Reconnection for a client.  

Workaholic much?

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Energy Vampires

Ooooh, today's radio show was GOOD!! We talked about Energy Vampires and it was a great topic to cover right now. The energies are shifting so dramatically in regards to relationships and money and self-worth. The show took on a life of its own as we covered a couple of great exercises for changing the way you think about money.  To listen to today's broadcast, simply click on the player above or click HERE.  

Besides doing the show, I did quite a few readings and the first part of a Reconnection.  My kind of day!!

10/19/11 - Happy birthday to Diana, my BFF!!
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A ME Day!

Mastermind meeting, haircut, and a mani/pedi.
A perfect mix of work and pampering!

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Bursting with Energy!

Today was one of those days where I felt like I was bursting with energy. In fact, it is nearly 3AM and I am still going!   I can attribute much of this feeling to the excitement that comes when a book is nearly completed.  GEMSTONE POWER! is very very close to printing and that gets my engine going full gear!!

The day started off with a  healing client which is (as you know) my favorite way to begin a day.  Afterwards some international communication was going on regarding a jewelry order being shipped out.  It's amazing how easy it is to communicate INSTANTLY with foreign countries.  My mind still boggles. I had to rush out for an appointment with the gifted Sandra Aube' and returned to wrap up some more business dealings regarding the order for worry bead bracelets, car charms, and necklaces.  At that point, the designer for my book sent over more proofs and I started feverishly working to proof read, get the back cover verbage, finalize the printing deal, and on a whim run out to Barnes and Noble which was nearly closing. At that point I realized, I hadn't eaten all day.  

Before Baja Fresh closed their doors, I mananged to wolf down a Burrito Bowl and then phone calls began. Yes, this was nearly 10:30 at night.  I did not mention a couple of extensive phone conversations from earlier in the day nor the trip to the bank, post office, and Smart & Final.  I'm sure there was more.

It is like a vortex of energy with me in the middle.  I made the mistake of sitting down at midnight to watch some tv (House) and the real mistake of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lol. I think I slept through most of that. 

Looking forward to my Mastermind Group tomorrow. So much to go over, especially with the book being born so soon.  Woohoo!!!

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Westlake Spiritual Faire

A truly lovely day in Westlake seeing old friends, selling jewelry, doing psychic readings. I'm so glad we had such a gorgeous day!!  

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No Worries!

After power walking this morning, Lori (my house guest) and I dove into a very productive day. She got right to work on her businessy stuff and I tackled a large jewelry order.  I made over 40 worry bead bracelets and got them ready to ship.  After completing the order, I realized I didn't have any left for the Spiritual Well Being Fair (at the Westlake Center for Spiritual Living at 880 Hampshire Road in Westlake Village) so I made 12 more.  Currently we are sold out of car charms, but there will be more to come very soon!!

If you live near Westlake, please stop by!  I'll be doing readings and selling jewelry from 11AM - 3PM.  Bring a friend!

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On a Carousel

There is a Jacques Brel song I remember from the early 70's that repeated a chorus of "I'm on a carousel, a crazy carousel...."  Well.. that is how I felt today.

Non stop action, like going around in circles.  Though a wonderful day, all good. 

Lori (who is visiting from Sasketchewan) and I started out with an early power walk. It was supposed to be a head clearer, but I'm not sure it was. There is so much going on in both of our lives, well, it was good to get out and walk on this delicious day.

After smoothies, we headed into the day, Lori drowning in paperwork, and me inundated with foreign communication, emails, and so much more.  So what did we do, we went to the movies, of course! We saw Footloose which is a great way to lose a few hours in the day.  I have to say I missed Kevin Bacon, but the film did have a good beat and you could dance to it.

Afterwards, I picked up where I left off before the movie and  did a couple of phone readings and then Lori and I were off again to a birthday party for our friend Kim.  It was great to visit with my peeps; I am truly, truly lucky.

I can't even imagine what tomorrow will bring.

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A little yoga, some new watch creations, and a houseguest.  
It's all good.

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Full Moon in Aries - Great Info!

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing  Hour was jam packed with EXCELLENT information that will benefit EVERYONE!  To listen to the show, please click on the player above or click HERE! Thank you to everyone who supports the show. Today we had more listeners than ever before! It was really, really thrilling. The energy was amazing!!  I'm still completely buzzed from the experience~

Here is what one of our listeners had to say on the chat board:

"This has been one of the best shows I have ever been a part of! Thank you so much!"
Zen Wolf

To hear more of what Zen Wolf had to say, please listen to the archive!  Enjoy~

10/12/11 - Happy Birthday, Kathe, Anna, Yvonne, Kelly, and Kim!
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Shine and Dine and Shine

Today was full from beginning to end. I wonder if it is the energy of the full moon in Aries that has me so completely giddy.  

I started out early this morning to set up my line of Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry at the Paseo Club where I was happy to be a vendor at Ronda Fisher's Shine and Dine luncheon. It turned into such a lovely event!  Ronda's presentation about the 4 different types of people was an eye opener, and Sally Van Swearingen's make-up and hair demo was amazing!  It was a great group of women and a wonderful way to connect.

Afterwards I saw healing clients and then went to meditation class. WOW!  Can I say that again? WOW! The energy was palatable, especially with the class starting at the fullness of the moon at 7:06 PM PT tonight!  Full moons are about letting go, and man oh man something shifted for sure.  

Oh, and the most exciting news is that the cover of my new book GEMSTONE POWER! is absolutely gorgeous!!  The designer sent me a proof today and I am so completely jazzed!  The book will be available by the end of the year.  I can't wait for you to see it!!

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow at 3PM PT for Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour on Blog Talk Radio.  We will be talking about the Full Moon in Aries as well as some other life changing information.  Plus, answering your psychic questions.  Call 646-929-2242 or click HERE.  

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Team Mo

Tonight I attended a fundraiser for my friend Candice Hirst's Team Mo. Team Mo is one of the teams participating in the Out of Darkness Walk in Santa Monica on Oct. 22.  Out of Darkness is part of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This is a BIG deal. If you would like to be part of the team or make a donation, simply click HERE.  Many thanks~

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A Much Needed......

......day off.

10/9/11 - Happy Birthday, Lisa!
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Family and More

Lovely day. I spent the morning making a couple of new necklaces and the latter part of the day I spent with my family at my brother's house in LA. Really, really nice.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

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A Day Full of Impromptus

Today was entirely made up of impromptu happenings. I then started to think about that.  Is everyday full of impromptu occurences?  I think so!

For example, I had not idea that when I woke up this morning that there would be clients who wanted psychic readings.  I know, I know, I'm psychic I should know that, but when I awoke and found the orders placed in my inbox, I was happily surprised.  THAT's my kind of day!

You see, today was one of those rare days that when I went to sleep last night, I had nothing down on my schedule.  NOTHING. A blank slate.  I knew there would be happenings, but was pleasantly surprised as to what they were.

In addition to the psychic readings, there were orders for CHAKRA POWER! books, and a custom made watch. Which meant that a trip to the post office (impromptu) that turned into getting the oil changed on my car (impromptu) and a sudden desire to make a new necklace (more imprompu)!

I received an impromptu invitation from my sister in law to come over tomorrow which I happily accepted, and as I was toiling away getting the necklace just right, I received an impromptu phone call from my BFF who wanted to go on a walk! "YES," I replied, since it seems like forever since we were able to spend any time together.  We went for a wonderful walk at Bridgeport, and then headed over to Daphne's for dinner where her other half (the other half of my BFF) joined us and then we just had to walk down the way for some frozen yogurt, and I didn't get home til like 10:00!!

The entire day was a surprise!  Very, very fun.  In fact, everyday is a complete surprise.  Enjoy it!

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A Typically Full Thursday

Recently I cleaned out my closet and made an appointment with the local consignment shop called Just Between Us in Valencia. My appointment was today at noon.  It was great! So easy! I wish they had been open when I cleaned out my closet all those other times before.  They took quite a bit of the giant stack of clothes I brought them, and the rest went to either Single Mother's Outreach or the Domestic Violence Center.  I can't wait to comb through the rest of my stuff and bring it over there. Of course, while I was there I just HAD to buy a shirt and scarf. That store can become a little addictive.

Right after my appointment I headed down the street to Chipotle for lunch with my friends Maile and Sheri. It was so yummy and of course the conversation was lively. I treated the three of us to dessert over at Spoon Me by the movie theaters at the mall (next to the Nestle's Toll House Place) with a coupon I purchased on one of those Screamin' Coupon deals.  YUM!

I spent some more time with my pal Sheri and then headed home to see a healing client and then with time left before it got dark (it is getting darker so much earlier now), I took a power walk on the bike path. The sunset was exquisite as only a California sunset can be. I felt inspired!

Went home, cooked a healthy dinner (as if I would eat anything else - lol) and settled in for the night under some flannel pajamas and a blanket on the couch. I CANNOT wait for the temperature to go back up to the 80's this weekend. I'm just not ready for winter!!  Are you?

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The Healing Qualities of Gemstones

Wow! There was a LOT of information given out on today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  TONS of information about gemstones and so much more!  To listen to the show, simply click on the player above or click HERE.  I want  to thank all those who have listened to the show; we've had over 15,000 listeners!! Woohoo!!! Thank you for being part of this amazing weekly experience.  Tune in every Wednesday at 3PM PT for more metaphysical information, psychic questions, and healing!

I've extended the special on the 30 minute phone reading. Just $100 (save $50!). Call 866-823-1569 to make an appt.  Many blessings and thanks!  HK

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Making Room for New

I don't know what exactly the NEW is yet, but I know I am making room for it. I cleaned out the cupboards and brought a donation to the SCV Food Pantry.  I cleaned out my closet and made an appointment with the consignment shop.  The rest will be donated. When I looked out of my front door, I saw a congregation of crows; I swear, it looked like The Birds, and I knew change was coming.  What kind of change? We don't know yet. License plates read 888 which means almost complete. An ending is near.  I love change. I love new chapters. I can't wait to see what is  next.

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Happily Working

The title of today's blog post says it all.  Happily working.  I love it.  I love the work I do. I love connecting with healing clients (even the skeptical ones!) and doing readings.  It is completely satisfying.  It took me a long time to find what my life passion would be, and for the past 12 years, I have been blessed to have been guided to do what I am meant to do. I suppose the point of this message is to never stop searching. Like I said, it took me a long time and many avenues, but eventually the road led me exactly where I was supposed to be.  

The weather has been delicious and incredibly warm, but tonight there is autumn in the air. It's turned cold and the temperatures are quickly dropping. Rain, too, is on its way.  I have to admit I was one of the few who was enjoying the lengthy warm weather. Everyone else has been craving warm clothes and fires in their fireplaces. Not me! It's times like these that I wonder how I ever lived back east. I might even have to get the flannels out!

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Nice Weekend

I actually think I didn't work this weekend.  Wow. That's new!!  I did do a lot, that is for sure, but also found time to sit in my zen garden and read and simply enjoy the perfectly scrumptious day. I had long luxurious phone conversations and slept very, very late.  Today I took a break from doing nothing and went to see the movie 50/50 with my friend Aimee and her son, Justin.  Good movie. A little fresh for my Aimee since she recently went through a similar ordeal.  She said I was the Seth Rogan character so I must be REALLY funny.

Busy week ahead with clients.  And so much more....

10/2/11 - Happy Anniversary Richard and Diane!
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Day Off

Even on a day off, I did so much!  Between errands and gardening and making a conscious effort to whittle my DVR down to only 3 episodes of Fashion Police, well, it was quite a full day!

10/1/11 - Happy Birthday, Elvia!
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11 Readings

I feel very fortunate that I was invited to a beautiful home to do readings for 11 lovely women. What a joy! It was a wonderful, wonderful evening.  

This weekend is the first free weekend I have had in a long time. I can't wait to see what transpires.  Enjoy, enjoy!

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Notes of Praise

Yesterday's broadcast made quite an impression on a lot of people, and the feedback was most welcomed.  I wanted to share this note I received this morning. It makes me feel good to know that what I am doing with the radio show is helping so many.  

"Here is a little tidbit to warm your heart. I wanted to write down New Moon wishes with my husband but we didn't have time until he got off of work if we wanted to do it together. Well we had the kids do it too. What an amazing experience! The kids woke up in the morning and talked about what had already come true and how excited they were. Alex has lots of nightmares and wished for courage. He did indeed have a nightmare that night and sat up in bed and faced his fears. He said " The courage wish already came true." How sweet, huh! 

Also I was trying to listen to your show and the kids came in from school and were so utterly loud I couldn't hear. I took my computer in my room to listen and my son Tyler came in and heard a little bit of your list. He loved it! He's my biggest believer that he can do anything in life and to feel positive about it. So I will have all of the kids listen to it today when they are calm and we don't have to run some errands. I'm trying to imprint stuff now when their little spongy brains will absorb it."  S.B. in Utah

I also received this one....

"Had to give you a HUGE GI~NORMOUS...kudos... your radio show last week was incredible! It gave me that extra empowerment that I needed ....whooop hooop....and then this week.....loved the childhood myths...your conditioning on words and switching it around to the glass half full ...instead of leaving everything at a empty bottle.... LOVED IT !!!"  C.S.

To those of you who have listened to the broadcast, thank you! To those of you who want to listen, please click HERE or the player above.  Blessings to you all~

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12 Childhood Myths

Today's radio broadcast was inspired by Glenn Morshower whom I recently heard speak (for the 4th or 5th time).  He shared 12 Childhood Myths he calls the Dirty Dozen that have influenced our way of thinking.  As promised, here is the list. On the show today, we debunked the myths to release old programming and move forward. To hear today's show, simply click on the player above. It was a great show full of excellent information.

1. I'll believe it when I see it.

2. It's too good to be true.

3. Don't get your hopes up.

4. Nice guys finished last.

5. The grass is always greener....

6. Age is wisdom.

7. Practice makes perfect.

8. Time heals all wounds.

9. Too big for your britches.

10. Early to bed, early to rise.

11. Sticks and stones...

12. Grow up!

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Toot Toot Tuesday

Today was all about Masterminding with the Women Moving Forward Mastermind group.  Five of us have met monthly for over 2 1/2 years and it is sooooooo helpful and supportive.  There is a lot going on for all of us (and the rest of the world). With the new moon in Libra this morning and five planets in the sign of the scales, the energy is shifting!  Serious wish making!!

I think I finally crashed after days and days of going full boar.  Though I continue to juggle the new book design, my 40th high school reunion (yes, even though it is a year away there is so much to do!, booking clients, seeing clients, and doing readings.  I feel extremely fortunate.

Tomorrow we have a great radio show planned that is inspired by Glenn Morshower who played Aaron Pierce on the show 24.  Many people don't know that Glenn is an amazing inspirational speaker. I have been lucky to hear him speak about 4 or 5 times and just last weekend.  We will be covering 12 childhood myths that have influenced your life.  And since they are myths, we will be doing some great work to let them go once and for all.  Don't miss the show at 3PM PT. You can call in at 646-929-2242 with your psychic questions or just to listen, or online HERE. To listen to the archives, please visit www.blogtalkradio.com/harrietteknight. 

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Busy Monday

It was a typical Monday; full of surprises, and lots of good things.  After being gone for 5 days, I felt like I had a lot of work to do so I got right to it.  I'm not sure what I did but I have a lot of things checked off on my list I keep in my planner.  Today got so busy I had to pull out the  highlighter so I wouldn't miss anything important.  I had healing sessions booked and took appointments for the rest of the week, got some CD's out from readings I had done over the weekend, and even made some time to eat lunch and visit with mom.  Oh, and the phonecall factor.  There was a lot of that today.  

At 6PM tonight I was fortunate to be a guest on Animal Energy Pam McCall's Birthday Celebration radio show on Blog Talk.  What fun!!! It was a special 90 minute broadcast full of music, door prizes, and readings. PLUS...I did a crash course on Chakras that was informative and fun.  What a joy to be part of Pam and Melissa's birthday party! And how great that the two of them sandwich the New Moon exact at 4:09AM PT (in just 2 hours!!).  Don't forget to make your wishes!!

If you would like to hear the broadcast of the show, simply click HERE or visit www.blogtalkradio.com/energeticcommunications.  

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Being a Rockstar!

For the past 5 days I have been at the Westin LAX attending Craig Duswalt's Rockstar System for Success Boot camp. I love Craig and have attended many of his boot camps before. In fact, it is because of Craig Duswalt (who used to be Axl Rose's personal assistant and toured with Guns and Roses) that my book CHAKRA POWER! was born.  

This Boot Camp was incredible. The days were L O N G. They began early in the morning, and since I was a "Rockstar Dancer" I had to be there to kick off the day.  And the days continued well into the night with after dinner sessions that on one occasion actually went to nearly 2 in the morning.  It was intense, but wonderful, and I learned a TON.  

The speakers were talented and inspirational and experts in the field of marketing.  I feel like I came home with a new set of eyes. 

Here are couple of pix.  Me with Eddie Money (who performed for us), and with the rest of the Rockstar Dancers, and Eddie Money chatting it up onstage with Craig. There are a bunch of pix on Facebook of the rest of the Boot Camp.  There were so many speakers and performers, I actually lost count. Great stuff.  And, I was able to fit in some clients while I was there, too.  

I'm looking forward to being a guest on Pam McCall's radio show tomorrow evening at 6PM PT. It's a special birthday show and she will be giving away a couple of my books. Want to find out about Chakras?  Tune in by calling 323-657-0940 or online HERE.  I will also be answering your psychic questions and so will Pam and her daughter. Great stuff for 90 minutes!!

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Big News about Saturn and YOU!

On today's broadcast of  Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, we revealed some really important information about Saturn and the other Astrological comings and goings. To listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above.  Or click HERE

I'll be off the grid until Sunday while I attend Craig Duswalt's Rockstar System for Success.  I'm sure it will be life changing!!  Have a great weekend!

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Healings and Everything Else

I cannot even believe how busy it has been.  Healings this morning and then off to yoga. Lunch with Lori, Sheri, and Tina, and then errands galore.  Paperwork, fulfilling worry bead orders, and then more errands - gearing up for going away for 5 days to Craig Duswalt's Rock Star System for Success Boot Camp. It's going to be so great. Did I mention I am one of the Rockstar Dancers?  Oh yes, it'll be just like Hullabaloo - (yes, that is how old I am) - LOL.

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Healings and Ventura

The morning was full of healing sessions and phone readings and it wasn't until well into the afternoon that Lori (my house guest) and I could get on the road to Ventura.  We had Indian food at Taj (so yummy) and hit the thrift stores with a vengeance.  Both of us scored with 4 pairs of blue jeans each, I mean who can pass up a pair of perfect Calvin Klein jeans for just 99 cents?????????  We topped off the day by watching the movie HEREAFTER (Clint knows how to make a good movie, doesn't he?).  Tomorrow more local fun with yoga and errands and gearing up for going to Craig Duswalt's Rock Star System for Success Boot Camp on Wednesday evening.

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Healings and Hollywood Bowl

 After doing 29 readings yesterday, I was feeling a little tired, but duty called and I spent most of the day doing healing sessions and phone readings.  Then there was a little time to rest up before heading down to the Hollywood Bowl for Finale Night, A Night at the Moulin Rouge (with Fireworks!). It was a gorgeous evening and we had a beautiful time at the Bowl.  I guess summer is officially over.    : (




A Spiritual & Psychic Boutique HUGE Thank You!

To all the vendors, services, and guests who participated in today's
Spiritual & Psychic Boutique,

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Kenny Loggins!!

There are so many positives flying around me right now, I am super excited! First of all, Lori is here and we just have the best time.  It's like being on a spiritual retreat when she is around. I look forward to everyone meeting her and taking advantage of her soul coaching at tomorrow's Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at the Courtyard Marriott from 10-4. 

But before I rush off to sleep, I have to say that Kenny Loggins put on a FABULOUS show over at the Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons (literally 3 minutes from my house - another plus!).  Even with all the drama that took place tonight for more than the first 1/2 of the show with wrong tickets and people moving around and ushers talking too loudly - yikes - it was crazy!! But even with all that (by the way, my ticket was correct and so was my seat), Kenny Loggins' energy is sooooooooooooooooo huge, he just managed to suck everyone in and have the best time ever.  I have always wanted to see him in concert, even since he was Loggins and Messina in 1972.  I actually think I had their album on 8 track (no joke).  So.....all good things come to those who wait, and seeing him tonight was absolutely perfect.  

Please come to the boutique tomorrow.  You'll be so glad you did!!

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Lori's Here!

It's getting very close to the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique on Saturday at The Courtyard Marriott in Valencia from 10-4.  VERY CLOSE.  I can feel the excitement building.  In fact, my friend Lori arrived tonight for the event.  It came to me during meditation one day that Lori should come to the event and do energy healing and soul coaching which is what she does in her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  And so she did!  She arrived tonight.  Lori is like a living angel. You just feell calmer when she is around. She has no idea that she gives off this vibe which is what makes me believe she is truly a walking angel.  She just has this glow around her....

Please come meet Lori Bachelu and the others participating at the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique on Saturday.  We have Kimberly Barclay doing Angel Readings, Sharon Wright, who is an iridologist and does eye readings. Rebecca Kellogg is a gifted intuitive who seems to know what your life path is.  Maile Gray, the Rockin' Cool Hypnotherapist, will take you on a journey of your choice whether it is past life, current life, or future life.  Diane Stacy is the BEST massage therapist. You must treat yourself! Kathe O'Hara is certified in seeing your life purpose through your fingerprints, and Kri Chetan will have her Whole Body Vibration Machine which gives you a 90 minute workout in just 10 minutes! (I'm not kidding, it is the best!!). I will be doing psychic readings and healings, too!

On the Vendor side of things, Elaine Giftos Wright, a Feng Shui Master, will offer her gorgeous feng shui crystal jewelry, Shawneen Rubay from Renaissance Home has the greatest Eco Friendly Bags and Totes, and Susan Szudar from Sol Inspired Designer Clothing will have her spectacular clothing line that has UVA and UVB protection.  Be stylish AND safe!

Of course, Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry will also be available with lots of NEW necklaces, bracelets, worry beads, and so much more!

It's going to be a fabulous day! Please come~  The Courtyard Marriott is where the 5 Freeway meets the 126.  We'll be there from 10-4.  See you then!

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Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic and Healing Hour was full of tips and tools so you can get unstuck in order to change your life.  To hear the broadcast, simply click on the player above or click HERE.  In addition to the (over) 20 ways to get out of your rut (or unstuck), there is a great story about Sidhartha's brother you might find very interesting. Please check it out.

As promised, here are the 20 Ways to Get Out of Your Rut that were covered on today's broadcast. For more details on each one, please listen to the first 30 minutes of the show.  Simply  click HERE.

1. Take a different route to work.

2. Start wearing different colors.  (For individual issues, please listen to the broadcast).

3. Change your look! 

4. Clean out the clutter of closets, etc., to make room for something new. Donate old clothes.

5. Rearrange your furniture. Change your colors with pillows and rugs.

6. Change your hair color and cut.

7. Stop watching the news.

8. Start a Gratitude Journal. Or a Surprise Journal.

9. Write with your opposite hand.

10. Do something you have wanted to do for a long time.  (Sign up for a class. Sightsee in your hometown. Start a yoga or exercise class.)

11. Set aside 10 minutes a day to sit and breathe.

12. Find a guided meditation online.

13. Smile all day. Even if no one else is around.

14. If you say you are going to do something, then do it.  Simple.

15. Speak only the truth. Catch yourself when you don't.

16. Notice your thoughts. It will help turn off the negative mind chatter.

17. Put yourself first.  Always.

18. Start saying "NO."  Only say "Yes" to yourself.

19. Look at the spaces.  (Find out how by listening to the broadcast. Click HERE to listen.

20. Surrender and allow for change to occur.

This is a smidge of what we talked about on today's show. It was chock full of some great information and tips. I hope you are able to tune in and listen every Wednesday at 3PM PT on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  If not, the archives are available 24/7. Fun stuff!  And your psychic questions answered, too~

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Typical Tuesday

I just lied. There was nothing typical about today.  I seem to remember when there were days that appeared to be "typical," but those days seem long gone.  Everything is heightened. Everything seems different.  I went to yoga today as I do every Tuesday and even that felt different. I went to meditation class tonight and WOW that was really different.  I had snippets of visions that made me breathless and giddy.  In my head I am gearing up for Saturday's Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at the Courtyard Marriott (from 10-4, please come) and then next week heading down to LAX for Craig Duswalt's Rock Star System for Success Conference. That's a 5 day extravaganza which will be a blast for sure.  Every moment is perfect and a perfect surprise. I am surprised by everything.

The way I calm down (yes, even after yoga and meditation) is to watch tv. I have been extremely vocal that that is truly my drug of choice. I think it is kinda crazy that two of my fave shows right now are Millionaire Matchmaker and Rachel Zoe.  Now, here is a fun fact.  Patti Stanger (the Millionaire Matchmaker) and Rachel Zoe (designer and stylist) both graduated from my high school.  Yes, it's true!  And you know, my high school is not that big.  Dear old Millburn High (NJ).  I LOVED my high school, so it is with pride that I say I am from there. And since I am dropping names, Anne Hathaway graduated from there, too.  

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Where Did the Day Go?

Let's see...I went to Glendale for an appt., then did some errands, made some jewelry - oh yeah, I remember now, I wasn't feeling too hot.  There must be an allergen that is affecting me. It hurts to breathr, and I get a wicked headache. I have gotten this feeling randomly over the past 30 years ever since I moved to CA.  So, it must be something, a plant or something like that, that is affecting me.  It sure knocks me out.  I read somewhere that there is a whole re-calibration going on on the planet. I believe it. and I think it is whooping my butt.  

I'm sure tomorrow I will feel renewed.

P.S. There are some new necklaces and yoga/meditation necklaces in the ONLINE STORE. Check it out!

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9/11 Remembered

The day after 9/11, I was doing a healing session and I had a vision.  I had been watching the television non-stop, and the vision started off just like the rest of the broadcasts about the Twin Towers.  I saw a newscaster reporting, and then just like a camera focusing in on the Towers behind him, I saw the Towers fall. I remember thinking, "I'm seeing it on the news and I am seeing it here in a session. I can't get away from it."  But that is when the picture changed, and I saw out of the debris as the Towers fell, thousands of angels coming out of it.  And I knew that those who had perished at the World Trade Center had made a pact to leave the planet at the same time to encourage a powerful vibrational shift that was necessary for our evolvement. And I also knew that these souls had been lifted out painlessly and instantly.  I have never forgotten that day, and I never will.

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Full Moon in Pisces Fuzz Brain

We are 24 hours away from a full moon at 19 degrees Pisces.  Already my brain feels like fuzz.  

This morning I did readings at the Valencia Hyatt Latino Business Xpo. I want to thank those who came out to see us this morning, and I am so happy that those who had readings were happy, too.  In fact, here are a couple of comments.....

"Thanks Harriette, for the great reading today... and wow, you hit the nail on the head!!!!" Tami Lindahl

"What a wonderful reading/healing. THANK YOU, YET AGAIN!" Leigh Taylor

It is always such a pleasure to be able to do this work. I am so grateful.  

When I got home, I worked on some new yoga necklace creations, and after that, I helped my neighbor who had found an adorable stray dog to find a new home. We delivered it tonight to someone that I have known for the past dozen years. It felt good to put the pup with its new family.  When I got home, I treated myself to an evening of the Hallmark Channel. They were showing the Sarah, Plain and Tall Trilogy, but it my fuzzy state, I didn't record the last one.  Oh well....one day I will see it.  I just LOVE those movies.  

A year ago I was in NY/NJ. I can't believe a whole year has flown by. And 10 years since the Towers fell.  What a ride it has been since then.  In this full moon pisces state of mind, I can see clearly how all the puzzle pieces have fit together from that point (and before) until now. Oneness consciousness.   I'll be thinking more about that tomorrow on 9/11/11. Ironically, those numbers are the numerology of my name Harriette Knight.  

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Latino Business Xpo

I felt very honored to be part of the 1st Annual Latino Business Xpo in Santa Clarita. It was a great assortment of businesses and people, many of whom are friends of mine. I did psychic readings which is definitely a "different kind of business."  It was a really nice day, and I look forward to doing more readings tomorrow morning from 8:30AM until 1PM. Hope to see you at the Valencia Hyatt!!  Stop by and say hello!!

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CHAKRA POWER! Has a Sister

Today was the day. I felt it to my core. Today was the day I was to complete the edit on my book GEMSTONE POWER! 52 Meanings & Meditations from Abalone to Zircon.  It's been sent off to the designer and everything will unfold as it should. My goal is to have it by the end of the year (or sooner). It's been 3 years since it's "sister" book was born.  My children are 3 years apart and so will be my book children.

I'm looking forward to doing psychic readings all day tomorrow (Friday) from 10:30 to 5PM at the Hyatt in Valencia.  I will also be there on Saturday from 8:30 til 1PM.  Please stop by and say "hi!"  It's the very first North County Latino Business Xpo and I know it is going to be a blast!!

Hope to see you there!

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Your Astrological Body Parts

Today's radio broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was awesome.  We talked about your Astrological Body Parts which really helps to identify what health issues are manifesting due to certain aspects of your life. For example, what does lower back pain represent, or headaches? To listen to today's broadcast, simply click on the player above or click HERE

About 15 minutes before the show, I realized that I couldn't log onto my switchboard.  Panic time! This is LIVE radio!  Fortunately I have an amazing assistant, Casey Hegel, who always keeps me on track during the show.  Though we had no access to the chat board (which I really liked and am considering not answering chat questions altogether), Casey texted me the names of the callers so the show could run smoothly and efficiently.  Since Casey was supposed to be at jury duty this week, I am thinking there was some Divine Intervention that she was able to work on the show today.  Otherwise, I have no idea WHAT we would've done.  

Here are some comments about today's show:

"Hi Harriette!  I loved this show! Just finished listening after work this evening. So much great information! Thank you so much for sharing with us, all of this knowledge. 

During my divorce, I experienced horrible sinus infections, severe knee problems and a twisted ankle. After listening to your description of the Astrological Body Parts, they all make sense now! My sun is in Libra and I'm all about partnerships and fairness. My relationship with my ex was anything but that. I love YOGA!!! I had a good laugh when you mentioned that Taurus loves to collect things. My ascendant is in Taurus and I also have a large scarf collection which I've been collecting since my teenage years. We rarely had the chance to wear scarves in Miami!!! but perfect for Los Angeles weather."  Alyse 

"Since I couldn't type on chat today, I wanted to point out your Pisces/feet reference. My Pisces son has always been a flip flop wearing boy, no matter the weather. He was a City lifeguard, a swim teacher, then he joined the Coast Guard (water, go figure!) BUT in bootcamp, having to wear the boots for three months, he developed Plantar Fasciitis. Also during his medical exams to enter, he was asked "always had foot issues?" He was like no?? He didn't even know what they meant! So the Pisces/foot correlation seems so right on to me! :)" Denise


Thank you to all the listeners and supporters of the radio show. I APPRECIATE YOU!

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A Double Dose of Yoga

First on the agenda was a healing client, which always makes me happy. It's the best way to start a day. Afterwards it was yoga with Jennifer Jhaveri at Yoga Yoga which is the BEST class! I didn't know at that point that yoga would repeat itself later in the day. I made a beeline for Trader Joes to get more ingredients for the smoothies I love to drink daily.  Right now I am making smoothies with banana, oranges, strawberries, frozen cherry berry blend from Trader Joes, watermelon, unsweetened almond milk, kale, and spinach.  OMG, I am drooling just thinking about it!  Trust me, you don't taste the spinach or kale at all, and it is soooooooooooo good for you!!

All smoothied up, I sat back down to make more jewelry. I had a vision of a 100% crystal necklace. This one turned out to be a triple strand.  Here's the picture.  It's a powerhouse!!

Once the necklace was complete, I looked at the time and noticed that Tami Lindahl's Rock n' roll yoga class was starting at 7PM at The Courtyard Marriott, so still dressed in my yoga wear from earlier in the day, I headed over there for yoga class #2.  It was a great class, and immediately upon shivasana (final resting pose), I passed out.  Oooooh, what a good sleep!

When I got home, I cooked dinner, settled in for some mindless television (my favorite kind), and looking back on the day, I see that I really accomplished quite a bit.  It was at least a bazillion degrees out all day, and even now after midnight, it is still in the 80's.  Feels a little like back east to me. 

Tomorrow's radio show is going to be great.  We are talking about Astrological Body Parts and ailments. I think it is going to be really, really informative and interesting.  Tune in at 3PM PT by calling 646-929-2242.  Why do you call? To ask your psychic questions, of course!  For those online, here is the link - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/harrietteknight/2011/09/07/harriette-knights-psychic-healing-hour

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A Working Labor Day

I love working so it is no surprise that I spent this Labor Day as busy as a bee.  With a couple of healing clients and a slew of new necklaces, it was a very fulfilling day.  In fact, I just got this note from one of my clients:

"Thanks, Harriette, for the wonderful healing! You're so amazing, as always!  I feel so well-rested (like I slept for a hundred years :-) ), peaceful and calm. My frustration over a misunderstanding with a friend and other worries and concerns melted away. It feels like I had months of psychotherapy sessions. :-) Thank you very much and may you be blessed always!!!"  Cheers & best, N.

For a treat, here are some pix of some new necklaces.  More to come!

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A Double Rainbow 

Still in my pajamas this morning, I got to work on some new necklaces. They are gorgeous and I am excited to make some more new ones in the coming days.  (Pictures posted soon. They are not in the online store just yet). 

The day flew by since I was in a creative frenzy, but I had to get ready to go the Hollywood Bowl for movie night.  This is the MOST FUN Hollywood Bowl event of the summer, and I am fortunate that my brother and sister in law make it a family event so me and my mom can go, too.  We brought a scumptious dinner and sat in the box seats - it is sooooooooo civilized and wonderful.  While we were eating our poached salmon and side dishes, a giant double rainbow appeared over the Bowl. It was glorious!!  Here is a pic:

As we settled into our seats waiting for the show to begin, bolts of lightening lit up the sky.  It was incredible!!! And perfectly timed with the orchestra playing and a montage of 207 film clips.

Tonight's movie night was especially fun with Alex Trebek (from Jeopardy) as the host for movie trivia.  We all had 3 glow sticks in blue, green, and red, and we were asked movie trivia questions and picked from multiple choice answers.  The audience was LIT UP in an array of color! It was beautiful, and fun, and the flims and music were fantastic.  What a joyful time!!

Tomorrow I intend to make some more jewelry after clients in the morning.  Sounds like a good way to spend Labor Day....laboring.  lol.

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Santa Barbara and the Gem Show

Today was a bit of deliciousness.  It started off with Sheri and I meeting Tina at her place and driving out to Fillmore to El Pescador to meet Maile for lunch. Yes, it is the same place we ate lunch at on Wednesday on the way to kayaking. It's just soooooooo good!!

After lunch, Maile took off to do her thing and Tina, Sheri, and I made our way up the 101 towards SB.  We found the Gem Faire and was immediately sucked in to the amazing deals on beads and stones. Of course we spent a lot of time with Jeremy and Conni of Energy Gems (our dear friends) and picked up some gems of gems.  I got a Citrine Goddess Lemurian from Brazil and a gorgeous Herkimer Diamond.  I can't even believe the energy of these two stones.  They begged to come home with me so I had to comply.

After I made my gemstone choices from Jeremy's booth, I went about to find some inspiration to make new jewelry for the upcoming shows.  And I found it!  Strands and strands of gorgeous stones and some awesome pendants to make stunning new pieces. I can't wait to get to work!

We hung out until the Gem Faire closed down so the five of us (Tina, Sheri, Jeremy, Conni, and moi) could go to dinner. We hit up the Natural Cafe' and got deliciously healthy food.  The visit was great and long overdue.  It was so wonderful to spend the day with good friends in a gorgeous place and get all the healing energy from the powerful stones.  

I can't wait to create, create, create!  I'm going to try to make some pieces before going to the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow night. Woohooo! What a fun weekend!

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The Big Reveal

In my kayaking euphoria yesterday, I completely forgot to announce the BIG REVEAL of which of the following 3 things about me were false!  Here is the original list:

1. I used to own an Advertising and Promotions company.

2. I once won a wet t-shirt contest.

3. I appeared on America's Most Wanted.

Which one do you think is false?  

Thank you, Abby, for reminding me!!

Here goes....the BIG REVEAL....

In the late 80's and early 90's I did indeed own Miracle Minds, an Advertising and Promotions company that specialized in service businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley (where I live in CA).  In fact, I was on the Board of Directors for the SCV Chamber of Commerce, and designed the SCV Chamber of Commerce logo which they still use today.  

So....#1 is TRUE.

In 1994, while working as the Production Executive for Lindsey Studios, an actor did not show up for work while they were filming America's Most Wanted, so as a quick replacement, I filled in for the "victim's mother."  

So....#3 is TRUE.

I never won a wet t-shirt contest. In fact, I have never even entered into a wet t-shirt contest!!

So....#2 is FALSE!

What a fun game!  Were you surprised by my answers?  I have so many more truths that sound false, you wouldn't believe it! I might have to play this game more often.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Santa Barbara to see our friends Jeremy & Conni at the Gem Faire.  I'm sure it will be a stunning day. Hope you are having a classic Labor Day weekend, too!

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An Earthquake and Kayaking

We had an earthquake today.  4.3.  The epicenter was about 2 miles from my house.  REALLY close.  The good news is that I was in Fillmore eating lunch and didn't feel it. In fact, if the news report didn't come in on my friend Maile's phone, we wouldn't even know it happened.  We were having lunch at the BEST Mexican restaurant on the 126 in Fillmore. It was so good, I might have to go back on Saturday en route to Santa Barbara.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

After lunch, Maile and I (and her dog, Bart) continued on the 126 towards Ventura to go kayaking.  Maile has 2 kayaks which is perfect.  We got off at Seaward and went to the marina.  When we got there, I saw a seal poking it's head out of the water to greet us.

We kayaked for a couple of hours. It was fantastic, and a great workout! My arms and abs are really feeling it (but I like that!).  We looked at all the boats and I noticed that so many of them are named for women. Judith Anne.  Carrie Ann. Christine. Penelope. I did see a Patrick, which I thought was odd. 

When we got back to the marina and loaded up the boats and changed into our clothes, we decided to head up the coast towards Carpinteria to see the giant waves, the rocks, the scenery, and the surfers. It was so magical, I actually felt like I was dreaming it.  Nothing looked real. This made me realize how thin the veil is getting where reality and fantasy are meshing into one.

On the way back, we stopped at one of the farmer's markets and stocked up on some delicious fruit.  In fact, I had watermelon for dinner.

It was a stunning day, and I felt so grateful and blessed to live in such a gorgeous place. When I arrived home, it was back to business - my phone ringing off the hook.  Tomorrow I am thinking of taking an art retreat. Saturday is Santa Barbara and the Gem Faire.  Sunday, the Hollywood Bowl.  Fun, fun, and more fun!!  What do you have planned this Labor Day weekend?

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Wonderful Wednesday

First of all, today's radio show was great.  We had a lot of live listeners and callers and many of them for the first time.  The show was dedicated to answering psychic & healing questions.  I was so grateful for all the kindnesses that the listeners shared with me, and I feel fortunate to be able to provide a platform to help others.  If you would like to listen to today's broadcast, simply click on the player above.

I was determined when I awoke to go for a power walk today.  It's been so bloody hot, I haven't been venturing outside, but today the weather was scrumptious! I was also anxious to try out my new goodie I got from Brookstone so I could once again use my Ipod on my walk. You see, I have a really old Ipod, the dinosaur of the Ipod Mini, and it doesn't hold a charge unless it it plugged in the adaptor in my car.  But recently my friend Kri let me know that Brookstone carries an Ipod charger that works like a dream!  I love having my own soundtrack as I use my nordic walking poles up the bike path. The whole walk takes about an hour and I always fit in a wonderful meditation.  Today was superb!  Music for 1/2 the walk and meditation for the rest. Heavenly!

After today's radio show, I joined about 30 of my friends at New Moon for a brand new networking experience. It was fabulous!!! Today was the first time we all met, and I can already see how successful this group is going to be. The response was fantastic!!  For women in Santa Clarita, the group will meet on the last Wednesday of every month at 5:30PM for Happy Hour. Totally check it out!

Oh, this was fun...we all introduced ourselves and shared 3 things that no one would know. The only thing is, one of the things had to be false.  Here are my 3 things. Can you tell which one is not true?

1. I used to own an Advertising and Promotions company.

2. I once won a wet t-shirt contest.

3. I appeared on America's Most Wanted.

Which one do you think is false?  Find out the answer tomorrow!

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"Hi Harriette!  Which one of the 3 is not true!? :) Love your show!" Abby



Ahhh, Yoga

I have a favorite yoga class I go to every Tuesday at 12:30, but due to unforseen circumstances, I missed it the past two weeks.  Today I was raring to go and it was a wonderful, wonderful class. I know it has a lot to do with Jennifer Jhaveri, my yogini whom I just adore, but also the slew of friends that go to the class each week with me. Of course, then there is lunch - it's such a complete socio-spiritual experience.  

So pretty much that was my day, except for the nap on the couch while reading, and quite a few phone conversations and plans made with friends.  There are some great things planned over the next few days. I'm excited.

Tomorrow's radio show is going to be a full hour of your psychic questions answered.  It'll be a super treat!  Please call at 3PM PT at 646-929-2242 so you can listen to the show or ask your question.  Or click HERE and chat!  Call in early!  It'll be a great show.

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Progressed Sun in Pisces

Amidst all the wild astrological comings and goings, my progressed sun entered into Pisces today. This is sooooooooooo HUGE I can't even begin to describe it. In fact, I don't think I could describe it because that is how gigantic it is and I don't know how it will fully manifest.  If the rest of my life is like today than I am beyond grateful. A day so full of healing clients, I did not finish working until 9PM tonight.   Necklaces and worry bead bracelets went to happy owners, too.  It was truly a magical day.  What a gift!

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It was another day of bazilion degree weather.  Really, it was too hot to go outside. But I had a friend visit so we ventured out to Soup Plantation for lunch, then the mall, then a very fun trip to Goodwill.  Fortunately there was air conditioning everywhere we went.  

My hometown of Millburn NJ got slammed in the hurricane.  When I saw the videos (what did we do before You Tube?) I actually felt something happen to me physically. To see areas that I know so well buried underneath rushing torrents of water affected me deeply.  Even though I have not lived there since 1974, there's a part of me that still calls it home.  

Sending prayers and blessings to everyone affected by this massive storm.  I'm sure it is part of a bigger plan for new beginnings.  Speaking of which, there is a new moon tonight. Make your wishes.

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Hurricane Irene and Tuscany

While the east coast was being hammered by Hurricane Irene, I was at one of the most amazing dinner parties I have ever attended.  

My friend Lisa Madison is really gifted at being a hostess and throwing memorable parties.  The theme of the dinner party tonight was Tuscany inspired by her recent trip to Italy. The invitation was in Italian as well as the menu. All the appetizers, wines, main course, and desserts were authentic cuisine.  

We gathered at Lisa's "villa" in the early evening for appetizers and wine, and then before dinner, went for a swim while the meal was prepared. Grilled vegetables, chicken, pasta, chunks of mozzerella, buffalo tomatoes, arugula - my mouth is watering once again.

Dinner was served late, around 9:30 and we sat outside on the patio at long tables with lanterns and twinkling lights hanging above us. The conversation was rich, and the food was divine.   The weather was perfect after a day of high temperatures of over 100 degrees.

No one left before midnight. The time simply flew by as we were transported into another time and place very, very far away.  It was the best trip to Italy I've ever experienced and I didn't have to go more than 2 miles down the road.

Sending prayers and peace to those on the east coast experiencing Hurricane Irene.  I have to say that some of us at dinner tonight expressed guilt for enjoying such a beautiful evening while others are experiencing hardship.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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Mercury Direct!

After 3 very interesting weeks, mercury turned direct today.  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!  Immediately my phone started ringing and I was busy busy busy working!  What a difference a day makes!  It seems like things are moving forward again.  Are you as happy as I am?

I'm also getting a lot of great feedback from Wednesday's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. If you missed the show about Abuse, simply click on the player above.  

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"I Swear, you should be covered by my medical insurance!! my hand feels better with 5 minutes than 3 months of PT...." Vanessa Brookman 




When I woke up this morning, all I could think of was "Ventura." I called my friend Sheri and said, "I want to go to Ventura today."  She said, "What's in Ventura?"  I said, "Air."

It was already a bazillion degrees outside when the two of us took off towards the ocean.  We got there and headed out towards the pier and had salmon tacos while looking out over the water.  I felt like I was on vacation. 

After getting some good negative ions, we headed into town and did the Main Street thing.  The weather was delicious, just perfect, and we marveled at what a good choice it was to spend the day there instead of the oven that was Santa Clarita today.

How lucky are we to live in such a gorgeous place. To drive a mere 40 minutes to the beach with the most magnificent scenery along the way. Orange groves and pumpkin patches, mountains and blue, blue skies. 

The whole day was effortless.

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Are You (or Someone you know) in an Abusive Relationship?

Please listen to today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour HERE or click on the player above. Find out Harriette's personal story, questions to ask if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, your rights, and some hotlines and websites to go to for help.  
Thank you for tuning in to this very special show.

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Cafe' Gratitude

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to go to a screening for the movie "May I Be Frank."   The documentary began at Cafe' Gratitude in San Francisco. I didn't know we had a Cafe' Gratitude here in LA and was thrilled to have a lunch date there with my son today. The minute I walked in, I felt happier. Which was a feat since I had had a rough morning. The vibe is palatable and so is the food - all organic and mostly raw.  It is located at 639 Larchmont in LA just south of Melrose.  I loved it so much!! And enjoying lunch with my son was an extra special treat today.

After about three hours of lunching, I headed back home in time to meet up with my friend Christiane who begged me to see Glee 3D with her.  I really had no interest, but I admit I do watch Glee on tv.  Well...I have to tell you that by the end of the movie I was on my feet dancing and clapping after every number!  It was fantastic. Uplifting!! Fabulous. Christiane and I had the ENTIRE theater to ourselves. I love private screenings!!  It was awesome.

From the movie theater, I jettisoned over to the Courtyard Marriott for a special yoga class which was good, tough, but good. While in shivasana I could've packed it in for the night. Zzzzz.

And now I am ready to pack it in for the night.  Tomorrow's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour is going to be a very special show. It is called ARE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP?  Tune in!  Plus...your psychic questions will be answered, too!  The show is at 3PM PT. You can call 646-929-2242 or click HERE.

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I have been fortunate to be part of an amazing mastermind group for well over 2 years now.  We meet once a month and today the meeting was at my house. After my morning power walk, I made a delicious lunch and welcomed my friends. The masterminding includes both business and personal issues and today seemed to be focused more on the personal. Perhaps it is Saturn in Libra that is highlighting relationships these days.  Everybody seems to be going through one life changing scenario or another.

As always it is a great time to get together and right at the end, one of my other fellow masterminders needed some holding accountability and I guess I did, too, so we made a pact to get some work done. I actually worked on the edit for my book Gemstone Power, repaired an intricate bracelet, printed out a gift certificate package, and felt like I had actually accomplished something.  

Tomorrow is a social day. I'm meeting my son for lunch down in LA, then meeting a friend at the movies, and then going to a yoga class.  Still on summer vacay.  How 'bout you?

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What Happened to the Weekend?

Time is flip flopping so much, I can't keep track of what day it is!!  I had to keep remembering that today was Sunday thought it felt like the middle of the week.  I got my hair cut (not really cut, more like texturized), and then did paperwork and bills until a teleclass at 4PM.  The teleclass was over 2 1/2 hours and then I went with my friend Kri for a walk to decompress from the class. Like I said, what happened to the weekend?  

Busy week this week, too. Could it be that mercury is getting ready to flip?  

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Spa and Retreat Day

I slept till noon. I guess I needed it. My friend Kimberly gave me these magical purple pajamas which were like the most comfortable pajamas ever and I just slept and slept and slept.  When I finally got up I thought I'd better do SOMETHING so I grabbed my nordic walking poles and did a power walk and power meditation.  Still out of breath when I got home, the phone immediately rang and it was my friend Sheri inviting me over to her house for a spa and retreat day.  Her backyard is like a resort, I swear, and the salt water pool and gentle breezes were something out of a travel brochure.  We lounged and talked and swam and laughed and then around 6PM I did some marketing at Trader Joes, cooked a delicious dinner for myself, and then Sheri rejoined me and we drove down to LA to here Ema and Her Lady Parts were performing. Ema is my son's gal pal and is sooooooooo talented. The band put on a great show, we had a great time, and once again I am amazed that having a splendid day such as today feels like I was out of town for a week.

More fun tomorrow.

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My Soul Group

I cannot begin to tell you how lucky I am to live where I do and be surrounded by the most incredible people. Women, mostly. I recognize them as part of my soul group and the fact that we all ended up living in Santa Clarita, CA is mind boggling.

It was lunch first at New Moon to celebrate Denise's birthday.  About a dozen of us gathered and it is effortless to eat and talk and share.  I never thought I would have this level of friendship after I graduated from high school, but I do.  And it is better than anything I have ever experienced before.  There is an honesty and a support system I am grateful for each and every day.

It did not stop at lunch. Tonight Candice threw one of her infamous Silpada parties where I was privilaged to do some psychic readings.  Being surrounded by many of the same friends from lunch and the rest of the crew, I floated from group to group and conversation to conversation. It is such a comfortable place to be, among friends.  When Julie and I drove home, we both commented on our soul group connection and like I said, marveled that we all ended up in Santa Clarita, CA.   

Who knew?  I guess the center of the universe can be just about anywhere, right?

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A Typical Mercury Retro Day

My calendar was blocked out so I could spend the day with my friend Ronnie who was due to arrive around 2:30 or 3:00. When she didn't arrive, I started to phone her and the phone rang and rang. No response to texts or calls or voicemails.   Hmmmmm....what is going on?

After 5:30, Ronnie phoned me to tell me that our plans were for tomorrow.  Uh....no, they weren't because I have plans tomorrow.  

Since Ronnie is a spontaneous kind of gal, she jettisoned from where she was in Beverly Hills and miraculously missed all the traffic on the freeway and we ended up doing everything we wanted to do which included sushi, a trip to Home Goods, and watching a movie on tv.  What fun!!!

I even managed to fit in a power walk and some jewelry stuff along the way (what with all that waiting, I had a lot of time).   : )

This particular mercury retro has been a doozy. It goes direct on Aug. 26th, but the effects will continue into September.  In all honesty, I think the effects will continue for a very long time. We are forever changing into the "new normal."  (whatever that is, since we don't know yet).  

Stay tuned....

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Great show today!  As promised, here is a list of all the books mentioned on today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. Thank you to those who were part of today's show. To listen to the replay, simply click on the player above or click HERE.  For those who wish to read Michelle Karen's information about mercury retrograde in its entirety, please scroll down to the post titled "What's Really Going On" dated 8/14. 

The books are listed in the order they were mentioned. For more information, please listen to today's broadcast. (Just click on the player above!)  

The Search for Bridey Murphy - Morey Bernstein
You Were Born Again to Be Together - Dick Sutphen
5 Lives Remembered - Dolores Cannon
Children's Past Lives - Carol Bowman
Return from Heaven - Carol Bowman
Busting Loose from the Money Game - Robert Scheinfeld
Your Soul's Plan - Robert Schwartz 
The Western Guide to Feng Shui - Kathryn Terah Collins
Innersource - Channeling your Unlimited Self - Kathleen Vande Kieft
Handbook to Higher Consciousness - Ken Keyes
Healing with the Angels - Doreen Virtue
Healing with the Fairies - Doreen Virtue
Lightworker's Way - Doreen Virtue
The Other Side and Back - Sylvia Browne
Life on the Other Side - Sylvia Browne
Adventures of a Psychic - Syliva Browne
Many Lives, Many Masters - Brian Weiss
Soul Journeys - My Guided Tours through the Afterlife - Rosalind McKnight
Eyes of an Angel - A True Story - Soul Travel, Spirit Guides, Soul Mates - Pal Elder 
The Seat of the Soul - Gary Zukav
Survival of the Soul - Lisa Williams
Journey of Souls - Life Between Lives - Michael Newton
Between Death and Life - Dolores Cannon
Life After Life - Raymond Moody
Saved by the Light - Dannion Brinkley
Out of Body Experience - Astral Travel - Robert Peterson
We Don't Die - George Anderson (not mentioned on the show)
Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein
The Mirror - Marlys Millhiser
Time Traveler's Wife -  Audrey Niffenegger
Replay - Ken Grimwood
Affirmations with Attitude - Sheri Varela
The Reconnection - Heal Others, Heal Yourself - Dr. Eric Pearl
The Power of the Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy
Rise and Shine - The Extraordinary Story from Near Death to Full Recovery - Simon Lewis

Chakra Power! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life - Harriette Knight 

I know there are so many more books I did not include in today's show, but this is a great start if you are expanding your metaphysical or spiritual library.  Thank you for joining us every Wednesday at 3PM PT for Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour where your psychic questions are answered for FREE!  

For more information about Readings and Healings, please click HERE.

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Lackluster to Luster

Everyone is undergoing an energy shift and today I was really feeling the effects of that.  I felt tired and kind of lackluster. Not my usual perky self. In fact, I opted to skip yoga and walking (yes I am human, too!) and went to lunch instead with my friend Maile, which was a great choice.  There were numerous phone conversations today, a little gardening, some reading, and then an impromptu reading with Medium Rachel Mai whom I have known for over 10 years. She is really gifted, and her reading was extraordinary. Rachel is having a teleclass on Sunday called Prepare for the Golden Age.  If you are on Facebook, you can find out more about it by clicking HERE or calling 614-607-2370.  It's just $10 and sounds really interesting and timely.  I signed up immediately.

After the reading with Rachel, I felt much more less lackluster and more lusterly.  Like I went through an angelic car wash.  

Tomorrow is going to be a great episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. We will be covering The Best Spiritual Books Ever!  To listen at 3PM PT, call 646-929-2242 or click HERE. Have your psychic questions ready!

Tomorrow night, I am going to the Hollywood Bowl to hear Herbie Hancock and numerous other artists perform Joni Mitchell's work from the mid to late 70's including the entire Hissing of Summer Lawns.  Should be amazing!!  

No more lacklusterness for this girl!

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Flat Tire on the Freeway

Be careful what you think about!  With the veil so thin right now with mercury retro opposite neptune, the subconscious mind does NOT know what is real and what is not.  And with mars opposite pluto, it seems that manifestation is taking on a new meaning!

I was driving down the 210 freeway thinking about someone I know who had a blow out on her car when I heard a very loud sound that I thought was coming from the road itself.   It was getting louder and louder and I began to fear that something mechanical was wrong with the car; like the transmission or something.

I made my way from the fast lane all the way over 4 lanes and onto the right shoulder when I realized it was a tire that had blown.  Shaking, I called AAA and was on the phone with the gal who was arranging help, when I noticed a truck pull up behind me with the California Highway Patrol Emergency Fix It guy who offered to change the tire.  It was like WHOA, that was fast! Where did you come from?

He fixed my tire, refused a tip, and within 7 minutes of stopping, I was back on the road on my way to my appt.  It was incredibly fast, and VERY efficient!!  (Lots of angelic protection, too!).

The irony was that I was thinking about someone else's tire incident when it happened. I mean, really, you have to watch what you are thinking and yell cancel, cancel, clear before it manifests!!

Meanwhile, I am happy to say that it became a minor glitch in the day but a very good story and lesson.  A perfect mercury retro experience.

8/15/11 - Happy Birthday Ema and Casey!
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What's Really Going On

You're in for a treat!  Michelle Karen is a GIFTED astrologer and I think you will really get a lot out of what she has to say about this particular Mercury Retrograde and planet happenings. Her most recent column is reprinted below.  

Dearest Friends

You have always heard me say how much I love Mercury retrograde. I personally enjoy watching which of my friends I haven’t heard from in a long time, re-emerge and remembering projects I may have left aside and forgotten about. When the planet of communication appears to go backwards in the sky, there is invariably an element of unpredictability and adventure.

But since August 3rd and until August 26th when it will go direct again at 18º Leo, further followed by the shadow period that will end on September 10, if you feel that your world has fallen into the worst chaos, you are not alone! The reason why I am so late in getting you this, is because every time I started writing about it, I was stopped by my computer crashing in all sorts of different and strange ways! In the past couple of weeks, I have spent more time at my local Apple Store and the Auto body shop (that’s another story!), than I have at home, working! :-(

Basically, all the structures of our lives are being destroyed so that we may reconstruct ourselves in a way that is much truer to our divine purpose. If it feels like what happened in the past few years seems part of another lifetime, it’s because... it is! With only 10 weeks left to the first ending of the Mayan Calendar (October 28, 2011) which completes the cycle begun on January 5, 1999, we are coming now at MAJOR crossroads. A reincarnation without leaving our physical body. We simply don’t have the luxury to float around aimlessly. We need to know what our hearts truly want, pursue our dreams and believe in our ability to manifest miracles in our own lives. Become the vision that you have for yourself, and it will materialize!  

Communication is worst that during any other Mercury retrograde because of the Opposition (180º aspect) with Neptune. Loosing our keys, receiving packages that are empty, strange misunderstandings, messages from our bank that make no sense at all, feeling off, erasing messages before having read them, loosing our address book, landing in the wrong place, mistaking an appointment date, missing a plane, misplacing an important document, etc.... are just a few very normal occurrences. Our heads are in the clouds. Nothing is stable. Neither within, nor without. Our perceptions are changing. New situations are suddenly and unexpectedly replacing old ones. Our reality is shifting. We have no choice but to let go of the past and surrender to the unknown. We may feel strange anxieties for no apparent reason, and in the face of very real life threatening dramas, be calmly detached. Time could be simultaneously accelerating and slowing down. We could experience emotions ranging from mild to severe depression, wonder where we are, why we are living this way, what is the purpose of it all. It’s almost as if we are simultaneously in and outside of our lives, observing the motions without participating in them. Our dreams at night could be particularly vivid. We could feel we are dreaming when we are awake and awake when we are dreaming. We should keep a dream journal for valuable messages. Our visions in states of meditation could be very powerful. Movie images could stick in our psyche longer than usual. We could experience spontaneous telepathy and truly understand how our thoughts are affecting everything and everyone around us. It is essential at these times, that we live with the highest degree of integrity and know that we are Masters.

Nothing now is as it seems, and yet we need to trust that, even if it feels like hell, in the bigger picture, everything is in perfect divine order. All our vulnerable spots are being shaken, allowing us to see where we still need to work on ourselves. Whether it’s financial issues, relationship problems, career dilemmas, location uncertainty or all of the above,  we have to take a very honest look at ourselves. As the veil between the visible and the invisible is thinning, answers could come to us in surprising ways. Our sleep could be restless. We could wake up after only a few hours feeling like we’ve been hit by a truck or drank all night (even though we didn’t!). When ancient, heavy thought and emotional patterns are released,  all the symptoms of a major physical detoxification can be present. A lingering dissatisfaction could make us wish to change our lives from A to Z. Responsibilities could feel difficult to meet, because basically, we don’t really care anymore. It’s a strange, volatile time during which we should avoid making any drastic decisions. After the chips fall on September 10, we should have more clarity.

And as if this weren’t enough. to top it all,  this whole month of August, we are also going through a T-Square between Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries!! This is not a time to count on anyone but ourselves. Our temper could be explosive, our need for freedom, intense and our rebellion, dramatic. Sudden changes and interferences are  affecting our course and creating much confusion. We need to rely on our intuition to see us through these times. We are being prepared for a whole new beginning, on a whole new plane of reality. It’s as if we have boarded a plane that will land on a first exotic destination on October 28, 2011 that we had until now never even known existed!

We are being asked to purge ourselves of destructive patterns. We could feel that certain circumstances or people are closing in on us, forcing us to a decision we are not ready to make. It is essential that we meet challenges with ingenuity and if we have reservations, keep our involvement impersonal. Intense commitments have the power now to turn our reality inside out which is a good thing if it is in alignment with our hearts’ desires. We are completing old cycles, and circumstances ask of us that we cooperate with everybody else’s efforts for the good of all. As we are evolving individually, all of us, as a group, are being affected. Oneness is not just a nice philosophical concept. It is becoming a more and more tangible reality.

This month of August is about rebellion against false perceptions. Chaos is the forerunner of a new reality found in asserting our independence from conditionings that have blinded us to our light. Now is the time when each one of us needs to start shining again in the brilliance of our truth.

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.
Astrologer, Shaman
Author of
Astrology For Enlightenment


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Movie Daze

I have spent the past two days at the movies.  I'm not kidding. I love watching movies. Yesterday I met my peeps Cherie and Hedley (www.cheriefoto.com) for Hedleys' birthday celebration.  The three of us have been friends since 1979 when Cherie, Hedley, and I were roommates in Toronto.  Cherie and Hedley are still roommates.  We met for lunch at Solley's in the Valley and were very loud and laughing. It's our usual M.O.  You see, we forget that it isn't 1979 when we get together. We all live in LA now.  It's a total gas. 

We walked over to the Sherman Oaks movie theatre to see Horrible Bosses (really funny) and then snuck in to see Friends with Benefits (not as funny).  Afterwards we hit Best Buy, you know a typical day of the three of us scoping out electronic devices. We are all into it. 

After my walk this morning, I decided to go see The Help which as really, really good.  I can't remember the last time I saw an afternoon movie at complete capacity.  Sold out!! I laughed and cried and loved it.  (Though I think I might've broken a tooth on some popcorn).

Still in movie mode, I came home and watched 3 more movies on cable.  Like I said, I love watching movies. 

Not a bad way to spend a weekend!

8/12 - 8/13/11 - Happy Birthday, Hedley!!
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Off to Bed

Wow, when you get up early, you certainly want to go to bed early.  I get it now!  Woke up at 7AM to take my mom for her scan at City of Hope (all clear and doing great!).  By the time I got back home at noon, I had a whole day left to get things done. So...I got a mani/pedi. Hey! It was on my list!  And the housecleaners came to clean my house.  And I ran some errands. I know there was more because it is midnight and I am off to bed.  I think I finally maxxed out on Millionaire Matchmaker.  Though I say that now. My summer reading included 3 Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. I read them right in a row.  No, not the first three, the last three! Including the latest Smokin' Seventeen.  Ranger or Morelli?  I don't know. They are both yummy. Everyone needs a summer vacation. That's how I have been spending mine.  What are you up to this summer that is out of character for you?  Let me know!

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The Secret Language of Numbers

There are messages EVERYWHERE and a lot of them come in the way of numerical surprises. Find out more on today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  To listen to the archive, simply click on the player above or click HERE.  Great show!

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"Great show today Harriette!  I just wanted to tell you how great I have been feeling since our session and I feel like I am soaring with the eagles! Thank you again for all you do and God bless you!"  Gloria
"I just listened to the show today! And as always...How fitting!! I am so connected to numbers and sometimes I joke with my guides and angels saying how "You guys are making me out to look like a crazy person seeing all these patterns always!" and then they take it down a notch ;) but I thought it was great how the first number sets you mentioned were 1:11 and 11:11 (which I am always seeing, and 1:23), then went on to say any numbers that are 'our numbers'. Like 2's with your dad, mine is 9:11 both in the morning and night, which was my grandma's birthday who I was very close to before she passed, and obviously after! :)
~Anyways, thank you so much!!! :)"  Carrie
"Great show as always and thank you for the new information! I'm going to write it down and carry it in my purse :) I always wake up around the same time at night, and I always stare at the clock and it's always about the same time give or take ten minutes. Now I'm going to pay attention! :)"  Denise

Losing Time

I feel like we are losing time.  I don't mean in an amnesiac way, but that time doesn't factor in anymore. There used to be length and width and height as measures of dimension, and now there is time.  But factoring in time as a measure of dimension is leaving me feeling as if time is no longer serving its purpose. At least the purpose we have been used to for centuries.

Today I was going over my day and I realized that I simply could not grasp what I did earlier in the day. It felt like such a long time ago. So long, that I could not even remember it.  I mean it was probably not even 12 hours earlier, but the thought of it was long gone.

Perhaps it is living fully in the present moment that allows all time to be reduced to mere seconds; the seconds of what is happening at the moment.  Who knows?  Maybe it is just a mercury retrograde opposite neptune trick.  It's not a comfortable feeling.  And today was kind of emotional. What is real? What is not?  Everyone is going through such huge hurdles right now. No wonder I over indulge in mindless television.  Or maybe it is because of all the mindless television that I can't form a thought! I mean how many episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker can a person watch before their breaking point?  

I suppose I'm having a mercury retro opposite neptune manic attack!  Well, enough of that. I'm calling it a day.

Tune in tomorrow at 3PM PT to Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour to ask your psychic questions and get information on the Secret Language of Numbers!! It should be a very fun show.  Call 646-929-2242 or listen online HERE.

8/9/11 - Eighteen years ago my divorce was final.  I'm still celebrating. 
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Full, full, full day!  Healing clients, LOTS of phone calls, NUMEROUS mercury retrograde stories and JEEZ, three hours of Bachelor Pad - Yikes, it's like torture, but I can't stop. Okay so get this  - oh man, I was laughing sooooooooooo hard when Gia and Jake were talking about strategy and Jake asked Gia if she knew about the Trojan War, and she said, "Yeah, it's when they showed up with an elephant at the front door."  Jake didn't miss a beat when he said, "Well, it was a horse," and then Gia said, "Whatever."  OMG, I can't believe I watch this stuff!!!!!!!!!  The hearty laugh was well worth it.  And thank heavens for the fast forward button on my remote.

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Four Healers in a Car

It sounds like a joke. What do you get when you get four healers in a car?  Haha.  Not a joke. Tonight there were four healers in a car heading down to Venice to my friend Ronnie's house for a Light Body Workshop thingy. Not really a workshop, more of a gathering, but four healers in a car manage to have fun no matter where they go.  It was me, Tina, Kimberly, and Sheri, and we had a blast.  Ronnie's house is like MOCA adjacent, I swear. Gorgeous art. Delicious food. Interesting guests.  It's very chi chi and hip.  It's so nice getting out of Dodge.

Earlier in the day, Sheri and I took a walk around Bridgeport.  Really beautiful. And then Daphne's for lunch.  Wow. What a great day!   Gearing up for a busy work week.  I love LA.

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Saturday in the Summer

Took the day off. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!



Not Exactly PJ's, But....

One of the perks of working out of your home is that you really don't need to get dressed for the day.  However, it really was my intention to get dressed after my 3 mile power walk, but when I walked back into my house, my friend Kri phoned and wanted to stop by.  We had a wonderful visit and by the time I turned around it was nearly 4 o'clock, so really, what was the point.  I stayed in my walking clothes all day.

Got a lot done, though. Finished a custom necklace for a man, which was new, and got everything in gear for the upcoming Sept. 17th Spiritual & Psychic Boutique.  I even took some time to garden and enjoy my backyard.  Read a bit, talked on the phone, took a second walk of the day, and well, enjoyed myself.  

I even watched a couple of good movies on tv.  With mercury retrograde opposite neptune, I am grateful for days such as this.

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PJ's at Two O' Clock

Well, it wasn't like I stayed in my PJ's all day!  I finally showered and dressed.  It wasn't like I wasn't working while in my pj's. That's the beauty of working at home.  I was actually motivated to work on my gemstone book, and I am really excited about it.  There's a right time for everything and it seems the right time is now for it to be completed.  I also worked on our upcoming Spiritual & Psychic Boutique on Sat. Sept. 17th.  Tomorrow I'll do the flyer, and post it on FB.  Slow and steady wins the race, especially during a mercury retrograde.  I did get to Trader Joes today and stocked up some of the most delicious fruit of the season.  It's the simple things in life, don't you think?

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More on Mercury Retro

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was fantastic!! So much great information about mercury retrograde and particularly THIS mercury retrograde and how to navigate through this trying time.  To listen to the show, simply click on the player above or click HERE.  

I want to thank everyone who tuned in and participated in today's show.  I also want to thank those who wrote comments about their experience.  It means so much to me when I hear from you.

After the show, I grabbed my mom and we went to see "Crazy, Stupid, Love" which was really good.  Super cute.  And Ryan Gosling....SUPER CUTE!   Good movie.

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Mercury Retrograde - Again!

It's that time of year again. The time of year when mercury goes retrograde.  We will be talking about it on tomorrow's episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, so please tune in at 3PM PT for a listen.  Here's a comment which is so typical of a mercury retrograde that is a great example of what can transpire over the next 3 weeks.

"I had a project offer come up on the first day of a Mercury Retrograde. We started pre-production, contacting vendors and such, without a total financial commitment from the client. Sure enough, as soon as the Retrograde ended, the client pulled out and the project was put on hold. I felt all along that would happen given the timing!" Kathi Fastnow Dirkse

It's always good to be prepared during this time. At exactly 8:50PM PT this evening, when mercury was exactly retrograde, my mom got locked out onto her terrace.  This is a typical situation for mercury retrograde.  The truth is, we've been feeling it for about a week now. In fact, she got locked in (from the same screen door) last night.  With mercury retrograde, we tend to do things twice.

Another aspect of a mercury retrograde is reconnecting with old friends. Today an old friend I had not seen in about a year came up for a healing, yoga, and then lunch. It was wonderful. Last night an old college buddy phoned me from the east coast.  I am rather enjoying this!

Mercury retrograde allows us to go back and get done things that might've been left unfinished. So, utilize the time as wisely as possible.  Set backs are a given, and computers can glitch more than you want them to, but the truth is, you might not be able to resist the urge to clean your desk or garage and that, ultimately, is a good thing.

This MR will be until August 26th, so expect the unexpected, and if traveling, allow more time for delays and set backs.  This is not a bad thing.  There will be many wonderful surprises along the way. 

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Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy

It was a good day, a productive day. Mercury is going retro and I feel renewed and revitalized. Anxious to get some things done.  Had a client, sold some jewelry, and finished a commissioned necklace.  My new book "Gemstone Power" is on the list for completion.  More clients are lined up for the week, more ideas for new healing jewelry.  I feel motivated to get things done.   Funny, up until now, I have felt like I was taking a summer vacation.  And now, on the eve of a three week mercury retro, I am feeling revved up.  Topsy turvy?  Yep. That is for sure.

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A Downtown LA Birthday Celebration

My nephew turned 15 today. Wow. I remember when I turned 15. I had mononucleosis.  I got it from kissing a football player. A senior. I was a sophmore.  I don't think it was worth it to get mono.  And on my 15th birthday yet.  My nephew is completely different than I was at his age. He's a wonderful teenager.  Just wonderful. And not wild at all (like his aunt was).  I was so happy I got to be part of his birthday celebration.

We met first in Chinatown at Yang Chows.  They (my brother, sister in law, and two nephews) had already been to the Dodger Game.  Dinner was of course DELICIOUS!!  I always love going to Yang Chows.

After dinner, we (my mom, too) went over to LA LIVE and hit up the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. Fun stuff!! I suck at bowling, well, at least I did tonight. Even with the bumpers.  Oh well, I guess I won't be going pro anytime soon.  

All in all, it was a fantastic birthday celebration and an incredible weekend!  Hope yours was just as fun.  

7/31/11 - Happy Birthday, Zachary!
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Hot Air Balloon Festival

It was a day of surprises. A New Moon in Leo at 11:40AM this morning found me doing my power walk and making my wishes.  Afterwards, my friends Aimee and Maile and headed out to Santa Paula for the Citrus Classic Balloon Festival.  My, oh my!!!  I felt like I had just eaten the small cookie from Alice in Wonderland. The balloons are so spectacular, so magical, so lit up in the dark of night.  Our reason for going was a suprise birthday party for our friend Maurice DiMino. He turns 50 this weekend and was truly surprised.  In addition to the party and the hot air balloons, there were vendors and games, and food, and music, and fun, fun, fun!  Here is a pic from this magical day.

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Walking, Working, Swimming

I power walked this morning with my Nordic Walking poles, but I rigged it up so I could talk on the phone and walk at the same time.  It was just one of those chatty mornings and I needed my friend Aimee to "walk" with me. Wow, the time really flew!! 

After the walk, three clients manifested by surprise.  Oooooh, I love those kind of days. I wasn't done until well after 4pm, but there was still time to go over to my friend Sheri's house for some R & R and swimming in her gorgeous pool.  She made a light and lovely dinner and we talked and talked and talked.  Oh, I just love summer!

Tomorrow, more friends and more surprises just in time for the New Moon in Leo at 11:40AM Pacific time.  Make your wishes!! 

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A Day at the Beach


That's the sound of me breathing.  

It was such a glorious day.  

I had plans with my dear friend Beverly who recently moved from Santa Barbara to a new home in Oxnard.  GORGEOUS home.  A piece of paradise. We hadn't seen each other in awhile so catching up was a lot of fun. We had a luscious seafood lunch overlooking the boats at Channel Islands and talked and talked and talked and laughed so hard and loud, we got looks from the next table.  After about 3 hours of lunching, we said our goodbyes, but that is when I pulled out my Nordic walking poles from my car and took an hour long walk along the beach. The ocean was fantastic and the rhythm of the waves soothing and mesmerizing. I did an incredible meditation and took in all the negative ions I could before heading back home. 

The drive to and from Oxnard/Ventura is so peaceful and beautiful.  I feel completely renewed!


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Connect the Dots

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was full of incredibly helpful information.  The topic was "Connect the Dots.  How Life is Choreographed." If you would like to listen to the archive, simpy click on the player above or click HERE.  

Here is what one of the listeners had to say...

Dear Harriette, 

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show today and how it was exactly what I needed to hear!!! That is so amazing! I have been so depressed the last couple of days because I feel my son is so stagnant in his life with all his issues and you made me realize it’s because I want to connect all his dots – right now! Thank you for reminding me it is all part of a plan and he will get there eventually. I have sent your radio show information to my relatives in Chicago, my daughter in Canada, and a dear friend who is also very psychic in Florida. I hope everyone is listening. I love hearing about the guides and I have been asking and receiving help from them.

Thank you again for what you do and may God bless you and your work."   G.



Spiritual Rockstar

Today I was so excited to be a guest on Dan Hanneman's Spiritual Rockstar Radio show.  What fun!!  It was a 30 minute crash course on Chakras. So, if you have 30 minutes and are interested in chakras, please click HERE to listen to the broadcast.

After the show, I saw clients and then retreated to my zen garden to read and relax.  All that Nordic walking in the morning has me very excited (and feeling strong and toned!). 

Tomorrow's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour should be really interesting. It's called Connect the Dots; How Your Life is Choreographed.  I'm still brewing the concept in my mind and am looking forward to the information that will come through during the show.  The show airs at 3PM PT and you can access it by clicking HERE or calling 646-929-2242.  Got a psychic question?  Call it in!  

7/26/11 - Happy Birthday Richard!
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Too Much

I did my Nordic walking this morning and I can completely see why my friend Ronnie warned me that this could be addictive!  I like seeing the results in my arms and I can definitely feel it in my legs.  Plus the head time and meditations are wonderful.  A total win/win.

Today our Women Moving Forward Mastermind Group met, and then I had a client.  There is a lot going on these days on so many levels and not just with me.  People are having experiences that are highly metaphysical and life changing.  Even I have been in the throes of change. Change is exciting, but sometimes unpleasant.  I'm hearing more and more about unusual situations with people acting completely opposite of their normal behaviors.  I know it is part of a bigger plan, but going through it is sometimes just "too much."  I wonder what everything will look like on the other side of this trying time.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon PT, I will be a guest on Dan Hanneman's Blog Talk Radio Show Spiritual Rockstar. Tune in if you are interested about Chakras and MORE! I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.  Click HERE for the broadcast or call 347-326-9751 to listen from your phone.

7/25/11 - Happy Birthday Phil!
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Feelin' Groovey

I'm totally digging the Nordic Walking Poles I got, and used them on a killer walk up the bike path this morning.  When you use the walking poles, you use 90% of the muscles in your body. I guess you don't use the muscles in your face, but just about everything else. You burn more calories and you work your shoulders, arms, back, and core.  Sounds like a win, win, win, win to me!!

This afternoon, I went over to the Paseo Club to Lunafest which is 10 short films by, for, and about women.  Really, really good. The Lunafest was hosted by Zonta and the women in the group are really fabulous. My friends Sue and Maile met me over there which was great, and I saw some others I also knew. In fact, I sold a necklace out of the back of my car.   (I love that!). 

From there it was time for Phil's 60th Birthday party. What a blast!! Everyone was dressed up in 60's garb; tie dye and peace signs.  We played games, ate tons of delicious food, and danced, danced, danced. Phil and I have been friends for nearly 24 years.  He and his wife, Diana, are my BFF's.  My other BFF's were also there - Sue, Aimee, Lisa, Steve - after so many years, it's like family.   There's a level of comfort that just comes from hanging around for such a long time.  I feel really, really lucky to have such great friends.  It was a total joy fest tonight~

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My Nordic walking poles arrived yesterday so I was anxious to try them out today.  They were great!!  Tomorrow I want to go on an even longer walk.  They are supposed to really amp up your walking workout, so we will see!!  

Between walking and the rest of the day, I had a healing client, and since the Necklace Sale is going on, there has been a lot of necklace activity. Lots of happy customers! (which makes me very happy). 

I did a fruit run first getting strawberries and blueberries at Ralphs, cherries at Smart and Final AND bananas and watermelon at Trader Joes. Call me crazy.

Afterwards I headed over to my friend Steve's house for a Charades party. So much fun!! And....our team won. Woohoo!!!  I got "Inception" in 23 seconds!  (no, I am not competitive or anything). 

Tomorrow I am going to Lunafest which is 10 short movies for, by, and about women.  It's at the Paseo Club at 3PM if you want to go. Afterwards, it is my BFF's 60th birthday party and a Sixties theme!  Like groovey, man, and far out. I can't wait.  Fortunately my wardrobe has not changed since then - haha - jeans, peasant blouses and wedgies.  And a dandelion crown.....

7/23/11 - Happy Birthday Jacqui!
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Anna Deveare Smith

First off, I am still numb. My tongue is numb. Still. Even though I went to the dentist yesterday and got 2 crowns.  It was a tough day.  Apparently the novacaine struck a nerve (oh, is that why I almost hit the ceiling) and when that happens, there is a chance that the numbness will not go away for awhile. Awhile can be days, weeks, or months.  It's a total drag.  Food is not fun with a numb tongue.

Tonight I drove down to Santa Monica to meet Ronnie for another cultural adventure. We walked down to Bangkok West for dinner (the best Thai food) and then went up to the Broad Theater to see Anna Deveare Smith in her one woman show "Let Me Down Easy." It was excellent. She is excellent. You might know her from Nurse Jackie where she plays Gloria Akalitis. She is a powerhouse!

Great play, great night.  Jamie Lee Curtis was the celebrity sighting.

BTW, all the necklaces are on sale.  Discounted 10-57% off!!  Nothing over $150. Check them out HERE!  Free shipping, too!

Busy weekend ahead.  Better rest up.

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Two crowns today.  Still numb.  

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Full, Full, Full Day!

It's pretty funny that in yesterday's blog I wrote about my biggest pet peeve which is traffic, and tonight I was caught in the WORST LA traffic ever!!!!!!!! I could feel the tightening in my chest as I sat and sat and sat with everyone going to the Hollywood Bowl. I was NOT going to the Hollywood Bowl tonight which meant I had to sit, sit, sit in the traffic until I could move past the Bowl and down, down, down into Hollywood at Pico and La Brea to see David Dean Bottrell's one man show called Making Love. Which was fabulous, by the way. I just love him.

There was no way I was going to get caught in more Hollywood Bowl traffic on the way home so my friend Aimee and I took a detour after the show and went to The Grove and decompressed. It was so lovely.  LIke being in a foreign land. We ended up at Johnny Rockets eating french fries and listening to the 60's and 70's disco rock that they play there. Pure heaven.  We reminisced about when we were younger, ages 16 and 24 and where we were in NYC, Toronto, Israel, The Virgin Islands. Between the two of us, we were the United Nations.

Before my radio show this afternoon, I had a healing client (my favorite way to start the day!) and quite honestly, my head was all abuzz .  In fact, I took a wrong turn on the freeway and had to venture through Burbank to get into Hollywood tonight. Aimee and I have that effect on each other. Like we are stoned.  It's very bizarre. 

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was called FEAR.  The Real "F" Word.  It was a great show - very lively - with tons of helpful information.  To listen, please click on the player above.  Enjoy, enjoy!

7/20/11 - Happy Birthday, Cheyenne!!

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Random Thoughts

I think I figured out why I have been semi-obsessed with power walking and my Tuesday yoga class.  I realized that that is what is helping to keep me grounded during these shifting vibrational times.  It's been about a million degrees outside, but there I am walking, walking, walking.  I just love it.  The Leki walking poles I ordered should be arriving soon so I can "step up" my game and get the most out of this walking exercise. I realized, too, that the reason I pace during my radio show is that that is when I feel the most connected intuitively.  The same with my walking power meditations.  Some people prefer forward motion, and I suppose I am one of them. I'll do anything rather than sit in traffic, even if it means going on side streets that might take longer. If they move, I am happy.

Interesting thoughts on the eve of my daughter's 24th birthday.  I'm reminded of when I turned 24. I was living in Miami and took a weekend trip to Toronto that turned into a year long stay. I was thinking of that while I was on the phone today with my Toronto roommate Cherie.  My roommate from 1979, that is.  Cherie and I are still super close friends and fortunately we both live in Los Angeles.  

I have theater plans this week which I am excited about. Tomorrow night I'm going to see David Dean Bottrell in his one man show called Making Love.  He was the actor in Boston Legal who played Lincoln Meyer, the "peeper."  On Friday night I'm going to see Anna Devere Smith in her one woman show at the Broad Theatre in Santa Monica called Let Me Down Easy.  She is best known for her current role on Nurse Jackie as Gloria Akalitus.   I love LA.

Tomorrow's radio show is called FEAR, the Real "F" Word.  Tune in at 3PM PT by clicking HERE or calling 646-929-2242. Got a psychic question? Don't be shy!  Ask away on the show LIVE.

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Synchronicity and 911

Initially, I had an appt scheduled for 11AM this morning which would've had me up and out fairly early, but the appt was changed until the late afternoon so as not to coincide with lunch with Maile and Rebecca at 12:30.  When Rebecca emailed to push the lunch up to noon, I thought I'd better get out immediately to do my power walk. It was 10:30.

I took off like a walking rocket and went my usually way down the bike path. Halfway up the bike path, I decided to do something I NEVER do. I decided to cut across the paseo.  The paseo would decrease my time a bit, and I wanted to get back in time to shower before lunch.  

As soon as I hit the paseo, I began my deep meditation.  I prefer to do walking meditations which is why my power walk has become so important to me. This meditation was extraordinary with a slew of messages coming through at record speed. I was feeling exhilarated until my phone rang.  

I noticed it was a call from someone I had not talked to since last August when we both attended a birthday party for a mutual friend. This is someone I NEVER talk to. In fact, I was so surprised it was her, I stopped for a moment and pondered whether to pick up the phone.  I continued my walk but slowed my pace, and answered.

I could hardly hear Susan Szudar on the line. It was all static and jumbly.  She said that she saw my name in her address book and wanted to say hello.  Between the static she asked me if I was interested in hosting a gathering for her line of products. Because of the static, I could not understand a word she said.  I said, "The summer isn't a good time, but maybe in the fall. Call me then." She apologized for interrupting my meditation and walk and I hung up.

On my next step, right in front of my eyes, two bicycle riders collided at a super fast speed.  One of the riders, a 12 year old boy went flying one way and immediately howled that his arm was broken. The other rider, a man in his late 60's or early 70's flew over his bike and landed on his head.  Fortunately he had his helmet on.  Both were sprawled out on the pavement of the paseo.  I raced over as did two other men walking their dogs.  I was the only one with a phone and called 911 immediately and within minutes the ambulance and police were at the scene.

Now, here is the thing.  

Had Susan not phoned me, I would've been in the middle of the collision. It's a blind spot on the paseo and the point of contact would've included a smushed me.  I NEVER go on the paseo for my power walk; this was a rarity.  I debated whether to take my cell phone and decided at the last minute to carry it. 

The boy's wrist was badly broken but he will be fine. The man who fell on his head (he fell so hard that his eyeglasses were pushed underneath his helmet) was dizzy, but felt fine.   He was going to go to emergency to get checked out.  I raced home and jumped in the shower to go to lunch (a few minutes late). 

After this happened, I called Susan back to thank her for calling me.  If she had not called me, I might've been a casualty.  Since the line was now clear, I could hear what she was saying.  It turns out that she designs a line of stylish clothing that keeps out UV rays.  She said, "Melanoma is the one cancer that is preventable," and she is doing everything she can to educate people about that while looking good!  

Needless to say, I am hosting a gathering so others can see the line.  (details to follow). 

Synchronicity.  Gotta love it.

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"I love the way you recanted this occurance. So accurately, word for word -- all the details. When you called me back to tell me what just happened, I was covered in goosebumps (even tho I was standing under a hot summer sun). What a powerful story to share Harriett. This has the ability to help us look at things that happen in a very different way... the detours, curve-balls, interruptions, red-lights, traffic jams, etc etc. Last but not least, I really enjoy your writing style." Peace, Luv & Sol. Susan www.solinspired.net




Taking the day off.




A Walk in the Park

Two parks, actually.

I didn't have a car today so I did all the things in my house I rarely get to do, like laundry. And dishes. Emptying the trash.  You know, stuff like that.  I wanted to walk up to the bank so I decided to make it my walk for the day.  It's not far really, probably about a mile each way.  I stopped into Susie's Deal (Nothing over $5.99) on the way home.  

Mom stopped by and we enjoyed a salad lunch, and then I got ready to go over to Towsley Canyon for Shakespeare in the Park. They were doing As You Like It which is one Shakespeare play I know very well.  I like supporting the community efforts and this production, set in the 60's at Berkeley, was entertaining.  I have never seen a Valley Girl do Shakespeare, and I have to say, I liked it a lot. Like, fer sher.

Being with my friends tonight was great.  I have known each of them for over 20 years.  That's amazing!!

Speaking of longevity, my son's birthday was today. He turned 27.  Up next is my daughter, turning 24 on Wednesday.  My friends tonight remember her in diapers.  Wow. Time really does fly.

7/16/11 - Happy Birthday, Jesse!
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Two Walks

I had a client at 11:30AM so I raced out beforehand to power walk for about an hour.  Since my client was distant, I didn't need to change out of my workout clothes.  (I love that!) It's the equivelant of working in your pajamas.  

Afterwards I continued to work and then I got a call from a friend who was in need of a friend who suggested we go for a walk.  "Okay," I said, "how about Bridgeport?"   So I showered and dressed and met my friend at Bridgeport for the 2nd power walk of the day. 

Afterwards I met up with mom and we did some marketing. In fact, 2 must be the theme today since I went to Valley Produce AND Trader Joes. I wanted to stock up for the weekend of not going anywhere due to the 405 closure.  It's like the city is on lock down.  LA is so dramatic.   I love every inch of it.

In 5 minutes it will be midnight which means that my son will officially be 27.  Then he will officially be older than I am!

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Tasty Words

I had an appt. with the dentist today.  Yikes. I don't like going to the dentist, but I had to take care of a crown issue I have been avoiding for YEARS.  Fortunately, Dr. Joanne Young is WONDERFUL. In fact, she does the entire crown from start to finish in one day.  About 3 hours total.  It's quite amazing.  In fact, I have to do it again next week.  Not my favorite thing, but at least it is done quickly (and VERY efficiently).

After the dentist ordeal, I chilled out by getting a manicure an pedicure.  That was helpful and my hands and feet are really happy right now.

Later in the day, my friend Lisa picked me up to go down to Santa Monica to see Wendy Hammer's Tasty Words show.  We parked by Main Street and walked to the seafood restaurant with a big sign that said Steamed Maine Lobster dinner.   OMG, I have been craving a Steamed Maine Lobster dinner for weeks now.  I was so happy!!!   The 2 lb. lobster was delicious!  Absolutely delectable. I don't think there was a shred of lobster meat left, even in the knuckles.  Yummm, it was so good~ I might dream about it tonight.

Lisa and I walked up to the church (where I saw the May I Be Frank screening) on 2nd and Hill Street in Ocean Park and the place was packed. Wendy had a great show planned with about 9 writers and a musical guest.  The theme was the '70's so there was '70's trivia, too.  What fun!! The writers (including Laraine Newman from SNL, and my cousin Charles Freericks) were sooooooooo talented and presented their handwritten works beautifully. Each story better than the last one.  What a treat!

I'm glad we got to go down to Santa Monica before the 405 Freeway closure.  It was a breeze getting there and back. That won't be the case starting tomorrow night, though.  

Tonight, the full moon is at 22 degrees capricorn. I came home from SM and did a beautiful letting go at exactly 11:40 when the moon was completely full.  This full moon is on my midheaven so I know it is important.  One chapter over, a new one beginning.

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Spiritual Camp

I LOVED going to summer camp.  At first I didn't want to go and put up a good fight, but my parents made me go anyway and I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I didn't want to go home at the end of the summer.

This summer, I feel like I am going to Spiritual Camp. Each day there is something new unfolding. Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic and Healing Hour became one of the activities at Spiritual Camp. I hope you take some time to listen in. We talked about the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn on July 14/15.  To listen, simply click on the player above or click HERE.

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Spiritual Retreat Day

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that today was going to be a Spiritual Retreat Day. I had a feeling it was going to be a great day, an important day, but I didn't know how that would manifest. I started off the day with a healing client which as you know is my favorite way to start the day. From there, I went to an incredible yoga class with Jennifer Jhaveri.  Her classes are just the BEST and I was able to continue the amazing feeling I had from doing a healing session beforehand.  A little while later, I went to a Reiki Drumming Circle over at Kri Chetan's Healing Waters.  Like WOW!!!  We did a shamanic journey that was so powerful, I am still reeling from the effects.  If that weren't enough, I attended a Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) event with special guest Maleana Mullen who did sound healing while giving Deeksha.  OMG, intense energy!!  I feel very fortunate to have all these wonderful happenings in my community, and the fact that I got to have each experience with wonderful friends of mine.  In the midst of all these transitions, having a day like today is not only life affirming, but extremely balancing. I am feeling blessed and happy. 

On a side note, I was asked to be a guest on Dan Hanneman's Spiritual Rockstars Blog Talk Radio Show on July 26th at noon.  We'll be talking about one of my favorite subjects, chakras!  And tomorrow on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour we will be covering the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn and Uranus Retrograde. Oh, there is always something cool going on! Tune in at 3PM PT and have your psychic questions ready! Call 646-929-2242 and get in the queue! Or click HERE to listen online.  Enjoy!

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Manic Monday

It wasn't manic. I just like saying that. It was, however, Monday. No matter how you look at it.

Today was actually wonderful. Any day that I get to work is wonderful, and today I worked.  All day.  It was great.  In fact, I don't have much else to report, except the day was gorgeous enough to open all the windows and forgo the air conditioner.  My kind of day!  I had clients throughout the day, and caught up on phone calls and more. I even found some time to go outside and read.  Ahhhhhh, nice.  Not manic at all.

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A Vacation in Venice

Not Italy.  Venice, California.  Today I vacationed there. 

My friend Ronnie lives in paradise.  She has the most stunning home in Venice, California right on a gorgeously landscaped waterway.   Her home is full of light and fantastic art.  I go there when I need to feel like I have traveled to the best retreat on the West Coast.  Today was that day.

I started out early (for me - before 11AM) and met up with Ronnie at her home. We already had our walking gear on since that is the first thing we always do.  Today we did Nordic walking with poles that look like cross country skiers would use. In fact, that is the concept. You use the poles to increase your walking workout.  We walked for MILES on the beach with the surf and sand and salt air as our companion.  The waves were HUGE and due to the heat, the beaches were full.  It was absolutely the most perfect day weather wise, and we stopped in the middle of our walking workout to give thanks.

After our walk (about 2 hours), it was time for lunch. How lucky for me that Ronnie is a gourmet cook.  She makes everything from scratch including the most delicious salad dressing I have ever had.   We had a divine salad with the sweetest tomatoes followed by wild salmon topped with toasted almonds, asparagus and hollandaise sauce (she whipped it up before my eyes!), and then if that weren't enough, a tasting of 3 homemade ice creams (made from fruit, cream, and agave) in ginger, fig, and persimmon flavors.  Are you drooling yet? I am, and I already ate it!!!

After lunch (did I mention that Sinatra was playing in the background?), we walked over to the pool and immediately fell asleep.  All that good food and exercise knocked us out!! It was late in the day but the sun was still hot. Around 6PM, we went back inside.  Lazy and relaxed.

Ronnie booked a healing with me, so we did that before I headed home.  When I was leaving, she felt so good she ventured out to the movies.  It was a scrumptious day, absolutely scrumptious.  I look forward to the next retreat at Ronnie's house!

7/10/11 - Happy Birthday, Ellen (BFF since 7th grade!). 
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A Working Weekend

I LOVE WORKING!! So I am thrilled that I had clients all day today. It was an amazing day. Tomorrow I am headed down to Venice to spend the day with Ronnie.  It sure will be nice to beat the heat down by the beach.  It's actually 20-30 degrees cooler there.  Gawd, I just LOVE LA!!!!

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Freaky Friday

In truth, there was nothing freaky about today. I just like saying that.  I did errands, went to Cosco with Aimee (a little freaky), and resisted the urge to come home with a million rolls of toilet paper.  I spent time with my daughter (a nice surprise!) and watched more Dexter.  Nothing too freaky.   Well....maybe Dexter.

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Work and Play

Perhaps this blog should be called "Work IS Play," because working for me is the biggest joy.  I love what I do!!!  Today I 'worked,' and then it was 'playtime.'  

Tonight I was a guest an amazing dinner at Salt Creek hosted by a friend of mine who has reached an inordinate level of success (which I did predict a year ago - woohoo!). She invited 25 of the women closest to her so she could share her success and show her appreciation.  It was AMAZING, and the company and food was divine!   Twenty-five powerful women in one room laughing and eating and sharing and showing their love for a mutual friend.  I feel HUGELY blessed to have been included in this bunch, and to show my respect and love for such an open hearted and generous friend.  Thank you, Jen!   

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Forgiveness, Letting Go, and Moving Forward

Today's radio show was great. The topic was Forgiveness, Letting Go, and Moving Forward. We did an incredible "letting go" meditation.  Check it out by clicking on the player above.  Enjoy, enjoy! 

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Lazy Daze of Summer

It's super hot out.  Even now at 2 in the morning it is still around 80 degrees.  The heat is oppressive. The AC is on constantly.  It's kind of like Miami.  Which reminds me of Dexter. Everything lately reminds me of Dexter.  It must be because I just watched another 4 episodes. 

I started off the day by going to yoga.  No, I started off the day watching the verdict come in for Casey Anthony. I was reminded of the OJ trial since it went down about the same way. Then I went to yoga, and lunch with my friends.  We talked about the Casey Anthony trial.  It was the news of the day and got our minds off the heat.

I did a bunch of errands, too, and even had a chance to see Mom (we talked about the Casey Anthony trial).   To beat the heat I had a smoothie for dinner.  Lazy days of summer indeed.

Tomorrow's radio show is about forgiveness, letting go, and moving forward.  Tune in at 3PM PT by calling 646-929-2242 or click HERE to link online.  Get your psychic questions ready!!

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Happy 4th!

Parade, friends, fireworks, food!!  A typical and wonderful 4th!  
Happy 4th of July!!! 

July 4, 2011



My Day with A

Starting off the day with two healing clients is my favorite way to start any day!  That is how my day started out. It was wonderful.  In fact, I just finished reading an interview with Doug Devito about Reconnective Healing that answers A LOT of questions about the work I have been blessed to do for the past 11 years.  Click on the link to read the interview if you are interested. Doug's book is coming out next year.  It's ultra cool because Doug is a scientist and talks about the scientific proof of the healing work I (we) do.  Here's the link -  http://wisdom-magazine.com/Article.aspx/2252/

After doing healings this morning, my friend Adrienne came up to visit. We have been friends for 30 years (since 1981).  So yesterday I was with Cherie and Hedley (friends since 1979) and then today with Adrienne. I love having life long friends, I really do.

Adrienne and I went to BJ's for lunch where we shared a BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad and a gluten free BBQ Chicken Pizza.  Last night I had BBQ ribs at Farmer's Market, so this must be my recent craving.  So YUMMY!!!

We then hit a couple of Goodwill's where I manifested the Janet Evanovich book I was searching for (I love that!!), and then came back my house and air conditioning. It was brutal again today and it looks like more weather brutality is continuing for the next week or so.  Welcome summer.

Adrienne and I LOVE to watch television. So that is what we did. We watched 3 episodes of Dexter, the new Celebrity Rehab, the Primetime series called Beyond Belief (very cool stuff about twins!), and then a Helen Mirren/Robert Redford movie called The Clearing (boring).  Watching tv clears my head sooooooooooo well. I have heard that from other intuitives, too, that they watch tv to clear their  head.  I understand!!

Tomorrow is July 4th.  Are there fireworks in your future?  There are in mine!  Happy 4th!

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An LA Adventure!

What a great day in LA!

I started out fairly early (around 11AM) to go down to LA to spend the day with my good friends Cherie and Hedley.  Cherie and Hedley and I have been friends since 1979 when the three of us were roommates in Toronto, Canada.  As fate would have it, the three of us lost touch but were reunited about 8 years ago when I did a search and found Cherie who was in the process of moving to Los Angeles.  She revealed that she was in love with Hedley, whom she had recently been reunited with.  It's the BEST story. Now the 3 of us are together again living in the same city.  

Of course, the 3 of us are so busy we have to schedule getting together practically months in advance, and today was our day.

First I picked up Cherie (Hedley had an appt) and she and I went to Beverly Hills to have breakfast at Nate and Al's.  Cherie and I could yak for hours which we did until it was time to pick up Hedley for the rest of our adventure.

The three of us headed down Wilshire to LACMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit.  The crowds were intense, but we battled them all and saw some amazing things.  My favorite was seeing the actual Edward Scissorhands leather suit.  It really is incredible up close, and astonishing at how small Johnny Depp really is.

We went into the Broad Museum to see the Andy Warhol's, and some of the other pieces of Op Art and Modern Art.  After that, we headed to The Grove and saw Bridesmaids which I had already seen but it didn't stop me from laughing again and again.  We ate dinner at Farmer's Market, each picking our own favorite ethnic fare, and then it was time for me to drop Cherie and Hedley off at their place and hit the freeway to go home.

When I got home, my brother had texted me photos from the Hollywood Bowl and the 4th of July fireworks show (and Hall and Oates). The texts continued until the phone rang and while my brother and his family sat in the stacked parking (for nearly an hour), we had the best phone visit ever!

And so my LA adventure continued until nearly midnight.  It was really a perfect LA day.  I love LA, and I have for over 30 years of living here.  I am so blessed!

Tomorrow I have clients in the morning and my friend Adrienne is coming to visit. The fun continues!!   Happy 4th!!

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Crazy Eclipse Energy

It's crazy out there, which means it must be crazy in here.  Everyone is crazy right now. Adjusting to their new selves.  There is so much confusion, no one knows who they really are anymore. It's the new normal, and we still don't know what that means.

I went power walking this morning in the intense heat of the day.  I was fortunate to get my meditation in as well. AFter that, I met up with Sheri for lunch at Stone Fire. It turned into more of a business meeting with AHA moments scattered all over the place.  A real mix of human and spiritual.  Gotta love lunches like that.  

I got gas, answered calls, booked some clients and settled in for the last episode of Season 2 of Dexter. Yes, I know where my priorities are right now.  You see, I had to finish it up so I could run it over to Aimee so she could see it.  We ended up at Big Lots again for an Adventure Addendum.  Short lived, though because in the midst of laundry, I had plans to go dancing tonight. And, dancing we did!  A bunch of friends met at TPC overlooking the mountains, the golf course, and the valley, and danced outside to a fabulous rock band.  Sooooooooooo fun!

Tomorrow I have a full day planned with Cherie and Hedley (my Toronto roommates from 1979).  It'll be non-stop from morning til night.  First stop is breakfast in Beverly Hills and then LACMA to see the Tim Burton exhibit.  We'll see what happens next.....

7/1/11 - Happy Birthday Bev!! (Friends since 1975).  
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Adventure at Big Lots

I love Big Lots. It used to be called Pic N' Save, and now it is called Big Lots.  It's still the same amount of fun.  After clients, I met up with my Aimee for an adventure at Big Lots.  I didn't know it would be an adventure until I got there, but an adventure it turned out to be.  Aimee had just come from a hypnotherapy session and was basically still hypnotized when we met up at the Big Lots in Canyon Country.  Since Aimee's mercury conjuncts my mid-heaven, we have this brain wave thing where I'm very susceptible to what is going on with her (and she with me), so pretty instantly I felt hypnotized, too.  We spent hours at Big Lots.

Our cart was pretty full by the time we left, with all the things we didn't know we needed.  My biggest score was a new 9 foot umbrella for my zen garden.  It was regularly priced at $50, marked down to $35 and then 20% off that since it was the floor model.  A total score for $28!  When I got home I realized that the old cement umbrella stand would no longer work since the old umbrella had rusted inside of it.  So off I went to Home Depot to get a new one and ran into Aimee's husband.  It was that kind of synchronistic day.

There is a heavy duty eclipse going on right now.  It's a new moon solar eclipse at 9 degrees cancer, apparently transiting over my progressed ascendent (it helps to have a BFF who is also an astrologer).  This is HUGE for me, in ways I probably don't fully comprehend.  I think it is even bigger than Big Lots, but I will have to see.  As we head into the 4th of July weekend, I can only imagine what surprises are in store.  The dog my daughter brought home today might be just the beginning of an onslaught of surprises...

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 1st

Guess what we covered on today's radio show?  Yep!  The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer on Friday, July 1st. It's actually exact late Thursday at 1:48 AM PT.  To find out what that means for you, simply click on the player above to hear the latest broadcast.   We also talked more about Pre-Birth Planning and some great tips to access your information.  It was a kick ass show for sure!

After the show, I went to a wonderful yoga class and then dinner with some friends.  Since then, it's been about 4 episodes of Dexter. Okay, I'm addicted.  I'll probably wrap up Season 2 tomorrow, after clients, of course.   : )

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David Bowie said it best with his song CHANGES. There is sooooooooo much change going on right now; I really never believed things could feel so different.  But they do, and nothing will ever be the same again.

How are you dealing with all the changes going on?  

Today I went to an amazing yoga class, and then lunch at Tea Gardens with my friends Kri and Cindy. And then Lori (from Saskatchewan) and I got caught up in the phone which was probably a couple of hours.  The constant thread of conversation with everyone is all the changes going on. Things are definitely different.  There is no denying it, and no going back.

Tomorrow on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour we will talk more about these changes and the upcoming FINAL eclipse on July 1st.  Final, in this case, does not mean the end. In fact, I think it really means the BEGINNING.    Tune in at 3PM PT by calling 646-929-2242 or click on the link above.  Psychic questions answered, too.  

Cha cha cha changes......

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Animal Communication

Today I was so excited to connect with my beloved Peaches who passed away in January.  Oh, how I have missed her!  I found out about an Animal Communicator from Florida from my friend Lorane who experienced extraordinary insights to her dog's behavior after getting a reading.  I have missed Peaches so much and even though I KNEW she was just fine, and I KNEW she was happy, and I KNEW she was still around me, I had the urge to connect with her in this way. I had to wait 3 weeks for my appointment. In fact, the reader Brenda Cunliffe informed me this morning that she was no longer taking on new clients.  Today was her last day until she gets caught up.  

I guess Peaches was working her magic.

The reading was wonderful.  15 minutes of insights that brought complete comfort to me.  I was thrilled.  The details were amazing.

Afterwards I realized that the cupboard was truly bare, so I first went to Ralphs to stock up on fruit.  Then I hit the 99 Cent Store and stocked up on salad fixings (they have great fresh fruits and veggies, too!), and then I went to Trader Joes to get the rest.  In the midst of all this marketing, I had forgotten to eat!  So, I fixed a wonderful dinner and settled in for a new season of Weeds and The Big C, and since it is Monday night - The Bachelorette.  

My tv addiction continues.....

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Indian Springs Psychic Faire

I like going to the Indian Springs Psychic Faire.  I really do. It is set in the woods way up in the hills above Sylmar.  No cell phone reception. I've been asked to participate in this faire as a vendor and psychic but I choose to be a customer and guest.  It's a great vibe and I always have a good time.  In fact, even without being a vendor, I sold 4 Chakra Power books, gifted 2 more,  and gave a psychic reading.  

Gail Thackery runs this event on her property.  She is a gifted psychic-medium and is now running trips down to Brazil to see John of God.  I had a long talk with Gail today about self publishing books, and she asked me to be a speaker for one of the Monday night Spirit Socials. I'm not sure when exactly, but in the near future there ought to be announcement.  I plan to talk about Chakras (one of my favorite things to talk about!).

I met up with some of my friends; Kri and Cindy, and Tina and Nate.  We had so much fun perusing the booths and finding some neat multi stone merkabas and awesome chakra pendulums.  I even scored some Moldivite oil. I mean where else can you find things like this?  I just love it.

Before the event, I perused the list of vendors and was drawn to an intuitive counselor named Nilda Astrid.  Her story is quite amazing, how at eight years old, she and her family were in a horrible car accident and were pulled out by an angel. An angel that she and her father saw. The family survived the accident unscathed, though the car was completely smushed. Nilda is a complete joy and an excellent reader. Kri, Cindy, and I all had readings. Afterwards, I did one for Nilda.  It was complete mutual appreciation.  

After the psychic faire, I drove through the mountains in total peace, and made my way back into town, and to Lowes to pick up some food for my sad citrus trees.  After that, I got to visit my BFF's and we went to dinner.  Tomorrow I have my appointment with the Animal Communicator, Brenda Cunliffe.  

Never a dull moment over here!

P.S. When I got home, I received this note from one of my clients. Thank you for allowing me to share....."I am sooooooooo grateful and feel sooooooo loved and blessed for our healing session! Waves of bliss have been filling my entire being all day long! Thank you for you light and the gift that you so freely give to others!!! Ty

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Bad Teacher and More!

I woke up this morning and got my walking gear on and after an amazing Chakra meditation I noticed a text message from Aimee reminding me that we had plans to see "Bad Teacher." Aimee and I are good laughing partners so anything remotely funny, (or even not funny), we are there. So I picked up the pace of my power walk to get to the movie on time, and I even had to run....twice...wow, was my heart pounding.  But I made it to the theater on time (wearing my walking clothes) and we indeed did laugh. The movie was stupid, and funny, and stupid.  And we laughed aloud more than once.

Afterwards I had to get showered and dressed to be presentable for clients (always a good thing), and then soooooooo hungry, was glad that Mom had made a delicious dinner.  So, it was a visit with mom, watching that new show SUITS, and then back home to finish Season 1 of Dexter.  OMG.  The show is killer.  (get it?).

Tomorrow I plan on going to the Psychic Faire at Indian Springs in Sylmar. I'm not vending, doing readings, or selling my jewelry - sorry. I'm going as a customer. It's such a great place to stroll around and be in the vibe.  If you are interested in going, the address is 14300 Little Tujunga in Sylmar.  See you there!

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In the midst of a mulititude of changes in my life, I have found the perfect antidote.  I am completely addicted to watching 'Dexter."  I saw Season 5, but had not seen 1-4, so I treated myself to the set (Used, great price on Amazon) and have not done much else but watch.  I still function as a human, working and socializing, but nearly every free minute is devoted to this latest obsession.  It's THAT good.

It reminds me of the time in the 1970's when I was reading the book "Sybil." I literally could not put it down. In fact, one night I drove to my nightly haunt (the disco on Miami Beach) and told my friends I wasn't joining them since I had to get back home to continue reading.  Ahhhh, cell phones would've been so handy back then!!! 

I've got a busy weekend planned, some clients, too, but I have a feeling I know what I will be doing between appointments.  Have you ever gotten so hooked on a show?  Please share.

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"Last weekend I caught up on all 9 episodes of Game of Thrones on HBO. I watched them all on On Demand and was up to snuff just in time to see the season finale Sunday night. So, yup! Been there! Last year I did the same thing with True Blood - only I had to catch up on a few seasons!!!! Hope all is well with you!" Anne Marie




There's a movie floating around called "I AM" by director Tom Shadyac.  It's not Ace Ventura, I can tell you that.  It's thought provoking and life altering, and affected me deeply.  I saw it tonight in Beverly Hills in the same theatre I saw my friend Beth Kruvant's film Heart of Stone. Which also affected me deeply, but in a different way.  Tonight, with my 2 friends Tina and Aimee, we actually became speechless after the screening, which is pretty hard to to when three hip chicks get together.   

I highly recommend it.  

Upon exiting the theater, I got an email which was like an exclamation point on the film experience.  It said, "Dear Harriette, YOU did a reading for me at the Boutique last Saturday at the Marriott and saved my life. I lived day to day in fear of the next blow up with my son and husband and you relieved my fear and lifted such a tremendous weight from my heart. I cannot thank you enough.  Thank you and God Bless you and I bless the day I found you! Much love to you. G."

The three of us went to Westwood and CPK for dinner where the conversation got much more animated.  Though the effects of the film lingered, we were going through the motions of feeling "normal."  I guess everything nowadays is the "new" normal.

Before leaving for BH, I took a personal day.  Walking the power walk, meditation, some hair color, and pedicure. And two loads of laundry before my washer flooded my garage.  Ah, the human experience, eh?

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Being Safe

It was brutally hot again today but I did my power walk and meditation.  It was incredible with so much information coming through that I wish I were able to record it as it was happening. Unfortunately while walking, I am so in the thick of it, that I am unable to do anything but keep the forward movement going and the information streaming through.  I've missed this!  It's great to get back in the habit again.

Today's subject matter for Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was among my VERY FAVORITE things to talk about.  We covered Life Between Life, How You Pick your Parents, and Pre-Birth Planning.  I was sooooooooooo into organizing my outline before the show, I nearly lost track of time.  We could do a week of shows on this subject and I would not tire of it.  To hear today's broadcast, simply click on the player above.  All the archives are available day or night. Today's show was very special, indeed.  Enjoy, enjoy!

Tomorrow I am going to see the movie I AM. It's something I have wanted to see for awhile and it turns out that it is playing in Beverly Hillls for just 2 more days.  A mini field trip!!

During meditation this morning, after I received a download of information about 2012 Consciousness, I asked the simple human question, "Are my children safe?"  The response was so profound and so not profound at the same time, that I was blown away by the clarity of it. The response was, "Of course.  Everyone is safe.  It's just their perception that they are not."

During my radio show there seemed to be an underlying theme about safety.  I found it fascinating and validating. Check out today's show. It was really full of great information, I promise. Here is the link -  http://tobtr.com/s/1908877.

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

I didn't go walking today since it was a yoga day, but I am hoping to walk tomorrow. I really want to be diligent about it. The heat was in the unbearable range today. My outside thermometer hovered between 110 and 120. I'm not kidding. It was bloody hot.  

After yoga, I had a healing client and we got to discussing abusive marriages.  It's been over 18 years since my divorce, but sometimes the memory feels as fresh as it was back then.  I had not watched the new show Ryan and Tatum (The O'Neals) as of yet but it was in the queue of my DVR.  Tonight I watched and it was astounding how similiar Ryan O'Neal's behavior was like my ex's.  Actors, you know, are quite the same. 

These eclipses are reminiscent of June, 1992, and perhaps that is why so much of this old relationship stuff is coming up, for that was really the beginning of the end when I divorced my husband. Perhaps I should say it was the beginning of the beginning, since that feels more appropros.  I'm hoping that this resurgence of emotions is finally the healing that will put it all to rest for good.  I've been feeling incredibly human these days...

I finally was able to fix my fountain pump in the zen garden which falls in the abundance area of my home.  The minute I plugged it in, the phone rang with someone booking three healings and a Reconnection.  It was such a perfect moment, and a reminder that if something in your house is broken, fix it immediately, so the chi can continue to flow.

6/21/11 - Happy Summer Solstice!
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Power Walking

I used to walk everyday. I would go up the bike path and back which is about 3 miles or so.  It was the best way for me to meditate.  I stopped my power walk when I got my little dog because she wasn't one for long walks.  She was a princess, you know.  Well, lately, I've realized that I really miss my walks and the steady stream of meditation, so today, even in the heat, I ventured out and got back in the game. 

Immediately I fell into the familiar meditation and rhythm of my stride, well, I made a few phone calls first, but pretty soon I was back in the ethers again.  It felt soooooooooo good!!!

After walking, I got ready for the day and met four of the most amazing women who make up the Women Moving Forward Mastermind Group. It was a great meeting, and intentions were set. I suddenly felt motivated (even in the dire heat) to do some gardening in my zen garden so I went to Lowes AND Home Depot and then Kohl's to get a new pair of running shoes.  Like I said, I am motivated!

After repotting, and replanting, fertilizing and watering, you would think that I'd be led to some breakthough conclusion about the meaning of life, but the truth is, I couldn't wait to hit the couch and watch The Bachelorette.  I am human afterall.   : )

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Father's Day

My dad absolutely loved to go to the Swap Meet, so this morning, in honor of him, my daughter and I went and combed the booths, vendor by vendor, and had the absolute best time. Afterwards, we grabbed her boyfriend and had a fun lunch at The Habit, and then went over and visited my mom.  If that weren't enough, I had dinner with my BFF's over at BJ's.  So, today, I surrounded myself with some of my very favorite people, and I know my dad was with me every step of the way.  Happy Father's Day, Dad.  I love you and miss you.

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Amazing Day!

Today was our Summer Solstice Spiritual & Psychic Boutique and it was a HUGE success. The vibe was wonderful, and those who attended were drawn by some force that many could not explain.  It was beyond cool - even out of this world!!  

I want to thank everyone who attended as well as my dear friends who participated as services and vendors.  Thank you Maile Gray, Jeremy Kennedy, Connie Elyse, Sheri Varela, Sharon Wright, Kimberly Barclay, Elaine Giftos Wright, Tina Landrum, Rebecca Kellogg, Stacey Nivichnakov, Diane Stacy, Kenzie Jenest and Kelsey, (and my Mom).  I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

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Spiritual & Psychic Boutique on Saturday!

Please come to the Valencia Courtyard Marriott anytime from 10-4 on Sat. June 18th for some amazing psychic readings, healings, gorgeous gemstones, healing and feng shui jewelry, clothing and gifts, angel readings, past life regressions, chair massage, eye readings, and so much MORE!!!  

Just take the 5 Freeway North to the 126 (just past Magic Mountain) and turn right at the exit. Turn right at the light. Turn right at the next light, and turn right at the next street and you will drive into the Courtyard Marriott!!!!

I can't wait to see you there!

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Crazy Eclipse Energy

I spent most of my day in the car.  First I drove to Glendale, and then I drove to Tarzana, and then I wondered why anyone would commute to the Valley - there was sooooooo much traffic and noise and construction and craziness. I couldn't wait to get home.  That was short lived because I then met Jennifer Jhaveri at her house so we could drive to Santa Monica for an intense yoga class tonight.  INTENSE!! But why wouldn't it be? This eclipse is shaking things up!!! I woke up to a few surprises which needed a whole lot of trouble shooting, and things are heating up with my high school pals and our upcoming 40th reunion (in 2012).  The most fun was finding my old boyfriend's brother on Facebook who I have not talked to in 35 years!  We were great friends back then, and it is so much fun to re-connect.  Then tonight I decided to look at everyone's astrological chart that I have to see if anyone else (besides me) has anything at 24 Sagittarius the degree of the eclipse, and I found out a ton of things!!!  It's like the best jigsaw puzzle ever!

Tomorrow I will be resting up for Saturday's Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at The Courtyard Marriott from 10-4. It is going to be an INCREDIBLE day and I want to be in tip top shape!! Are you planning on coming over? I hope so!!!  You won't want to miss it!

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

What a BIG day!! With a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 1:14 PM PT today!  Like WOW!!!  To find out what all of that means, please click on the player above for the latest broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. It was an awesome show with a TON of information that will provide huge insights into what is happening right now!  There are giant changes in the air, and these eclipses are PUSHING us into our future.  Enjoy the show!

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Hot Stuff

It got soooooooooo hot today! Like out of nowhwere, summer appeared. I went to yoga and was pleasantly surprised that no one else was there, so it was Private Yoga Class for me!! Woohoo! But Jennifer Jhaveri worked me worked me worked me, and I was dripping sweat everywhere. It was so gross!! Afterwards she and I joined a bunch of our other friends over at Peets Coffee for a friendly gathering.  Had lunch from the new Fresh Grill Pita place (it was really really good), and then in the blink of an eye it was time for meditation class tonight.  Like, WOW, where did the day go?   The heat knocked me out. In fact, it is before midnight (by 2 minutes) and I'm off to bed.  The full moon is stunning tonight - makes me want to howl, and the eclipse tomorrow has me spinning my wheels. Tune in at 3PM PT for Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour on Blog Talk Radio to find out how the 2nd of this eclipse trio is affecting you!  Click HERE or call 646-929-2242. Got a psychic question?  You can ask it for FREE!  

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A Working Monday

I love working! And I love that my day was full of healing clients.  Love it!!  I even found some time to make some new items for Saturday's Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at The Courtyard Marriott. It's from 10-4 and is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!   

We are in serious eclipse time, and it is fascinating me and freaking me out at the same time. I know I am not the only one feeling the effects. This is such an intense time. I keep watching everything unfold.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is on Wednesday so we will be certainly talking about it on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  The eclipse conjuncts my natal moon. That means we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse conjuncting my natal moon. Moon on moon.  Yes, fascinating and definitely freaking me out. I am human, afterall.

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I'm still processing the effects of the retreat I went on this weekend.  I wonder if I will ever be able to talk about it.  Words somehow minimize the actuality of the whole thing. I hope I can hold on to the images in my head that replay like a movie, and numerous epiphanies I was fortunate to experience.  It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds. And by everything, I mean life.

I will say this.  It was just what I needed, and exactly what I was looking for.  

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Still on the retreat. Back tomorrow.  It is life changing, amazing, magical, painful, euphoric, and and and and..... A lot of ands.

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A New Dentist

I'm not a fan of the dentist.  Oh, I go.  Every 6 months, but I don't like it. For the past 4 years, I've been searching for the perfect dentist. I had one I liked but his hygenist yelled at me so I never went back. After that I went to another dentist and loved the hygenist but she got fired that day and then revealed to me the awful truth about her previous boss. I never went back there either. I then tried to make an appt. with another dentist, but the receptionist spoke to me like I was an idiot, so I cancelled my appt.  Then I tried another referral but the hygenist talked too much.  It is one thing if the hygenist talks to much with her fingers in my mouth, but they weren't.  Getting my teeth cleaned took wayyyyyyyy too long that day.  So, my search continued. Until today.  I finally found the perfect fit.  Dr. Joanne Young in Valencia. She is wonderful and the hygenist is wonderful and even though I have to get 2 crowns repaired, I am not worried.  She does the crown in one visit!  The same day!! So, if you are looking for a really really good dentist office, please call Dr. Joanne Young at 661-257-6453.  

Thank you Julie and Candice for the referral!

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A Cracked Mirror

Having a cracked mirror in your home is REALLY BAD feng shui.  I have a mirror behind by stove reflecting the four burners to make it look like eight. This is EXCELLENT feng shui and is for wealth and balancing out the energy from the bathroom behind that wall.  Well... a couple of weeks ago there was a mishap when my friend Paula accidentally left the burner on while making a pot of tea. The heat cracked the mirror and things quickly spiraled out of control.

Today I made the time to go to the glass place and have a new mirror cut.  I then removed the old mirror (not easy) and scraped off all the gunk from the double sided tape behind it (really not easy).  The physical labor felt good. I have had a lot of things on my mind causing me consternation (those dang solar flares wreaking havoc on all of us!), and I always do my best at meditation when I am busy with a physical activity. 

After I prepped for the new mirror, I oiled up my wooden chairs out in my zen garden. They really needed some nourishment and TLC.  I repaired a car charm, went to Lowes AND Home Depot, and then at Trader Joes ran into a friend of mine who is having a kind of retreat this weekend.  Interestingly, I pulled a card from my box of many decks and the card I pulled was RETREAT.  It actually said, "Find a retreat immediately!"   So, it seems that everything is lined up just right for me to go this weekend.  It should be very interesting and I can't wait to report. It's called a Thesmophoria.   It means.....Reserved for women only, the Thesmophoria was the most widely practiced women’s festival in Ancient Greece. Now, you are invited to a two-day gathering modern day Thesmophoria. Our interest, however, is somewhat different than it was for the Ancient Greeks. The intention here is to come together as women to address the most difficult task there is: what it means to be human in these very troubled times.

The new mirror is up and my house feels peaceful once again.  More importantly, so do I.

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Answering Psychic Questions

Today was a bit of a blur. This often happens if I spend a lot of time in the ethers.  I feel fortunate that I get to do that, and today was such a day.  

I've been asked by many of the listeners of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour to spend more time answering psychic questions, so today's show was devoted to doing just that.  A whole hour, in fact, and we still didn't answer everybody.  It was quite amazing.  To listen to today's broadcast, simply click on the player above.  We had more callers than ever before. I have the capacity to handle up to 50 callers and we nearly reached that.  That does not include the online listeners and chatters; that was just the phone lines.  It's fantastic!

After the show, I had a healing client which was also an incredible experience. Since I was still buzzing from doing the show, this healing session became extra special.  Opening up the channels like that is so exciting.  I feel so blessed to be able to do this work.

Have your dreams been extra vivid lately? Mine have! It's been crazy!  I attribute it to all this eclipse energy.  Something is brewing and we are working overtime, not only during the day, but at night.   Pay attention to your dreams. There is a lot of information there. In fact, you can ask before you go to sleep for some clarity. It's very helpful.  

Also, look back to 1992 for clues as to what is going on now with you.  These eclipses are connected to 3 eclipses that happened back then.  Looking back, I realize that in the summer of 1992 I was gearing up to divorce my husband. I didn't know it then, but I can see now how things were lining up.  It'll be interesting to see what manifests now, since it certainly feels like something is brewing as big as that. 

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A Full Plate

Today's blog is titled 'A Full Plate' in honor of the new Food Groups system. It is no longer a pyramid, but a plate. Personally, I like it better.

My plate was certainly full today in more ways than one. All of them good.  I started off the day with clients (always my favorite way to start the day), and then I went to yoga (my 2nd favorite thing), and then spent time with my friend Kri who was in need of some emergency counseling which was great because I got to indulge myself on her Whole Body Vibration machine.  The thing is awesome!! Ten minutes on it equals an hour and a half workout. I love it!! 

I had some time to spare so I had a pedicure and finished the book I was reading 'The Survival of the Soul' by Psychic Medium Lisa Williams. The book is awesome. I plan on talking a little bit about it on tomorrow's radio show.  Mind blowing stuff.  Wooooo, I can't wait.  ANd....my pedicure looks great, too.

After that, I set the table and ordered dinner for this evening.  Madeline and Ben came up to visit.  Madeline is my best friend's daughter. My best friend from college (Paula) who visited a few weeks ago.  Madeline and I just click.  It is SUCH a pleasure.  I adore her and her boyfriend Ben. The other two that I adore are my own daughter and her boyfriend.   As you know, my daughter's boyfriend moved here last week from Florida.  So tonight, we had a Welcome to California dinner to welcome him.  We had a Stonefire Grill orgy of BBQ ribs, chicken, tri-tip, caesar salad, breadsticks, garlic mashed potatoes, and baked beans.  OMG!!! So delish!!!

Talk about a full plate, huh?

It was a spectacular day.  And I plan on having another serving tomorrow......

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Win Win

After working all weekend, I felt like doing something fun so I stayed in my pajamas until about 2:00 and then showered and dressed and drove down to the Laemmle Movie Theater in Encino to meet my friend Lorane Gordon. Lorane is one of my mentors who taught me Present Moment Awareness. We met in San Diego in 2001 when I first took Level I/II of Reconnective Healing. We've been friends ever since.  

We saw the movie "Win Win" which I knew nothing about.  When it began I looked at the scenery and said, "New Jersey." I was right. The movie takes place in New Jersey, actually right near where I grew up. Now, no one knows this except my high school friends, but I was a wrestling groupie. I'm not talking Hulk Hogan wrestling, I am talking about high school wrestling. In the early 70's, my high school was ranked first in the State!!   

The movie takes place in NJ in a town not far from my home town, and Paul Giamatti plays an attorney who moonlights as an Assistant Wrestling Coach at the high school. It was like going back in time!!!  Besides the fact that the movie is excellent, I love the added perk of time traveling back to my high school years.  It was really a trip.

Afterwards Lorane and I spent A LOT of time at dinner at Daphne's laughing and talking and laughing some more.  We covered a lot of ground and believe me, it is never dull.  I cherish my time with Lorane, and I am so glad that we were able to have an impromptu dinner and movie adventure. 

Earlier in the day, I was privilaged to get an intuitive reading from Rebecca Kellogg who will be at the next Spiritual & Psychic boutique on Sat. June 18th from 10-4.  Rebecca is a wonderful reader and afterwards, I felt infinitely lighter. The lightness continued throughout the day, and now it is 12 hours later and I still feel light and good.  I would definitely recommend Rebecca for a reading.  Come try her out on Sat. June 18th at the Courtyard Marriott!!

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I worked all day.  Not unusual for me to work on a Sunday.  I am working on a project with my mastermind group. I thought I would get a jump start on it which I did on the train to LA.  Today I transcribed the work on the computer.  I feel good about it. I love to work. I love to write. I love to educate others on how to do something beneficial. This project will do just that.  Stay tuned.

The listeners of my radio show have spoken and I have listened! No, that doesn't mean we will have a 2 hour broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, but it does mean I will devote the entire hour on Wednesday to answering your psychic questions.  Should be super fun!!! Set your alarm and program this number into your phone to call on Wednesday at 3PM PT if you have a question.  646-929-2242.   

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A Day in the Park

The 4th Annual SCV Blues Festival was today at Mountainview Park in Saugus. It's really an incredible event and I am so glad I was able to participate as a vendor.  You wouldn't know it was June, though, with the winds whipping through and the wintery temperatures.   Afterwards I got in my flannels and hit the couch with my supply of veggie and apple chips, my latest drug of choice.  Wouldn't you know that their booth was right across from mine?  I couldn't quit them if I tried.   Lol.

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Riding the Train to Downtown

OMG, today was soooo cool!  

I woke up early and got ready for my train adventure.  Living in LA, it is very rare that any of us use mass transit, but today worked out perfectly for me to take the train to downtown.  I finally found a parking space near the Newhall Metro Link Station. The station is super close to my house, only a couple of miles.  It took like 4 minutes to get there. At first I screwed up using the ticket machine. A really nice lady helped me, but I pressed the number of tickets too many times and got 2 instead of one. I started to panic because not only was I stuck with 2 tickets, but the LED sign said the trains were running 15 to 30 minutes late.  As if by magic, a man lept up to the platform who needed a one way ticket to Union Station and the LED sign went back to the regular date and time.  The train pulled in at 9:37 on time.  

There were a couple of delays on the tracks; waiting for other trains to go by. This is LA, not NY, so it seems a little bit more relaxed as far as schedules go.  My friend Ronnie (my cultural attache') was picking me up at Union Station.  We had 11AM tickets for Disney Hall to see Dudamel conduct 2 Brahms Concertos.  I knew we would be fine on time, but she was panicking. 

I got into Union Station with 20 minutes to get to Disney Hall.  Like I said, I knew we would be fine on time, and we were. Our seats were spectacular and the concert was brilliant.

Afterwards, Ronnie and I went back to Union Station to have a delicious lunch at TRAXX.  We got as caught up as we could before she rushed off and I waited for the 3:45 train back to Newhall. By now I knew how to work the ticket machine, and there was enough time for me to read some of my book on the platform before the train arrived.   This time, there were no glitches on the tracks and the ride home was smooth as silk.  My favorite part was riding alongside the freeway and seeing all the cars bunched together like a parking lot.  Oooooh, that was great!

Riding the train to downtown and spending the time there was infinitely more relaxing than driving.  I could not believe how calm I was all day.  No stress, (except for buying two tickets, but that worked out) and complete ease.  I loved every minute!

Do yourself a favor. Ride the train today!  

BTW, don't forget to stop by Mountainview Park tomorrow in Saugus (Seco Canyon past Copperhill) from 11-5 for the 4th Annual Blues Festival. Great music, kid's activities, vendors, and even a car show!! I'll be there with my line of jewelry.  Great new stuff and bracelets on sale!!

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Lovely Thursday

The weather was so delicious today.  After doing a healing session this morning, I was able to enjoy the afternoon outside.  Even running errands was lovely.  Finally buckled down and made a new batch of worry bead bracelets for this Saturday's event at Mountainview Park on Seco Canyon Road in Saugus.  It's the 4th Annual SCV Blues Festival and I will be there from 11-5. Please come!! It's going to be a fabulous day.  

Tomorrow I am going on the train to downtown to see a morning concert at Disney Hall and then TRAX for lunch.  A train adventure! I am looking forward to it!

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Today was a HUGE event!  The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Gemini.  It was so huge I had to do a whole radio show about it.  To listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above.  There were a ton of callers and listeners today. So many that next week I think I should devote the entire hour to answering psychic questions.  Between these 3 eclipses of today, June 15 and July 1st, this is a rockin' and rollin' time.  

After the Wednesday radio show, I like to go to a yoga class and unwind.  On the way to class (which is only about a mile away), I asked for a sign that the show went well and that my wishes were heard.  (I wrote my New Moon wishes down prior to the show, read them aloud, burned them, and washed them away.  It's a lovely ritual that is also very powerful.)   Many people know that numbers talk to me. I get messages all the time from signs and license plates.  As soon as I "asked" for a sign, I noticed a license plate that said 22.  The next car said 33. The car after that said 444.  I am not kidding.  When the car after that said 555 (I swear these were all in a row), I burst into a huge smile. Obviously I was getting a sign.  It didn't stop there.  The next car said 888, and the one after that said 777.  (I am not making this up).  I thought to myself as I pulled into the parking lot, that I didn't see any 9's, but I loved the messages.

After yoga class, I got in my car and noticed that the car in front of me said 999, and the one after that said 99.  I had to laugh. But not before I saw a license plate that read 111.  

It was a beautiful and extraordinary validation that I am certainly on the right track.  : )

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My Kind of Day

My kind of day is any day I get to work, so today was definitely my kind of day. With healing clients mixed in with a great yoga class, a little gardening, and getting my house in order, today was very, very full.

I'm looking forward to the manifestation of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini exact at 2:03 PT. This is the first of 3 eclipses right in a row.  No accident that my daughter's boyfriend is moving here from Florida. New beginnings abound! Find out more on tomorrow's radio show at 3PM PT.  Call in your psychic questions at 646-929-2242 or click on the link HERE.  

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More Necklaces and Lots of Spareribs

Since yesterday turned into a fun day spent with my daughter, I decided to pick up where I left off on Saturday and make some more jewelry.  I started the morning off with this fossil, copper, and tiger's eye necklace set.

And then three Goddess necklaces......(Click HERE for the ONLINE STORE).

After that, my daughter and I were invited over to our friends, Sue's house for some delicious spareribs, watermelon, and potato salad. It was like the perfect Memorial Day dinner ever!!  I want to take a moment to pay homage to all the troops that have served this country over the course of time, and may one day we all coexist peacefully.

5/30/11 - Happy Birthday, Marvin. You are in my heart forever. I miss you.
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A Great Day with my Daughter





New Necklaces!!!

Busy day!!!  I started creating new pieces from the moment I woke up this morning until late tonight.  I'm super excited about all the new things, and the creative juices keep flowing!!  Next Saturday, June 4th, all the jewelry will be displayed at the 4th Annual SCV Blues Festival at Mountainview Park in Saugus from 11-5.  It's going to be such a great day!!  I hope you can come out and enjoy it!  


To see these and more, please visit the ONLINE STORE!

And of course, Sat. June 18th is the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at the Courtyard Marriott.  If you want to stock up on gemstones, now is the chance. This will be the last time that Jeremy and his Energy Gems will be available in Valencia this year!!   From 10-4.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope you are enjoying yourselves BiG TIME!

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More Friends and Fun

My favorite kind of day is one that starts off with healing clients, and that is how my day began. So already it was a good day. From there I went over to meet the girls for lunch at New Moon. It was a big group much like the night before.  In fact, Lisa commented that it was like we had a sleepover or were all on vacation together  The food and company were wonderful and I hope we keep our promise to do this type of thing monthly.

From there Sheri and I hit the consignment stores and ended up at our favorite Goodwill.  It's my idea of the perfect place to zen out.  First of all, they play the best music there. When I ran an art gallery in Brentwood in the early 80's, I always played the best music.  I'm telling you, it makes a difference.  

We easily spent a few hours there with me being a personal shopper for Sheri.  It's one of my favorite things to find clothes for other people. Of course I always ending up finding things for myself.  

After that I was kind of tired. All that shopping therapy, you know.  So it was a night of relaxing, Lifetime movies, Fashion Police, SYTYCD.....yes, I know, a total brain mush, but I loved it.  

And so begins the Memorial Day weekend. It is my intention to make it an art retreat and replenish the Charity Clarity Jewelry line.  Next Saturday is the Mountainview Park Annual Blues Festival and I plan to be there with a full table of fabulous jewelry.  Oooooh, more fun!!!

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Business and Pleasure

I really don't know why I titled this blog post 'Business AND Pleasure," since the business I do is my absolute joy AND pleasure!  It was truly a great day. With healing clients throughout and then a mixture of friends and fun!  Sheri and I hit the Farmer's Market where I stocked up on my newest obsession veggie chips and apple chips from Wendy Thrush of M&W Gourmet Foods.  Wendy is one of my favorite people on the planet. Her story is incredible!  Years ago she suffered from cancer and went through a surgery where she went into a coma. When she came out of the coma, she had no memory whatsoever. She didn't know how to read, to speak, who her family was - NOTHING. In fact, her memory prior to the surgery has never returned and she only knows what she learned the past 6 or 7 years.  She told me that someone asked her if she was scared going through the ordeal, and she told me "No," she was never scared because...get this...she doesn't know what being scared is!!! She has absolutely no fear.  Even now.  She has no point of reference for fear.  I love that!!!

Wendy is fabulous and her products are amazingly delicious and healthy!!!  She and her husband have made quite a splash with these gourmet foods with more to come. Wendy is at the Farmer's Market in Newhall every Thursday from 3-7.  I also caught up with her at Relay for Life over the weekend. Like I said, I'm a little addicted right now to the veggie chips and apple chips so I stocked up.  Oh they are soooooooooo good!!!

After Farmer's Market, I picked up Julie and went over to our friend Denise's house for a mix and mingle pot luck saying good bye to one of our friends who is moving to Vegas gathering.  Sheri was there, too, as were quite a few of our friends. It was so great to kick back, gab like girls, and catch up.  In fact, the fun continues tomorrow for a belated Candice birthday lunch at New Moon.  So, it looks like tomorrow is another day of Business IS Pleasure.  I am so lucky.

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Who Moved Your Chi?

It was a great show today on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. We talked about How to Move your Chi with instructions on How to Build a Water Feature.  And....answering psychic questions for FREE!  To listen to today's broadcast, simply click on the player above.

This was an 'end of an era' kind of day. Oprah had her last show ending 25 years of afternoon television and changing people's lives.  After doing the radio show this afternoon, and then going to yoga, I came home, got in my pajamas and settled in for Oprah's final goodbye.  It was really good.  I feel that she and I speak the same language, and even though she is a Big Fish in a Big Pond, and I am a medium fish in a little pond, I felt a strong connection to what she shared with her audience today.  There is a reason that so many people are saying the same things on whatever platform they can find.  I feel honored to be part of something so seemingly big.  And, it is not ending. In fact, I think this is just the beginning.

Tonight was the American Idol finale.  Incredible!!!  I have to comment on my crystal cross vision I had the day the auditions started.  I had a vision in shivasana in yoga and saw a crystal cross.  The first American Idol auditions were to air that night. I had no idea what the crystal cross meant.  That night I watched the auditions and there was Lauren Alaina singing her heart out and when they interviewed her, she was wearing a crystal cross!! I immediately zeroed in on it and wrote in my blog that she was one to keep an eye on.  (Blog post dated 1/27/11)

Well, it came down to Lauren and Scotty in the finals.  Scotty took the crown. Do you think it means something that Scotty wore a cross every week, and tonight the cross around his neck seemed to sparkle in the lights?   I don't know, but I do believe I was shown something many months ago about the winners of American Idol.   I know, I know, most psychics see visions of much more important things, but in all honesty, this was a really fun vision to get.

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Flying By

If ever there were a day that flew by, it was today.  Z I P!  Yoga.  Lunch with Elaine Giftos Wright (Feng Shui Master), and then clients, and phone calls, and of course the American Idol final sing-off, and the Glee Season Finale, and just one more episode for Oprah.  You know, all the important things.   The Voice.   : )

I have noticed that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is in a state of flux which is why our topic for tomorrow's episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour is going to be How to Build a Water Feature and Other Ways to Move the Chi.  I figure that having a water feature can really calm a person down. I used to have a water feature in every single room in my house including the back patio, but I have narrowed it down to only two and one of them I made myself. It is my favorite! Find out how to make your own tomorrow at 3PM PT by calling 646-929-2242 or clicking HERE.  Also, your psychic questions answered for FREE!   Please tune in!  

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New Articles!

If you are looking for a quick and easy read, don't stop here, continue by clicking on the ARTICLES tab and check out ALL the new articles posted.  There are tons of How to and Step by Step instruction for the most interesting things! I bet you find just what you most needed to know.

If you do happen to take a gander, please let me know which ones are your favorites.  I look forward to hearing from you!

5/23/11 - Happy Birthday Paula Pal
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Silver Lake Jubilee

I was so happy when my friend Sheri said she was up for going to the Silver Lake Jubilee today. My son and his gal pal are in the band Cobra Lilies and they were playing there at 2PM this afternoon.  So we made the trek to LA and the festival was actually right across from Sheri's Junior High School. It was like a Sheri retrospective!  The festival was super fun and hearing the Cobra Lilies was just fantastic.  My favorite song is Time Travel Girl.  What a coincidence that my son wrote it and does the lead vocal!  It was great.

Here are a couple of pix. My son is in a bathrobe and his gal pal is playing the accordian. 

The set always ends with some dancing!

 And a fine time was had by all....

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My Day with A

My friend Adrienne (I call her A) came to visit me today. We have been friends for 30 years.  It's so wonderful to have friends that go way back. This past week my friend of nearly 40 years (Paula) visited me, and then today A came up to spend the day.

We did a TON of stuff including going to the mall, eating at Lazy Dog, stopping at the bank and Whole Foods, hitting up Target, walking around Relay for Life, checking out Goodwill, having smoothies (home-made), and then after doing all that, we simply hit the couch and watched hours and hours of television.  Much needed.  We watched a couple of movies, some tv shows, a few Oprah's, and then tonight when A left to go home, I continued to watch even more. 

TV is my drug of choice.  Adrienne is also a junkie.  We watch tv to clear our heads from the busy-ness of our lives. We are both very very busy.  This week has been CRAZY busy and I had numerous shows piling up on my DVR so tonight I uncluttered my brain and my DVR in the process.  Or vice versa.

It was a truly wonderful day.  Thanks, A, for the visit!  And I thank whomever invented the DVR.

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Really Funny


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A Laugh Riot

Between Adam Ace at the WE luncheon this afternoon, and Madeline Walter's one woman show tonight with Andrea Rosen's one woman show right after, I have not stopped laughing all day.  It was great.  I'm so happy that my dear college friend Paula was able to stay with me an extra day.  It was a wonderful visit.  Truly wonderful.  I wish she lived here all year long.

By the way, it is down to just two contestants on American Idol; Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. Please read the 1/27/11 blog post to see what I had to say months ago about a young girl wearing a crystal cross.   

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Past Life Regression Radio Show

Maile Gray was the guest on today's episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour and was AWESOME!!!   To learn about Past Life Regressions, please click on the player above and have a listen.  Thanks, Maile!!!

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More Fun with Paula

It's amazing how much you can squeeze into a day when visiting with an old friend.  I wish, I wish, I wish she could stay longer. It's sooooooooo nice to spend the time. I'm grateful for each moment.

Looking forward to tomorrow's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour at 3PM PT on Blog Talk Radio. I will be having a guest for the very first time.  Maile Gray, who is indeed the Rockin' Cool Hypnotherapist, will be talking about Past Life Regressions. I am super excited!  To listen, please call 646-929-2242 or click HERE.

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Paula's Here!

I woke up with no voice. Not a word could be sputtered.  Surprisingly, my legs were not sore after walking for over 12 hours straight at Disney yesterday. They hurt yesterday, from dancing the night before, but miraculously when I woke up today, they weren't even sore.  Like I said, I couldn't utter a word and didn't know how I was going to manage a conversation at lunch with Rebecca Kellogg and Maile Gray.  Of course I DID manage and by the afternoon, my voice was back. 

Lunch was wonderful; I cannot tell you how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such amazing friends!! In fact, it was decided today at lunch that Maile Gray, the Rockin' Cool Hypnotherapist, should be a guest on my radio show on Wednesday. I have never had a guest on the show and we are in our 2nd year, but I wanted to talk about Past Life Regressions and since Maile is so gifted in that area (and all other areas of hypnotherapy), I thought it would be a perfect fit.  I also like to change it up a bit to keep it interesting. 

Soooooo, tune in on Wednesday at 3PM PT for a great show! And....I will also be answering your psychic questions for free.  Visit www.blogtalkradio.com/harrietteknight for deets.

After getting the house ready, and the marketing done, I went down to Hollywood to see Paula's daughter, Madeline, perform with a new improv group she is working with.  It was HILARIOUS!!!  Very, very talented people.  Afterwards, Paula came home with me. She has not been in CA for 25 years and has never visited this house even though I have lived in it for over 21 years.  It's so great to have her here.  It's like being in college all over again.

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Disneyland 25 Years Later

Twenty five years ago, my best friend from college came to visit me. Paula came rom NJ and brought her 13 month old daughter for a 2 week stay at my house in the Valley.  My son was almost 2 years old. The four of us ventured to Disneyland on one of the hottest days of the year.  We ended up having a total blast and marveled at how well behaved both babies were.  

Twenty five years later (today), Paula and I celebrated her daughter's 26th birthday.  With Madeline's boyfriend, Ben, the four of us spent the day at Disneyland.  It was beyond perfect, beyond magical, beyond fun!

I cannot believe it's been 25 years since Maddy took her first step on that very vacation trip, and now she is an amazingly gorgeous and unbelievably talented woman.  I am so blessed to call her my friend.

Her mom, my best friend for nearly 40 years, nary miss a beat when we see each other. It defies all laws of reason that it does not matter how much time has gone by that we pick up without hesitation.  Madeline and Ben marveled at our interaction for they had not seen this side of Paula, the Paula that I know so well.  They just know her as 'mom.'  To me, she's just Paula, and she hasn't changed a bit.  

Today at Disneyland was truly extraordinary.  I will never forget it~

5/15/11- Happy Birthday, Madeline!!!
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Mazel Tov and Dancing!!

Back in the day, I was a dancing machine!  Yes, it is true. I would dance every night from midnight till 6AM in the discos of Miami.  This was in the 70's and the height of Donna Summer. It was a wild time.  I LOVE to dance and the DJ at the bat mitzvah I went to tonight in Santa Monica was fantastic!  Great food, too!   I know, I know that is not the point of the whole bat mitzvah, but it was so joyous to be able to dance and dance and dance.

Tomorrow is a Disneyland day!! Woohoooo!! This is such a fun weekend!!  Friends, family, joy, dancing.... I am so lucky!!!  I hope your weekend is equally fabulous~

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A Mid-Afternoon Vacay

My friend Sheri Varela made a good point today, as we sat under some trees eating lunch outside at Chipotle.  She said, "There's nothing like being self-employed."  I agreed.  In the middle of the day we were both able to pick up and meet at the movie theater to see a screening of "Soul Surfer." Sheri was in need of some inspiration and, I am always in the mood for that.  The movie was good, and inspiring, and to be honest, I can look at Dennis Quaid any time, any place, anywhere. 

After the movie, we stopped at Chipotle for a Burrito Bowl, which just might be my new favorite thing.  We ran into our other friend Jen Gerard who recently got Laser Liposuction,which could easily become my new favorite thing - lol.  She looks fabulous and had no pain whatsoever.  Not during the procedure or after.  She's a great commercial.

The rest of the day I worked on my website and added a TON of new articles.  You can take your pick by clicking on Articles and viewing the drop down menu on either the Articles page or the right menu bar.  You never know what you most need to know until you see it.  Perhaps you will find it there!

Please mark your calendars~ Our next Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at the Courtyard Marriott in Valencia is on Sat. June 18th from 10-4.  It's going to be an amazing day!

Busy weekend ahead.  I hope you have a great one, too.  Enjoy, enjoy~

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Rollercoaster Ride

Up, down, up, down.  Everyday is like a rollercoaster ride with surprise twists and turns at every bend.  Today was that kind of day.  It is fortunate, however, that the important things, like my work, are the things I love to do most.  The day was mostly filled with healing sessions and clients and that is the best thing of all.

The rest of the day was like watching television.  I suppose if you stood and looked at it all objectively, it would be purely entertainment, however, when in the midst of all of it, it doesn't feel like anything worthy of credits.  The planetary influences are CRAZY right now.  I mean CRAZY.  Even James got voted off of American Idol. If that isn't crazy I don't know what is.

Aside from all the hub bub, I'm super excited that my best friend from college is coming to visit me! Woohoo!!!  We have been best friends for nearly 40 years.  Fortunately it has not been that long since we've seen each other, though the last time was literally a drive by for about 10 minutes back in September.  So, it will be a true celebration and one where anyone within 5 feet of the two of us won't be able to get a word in edgewise. Don't you love those kinds of visits?

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Experience the Power of Gemstones

I just love the topic of today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. I love gemstones, and I love talking about them. I was really excited to share a sample of the meditations from the Daily Om online course called....Experience the Power of Gemstones!  

The course is currently #4 in the Top 10 courses on the site.  This is so fabulous, and makes me soooooooooo excited!  To listen to today's broadcast, simply click on the player above, or click HERE.  The archive is available 24 hours a day so you can listen at your leisure.

To get more information about the online course on Daily Om, click HERE.  It seems that anything you need is just one click away, right?

Tomorrow is a full day of clients.  I am looking forward to it!   

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Friends, Food, Friends, Food

It's a good thing I managed to get to a yoga class today because other than that, I ate my way through the entire day.  

I started off with a healing client. I love scheduling late morning appointments.  It's only late morning to everyone else, but probably early morning for me. I go to bed so late each night, in fact, it is nearly 2:30 AM right now.  So, my first appt. is usually around 11AM.  

On Tuesdays, I go to a yoga class at 12:30 and since so many of my friends also go to that class (including the instructor who is my good friend) we have to go to lunch afterwards.  That's what happened today.  And if there is lunch, there are sweet potato fries....you get the picture.

After lunch my friend Tina came over so we could plan our talk called Spiritual Partnerships and the Astrology of Love which is for the Holistic Mom's Network on Sat. May 21st.  They are giving us an hour for about 4 days worth of information.  Should be fun.

Tonight I had a birthday dinner at Karma for my friend Lisa.  We are talking about the BEST Indian food ever. I just love it.  It was nice catching up with some friends I had not seen in awhile, and of course the food was divine.

I'm super excited about the attention all the new Articles are getting on this website. More and more are being added daily. Simply click on the Articles link on the right menu bar, and you will see a drop down menu with a list of How To articles.  It's amazing what you didn't know you needed to know, right?

Tomorrow's radio show is going to be a lot of fun.  We are going to Experience the Power of Gemstones. Tune in at 3PM PT and if you have a psychic question, please call 646-929-2242 or click on the link HERE.  Enjoy, enjoy!

5/10/11 - Happy Birthday, Lisa!
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Monday Funday

Lunch at BJ's first with my friend Linda Fleischmann, and then I went and got a manicure/pedicure.  After that I laid down on the couch and finished the book I was reading (I LOVE Harlan Coben and read anything he writes - Just finished his latest, "Caught" which was great).   After that, my friend Maile Gray came over for a visit. By this time I hadn't done anything that resembled work so I got down to it and posted a whole slew of articles I have written.  This took an enormous amount of time and I am still not done.  I'm glad to have all the step by step instructional articles in one place.  You might even find what you most needed to know....

To view the new articles, simply click on the Articles tab on the category bar on the right.  You can either go to the Articles page, or view the drop down menu which has all the sub-categories underneath the tab.   There are more coming, too, so stay tuned!  Have fun with these and let me know which is your favorite so far.  

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Happy Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  I think Mother's Day is for anyone who has ever been influential in a child's life.  I think that probably would cover just about anybody!  For those moms and non-moms, I hope you had a blessed day. I was fortunate to spend the day with my wonderful mom, and wonderful daughter, and my brother's wonderful family. We had a delicious brunch and generally just hung out. It was really lovely.

For those of you who have been enjoying the new slew of "How To" Articles on this website, there are more posted.  Simply click on the right under Articles and a drop down menu will appear. Click on whatever strikes your fancy.   Even more are coming, so you will have a lot to choose from.  Enjoy, enjoy!

5/8/11 - Happy Mother's Day!
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Shoe Shopping Mania

I had a realization today that I am in the midst of a Neptune in Pisces experience which is manifesting in shoe shopping mania. It's like I cannot get enough new pairs of shoes!  

Yesterday I got the shoes of my dreams. Original Kork Ease platform wedgies, my absolute favorite pair of shoes of all time that I wore in the 70's.  Today, Sheri called me en route to Target to check out another pair of platforms I got a few weeks ago. Of course I said I would meet her there. What a surprise that I left with 2 new pairs of shoes.  My closet is now overflowing in platforms.  Gawd, how I've missed them, and I'm so happy to have them back!!

The planet Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. Pisces rules feet.  Neptune is in Pisces until August and after February will be in Pisces for the next 16 years. That's a lot of shoes!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I have been a mother for nearly 27 years.  My mother has been a mother for over 56 years.  Tomorrow we will celebrate together.  What a joy and a blessing.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and non-mothers.  May you have a gorgeous day.

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The Grove and Farmer's Market

Ahhhhh, what a lovely, lovely day in LA.  My Women Moving Forward Mastermind group had a field trip today to celebrate Sheri and Candice's May birthdays.  It was Tami's idea to go down to the Farmer's Market and The Grove in Los Angeles. What a great idea!

We met this morning and drove together yakking and catching up the whole way down. Even the traffic backed up at Highland didn't bother us. We made our way to the Farmer's Market and had lunch in the French bistro.  There we got caught up with our personal lives and our business ventures and chowed down some ultra delicious dishes.  After birthday present exchanging, we made our way around Farmer's Market and into the Grove.  Farmer's Market is one of Los Angeles' landmarks. I remember going there when I first moved to LA 30 years ago.  It has not changed. The Grove is a more recent addition with upscale shops, fountains, restaurants, and a trolley.  I LOVE going to the Grove and window shopping.

We had a lot of fun at the hat kiosk. Here are some pictures:


Up top: Candice, Julie, Harriette
Underneath pic: Sheri and Tami

We made our way to Nordstroms where I found the shoes I have been looking for for over 35 years!  These were my very favorite shoes in the early seventies when I was in college.  My best friend from college, Paula, is coming to visit next week. I can't wait for her to see them. They are original Kork Ease platform wedgies.   

Being in LA today was the perfect getaway.  Though we were close to home, we still felt as if we had gone on vacation.  I am so grateful for my friends.  What a blessing they are to me!  Our next field trip is Santa Barbara.  I can't wait!

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 A Mixed Bag

Today was such a mixed bag.  On one hand there were amazing healings, readings, happy jewelry customers, and on the other hand some family junk.  And then out of the blue, I got an email from one of the websites that houses about 50 of the articles I have written saying that if I don't act NOW, all the articles will become owned by them.  So I spent a lot of the day retrieving the articles since I don't want them owned by anyone but me.   The cool thing is, the articles will now be on this site.  You can see the first 7 of them by clicking on ARTICLES on the menu on the right and a drop down menu will come down with the titles. Perhaps it was just what you wanted to know.  The articles are all "HOW TO" articles and I look forward to having them all available in one place.  Like I said, today was a mixed bag. Lots of highs and lows.

It will be a nice diversion to go with my Mastermind friends down to the Grove tomorrow to celebrate some birthdays.  Sheri and Candice are the lucky recipients this time around.  Should be really fun. 

5/5/11 - Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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Amazing Healing Stories and New Moon in Taurus

Today's radio broadcast covered a spectrum of topics including New Moon in Taurus, Amazing Healing Stories, and some background on Reconnective Healing and MORE! There is always more on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  

Today there was some drama going on in the chat room during the show.  I didn't see it until after the show when I printed out the transcript. I hold high integrity for the show and everyone who calls and listens.  Today there was someone who was rude and challenging and I noticed they did not stay in the chat room long.   I have extreme gratitude for the many listeners and callers each week, and I thank you for your continued support.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To listen to today's broadcast, simply click on the player above or click HERE.  

After the show, I treated myself to a Restorative Yoga class which was like sleeping for an hour and a half.  It was great!   Tomorrow is a full day of clients.  I could not be happier.

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H O T 

It's like 100 degrees out.  Well, not now, but during the day. It was soooooooooo HOT.  Like all of a sudden, summer was here.  

Today I went to yoga.  It was pure bliss. And then I treated my friend Sheri Varela to a birthday lunch at Lazy Dog.  We cruised the mall and lulled ourselves into sleepiness.  I swear when I got home, I thought I could use a siesta.   

It must be the heat.  

I had a smoothie for dinner.  Blueberries, strawberries, an orange, a banana, and ice.  So yummy and refreshing!! Speaking of food....I read an excellent article about Super Healing Foods.  To read it, please click HERE.  It's called 12 Foods with Super Healing Powers.  

Tomorrow on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, our topic will be AMAZING HEALING STORIES!  Should be good~  Tune in at 3PM PT online HERE or if you have a psychic question, please call 646-929-2242.  

5/3/11 - Happy Birthday, Sheri!
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"Just listened to two more of your shows, on animal totems and doing what you love... I just love your voice... it is my favorite way to relax while working in my office! I adore you, Harriette!" xoox Tami




Your Neighborhood Psychic Healer: Harriette Knight

On Sunday, strewn across random driveways in Santa Clarita, was the latest issue of AltSCV with a cover story on.....ME!  This is very exciting.  If you would like to read the story, simply click HERE and go to page 8 and 9.   Enjoy, enjoy!

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Six Planets in Aries

I've been watching this aspect very carefully, and have been talking about it a lot on my radio show. We currently have 6 planets in Aries.  Aries is representative of war, agression, passion, power, and new beginnings.  It is ruled by Mars meaning marshall, athletic, strong.

Osama bin Laden is dead.  Like the Wicked Witch of the West.  This is huge news.  HUGE.

There is dancing in the streets but many fear retaliation.  This is a time of most change.  MOST CHANGE.  On 9/11, I knew our lives would never be the same.  And after today, I am feeling that same thing.

When I heard the crowd sing "The Star Spangled Banner" outside the White House, I cried.  I have great pride in being an American.  I held onto every word our President spoke tonight, and I share his wish that we join together in unity and not fray apart.  One heart. Oneness.  Let us continue to heal together.

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Healing Day

Today I got to do what I love to do. And I got to do it all day.  Reconnective Healing and personal Reconnections.   I love it.  I'm so happy.   To find out more about the healing work I do, please click HERE.  I'll be doing more of the same tomorrow. I love a working weekend.

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Water for Elephants

I took a break today and went to the movies.  I wanted to see Water for Elephants but not before I read the book. So I read the book in record speed finishing it on Tuesday morning. It was cool to see the book come to life and I think the film is very well done, but I am really glad I read the book which is so rich in detail.  It was fun to take a break, though, and afterwards I got take out from Stonefire Grill.  YUM!!  A perfect date (with myself - lol).

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Working in Pajamas

When I got up today, I was craving a field trip, maybe Ventura, yearning to see the ocean and comb the thrift stores.  I kept heading towards the shower, but never seemed to get there. My bed remained unmade which is something that NEVER happens. It is the first thing I do each day, make my bed, but today I sat down at the computer in my pajamas and never, ever moved. For the entire day. It wasn't until 4PM that I even put my contact lenses in. Also unheard of!

I worked on my website all day. Yes, THIS website. I reworked the Online Store, added some healing packages, changed some pricing, uploaded a slew of yoga necklaces, tweaked this, deleted that, moved things around, and I'm still not done.  Tomorrow I will be added more car charms into the Online Store.  All in all, it was extremely productive.  

Tonight I had a client (a phone reading) who didn't know I was still in my pajamas. It didn't matter, of course, the work is the work. Afterwards, I went back to work on my website.  I'm excited by all the changes.  We are clearly amidst a lot of change and letting the changes carry us is very exciting.  Kind of like a white water rafting trip.  Let it go, let it flow and let's see where we end up.  

The response to yesterday's radio broadcast has been very, very positive.  If you missed it, please feel free to click on the player above or click on the link HERE.  The show is about Death and Dying and has sparked a lot of interest.

Right now, my interest is a little piqued so I am going to tune in to the Royal Wedding.  I'm a night owl, so it's no prob.  I had no interest until this moment. Now I am ready.  Of course I will attend...in my pajamas.  : )

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What Happens When You Die?

Today's radio broadcast about Death and Dying was full of amazing information that offers peace of mind, peace of heart, and generally peace. That was my intention.  The following excerpt from Lisa William's new book was one of the things that crossed my path this week to encourage the topic of today's show.  To listen to the show, simply click on the player above or click HERE.   I hope you enjoy the following article as much as I did.  


What Happens When You Die?

How spirit will prepare you.


Published: April 21, 2011

Lisa Williams

Take a peek into the afterlife!

People often start to get their “house in order” when approaching their time of transition. They look at their life-insurance policies, finalize financial paperwork, or make sure to have their will taken care of. This is because they have a subconscious awareness of what is going to happen, just as my grandfather had.

Seeking more information on the process of how we can know that the time of passing is near, I meditated and received the following message from my master guide Ben—my fingers typing as fast as I could in order to capture as much as possible. I share that here, with much gratitude for Ben and the rest of my team: 

Before you pass, we prepare you for your journey ahead. While you sleep, you travel astrally, visiting others in your dreams to get used to the process. You look at situations and people you love, and you visit the places you have always wanted to go. We guide you in this, which is why many individuals report wild and vivid dreams before passing.

For a month or so before you pass, we prepare you very gently, placing situations around you to help in the process. Whether you are going to pass through natural causes, a car accident, or a murder, you will have fulfilled your reason for being on the Earth plane and completed your contract. Still, we have to prepare you slowly. We also have to prepare your loved ones on the other side to receive you. A lot goes into receiving a soul over to us, as we have to make sure that everyone here is ready to take on their role. But be assured that we follow you and guide you, knowing when your passing is going to happen.

Normally, we become closer and more active in our help two weeks before your passing. We also start to help your friends and family during that time period. One way we do so is to influence you to make calls and write letters to loved ones, and also to tidy up whatever you have lying around—the material issues that go with life—so that you are not worrying about leaving a mess behind.

So we do everything to influence and help you prepare, but we cannot force you. Some people do not want to follow our lead, and we accept that. But it will be harder on them when they do come over here, because with little or no preparation for transition, they may find themselves in a state of shock upon recognizing where they are.

If you have awareness that you will soon be departing, then you may very likely see us doing our preparation work around you. The veil between worlds becomes thin when you are about to pass, and we make it even thinner by helping you raise your vibration, showing you how to do it. By raising your vibration, you are more able to let go of your earthly body. Again, this is part of the process of transition, how we prepare you for your crossing over.

If you have been told that you are facing death, it is easier for us to prepare you, because you are more willing to deal with the inevitable. Perhaps a doctor has given you information that you will die at a specific time, and you have had to face the harsh reality that it is going to happen. But if you are not given any information about when you might expect to pass, you will be harder to prepare, but not by much. You may be a little more stubborn, so we do our preparation when you are sleeping.

We help your soul come to terms with the fact that you are going to pass. We tell you what is happening, and we allow you to go where you need to and see people you need to visit. We help you with that process, which is why you know you are leaving when you are ready to pass. Your spirit guides do this for you, and because they have had a relationship with you since the beginning of your life on the Earth plane, they know what you need and what you do not need.

Excerpted from The Survival of the Soul by Lisa Williams. Copyright © 2011 (Hay House).

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Ruby Tuesday

It was a crazy 5 planets in Aries with uranus conjuncting my sun EXACTLY kind of day.  It kicked my butt a bit.  Sort of like Jennifer Jhaveri did in yoga class today.  Jeez.  I was dripping with sweat by the time we finished.  DRIPPING!  I never drip, so this was unusual. Afterwards I was inundated with post office mishaps (imagine mailing something and finding it right back in your own mailbox?  FRUSTRATING!  ANd for just 19 cents more postage!!) and then the phone did not stop ringing.  It was crazy!   My clients were a light today (as always - God bless them), and having Julie Molinare (landscaper extraordinaire) come over to assess my zen garden and guide me to a fruitful lemon tree. In fact, she inspired me so much I did some rearranging, repotting, and replanting before darkness fell and I could get in my pj's and OD a little bit on some TV junk food.  Oooooh yummy!  

Radio show tomorrow at 3PM PT. The subject? Death and dying.  Should be good. Got a psychic question? Call in at 646-929-2242 or online by clicking HERE.  

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Two More!

Continued my self imposed art retreat today! Here are two more pieces. I hope you like them!  To see these and more, please feel free to visit the Online Store~


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Happy Easter!

Today I got up and went directly from my bed to my jewelry making table.  I made three new necklaces that I am super excited about.  Take a look! I hope you like them, too.


At the top is a beautiful triple strand labradorite, moonstone, and opalite necklace. I was inspired by my brother and sister in law's new kitchen where they put in labradorite counter tops. It's a huge WOW!  Completely magical.  You can feel your third eye opening up from here.

Next we have a tibetan inspired turquoise and red jasper peace necklace. I love this! It's like wearing a hot stone massage!  The energy is incredible as it opens your root chakra and your creativity centers to manifest your visions and dreams.

Finally, we have a necklace inspired by the Royal Wedding.  It's a double strand woven around a jasper, garnet, and peridot pendant. The stands are made up of jasper and vintage wedding cake beads which form a design remisncent of the Royal Wedding Fruitcake!  I am so excited about this one! The earthiness and elegance is something that you can use on a daily basis and not just for special occasions.  

To see these and more, please visit The Online Store.  

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful Easter Sunday. May you be continually blessed.

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Old Friends

I got to see some old friends today.  It's unfortunate that the reason we got together was to pay our respects to a mutual friend who has passed away.  I agree with Shirley McLaine who said on Oprah that since we never die there is no reason to cry at a funeral.   However, I have to admit it did get to me when my friend's sister and best friends said their piece. The pain is not for the one who passed, but the ones left behind.  

As I looked around our table I realized that in the 12 years I have known these women, we have been to quite a few funerals and memorials.  It made me think that that was the mile marker of a friendship. The longer you are friends the more funerals you attend together. We don't get to see each other much anymore except for those kinds of events.  It gave me pause.

My friend, Linda who passed away, was young.  Just 53.  She died from alcoholism.   She liked her wine.   A lot.  Much more than food.  When you drink and not eat eventually you will cough up blood. That is what happened.  She was admitted to the hospital, and then went into a coma.  It's even more tragic because Linda was a shining light. Her smile was radiant.  She loved everyone and everyone loved her.   She will be sorely missed.

Sad.  So very sad.

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Total Laugh Therapy

If you have HBO, treat yourself to Colin Quinn's Long Story Short. It's his one man Broadway show about the history of the world. Prepare to laugh.  

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Thursday Feels Like Friday

The day started out with a healing client and that is always the best way to start the day! Afterwards I had an impromptu lunch with my friend Maile over at Stone Fire. That is twice in one week I got to eat their amazing BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad.  So yummy, and I had a gift card to boot!  After that, I decided it was time to finish the proofing on my book GEMSTONE POWER! The Meanings and Meditations from Abalone to Zircon. With my Gemstone course on Daily Om hovering in the top 5, I am now really motivated to get the book ready for printing.  (To find out more about the Gemstone course, please click HERE).

It was in the midst of doing the edit that my friend Sheri found me before we headed over to the Farmer's Market in Newhall. Every thursday from 3-7 you can get fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, even jewelry, pottery, and your knives sharpened.  I picked up some flats of blueberries, strawberries, and my favorite veggie chips and apple chips from Wendy, who is one of my favorite vendors from the boutiques I do in the winter.  So happy to find her!

After I ate one too many apple chips, I got in my pajamas even though it wasn't even six o' clock.  As I was settled in on my couch the phone rang and it was my friend Christiane.   Today is her birthday.  She had been working on a show (she is a stand in) and her dogs had been alone since early in the morning.  Her littlest dog Sadie has a back injury and even though she has pee pee pads in her rather large confined area (she's about 4 lbs), she won't use them.  So I volunteered to go over (in my pajamas) and help Sadie out and have a visit with Missy, Bumper, and Asia, too.  What joy!  Asia and Bumper are pomeranians and of course it reminded me of my Peaches.  The dogs got a lot of love, Sadie was able to go out and pee, and I got a good dose of heart opening.  

I watched a really cool show tonight about the Inside Story of Animal House (on the BIO channel).  Last night I watched the Inside Story of Saturday Night Fever.  Both were great! Especially when you know the movies so well.  My daughter likes to tell the story of how she was changing channels in her room and I was in my office working on the computer. She said that she was barely on a channel when I rushed in and said, "You're watching Saturday Night Fever?"  and I went on to recite all the lines from the scene. She said she had only been on that channel for 20 seconds and I was nowhere near her room.  I guess I am Saturday Night Fever sensitive.  I first saw it in NYC in the midst of a blizzard with my friend Paula.  "Oh Tony, I love to watch you dance."

4/21/11 - Happy Birthday, Christiane.
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Do What You Love and TRUST that the Money Will Follow

Are you at a crossroad in your life?  Who isn't!  Today's episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour addresses just that.  Tune in by clicking on the player above or HERE which will bring you to the broadcast.  Enjoy, enjoy!

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"Yes, it was a great show. I liked all the information you shared. Almost every religon and belief system calls for the trusting. You gave very practical and useful information. As always! Thank you..."  Teresa Way



New Gemstone Course on Daily Om

It's official!  My newest course for Daily Om has officially been launched!  EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF GEMSTONES is not only available, but is currently #4 in the Top Ten courses (with a bullet). I am super excited!  If you are interested in gemstones, please check out the latest course on Daily Om. I am really proud of this one.  For 52 weeks you get a description of each stone, a gorgeous photo, and a meditation.  Here's the link for more information or to get your first lesson - http://www.dailyom.com/cgi-bin/courses/courseoverview.cgi?cid=218.

I want to take a moment to send huge healing vibes to my dear friend Aimee who had her last radiation treatment today.  I accompanied her to "Cancer Camp" for her last day and of course we made it a field trip (with laugh therapy).  Her final prognosis will come next month but we are keeping the BEST thoughts that her cancer career is over.   The outpouring of love and support for Aimee from this blog alone has reduced her to tears (the good kind) many times over.  Thank you for your huge hearts and enormous kindness.

Afterwards I squeezed in a healing client and a rare home cooked meal with my daughter.   Just a couple more blessings to make this day just perfect.

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Happy Passover!

I really do make the best matzoh ball soup EVER! I know that sounds conceited, but it is true.  I get the seal of approval from my nephews every year. In fact, my nephew Daniel included my matzoh ball soup in his 'spiritual autobiography' at his bar mitzvah last week, saying that not only ls Passover his favorite holiday, but the matzoh ball soup is his favorite ever!  (I love that).

My brother said that if the matzoh balls were any lighter, they would float away.  I didn't do a taste test myself since I haven't been eating wheat. My sister in law and I seem to follow the same food trends.   It's easier to do this type of eating with someone else.  She and I both don't eat desserts (I've gone 2 1/2 years and she probably has doubled that).  I don't do dairy, and now wheat or gluten or whatever it is.  I tend to get confused. At any rate, I feel great and my body is looking better than it was.   Those are two good reasons to continue.

I had lunch today at Stone Fire (yum) with my friend Teresa.  It was great to catch up. She is really an inspiration. Even she doesn't realize how much.  When you talk to someone who is truly following their dreams, you can't help but get excited. This prompted me to talk about "How to Do What you Love and Trust that the Money will Follow" on Wednesday's radio show.  I will also be including what I learned from Shirley McLaine the other night while watching Oprah.  Lots of great info, for sure.

Sedar was wonderful at my mom's house tonight. The food was great. And of course the story is a good one.  I can honestly say I have not missed a sedar in my 56 years of life with most years having to go to two of them.  You'd think I'd know all the words to Dayanu by now, but I don't.  We played a mean game of 'Apples to Apples' (If you have not played this game, you should, it is so much fun for all ages!), and I almost won but my sister in law wins every time.  It's a good thing we are such good friends.   

Tomorrow is my friend Aimee's last radation treatment.   I feel fortunate that I get to take her.   We have done laugh therapy every single day for the past 5 weeks.  And without a doubt, we will continue to laugh together for a very long time.

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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

When I woke up this morning, all I wanted to do was be outside, so I called my friend Sheri to see if she wanted to go over to the Saugus Swap Meet and she did!  Here we are enjoying a strawberry and watermelon smoothie (me) and a rare beer (Sheri).  It was a highly successful shopping experience, too!

Afterwards I got my matzoh ball soup groove on, did a bunch of errands (so many I can't count) and crashed on the couch.  I'm writing this on my way to bed (after 2:30AM).  Busy week ahead (as always), meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow and then Passover sedar at Mom's house (making the matzoh balls in the morning).  Hope you're weekend was great!

The full moon was exact tonight at 27 degrees Libra.  Make wishes. Achieve balance.  Be peaceful in your relationships. Decide if you are going to stay or going to go.  Just like the Clash song.

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I started my day doing a book signing at SCV Kids Consignment sale which was a lot of fun since I got to visit with my friend Linda Fleischmann who is the author of How to Have a Stress Free Mortgage. She just got back from Europe (a trip I predicted a year before she went) so I got to hear all the details.  Here's I am with my two books.

I am a baby boomer. I was born in 1954 which puts me smack dab in the middle of it. Tonight I went with my two friends Jennifer and Elaine to dinner in NoHo, a hip section of North Hollywood that has been made into a new artsy theater district. So cool!  We ate dinner at The Federal which was wonderful and then went across the street to the El Portal Theater (owned by one of my brother's friends) to see the show Boomermania.  What fun!!  It's amazing to see a show where you understand every single one of the inside jokes.  From television shows to music to current events, the 6 performers covered it all.  I would highly recommend it.   What a fun time!!  Now I am taking this baby boomer to bed.

One more thing: I would like to share this wonderful comment I received today from one of our radio show listeners.  Thank you, Pamela!

"Your show is so refreshing! I always draw something wonderful from it! Today's gem: You were talking to a caller with struggling emotions in her relationship. You were talking and then you paused a bit and gave a message so simply said, so beautifully given and Extremely Powerful!! You said, "Let someone love you." WOW!! We shouldn't have to try so hard to get love from someone not willing to give in the way we need. Allow someone who wants to love you, give you love. That touched the very core of me. They were more than words and they were healing. Those words are still healing me at this very moment, even though they were spoken days ago. WOW!! Thank you for this confirmation. I've always believed that love is a pleasure and not a chore."  Pamela Cooper

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A Whirling Dervish

Each day is so full and amazing!  More healings today.  Each one more extraordinary than the last.  It's been unbelievable.  I am so thrilled.  In between clients I had a lovely visit from my college friend Brian Delate who lives back east. We have been friends for nearly 40 years! After lunch at Egg Plantation, I turned him on to Rocket Fizz. He was in bottled soda heaven.  Here is a pic of Brian outside the store.  Being that he is a Viet Nam vet AND the writer/director/actor of the movie "Soldier's Heart," this seemed very fitting.

Tomorrow from 11:30AM - 2PM I will be doing a book signing at the SCV Kid's Consignment Sale at 25300 Rye Canyon Road in the Valencia Industrial Center (at Ave Scott).  Both books, CHAKRA POWER! and EASY ART FROM THE HEART will be available at discounted prices.  Besides the book signing with 2 other fabulous authors (Linda Fleischman "How to Have a Stress Free Mortgage," and Phyllis Stacey-Brooks "How to Make a Hamburger"), there is literally over an acre of items for infants through pre-teens at unbelieveable prices. I hope to see you there!

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Busy, Busy, Busy.  Healings, Healings, Healings.

THAT was my day.  And it was great. More of the same tomorrow.  I am so blessed.  After work I ventured to the market and Trader Joes to get my matzah ball soup fixings.  A small price to pay for making the BEST MATZAH BALL SOUP IN THE WORLD!!!   lol.

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Aliens and Animal Totems

Today's episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was AMAZING! Imagine talking about Aliens and Animal Totems in the same show? It was great!  We also covered Past Lives, and so much MORE!  To listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above.   I think you will enjoy it!  We had TONS of callers and listeners today. It was such a blast!

After the show was over, I received this wonderful email and some very special pictures. I just had to share!

Hi Harriette!
It seems that every week after I listen to the radio show, I feel like I have to share something related to what you talked about!
This week it's........ROBINS!!! 
Quick story:  This past weekend I saw that a pair of robins was building a nest in the bush next to my carport.  I had read somewhere that you should put out string, and the robins will use it to build their nest!  So I cut up some pieces of cotton string and went out and scattered it all over the lawn.  And lo' and behold within minutes, they were gathering my string!!  I must have gone out at least 8 times scattering string!  And they wiped me out every time! It was the perfect photo op too!  Spread string, come in the house and sit with my coffee and camera!  Lots of new beginnings lately.  Thank you for making me aware of them and opening my eyes to notice!!
Anne Marie

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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Oh wow, sometimes I feel like I go to sleep and wake up 5 minutes later! That is how quickly the time has been flying. This morning was fast, fast, fast, and then off to pick up my friend Aimee so we could venture down to Hollywood for her cancer treatment. She calls it "Cancer Camp."  Her attitude is so amazing, so life affirming; she is really in a state of grace. We are in the final leg of her cancer journey and she is really seeing the light at the end of this roller coaster tunnel.  We even ventured to a couple of Whole Food Markets and Ralphs around the Valley in search of Gluten Free Matzoh (to no avail - they were all sold out), and then dropped off the books for my book signing this Saturday at the SCV Kids Consignment Sale. I'll be there (25300 Rye Canyon in the Valencia Industrial Center) from 11:30AM to 2PM.   I will have both books there - CHAKRA POWER! (of course) and EASY ART FROM THE HEART. It should be a really fun day.

After I dropped off Aimee (for a well deserved nap), I returned to Harriette's Spa and Retreat Center (haha) to find my friend Lori finishing up her sun bathing. She returns to freezing cold Canada tomorrow and has a new tan and a new wardrobe to show off.  There were some jewelry things to do, emails to return, phone calls to make and then Julie was at the door picking us up for meditation class.  Like I said, time was flying!   We picked up the other Julie and off we went.  Meditation class was truly wonderful and I felt recharged afterwards (instead of feeling like I wanted to go to sleep which often happens - lol).  

Came home and it was nearly 9:30 or so and I made a delicious and healthy dinner (no gluten! Still sticking to it!) and settled in for some serious tv watching.  Lori is such an incredible house guest.  As I explained to Aimee, "Lori is like breath."

We visited with my daughter and her beau (who also leaves tomorrow - boohooo) and then more tv.  It's 2AM and I'm wrapping out.   Tomorrow we will continue the theme of 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that' on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour at 3PM PT.  To listen in or ask a psychic question, please phone 646-929-2242 or click HERE.  

One more thing!  I got a wonderful note from one of my clients today.  It is so full of joy, I just had to share!

Hello Harriette,
Joyful day to you!!
This is really funny, and cool and I wanted to share this with you.
One of the messages you gave me during the healing session was that I would be going shopping and it would be to treat myself. Now, when you told me this I was thinking, “hmm, that’s odd, that’s so left field compared to the other things you were sharing.” I was thinking that just wasn’t possible because, one, I have no money and two, I have NO money! Lol! So I just shrugged that message off.  A few days later, my job sent me a gift card from Nine West for $100!! I work for them but I wasn’t expecting a gift card from them at all.  (I’m self employed with a home based business. Nine West is my client. A am a customer service phone agent.)        
Well, this weekend, I was going to do a bit of shopping online using the gift card. I’ve never shopped Nine West before and was surprised that they were a bit pricey. I found some nice items but after the $100 gift card applied, I would owe $2. Not bad, right? But wait – there’s more! I just happened to check the balance of the gift card to make sure $100  was really there (I was still in shock to actually get this gift card.). I check the balance and it shows $254.18!!!!! I just stared at the card for a while. I could not believe it. I thought, “Okay, this is a big mistake. I’m not gonna even mess with this! My husband was like, “Quick! Use it!” I kept thinking, no way. I checked our card system, called the store several times to check the card AND called Corporate on the next business day to see if there had been a mistake. They said it was no mistake and the card has just what it says it has. I explained the whole thing and they said, they have no record that it was a mistake so as far as they are concerned, “Happy Shopping.” THEN I remembered again your message about going shopping! LOL!! And I also remembered from your Daily Om course about learning to received. I thanked my Angels, God, Universe – lol! And I bought two handbags and two pairs of sandals!!! Isn’t that trippy!! I can’t stop laughing about it. I never shop because I’m always working to pay bills and other things. And because I work from home, I wear bummed out cloths and slippers. I look like I like in a cave most days. It was fun to nurture myself and buy something nice from a place I would never shop at because I can’t afford it.
And so far, the best part of the session is that I feel stronger and less afraid. I literally feel fear leaving. It’s amazing!!
Thank you so much Harriette! And thank you for reading this email and allowing me to share this with you!
Enjoy your day!
Peace & Blessings to you!

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"My healing session with you was so amazing that I'm still speechless.  100% effective.  100% accurate.  100% amazing!  I don't even know where to start."  Susan Bueno, Utah



Seriously, Not Enough Hours in the Day

Seriously.  Who has time to sleep???  It's been soooooooooo busy. I mean sooooooooooo busy. All good, but sooooooooo busy.  Squeezing in everything is a challenge.  Clients. Guests.  Work. Mastermind Meeting.  A walk around Bridgeport. Extensive shopping.  My friend Lori, who is visiting from Canada, mentioned that she would like to go to Ross Dress for Less. They don't have that in Canada, at least they don't have that in Regina where she is from.  Lori was like a kid in the biggest candy store ever!  She got outfitted from head to toe  with 2 skirts, 4 pairs of pants, a jacket, 8 bras, a sweater, 2 shirts, and 2 cardigans - 20 pieces in all for only $254.95 which also included the 9.75% sales tax.  AMAZING!  She is so excited.  She added up the original prices of everything and found that she saved $632.  TOTAL SCORE!! 

Tomorrow the rush continues.  It's Cancer Camp with Aimee.  My day to take her to her treatment in Hollywood.  Field trip!  That's the thing about Aimee and me.  We don't care where we go. We always make the best of it. 

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Bar Mitzvah Hangover

I don't drink, so the Bar Mitzvah hangover does not stem from drinking, but from the love fest that has continued into today.  Being with my family is THE BEST and I love every minute of it.  I wish we all lived at least in the same state; that would sure make things easier.  In addition to the family, my friend Lori is visiting from Saskatchewan, so this bed and breakfast is full up!

Busy week ahead.  Busy day ahead.  Oh man, I'd better sleep fast so I can accomplish it all!

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Bar Mitzvah-ing



The Family is Here!

My entire family is in town for my nephew's bar mitzvah. It is so WONDERFUL!  People came in from Florida, Boston, and Colorado.  Getting everyone together is such a blessing and a joy.  The only drawback, and I mean the ONLY drawback, is it makes me miss my dad so much more.  It's like he's here, but not here.  But, oh how I wish he were really here.   Love you, Dad. Miss you. 

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Bar Mitzvah Weekend Begins!

My nephew's bar mitzvah is on Saturday so already the hoopla has begun. My daughter's boyfriend flew in from Florida on Tuesday, my cousin flew in from Colorado on Wednesday, and the rest of the family gets in tomorrow.  What fun!  It's like being on vacation without going anywhere (one of my favorite kinds of vacations!).  So needless to say, I've been busy, but I did get a dose of Neptune in Pisces today when I became smitten and kind of obsessed about the accessories and shoes for my wardrobe selections for this weekend.  I have enough choices for at least 3 people!  At any rate, it will be fun, even with the weather dipping into super low and cold temps.   It's always something, right?

If you missed Wednesday's episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, don't wait another minute to listen!  The show was about Neptune in Pisces which is a HUGE transit affecting everyone right now.  Find out more by clicking on the player above.  Enjoy, enjoy!

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Mercury Retrograde-itis

The computer was down last night (no blog) and then this morning I was notified that Blog Talk Radio changed their entire format (freak out time!).  Just some more mercury retrograde-itis.   On an up note, yoga was great, lunch with friends was great, and even shopping with my daughter was great.  Going to meet my friend Lorane in Encino was great, the movie we saw wasn't so great (a foreign film called Certified Copy), but dinner afterwards was great and so was the laughter.

The house is full of love and chatter since my daughter's boyfriend flew in from Florida.  My cousin gets in tonight. It's bar mitzvah weekend and we are all gearing up.

Today's radio show will be AWESOME!  The topic is Neptune in Pisces and What it's Like to Be a Psychic. We might touch on a few surprises as well. Who knows what will happen with Neptune in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde and an onslaught of Aries.  Tune in at 3PM PT Today by clicking HERE or call in your psychic questions by calling 646-929-2242. Program your cell phone and set the alarm! 

4/5 - 4/6/11 - Happy Birthday, Diane!
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A Lot of Nature

Tonight a GIANT raccoon came up to my front door.  I kid you not.  My daughter raced into the house saying she was totally FREAKED out that a GIANT raccoon was on our front lawn. She was so frightened, she left all her bags and food in the car.  I have to admit that I, too, get freaked out when I see things like opossums loafing along in the backyard, or a coyote running down the street; I mean, I live in the suburbs!  

Lately there has been a lot of nature at my house.  A hummingbird looked me right in the eye today, and I have a woodpecker family pecking away at the tree that guards my house.  I love it!  I love all the nature. The hawks, the ravens, the butterflies.   But even I had to admit that the GIANT raccoon was a little too close for comfort. I mean, it was nibbliing on the grass and was heading for the front door!!

My daughter sounded the alarm on her car and it skeedaddled across the street.  She says, "Cover me!" as she raced to her car to retrieve her food and her bags.  Cover her???  I was hiding behind the door myself!

All we kept saying was "That raccoon was HUGE!"  I couldn't believe how big it was!  It must do very well in our neighborhood at night.  A little too well, if you ask me.

You can take a girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl.

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A Spiritual Conspiracy

As I head out to clean my garage, I thought I would post this piece of prose that came my way today. Sylvia Silk writes a wonderful weekly blog and today she included this piece called "A Spiritual Conspiracy." The author is unknown, but it really spoke to me. I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy your Sunday!

The Spirit of Sylvia published a new post entitled "A Spiritual Conspiracy, author unknown" on 4/3/2011 1:14:00 PM, written by Sylvia Silk.

A Spiritual Conspiracy, author unknown

On the surface of the world right now there is
war and violence and things seem dark.
But calmly and quietly, at the same time,
something else is happening underground.
An inner revolution is taking place
and certain individuals are being called to a higher light.

It is a silent revolution.
From the inside out.
From the ground up.
This is a Global operation.
A Spiritual Conspiracy.

There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.
You won't see us on the T.V.
You won't read about us in the newspaper
You won't hear about us on the radio
We don't seek any glory
We don't wear any uniform
We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles
Most of us work anonymously
We are quietly working behind the scenes
in every country and culture of the world
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys,
in farms and villages, tribes and remote islands
You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice
We go undercover
We remain behind the scenes.
It is of no concern to us
who takes the final credit
But simply that the work gets done.

Occasionally we spot each other in the street
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way
During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs
But behind the false storefront at night
is where the real work takes a place
Some call us the Conscious Army
We are slowly creating a new world
with the power of our minds and hearts
We follow, with passion and joy

Our orders come from the Central Spiritual Intelligence
We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking
Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Movies ~ Kind words ~
Smiles ~ Meditation and prayer ~ Dance ~ Social activism ~ Websites
Blogs ~ Random acts of kindness...
We each express ourselves in our own unique ways
with our own unique gifts and talents.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
That is the motto that fills our hearts.
We know it is the only way real transformation takes place
We know that quietly and humbly we have the
power of all the oceans combined.

Our work is slow and meticulous
Like the formation of mountains
It is not even visible at first glance
And yet with it entire tectonic plates
shall be moved in the centuries to come
Love is the new religion of the 21st century.
You don't have to be a highly educated person
Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it
It comes from the intelligence of the heart
Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Nobody else can do it for you.
We are now recruiting.
Perhaps you will join us Or already have.
All are welcome
The door is open.

~ author unknown

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"I love this! I believe so many don't even know they are so very powerful!" Maile Gray www.GiveYouTheKey.com


If You Write it, it Becomes Truth

As I sat down to write today's blog, I took a peek at yesterday's post and realized that if you write it down, it becomes truth. I did EXACTLY what I said I was going to do.  I had a slew of healing clients (which was so wonderful, I am so blessed) and then I cleaned out my closets and drawers.  It was a perfect mercury retrograde experience. Tomorrow I will do the garage. I am grateful for this 'spare' time to get all these things done.  With family coming in next week, I want the decks cleared!

I've been reading Keith Richard's book "LIFE" and just like him, I've gotten completely hooked. 

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Busy Doing Nothing....

Well, that's not true. All my nothings turned into a huge something.  Things like laundry and linens and jewelry repairs; and then as the day was winding down I decided to take advantage of this amazing summer weather and do some replanting, repotting, and sprucing up my zen garden before the cold weather comes back to haunt us.  I just stuck my head out the back door and the chill is already here.  We had intense summer heat for 2 days and just when I was pulling out the shorts and tank tops from my drawers, the weather changed its mind once again.  Probably those chemtrails...

After I lugged huge pots of plants from the backyard to the front, and got my new lemon tree situated in a happy place, a client called for a healing session and I was back at work.  So, all in all, it turned into a very rewarding and productive day.  Tomorrow I have a bunch of healing clients and I plan to clean out my closet.  I'll leave the garage for Sunday.  Once again, mercury retrograde in action! Use it wisely.

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Busy Thursday!

It was a healing day.  All day. It was a wonderful healing day with wonderful clients. I am so happy.  Then, this evening I went with my friend Sheri to Burbank to see a screening of "The Economics of Happiness," a documentary about localization vs. globalization.  Localization wins! 

All during the screening, my stomach was growling and I was so so so hungry which was weird because I thought I had eaten something before I left the house.  To my surprise, when I got home, I found my dinner still in the microwave.  LOL.  Dang Mercury Retrograde strikes again!!

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Wow! I cannot believe it has been one year since Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour made its debut on Blog Talk Radio.   WOW WOW WOW~  Time really does fly.

Today's show was AWESOME!  Mercury went retrograde less than an hour and a half before airtime.  INTENSE!  It was a great show, and to listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above.   To listen to the archives, please visit www.blogtalkradio.com/harrietteknight. There are some really fabulous shows that just might interest you.  Enjoy, enjoy! Here's to many more years to come!

Thank you to all the listeners, callers, and chatters who have made this past year a huge success. We have had over 10,000 listeners and have helped many, many people. My heart is full of gratitude and love.

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"CONGRATULATIONS!!!! On your anniversary - I think that is soooo cool!  I've listened to about half the show but was getting so many interruptions I am rescheduling some time tomorrow.Looking for all the "re-'s" in my life to optimize during the retrograde :-) - thanks for the hint.  Will also allow plenty of time for traveling this week (we're going to Florida to re-connect with some old work friends.)"  xoxoxoxoxoK

"Happy anniversary Harriette.  I can't believe that it has already been a year.  I'm so happy that life is going so well for you.  Miss you tons." Love and Light, --Rosey

"Congrads- on 1 year of your kind of cosmic glee over the air...keep on being you"  Love, Paula

"Happy, Happy Anniversary.  Wow, 1 year.  And I knew you when.    Love to you and wishes for continued success.   All is well in my world.  Miss you."   Karen O.



Shoe Shopping Therapy

It must be a shopping therapy intensive, because it continued today. The shopping therapy, that is.  Today was shoes. Shoes to go with the dresses from yesterday. HUGE success!!  Now I have the dresses, the shoes, the jewelry.  With mercury retrograde kicking in tomorrow, I hope I don't change my mind! Anything can happen, that is for sure.

To read more about mercury retrograde, please click HERE. It will give you a better understand of what this energy is all about.  And for even MORE information, please listen to tomorrow's radio broadcast at 3PM PT. Not only will we be celebrating ONE YEAR on the air, we will be covering this mercury retrograde phenomena and how it will affect you!  Call in your psychic questions, too, by calling 646-929-2242.  Woohoo!!!

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"I have a love/hate relationship with Mercury retrograde, which certainly makes sense now.  This article made me feel better... Loren is heading out with his band tomorrow to re-unite with their fans in Europe - perfect!"  Julie Molinare www.thegrassisalwaysgreener.net

Shopping Therapy

I'm a firm believer in shopping therapy.  And laugh therapy Today was shopping therapy.  My nephew's bar mitzvah is in less than 2 weeks. I have accumulated 3 black dresses (for evening) and 2 gray dresses (for temple).  I figure I will wake up and see how I feel that day and then pick out what to wear.  So far it is a pretty sure bet it will gray or black.  

My mom is my shopping therapy partner.  Today we were focusing on her, but as it usually turns out, the focus turned back on me.  Whenever I shop with someone, I always end up finding everything I didn't know I needed. Today was one of those days.  Like the salt lamp 5 tealight holder.  I saw it and just had to have it.

After shopping therapy, I built up quite an appetite so mom and I just had to go to dinner.  (Thank you, Mom, you are the best!).

When I got home, my phone started ringing.  My two BFF's needed some HK time.  That's when the laugh therapy kicked in. 

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More Raffle Prizes and a Great Day!

I LOVE winning raffle prizes!  I win all the time.  It started many, many years ago, probably around 1989 when I went to a Chamber mixer and won a calculator. I had never won anything before and since that day, I have made it a habit to win raffles!  It's so much fun!  The first thing to remember when winning raffles is the belief that you will win the prize.  And, you will!

Today, at the Goddess Day event, I won 2 raffle prizes.  First I won a $50 Gift Certificate to Stonefire Grill (YUMMY!!) and then I won 10 Free yoga classes at Yoga Yoga!  How perfect!!!  I was super excited.  Not to mention what a great day it was participating at the Goddess Day event.  Wonderful women!  And happy customers!  Great friends, too! 

It was glorious.

I can't believe we are heading into the final stretch of March.   Wow.  Where did the time go?  They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I have a feeling all of us wouldn't mind a little lamb time. Perhaps that is what the upcoming mercury retrograde is all about.  We will see....

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From Beginning to End

From beginning to end, today was an amazing day.  But, aren't they all?

This morning I went over to Green Thumb Nursery to hear my two friends, Tami Smight and Julie Molinare, talk about landscaping and interior design and creating the home or garden of your dreams. I was so inspired!!  I picked up a couple of cool metal bird viney looking things that should help bring my pink jasmine do what it is supposed to do which is creep up something instead of flopping over into sadness. And then.... I won a raffle prize!!  I won last year, too! Today I took home a large something beautiful but I don't know the name of it. Julie does because she knows all the proper names for all the plants on the planet (or so it seems).  At any rate, my new addition has found a great home in my zen garden.  Yay!

Afterwards, I headed down to San Diego to see my friends whom I have not seen in TOO long!!  We had the BEST time and the 2 hour drive each way seemed to zip, even with the intermittant rainstorms.   I absolutely loved seeing everyone today. It was the best kind of reunion.

Tomorrow is Goddess Day at Balance Point Spa from 1-5. I sure hope to see you there! The address is below in yesterday's post.  

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Where Did the Day Go?

I woke up and in my pj's went right to the computer (this is not unusual) and when I looked at the clock, it said 3PM and I had no idea where the day had gone. I thought I would take a shower and get dressed (so I did) and when I looked at the clock again (from my desk, of course!), the clock said 8PM. 

I don't think I did any work! But I am sure something got done because I was certainly busy all day.

Tomorrow morning I am going over to Green Thumb Nursery to hear my two friends, Julie Molinare and Tami Smight, talk about their areas of expertise - landscaping and interior design.  So fun!!  Afterwards I am intending to head down to San Diego to see my dear friends whom I have not seen for a long time - especially because one of them spent the last year in Korea teaching English to children.  I have to admit, I know some pretty amazing people. 

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Instant Manifestation and Laugh Therapy

Okay, this is so weird.  I just posted the Daily Wisdom on my Facebook  page which then goes to my Twitter.  As I was doing that, I thought, "Hmmm, I wonder if anyone ever comments on the tweets from the Daily Wisdom." Since I don't go on Twitter very often, how would I ever know?  At that moment, a text came through my phone which was a response from Twitter!!! Apparently I had set it up to get notified if anyone ever commented on my tweets which someone did immediately!  Okay, that is so weird to me.  Soooooooo instant manifestation!!  I should probably focus on manifesting more important things, right?  LOL.

Today I got up super early to pick up my dear friend Aimee who is going through cancer treatment. Aimee is like a sister to me; in fact, when people see the two of us together we are mistaken for sisters (even though we really don't look alike since she's just under 6 feet tall and I'm a whopping 5'4"). Aimee and I have an extraordinary habit of being able to laugh at all times. I mean even in the face of adversity.  My daughter always accuses us of being high.  (we're not). 

Today I spent the day with Aimee going to radiology, to the blood lab, to the doctor's appt., to the pharmacy, and then to lunch where we continued to laugh and talk. We also have the ability to never run out of things to talk about (her mercury conjuncts my midheaven exactly).  Aimee and I have been friends for over 20 years.  I would do anything for her, which is why I have prescribed laugh therapy during her treatment.  It's working!!! 

After extensive laugh therapy, I saw a healing client and then went with my friend Julie to an Iyengar yoga class.  All I have to say about that is, I'll be sore in the morning.

Laugh therapy.  Try it.  Even if you don't need it.  It's a cure-all.

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"Hi Harriette!  My best friend and I have been friends for over 30 years and we have the same thing - we laugh all the time!  I'm not saying that we never cry together too, but mostly we laugh.  When she is really down, I can always manage to bring her out of the funk.  I pray that will never cease. About a year and a half ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I made her a prayer blanket that she brought to every chemo treatment with her.  She swears that is what got her through.  If you would like, I'd be happy to make Aimee a blanket too!  All I would want to know is what color she would like most.  Have a great day!" Anne Marie  p.s. I just ordered your Chakra book. After listening to the show Wednesday, I realized that I need to work on my Root Chakra.


Colors, Chakras, and Stones

With all the craziness going on in the world right now, I thought we'd cover a wonderful array of topics on today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour that everyone could relate to.  I mean who wouldn't relate to color and chakras?  To listen to today's radio show, simply click on the player above or click on the link HERE.

After the show, I ventured out in the storm to meet my friend Ronnie downtown at Kendalls for dinner (simply divine!) and then to see the Netherlands Dans Theater at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion (simply divine, again!).  It was a great evening for sure, and the rain was kind enough to let up for the drive home.

Tomorrow morning bright and early (I can't believe I am still up) I will be venturing back down to Hollywood to help a dear friend of mine who is going through cancer treatment.  I've been assigned (okay, self imposed) to the laugh  therapy portion of treatment. We talk everyday and we laugh everyday.   Laugh therapy. An integral part of any treatment, in my opinion.

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The days are really blurring together.  One day feels like three.  And time goes by so quickly.  It's a conundrum.

I'm glad the California Earthquake theory was debunked.  I read the article last night, or was it this morning?  See?  The days are blurring together.

If I retrace my steps, I know I did a bunch of work before I went to yoga (ahhhhh, bliss!!) and then lunch with a friend which turned out to be lunch with friends since all our lives are colliding and we ended up at the same place at the same time.  Love that!

Spent time with mom. Shopped at Trader Joes. Ran into more friends.  Had a healing client, received a stunning testimonial from another client who said, "‎Dear Harriette, I cannot believe it. I still feel so amazing; so light! I don't know what you do, but if I could do what you do, I would want the whole world to know. Thank you, thank you!" Dale B., and by then it was dinnertime, tv time, (k)night time.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour where we will be talking about COLORS, CHAKRAS, AND STONES and of course answering your psychic questions for FREE.  Tune in at 3PM PT by calling 646-929-2242 or clicking on the link HERE.

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Manic Monday

Actually, today wasn't manic at all. I just love alliteration.  It was steady, though, with a few healings and readings thrown in.  Tonight I grabbed mom and we went to see The Lincoln Lawyer which was great and VERY easy on the eyes.  It was the first day of spring but a couple of my friends were stuck in snow. Yes, snow, in Southern California.  Not here, though, but it was cold. And for now, the rain has subsided.

The Spiritual & Psychic Boutique was such a huge success, we have picked the dates for the rest of the year.  Please mark your calendars for Saturdays June 18, Sept. 17, and Dec. 17.   At The Courtyard Marriott, of course.  

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I can't recall seeing rain like we had today in a very very very long time.  It was INTENSE!!  So I opted to roll out of bed and hit the couch and didn't move for the rest of the day.  Except for the one moment when I rolled into my daughter's room to watch a movie with her, and then it was back to the couch.   It was true bliss, though the backyard did get flooded and the side yard became the lap pool I always wanted. 

I was grateful that the only place I had to go today was from one room to the other.   A true day off. 

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Spiritual & Psychic Boutique - A HUGE Success!

Wow! What an incredible day.  I can't thank everyone enough for participating in this magical event that we have all created.  After doing 30 readings, I feel like I ran a marathon.  It was an undescribeable experience.  Thank you, thank you.

Special thanks to Kathe O'Hara, Maile Gray, Sheri Varela, Elaine Giftos Wright, Stacey Nivichanov, Sharon Wright, Kimberly Barclay, Jeremy Kennedy, Diane Stacy, Tina Landrum, and Kenzie Jenest for BEING.

My heart is full.

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"Harriette, you should do that like once a month or heck, once a week, it's was like a Spiritual Center right there in the lobby of the Courtyard! Got my 'Spiritual Food' for the week!! I came home & made some things happen, I'm lighter & I love it! The weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders with my 'sessions'!"  Tera McHugh


Lots and Lots of New Healing Jewelry!

I'm STILL in my pajamas and it is nearly bedtime. I got up and started working and only stopped twice for two snacks.  My car is packed up and everything is ready for tomorrow's Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at The Courtyard Marriott. What a fun day we are going to have! Magical, spiritual, and SUPER MOON intense!!

I cannot wait to show everyone the new Yoga Necklaces, Worry Beads, Car Charms, Goddess Necklaces and so much MORE!! Plus....we will be doing psychic readings, Angel readings, healings, blessings, hypnotherapy, hand analysis, chair massage AND great gifts, too!! Healing jewelry, Feng Shui Crystal Jewelry, Inspirational T-shirts, scarves, bags and MORE!~!!  Please come over to the Courtyard Marriott in Valencia, CA from 10-4 and check it out!!!  It's just off the 5 Freeway at the 126.


The Goddess necklaces have messages inscribed on the back of the pendant.  So cool!!  And there is wayyyyyyyyy more than this available.  PLUS...HALF OFF PSYCHIC READINGS!! I hope to see you tomorrow.  Rain or shine!

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New Course on Daily Om! - THE POWER OF GEMSTONES

This is so exciting!!  My latest course, THE POWER OF GEMSTONES, is now available on DailyOm.com.  This is thrilling!!  Be the first to preview this 52 week course.  It will be officially launched in April, but is available for you right now. I think you will LOVE it!!! Click HERE to check it out.  Just like the other two courses, it is a sliding scale. You pick the value from $1 - $100!  Enjoy, enjoy!! This one will blow your mind.

Today was an excellent day!  First, the Women Entrepreneurs luncheon and a fabulous speaker (Kathleen Ronald is hilarious AND inspirational), and my dear friend Julie Molinare (Landscaper Extraordinare) sharing wonderful tips to enhance your garden, AND being surrounded by my dearest friends, well, it was fun AND productive!

Afterwards I made a slew of new yoga necklaces which were selling as quickly as I was churning them out!  I'm fortifying the supply for Saturday's Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at the Courtyard Marriott from 10-4.  With the Super Full Moon shining brightly on us, it is sure to be an incredible event!

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Double Header on the Radio!

Today was amazing.  Healing clients first. Readings. And TWO Radio shows!! It's like WOW, I'm so excited! 

The first show was my own; Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  We covered sooooooooooo much ground.  Uranus in Aries, the SUPER FULL MOON (exact on Saturday), psychic questions, and the topic of the day which was "HOW TO FIND YOUR PASSION AND WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FIND IT!"   To listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above or HERE.

After that, I was fortunate to be invited as the guest on Helen Woo's Self Aid for Success Stories Radio Show.  What fun!! We talked about Chakras from the Root to the Crown, answered a few psychic questions, talked about relationships, and had the BEST time!  To listen to the podcast, please click HERE

What a great day!  Now I am gearing up for the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique this Saturday at the Courtyard Marriott in Valencia. We are going to have a spectacular day!  Can you say SUPER MOON?   Like, WOW!!

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Yoga, Yoga Necklaces, and MORE!

Today was one of those days that just rolled along with numerous surprises along the way that were wonderfully welcome.

Even before I went to yoga class (oh, I love Deep Stretch with Melissa over at Yoga Yoga!), I had already done a few 10 minute readings.  Since I added the 10 minute readings for $50 on my website, it has been such a pleasure to connect with those who need a quick answer to their question, a scan of their energy field, or a release of old patterns. The readings are quick but powerful, and full of information. (Click HERE to purchase). 

After yoga, a necklace from the Charity Charity Jewelry line was sent off to Miami, and I suddenly got inspired to get some new pieces ready for Saturday's Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at the Courtyard Marriott from 10-4, so I made some new yoga necklaces (not yet added into the Online Store) with some great symbols such as a peace sign, a cross, and a tag that reads "Be Proud."   Oooooooh fun!!!

The day continued with more surprises, all good, and lots of phone calls. Even my trip to see my accountant turned out well.  

I'm super excited for tomorrow's radio show at 3PM PT where in addition to answering your psychic questions, we will talk about "How to Find Your Passion, and What to Do Once You've Found it!"   Please click HERE to listen LIVE!

At 7PM PT, I am so excited to be a guest on Helen Woo's Self Aid Success Stories Radio Show on www.Toginet.com.   If you want to find out about Chakras and more, please tune in! It's going to be a blast!

Busy day ahead! More surprises, I'm sure!

3/15/11 - Happy Birthday, Carol! (my best friend from 11th grade). IT was great to talk to you today!!

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The Bachelor Shocker!

Don't believe what you read!

In case you didn't already know, I am a Bachelor FREAK! Every Monday night, I am glued to the tv. Even if I don't like any of the people on the show, I cannot get enough. 

Because of this slight addiction, I ventured online to some of the Bachelor spoiler sites, and early on I knew who Brad picked as his blushing bride.  So for months, I kept it a secret.  Until tonight when the final episode aired and Brad proposed to..........Emily!

Well, for months I heard that Chantel O. was the future Mrs. Brad, but nooooooooooooo, they fooled me!! Emily was picked for the Final Rose.  The funny thing is, if I had listened to my intuition from the VERY FIRST EPISODE, I would've been right! Since I picked Emily from the heap the minute she stepped out of the limo.  Of course, so did nearly everyone else. Emily won the hearts of everyone, and that included Brad.

Listen, I know there are wayyyyyyyyyy more important things going on in the world right now than the stupid Bachelor show, but the distraction is welcome and thoroughly enjoyed.

P.S. On a more serious note, for those who are sick and tired of paying monthly banking fees, I opened a Business Checking Account at California Credit Union.  No minimum, no monthly fees.  They do the same for Personal Checking and Savings Accounts, too.  In Valencia, there is a branch next to Baja Fresh near Barnes & Noble.

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Like a Rockstar!

I left early Thursday morning to go down to the Westin LAX hotel with some of my closest friends and fellow entrepreneurs to attend Craig Duswalt's Rockstar System for Success Boot Camp.  As many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Craig Duswalt. It was at his first seminar in 2008 that I was inspired to write my Chakra Power! book, and my life has not been the same since. 

Craig Duswalt was Axl Rose's (of Guns and Roses) personal manager for many years.  Since then, he has snowballed all of his expertise and invented the Rockstar System for Success which is (in my opinion) marketing genius.  His Boot Camps are filled with TONS of information, music, laughter, and an outpouring of love.  I couldn't have asked for a better place to be in the midst of all the natural disasters that have plagued our planet during this time.

I found out about the 8.9 earthquake (upgraded in Japan to 9.0) just after midnight on Thursday evening.  I was convinced that the hotel was pumping in oxygen just like they do in the Vegas hotels since I was exhausted but could not sleep. I slept for about an hour and then I was wide awake. In fact, I remained pretty much wide awake until I left the hotel last night.  My daughter texted me the news and under my covers in my hotel room I scanned my LG Vortex for news.  It's amazing having a mini computer at our fingertips, isn't it?

I suppose I could've been more surprised by the chain of events, but with Uranus entering into Aries on the same day, well, it really didn't surprise me at all.  My heart was doing that bouncy thing it does before natural disasters and the dizziness I felt during the day I attributed to sudafed (since I was on the back end of my cold), but sudafed never affected me that way before....  In any event, once again our world will never be the same again. 

First Charlie Sheen and then this.

I know the two don't compare at all, but in regards to energy, I think they do. Charlie Sheen has gone off his rocker, and in an energetic state, so has Japan. 

Uranus means sudden and unexpected change.  Aries can be explosive; it definitely portends to new beginnings (my heart is bouncing again as I write this, so there are more surprises coming - shit).   I keep remembering that we are being pushed towards more compassion and connectivity.  That is what 2012 is all about.  Man, oh man, are we being pushed....and tested.

Back to being a Rockstar. So for 3 days (the conference was for 4, but I opted out on the last day - yes, yes, I felt terribly guilty about that but I did make a new necklace AND finished my taxes AND visited with my daughter and friend, Maile, (who along with Tina, Julie, and Elaine did go to the conference for all 4 of the days), in my outdoor sanctuary so it worked out well), where was I?  Oh....So for 3 days I got to bond with my peeps, learn some wonderful strategies and tactics to advance my career, and laugh and learn and dance and hear some fabulous speakers.  It was beyond an excellent experience as it always is. PLUS, staying in the hotel with Maile and Tina was the BEST.  It was like a mini vacation, too.

Am I a Rockstar now?  You bet! In fact, here is a picture of me on stage telling my story about how my Chakra Power! book came to be.  You see, I have the honor of being the very first person to write a book using Craig Duswalt's How to Write a Book in 30 Days system.  So far, over 150 people have written books. It's FANTASTIC!!  I am soooooooo honored, and as you can see, I was having a whole lot of fun!

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Uranus in Aries

On Friday, March 11, 2011 at 4:49 PM PT, Uranus is entering into Aries until 2018. What does that mean for you?  A lot!  Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour covered Uranus in Aries and so much MORE! To hear this lively show, please click on the player above or click HERE for the link.

First thing in the morning, and I mean FIRST thing (like a ridiculous hour of 7AM or so), I'll be heading out to Craig Duswalt's Rock Star System for Success Boot Camp.  I've attended Craig's Boot Camps before and they are FABULOUS! In fact, it was at one of Craig's first seminars that I got my idea to write my Chakra Power! book. Following his plan, I completed my book in record time and the rest is...history. 

So, I may or may not be able to blog over the next few days. I will do my best, but bear with me if I miss a day or so.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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New Necklaces!

I'm feeling a little under the weather which is why I am writing my blog at 1:30 in the afternoon instead of 1:30 in the morning.  I'm excited to show two new necklaces, too, so here they are.  Both are listed in the ONLINE STORE They will be among the rest of the pieces at the upcoming Spiritual & Psychic Boutique next Saturday, March 19th at the Courtyard Marriott from 10-4. In addition to readers, healers, gemstones, and so much MORE, the line of Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry will be available.   Come check us out!!  Info is listed under UPCOMING EVENTS or just click on the link. 


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Sniffly and Snuffly

I have a bit of a cold, feel sniffly and snuffly, a little grouchy, under the weather, the wind is howling outside, and uranus is going into Aries. 

Though the day was a full one with healing clients, a lovely lunch at Wokcano celebrating my dear friend Tami's birthday with my favorite Women Moving Forward (mastermind group), some successful dress shopping for my nephew's bar mitzvah, and all in all getting a lot of little things done, right now I think I'd better climb into bed. 

BTW, more about Uranus in Aries on Wednesday's Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  Stay tuned!  It is affecting EVERYBODY!

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Typical Sunday

Today would've been a typical Sunday if I knew what a typical Sunday was.  I had a couple of healing clients, did some readings, talked to some friends on the phone, and planned to do a lot more than I did, but all in all it was a spectacular day.

3/6/11 - Happy Anniversary Robbie and Elvia~  23 years!!
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May I Be Frank

First of all, I have to say how grateful I am to be surrounded by such amazing friends.  It is so rare to find friendships akin to those you foster while growing up; you know, the ones where you talk on the phone and do cool stuff together, and laugh, and even cry.  I have found myself in the midst of a circle of women that I cannot imagine not knowing. It's as if we have been friends our entire lives.  I totally get the concept of being in a soul circle and making an agreement to come back to the earth plane to fulfill some destiny.  Our relationship to each other is both personal and professional.   And it feels as if we have been doing it for lifetimes (which we probably have been!).

Today I went to Santa Monica with a few from my circle.  Maile Gray, (the Rockin' Cool Hypnotherapist), Jennifer Jhaveri, (my favorite yogini), and Tina Landrum, (a gifted energy healer and soul sister).  We battled the traffic down there since the weather was in the high 70's and everyone was headed towards the beach.  We ate dinner at Georges Bistro on Third Street Promenade and it was so yummy, so divine, so fun! 

Afterwards we battled more traffic the mile and a half down the road to join my other friend Ronnie Rubin (my cultural attache') to see the screening of "May I Be Frank," an inspiring documentary about Frank Ferrante, a brash Brooklynite who wants to fall in love but has such self loathing and a checkered past, he knows he must learn to love himself before he can move forward in his life.  He is nearly 300 pounds, has addiction issues, and has alienated everyone close to him.  This movie's tag line is Sex, Drugs, and Transformation.   It is simply a wonderful film.  Inspirational, moving, and humorous.

After the film, the real Frank Ferrante did a Q & A which was equally wonderful. In fact, the whole night was terrific.  I was happy to approach the producer and introduce myself as one of the contributors of the film. You see, the film was a true act of love that stemmed from the Gratitude Cafe in San Francisco.  Awhile ago, they asked for contributions to complete the film.  I found out tonight that because I had contributed I will recieve a DVD of the film.  Like WOW! I didn't even know that.  It is such a good feeling to be part of something that is sure to change many lives.

If you can see the film, please do. It travels all over the country with another screening in Santa Monica on Monday evening.  Here is the link to find out more. www.mayibefrankmovie.com.   For all my New Jersey friends, it will be in Montclair NJ on March 31st.  Go see it if you can, and "LIKE" their page on Facebook.  Please click HERE for that.

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The Adjustment Bureau

After working with clients in the morning, I stole some personal time and went to the movies.  It was great! I love the movies and lately it's been difficult to find the time to go, so today worked out just beautifully.  I saw The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blount and I REALLY liked it. REALLY. I keep thinking about it. It makes you think. Well...it made me think.  It's good. I recommend it.

Tonight I went over to a friend's house for her Silpada party and it was the perfect way to celebrate the new moon in pisces conjuncting my mars in my 11th house.  Friends, hopes, and wishes.  We talked a lot about American Idol and The Bachelor, two of my favorite things right now. I know, I know, they are seemingly so shallow, but I love them! In fact, I wish those two shows were on every single day like soap operas.    Haha.  My own personal pleasure.

Tomorrow I am heading to Santa Monica with four friends to see the movie May I Be Frank (www.MayIBeFrankMovie.com). I am really looking forward to it!  They advertise it as a movie about Sex, Drugs, and Transformation!  And how perfect that we will be at the ocean to celebrate the new moon in pisces (more ocean/more water!) and eat yummy food and embrace the day. It's supposed to be mid-70's tomorrow and that makes me so happy!

Have a great weekend!

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New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces is exact at 12:46PM PT, just after noon tomorrow (Friday).  It might explain why I am feeling a little fuzzy.  It's not fuzzy exactly, it's a feeling like I know I must've done a whole lot today but remembering any of it is hard.  Like a lot happened but didn't happen.  I went to yoga which was sheer bliss until I found out that that class was being cancelled.  I got so angry about it; well as angry as I could be after a deep stretch yoga class.  I did some errands, tried to convince a couple of good friends to open their own yoga studio (still working on that!) and worked on my taxes, booked some healing clients, visited with mom a bit, and went out to dinner with my BFF at the Thai place - so good.

But here's the thing...we've got a powerful New Moon in Pisces so please take advantage of it.  Indulge in something artsy like a movie or some poetry, ask for healing in your sleep, dream a little dream, light some white candles and set your intentions.  You can always do a little ritual such as writing down your wishes, reading them aloud, burning them, and then washing them away. Earth, air, fire, and water.  The New Moon in Pisces is all about Water.  Take a bubble bath, go to the beach, pray for the dolphins and whales, and hold good thoughts for the Greater Good of All. 

Most importantly, LISTEN. Listen to your intuition.  Pisces is synonymous with Psychic.  Listen, listen, listen.

3/3/11 - Happy Birthday, Tami!
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The Truth About Soulmates

Ooooh, today's topic on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was a good one!!  We covered so much information about Soulmates and the upcoming New Moon in Pisces (Friday afternoon 12:36 PM PT).  If you missed today's show, don't worry! You can click HERE to listen or click on the player above. 

Before the show, I had a physical exam for insurance, and was THRILLED to find out that I had grown a half an inch!! Woohoo!! I always said that I was 5' 4" but in actuality, I probably was 5' 3" and 3/4.  Then I shrunk to 5' 3" and 1/2 which was extremely disheartening.  I look tall, I really do, but the truth is, I'm not. HOWEVER, today, I measured a strong 5' 4"!!  The nurse said, "You must do yoga."  Apparently she sees this ALL the time.  People grow from yoga. It makes sense, too. All that core strength and stretching and breathing.  Yum!!

Tonight, my yogini Jennifer Jhaveri and I went down to Hollywood to see Madeline Walter's one woman show at the UCB Theatre on Franklin.  (Jennifer told me that she was now 5' 7" and has always been under 5' 6" so she was a believer, too.) I have known Madeline since waaaaaayyyyy before she was born since her mom, Paula, is my best friend from college.  I just have to say that Madeline is a very talented, very beautiful, and very funny actress/writer/director.  Apparently she is in a Burger King commercial that gets aired about a million times a day, and she just landed a bit part in The Defenders.  Watch out for her!! She is soooooooooooooooo talented.  Already she has produced an off Broadway show that she wrote herself which got amazing reviews. I'm just so proud of her!!  Since her mom, Paula, lives in NJ, I am glad that I get to be 2nd mom in command to root Madeline on.  The theater was packed for a 6:30 show.  THAT's how good she is!

Speaking of pride, my heart burst with joy when I saw my son at the theater tonight surprising me with a place in line. I didn't know he was going to be there and I have been missing him so.  It was really really nice to laugh together as Madeline channeled her mother's energy up on the stage.  Funny, funny stuff.   Laugh therapy.

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March? Are You Kidding Me?

I can't believe it is March already.  I mean, really??  No wonder Charlie Sheen is crazy.  He's probably just wearing on the outside what most of us feel on the inside.  Okay, not true.  Most of us are able to hold it together despite the topsy turvy-ness of the universe right now.  Yoga helps. And doing healing sessions help.  Both are my personal salvation and therapy.  I am so grateful for that part of my life.

Tomorrow's radio show should be VERY interesting. The theme is THE TRUTH ABOUT SOULMATES. I know that the subject will appeal to a lot of listeners.  I mean, who doesn't want love in their life?  With the New Moon in Pisces waving its magic wand over us, it should prove to be an interesting show and interesting rest of the week!  Tune in at 3PM PT on Wednesday by clicking HERE, and if you have a psychic question, please call in!  The number is 646-929-2242.  Fun show!

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R.I.P. Tom Leavey, my Friend

Tom Leavey, an extraordinary man and gifted musician passed away. Our paths first crossed at an ACS Relay for Life event  years ago where I was doing readings.  Someone poked me and said, "You need to meet this guy, Tom."  Because I was out in the ethers from doing readings all day, I said, "Sure," and immediately began to tell everyone about his music and his work.  Tom's story is an interesting one. So interesting that I dedicated a page of my website to him.  Subsequently I became friends with Tom and his wife, Wanda.  It was Wanda who called me today and through her tears I heard the news of Tom's passing.  I feel very blessed to have become friends with the Leavey's and know that Tom is watching down on all of us.  His music, his legacy, continues to change lives daily.  For more information, please click HERE. 

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Oscar Day

For years, like my whole life, I relish Oscar day.  From the time I was a little girl until now, that is something that has never, ever changed.  I slept late and got dressed in my very best Oscar clothes - a turtleneck and fleece pajama pants, and actually decided to get some work done. I mean real work. I did half of my taxes. I'm up to June.  It's moving a lot quicker than I thought it would.  After a bit, I did a healing session on a client (distantly, hence the fleece pajama pants) and then settled in for the Red Carpet.  What fun! I love Oscar night! And I thought tonight's show was a good one.  Others may have not, but I rather enjoyed it. I thought Anne Hathaway did a fantastic job. She is one charismatic chick!!  And stunning!  She grew up in the same town in NJ that I did and graduated from my high school (Go Millburn High!) which sparked some conversation on Facebook about all the others that graduated from my high school. It's one of my favorite games to play.  Let's see Rachel Zoe (Stylist to the Stars), Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker), Robert Epstein (Oscar winning producer/director of  the documentary The Life and Times of Harvey Milk  and The Quilt), Lisa Churgin (Film Editor of In Her Shoes among others), William Scharf (film editor of The Wiz among others), Julie Carmen (Yogini to the Stars and actress in Redford's Milagro Beanfield War among others), John C. McGinley (from Scrubs), and ME!  I know there are others, but right now I can admit, I feel Oscared out!  So, off to bed for me.  It's a busy week ahead, and I am looking forward to it!

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No Snow

I woke up this morning and rushed to the window to see if there was indeed snow on the ground as predicted, but lo and behold....no snow. In fact, the sun was shining. Not a rain cloud in sight.  I felt cheated in a way, since I was so prepared for snow.  Remember this is Southern California where it has snowed where I live exactly twice in the past like 100 years or so.  It NEVER snows here, though it did snow here on Jan. 2nd of this year and that time in 1989, but I was really hoping that STORM WATCH 2011 was right and that there was going to be snow.

So, after a healing session this morning on this bright and sunny day, I went to Trader Joes like everyone else did in this valley who noticed that there was no snow and sunshine outside.  But, it was cold. I mean really really cold.  Freezing cold, like New Jersey.  You could see your breath and everything.  Another rarity here in Southern California.

There was snow (according to my Facebook friends) in neighboring towns, even about a mile away, but since that wasn't happening at my house, I picked up mom for her birthday dinner down in LA at Fraiche, and it was really, really fun.  She is pretty amazing, my mom.  Looking gorgeous as always.  No one would guess that next year we will be throwing a big birthday bash for her 80th birthday.  WTF?  Yes, that is right. If you saw her, you wouldn't believe it either. 

It's Oscar day tomorrow, and I have a huge date with my couch.  I can't wait.  No snow, rain, or anything else predicted. Just gorgeous sunshine. A perfect day in Hollywood.

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Oh yeah, I had a big long list of things I "wanted" to do today, but you know what? It didn't happen. You know, I just didn't feel like doing my taxes, or working on my book, or making a new necklace...I sorta didn't feel like doing much of anything. I did clean out the refrigerator but in all honesty, it only took about 30 seconds.  No science experiments growing in there.   So, I talked a little bit on the phone. scheduled some client appointments, decided some important insurance issues, but all in all, when it was 6PM or so, I got into my pj's and indulged myself with some tv as the rain came down outside. (It's 2AM now and I am watching Diana Ross on Oprah - what a treat!)

They are predicting snow for tomorrow. Remember I live in Southern California, so we'll see.  I'll keep you posted.

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Happy Birthday MOM!

I'm so happy we got to spend the day together today!


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Good Psychic Stuff!

I love good psychic stuff!  Always have and I suppose I always will.  Today's radio show was filled with good psychic stuff. We covered What to Expect When Visiting a Psychic as well as answer loads of psychic questions.  With nearly 9500 listeners over the course of this past year, Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour is really establishing itself as a terrific show.  I'm so excited about that!! Many thanks to all those who've made it possible.  I appreciate you!

To hear today's broadcast, simply click on the player above or click HERE.

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Celebrity Sightings

I love LA.  Besides the amazing weather, I love that you never know who you are going to run into.  When I first moved to Los Angeles in 1981, I ran into Jon Voight at the supermarket. I literally ran into him with my cart.  He was very gracious about it, and I kid you not, he was wearing a white silk scarf.   I also saw Valerie Bertinelli in the same supermarket. This was in the hey day of One Day at a Time so it was a very good sighting.  The supermarket (Ralphs on the corner of Coldwater Canyon and Ventura Blvd) was a hotbed for celebrity sightings.  When I first moved here, I lived down the street.

Tonight, my daughter and I went down to Hollywood to the Pantages Theater to see Rock of Ages. What fun!!!!  Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough, and Steven Tyler were there, too!  Steven Tyler is teeny weeny. I am not kidding. He walked right by me.

Now, I am a HUGE American Idol fan.  Constantine Mouralis (straight from American Idol and Broadway) headed the cast for tonight's show which was fabulous.   I can remember distinctly when the judges said to him, "You oughta be on Broadway." How's that for instant manifestation?

Today was just such a great day.  I got to work with a new healing client, had a great yoga class, and a wonderful lunch with three of my favorite friends.  And then tonight going to the show with my daughter....well, I just gotta say, I love LA!

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More Healings Monday

I realized at some point today that I have not left my house since Friday. Today is Monday and since Friday I have done seven healing sessions plus two Reconnections (which are both a two day process) with more scheduled this week.  It's one of those moments in time when I have no idea what day it is, what time it is, and half the time who I am.  To be honest, it is one of my most favorite places to be.  The place between times where the veil is thin and magic happens.

I have to leave the house tomorrow and it is not because I am going stir crazy. I love being at home and I love working at home.  Tomorrow after some healing clients, there is yoga, a lunch with friends, and a trip down to Hollywood to see "Rock of Ages" with my daughter.  What fun!!

I am feeling overly blessed right now and full of gratitude.  FULL OF GRATITUDE. In fact, it is spilling over...

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A Healing Sunday

Today, after a healing session, one of my clients asked me what I did.  I had a puzzled look and replied, "This." They said, "You do this?"  I said, "Yes. This is my job." They asked, "How long have you been doing this?" I said, "Over 10 years."  

It struck me that they thought I did this in my 'spare' time, perhaps as a hobby.  But, no, this is what I do.  And I am so very grateful that I get to do what I love and be of service.  Today I had healings all day.  Tonight I feel fulfilled. 

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A Healing Saturday

I would've liked to stay in bed all day, with the rain and all, but that is probably the least likely thing to ever happen in my universe, so I opted to have a day of healing clients instead.  And I have to say, it was an amazing and wonderful way to spend a rainy day. 

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A brilliant day!  First an amazing healing session, and then the 2nd part of a Reconnection, and THEN (if that weren't enough) a trip out to Pasadena with 4 of my most fabulous friends - Elaine, Julie, Jennifer, and Sheri. We were off to see the Pasadena Ballet Festival which was BRILLIANT!!  Before we saw the show, we drove in droves of rain. I mean REAL RAIN.  Pouring, pouring, cats and dogs rain.  Remember I live in Southern California where drizzle counts as a storm, but this was a real storm with giant puddles and giant drops and umbrellas turning inside out.  Wet wet drenched to the bone rain. Okay, you get it. It was raining.

We ate sushi first and then walked (in the rain) over to the Conference Center to see the performances of 10 different ballet companies.  It was extraordinary, innovative, mesmerizing, brilliant, and uplifting. 

When we left the Exhibition Center, the rain was pounding, but even that looked magical after seeing such art in motion.

A wonderful, wonderful day and evening. 

Tomorrow, more healing sessions and a 1st part of yet another Reconnection.  This is truly an amazing time.  Magic at its best.

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Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

It was a good day.  A fabulous Association of Women Entrepreneurs luncheon over at TPC in Valencia. Great group of women (my friends!), great speaker (my other friend Maurice DiMino), great vibe. I loved every minute of it and was especially honored with a certificate from The City of Santa Clarita presented to me for being one of the honorees for Empowering heARTS from Single Mother's Outreach.  It was truly great.

Afterwards, I found I was inundated with phone messages.  It was like the three hours I was at the luncheon was the time when everyone decided they needed healing sessions.  What a fantastic thing to come home to!  I returned the calls, booked the appointments and got ready for my client who was on her way over for the first part of her Reconnection. 

A Reconnection is different from a healing session. It is a two day process, about an hour or so each day, where the grid of your body is "reconnected" to the grid of the universe. You do this only once in your life, two days in a row.  It's like having a personal upgrade so you can move forward into your true purpose in life and experience better health and well-being.  VERY POWERFUL.   I have been doing personal Reconnections for the past 10 years though most people know me for the healing sessions.  In the past week, I've done three Reconnections which tells me that the planet vibe is really really shifting quickly. 

Tomorrow is a day full of clients, the 2nd part of a Reconnection, and then out to Pasadena with 4 of my closest friends to see the ballet.  Most people stop on the weekends, but I have booked clients for both Saturday and Sunday.  There's a whole lotta healing going on!

Happy Full Moon in Leo exact RIGHT NOW!  (12:32am)

Please check out a new article I wrote today called 10 Tips to Enhance Your Spirituality.  Sound familiar?  It was the theme of yesterday's radio show (please click on the player above to hear the broadcast) or simply click HERE to be taken to the article.

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10 Tips to Enhance Your Spirituality....

....was the topic for today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  What a great show! If you missed it, simply click on the player above.

After the show, I headed down to Santa Monica to see Wendy Hammers in her one woman show called RIPE.  It was really, really great. I was joined by two of my dear friends, Ronnie (my cultural attache) and Brian who I have known for nearly 40 years (since college!).  We had SUCH a good time, and when I got home, I was so happy that my son and his gal pal were still here visiting.  A double win!

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Being a Friend

Today I was a friend.  First I was a friend to my other friends during yoga class.  I love my friends and I love yoga.  It's always a win/win on Tuesday's class at Yoga Yoga at 12:30 in the afternoon.  If you love yoga, and you are reading this, please come to the class.  It's a very friendly group.

Today I was a friend when I traveled down to Hollywood to accompany one of my dearest friends to the doctor.  It was effortless really, though she kept thanking me profusely.  I was happy to go with her. It was important. She is my friend and this is what friends do. 

Tonight I was a friend to a couple of friends who called me to chat.  Friends listen, and that is what I did.  Everyone seems to be going through something significant right now.  Heavy stuff.  Not light and soft and fuzzy.  Really heavy.  Friends listen.

I am blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful friends.  Truly wonderful friends.  I feel extremely lucky.  Tonight I am counting my blessings.

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Doing Nothing

If anyone needed a day off it was me.  I felt tapped out for sure.  My plan was to do nothing all day and it turns out I did it very well.

I spent the day in my pajamas, even when I went to pick up a dozen bagels and lox spread from Western Bagel. I ate a bagel in the car and two more when I got home.   In fact, I ate bagels all day.

I read the Sunday paper outside in the front yard, and then went out to the backyard to read the book I am engulfed in right now.  It's called "This is Where I Leave You," by Jonathan Tropper and it is FABULOUS.

I took no phone calls except for two, and they were not business related.

I hit the couch at 2:30 in the afternoon and it is 1AM and I just got up. I watched a TON of television including the Grammy's, a movie, two episodes of Ricky Gervais, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Episodes, Shameless, Big Love, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, and let's not forget the Red Carpet for the Grammy's.  The most amazing thing is that my mind is not completely mush. 

Back to work tomorrow, but I have to say, today is just what the doctor ordered. 

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Loads of Surprises Today

Today was one of those non stop surprise a minute days that I love.  The first surprise was when West Ranch High School contacted me to do an interview for their tv show.  What a thrill! Four students came over to my house and filmed me answering their questions and then doing some psychic readings. They were thrilled! What amazing kids!  And, I KNEW I was going to be doing tv at some point this year. What a great place to start!

After that, I had 2 healing clients back to back.  It's too bad I don't remember anything from the sessions, because I know some amazing things happened during them.  LOL. I'm just glad that my clients are happy. That's the best part.

Tonight I met my friend Jennifer and her husband AJ for delicious Indian food at my favorite place, Karma.  Oh soooooooo divine! Afterwards, Jennifer and I went down to Hollywood to the Pantages Theater to see Spring Awakening.  I'll say one thing about it, I can't for the life of me understand how this show won a Tony let alone got on Broadway.   (This is me shaking my head).

Tomorrow I am taking a well deserved day off. If I do nothing, it will be too much.

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John Lithgow....

.....was annoying and self indulgent in his one man show "Stories by Heart" now playing at the Mark Taper Forum. That is my review.  In my opinion, when you are in a one man show you must engage the audience, and quite frankly, well, he didn't.  It made me wish I had left at intermission like half the audience did, but I stuck it out....and had a nap.

On the flip side, the exhibit at MOCA was really great. It is not a big exhibit, maybe 5 pieces with one of them a swimming pool. Yes, a real swimming pool with a changing room so you can swim.  I didn't swim, but I did enjoy the other exhibits which dealt with light and color.  Very cool stuff. You would think that this would be something of the 2000's but in actuality the work was from the 50's and 60's.  And from Latin America.  Like I said, cool stuff.

Since MOCA is in Little Tokyo, sushi was in order, and it was absolutely divine.  I think you could eat at a different sushi place every single day for a whole year in Little Tokyo since there are so many.  And the ambiance was grand, with red lanterns hanging in the plaza.  Really, really nice.

My cultural high continues tomorrow with Spring Awakening at The Pantages.  I feel like I did in college (in 1974) when I traveled to England for a 3 week Theatre and Art excursion that included going to a different theatre every night, museums, cathedrals, and art galleries.  I bet if I checked astrologically there would be a similarity there.  Hmmm, I just might do that....

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Some days it seems too much of a brain stretch to come up with a snappy title for my blog, so today we are just going with "Untitled." Makes things a whole lot easier.

I rolled out of bed this morning and made it in time for a yoga class.  I know, I know, so what if it was 11AM.  Since I don't go to bed before 3:00, it's not much of a stretch.  A night owl? Yes, indeed.

So I go to this yoga class with Melissa that I just LOVE! It's a Deep Stretch class which means I get to meditate for an hour and a half. I meditated on everything this morning including the book cover for my new Gemstone book and some other important changes I wanted to make to the copy.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone!  Meditating, stretching, breathing AND working!

A couple of errands here and there, and then I came home and realized that since my client was a distant client, I didn't even need to shower and change out of my yoga clothes.  Win/win!!

I spent the latter part of my day going over the gemstone meditations for my new book (coming soon!) and when my daughter walked in and said that I looked stoned, well...I guess the meditations were working. I must've been in a trance by the time I read through a good many of them.

I was glad to do a healing session tonight which snapped me out of semi-comatose state.  I've got a heavy duty cultural weekend coming up with John Lithgow's one man show at the Mark Taper Forum tomorrow night and Spring Awakening at the Pantages on Saturday night. Not to mention the tickets I have for Ripe for next Wed., the Pasadena Ballet next Friday and Rock of Ages the following Wednesday.  I seem to remember that I made a conscious decision to take advantage of the arts in LA, and man oh man, watch what you wish for!

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Spiritual Hygiene

Today's radio show was "really powerful" (a listener's words).  The topic was HOW TO PRACTICE SPIRITUAL HYGIENE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR HOME.  To listen to the broadcast, please click on the player above.  If you would prefer the link, please click HERE.

After the show, I headed down to LA to one of my favorite restaurants - Clafoutis - which is at Sunset Plaza with one of my favorite college friends who is in town from NY.  We have known each other for nearly 40 years.  What a joy!  Great meal. Great company.  All around just a great day.

2/9/11 - Happy Birthday Cherie!!  Exactly 32 years ago today, Cherie and I saw Saturday Night Live LIVE in NYC. Cicely Tyson was the guest host and Talking Heads were the band.  We went back stage and met everyone including Talking Heads who remembered Cherie from a concert she met them at in Europe.  Al Franken (now Senator) was playing pool, and Bill Murray and John Belushi were just hanging out relaxing after the show.  Afterwards, we went to Studio 54.  I was 24 years old.

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Yoga, Writing, Healing, Meditation

I love to schedule a healing client on Tuesday mornings before I go to yoga which is what I did today.  It was an amazing session and before I knew it I was doing Down Dog at Yoga Yoga.  During shivasana (final relaxation) I felt Archangels kissing my cheeks and then I saw a stunning angel in the distance with blond gossamer hair. I knew it was a female angel - perhaps Gabrielle or Ariel, and next to her, I saw my beloved Peaches who passed away nearly 3 weeks ago.  It was such a surprise to see her! Her coat is luscious and full, and she had little wings herself.  I could feel her licking away my tears and then she settled down next to me just like she did when I would practice yoga at home. 

What a gift!

After yoga I decided to get serious and write the introduction to my new book GEMSTONE POWER! The Meanings and Meditations from Abalone to Zircon.  It seems as if this book has a life of its own as it strives to be born.  The response from my readers has been EXTREMELY favorable which makes me even more excited about its release. 

Tonight is meditation class. Perhaps I will have another visit from my precious pet.  (fingers crossed).

Tomorrow's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour will pertain to Spiritual Hygiene for Yourself and Your Home.  The fun starts at 3PM PT (EVERY WEDNESDAY).  To tune in or ask a psychic question, please call 646-929-2242 or click on the link HERE.

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A Day of 5's

Fives signify transition, and today was full of 5's!  The day started out very early since I drove my mom to her appt. at City of Hope.  (Her scan is all clear - yay yay yay!), and then something odd happened the minute we left there. I started seeing 5's.  Everywhere! Each license plate had at least 2 fives and often 3. It was crazy! I knew that something was brewing but was unsure what...

When I got home and got the mail I was surprised with checks. Yes, checks! It was such a great surprise.  Unexpected checks are the BEST!! 

The fives continued throughout the day and I have to say I felt like I should buy a lottery ticket. That is how lucky I felt!  In fact, when I called the auto insurance company to find out why the renewal notice was SO HIGH, I was stunned when the customer service asked me if I were a Business Owner.  When I replied, "Yes," she said, "Well, you just got a discount on your policy!"   Like WOW!!!  It was a significant discount, too!  No one has ever asked me that before!

My phone was a buzz, too, with new clients booking appts for this week and next.  I am very very happy and grateful.  (The time is now 11:11 - more luck!).

What a lucky day!

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Super Bowl Sunday

At least now I know who was playing in today's Super Bowl, though I have to admit I didn't watch the game.  It was on, and I was present at the party at my brother's house, and I did see the National Anthem and the Half Time Show with the Black Eyed Peas, but that was it. I did eat a lot of really yummy food, and visited a bit with my family, and even read a little of my book.  The closest I got to the actual game were the couple of text messages and pictures from my friend Kelly who was actually AT the game in Dallas.  That was cool~

My daughter is home safe and sound from her Florida vacation.  My mom and picked her up tonight at the airport.  I think travel is soooooooooo important to help sculpt our lives and our opinions. I am happy that my daughter has been bitten by the travel bug, and I look forward to more of her adventures. Right now, however, I am happy that she is home once again.

Tomorrow morning SUPER EARLY I have to take my mom to her City of Hope appt.  Yeah, I guess I'm pretty much a taxi service these days.   Of course I am glad to help out and score karma points.

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The Psychic Activity Continues

Any day that starts off with yoga is a great day!  Today I went to a Flow 1 & 2 class and it was just grand.  When I got home I had a suprise phone call from my best friend from college, Paula, who lives in NJ. We have been best friends for 37 years.  So it was no surprise that we talked for 2 hours on the phone.  By that time I figured I ought to shower and dress for the day even though it was well into the late afternoon.  After some errands (and an exasperating trip to Target - Grrrrrrrrrrrrr) I was ready to do some private readings at a gathering for some wonderful women in Stevenson Ranch.  It was truly a joy, and they all commented that the messages that came through were 100% accurate.  Well...you really can't ask for anything more than that, can you?  I was thrilled that they were so pleased.

Tomorrow it is Super Bowl Sunday and mom and I are venturing down to my brother's for a day of food and tv. I hate to say that I don't even know who is playing in the Super Bowl, but I am sure after tomorrow I will be completely informed. 

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A Psychic Day

Wow. From morning til night, there was a lot of psychic activity going on at my house!  With healings, a Reconnection, and answering psychic questions as a guest on a radio show, it was full to the brim with energy!  Including a brand new light bulb that blew out when I went to turn on a lamp this evening. 

It was a joyous day, and I am so thrilled it went the way it did. I look forward to tomorrow night when I will be doing readings at a private gathering.  I love being in the flow and being in the know!

Have a great weekend!

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Boone's Lick

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry is probably my favorite book of all time.  Streets of Laredo, the sequel to Lonesome Dove is also among my favorites.  So every now and then, I get a hankering for some Larry McMurtry.  Fortunately, he is a prolific writer and there is always something by him to read.  Recently I picked up Boone's Lick which is a good quick tale of a family and their journey north, their encounters with Indians, and even Bill Hickock makes an appearance. I have always felt drawn to this time of history. Even as a kid watching the movie Westward the Women had me riveted.  I'm sure I lived one of my lifetimes during that time, since I can't seem to get enough of it!

Today, while my carpets were being cleaned, I pulled up a chair outside in the sun and read and read. What a joy!  I had clients scheduled for later in the day, so it was a real treat.  The sun was warm and the yellow flowers next to the driveway are in full bloom. You wouldn't know it was early February. I looked around my neighborhood and wondered what it looked like without houses, just land, and how the travelers from the east saw this paradise for the first time.  Gold was discovered not too far from where I live. In fact, I've hiked there many times near the tree where the miner first had a dream of gold.  Perhaps this is why I have always known I would live in California. Perhaps I didn't make it here the first time around.  All I know is that I have a weakness for cowboys that can't be explained, and I knew while growing up in New Jersey that California would one day be my home. I have lived here for 30 years. I'm just glad I didn't have to travel by wagon to get here.

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How to Open Your Heart to Love

I'm really proud of today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  If you missed the show, simply click on the player above to hear the playback.  The feedback was phenomenal with many people having healings and resonating to the information. I am also happy to announce that the show has had over 8000 listeners since it began last March.  : )

Before the show I had the pleasure of my son coming to visit me. He is so peaceful and calm, and such a joy to be around. It was like getting an infusion of heart opening medicine which was perfect since the topic of today's show was How to Open Your Heart to Love

After the broadcast, I picked up my mom to go see The Fighter.  I thought it was a great film with Christian Bale and Melissa Leo completely earning all the awards they are receiving.  And....Mark Wahlberg was mighty easy on the eyes.  Yes...mighty easy......

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Last night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 6AM.  That usually doesn't happen. Oh yeah, I fall asleep on the couch sometimes, but wake up and write my blog, etc. before heading off to bed.  At 6 in the morning, I just headed off to bed. I'm a late riser anyway so I woke up in time for a yoga class and then lunch.  I know that even though I am going through the motions of working and living and even laughing, I am still grieving over the loss of my little dog.  It hit me like a ton of bricks, though I move forward with seemingly grace and ease.  I notice that I have been taking more time to just sit and read, or indulge in a movie, or sleep extra late.  I understand the process, I really do, which is why I'm allowing the extra time to nurture myself. 

A lot of what has been taking up brain space is that I want to get a new book out, and I am considering utilizing the amazing information and meditations for the Gemstone course I wrote for Daily Om.  It's a thought that has taken up residence in my mind, so we will see where it goes.  I think it will be an excellent book so I am taking the steps forward to manifesting it into reality. This is a time of most change, and I am changing with it.  

I was blessed with a beautiful testimonial yesterday by one of my clients.  She has given me permission to share it with you:

"Harriette, How can I begin to thank you for sharing your gift with me. I have to tell you that coming to see you was a huge leap of faith for me. I worked for many years as an accountant and licensed CPA, trained to impartially evaluate the evidence and make a judgment based on the facts. I am at a loss for words about how amazed I am at what you did for me. I have not felt so free, so light, so liberated in a long time. My body is healing, my spirit is healing, my mind is clear. My faith is returning and getting stronger every minute. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude.  Thank you (these words seem insufficient), a million times, thank you."  ~Leigh

Tomorrow's radio broadcast is about How to Open Your Heart (to Love). Just in time for Valentine's Day!  I think it will be a fabulous show.  Join us at 3PM PT by calling in with psychic questions to 646-929-2242 or listen online HERE

1/31/11 - 2/1/11
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A Day of Cultcha in LA

Today was filled to the brim with so much art, food, and theater, that I feel completely soul enriched.  My friend, Ronnie, who I call my "Cultural Attache" had us start off at LACMA where I got to see the amazing Fashion exhibit with clothing from the late 1700's through the early 1900's. The dresses (and men's clothing) were completely preserved as if brand new.  It was incredible!!!

After that, we headed to the contemporary exhibits where we indulged in Jasper Johns, Picasso, Leger, Archipenko, Giacometti, Klee, Kandinsky (can you tell I was an art major yet?), Matisse.......ahhhh, it was like breathing for me.  Such beautiful works of art - a true feast for the senses.

Speaking of feasts, Ronnie and I were pretty hungry and she had done research to find the best Japanese food in Little Tokyo. She came up with Izayoi on Central and it did not disappoint. We had seaweed salad, spicey scallop rolls, a whole bunch of sashimi, and chef special roll that was delectable.   Yummy yummy in my tummy!

After dinner we went to the Ahmanson to see Jane Fonda in 33 Variations which won a shitload of Tony awards when it debuted on Broadway.  It's always great to see Jane, but the show was a mixed bag (in my opinion).  Nevertheless...it was great to see Jane.

I feel fulfilled and renewed and to top it off, when I got home, all my children were here.  What a joy!!   A perfect end to a perfect day.

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Robert Redford

I love him.

After reading an article about Robert Redford in my AARP Magazine (yes, it's true), I indulged myself even more by watching Jeremiah Johnson and The Sting. 

Who knew when I woke up it would be a Robert Redford day. 

My kind of day, if you ask me....

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Old Friends

I am fortunate that two of my closest friends from 1979 live in Los Angeles. That in itself is not odd, except for the fact that these 2 friends were my roommates when we all lived in Toronto. Yes, in Canada. 

The great thing about getting together is that we immediately start to laugh. It's inevitable.  We laugh the minute we see each other.  We used to think we laughed because we were stoned (it WAS 1979!), but realized many many many years later that it was just us.  We love to laugh and we do it well.

Though we only live 30 minutes from each other, we don't get to visit often. When we get together it is so special and so cherished and damn, so much fun!  Tonight we visited, and laughed, and ate a huge dinner, and reminisced, and it was joyful and easy and I am so grateful that the fickle finger of fate has led all of us to live in the same city.  It really really really is the best.   Thank you Cherie and Hedley for a joyful time.  I adore you both.

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The Crystal Cross

I treated myself to a Deep Stretch yoga class today which is like an hour and a half of pure meditation while in poses. I LOVE this class, and during single pigeon I asked my guides what I most needed to know.  They showed me a crystal cross, and I really had no idea of the meaning. But they showed it to me twice and it was a beautiful cross embedded with crystals.  Well.....tonight I was watching American Idol and the last person to audition was this fabulous 15 year old named Lauren Alaina and during the interview (not the audition, but the pre-story) I noticed she was wearing an exquisite crystal cross just like the one in my vision.  And.... her contestant number was 5 111.  I saw the 111 and immediately thought, hmmm, the angels are totally shining on her!  And I was right!  She got a resounding YES was sent to Hollywood and Steven Tyler said, "I think we found our winner."  Wouldn't it be an amazing thing if she did actually take the AI crown this year?  I'll be tuning in for sure. 

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Your Amazing Archangels

If you missed today's radio show, PLEASE click on the player above to hear it.  There was so much great practical information about the Archangels and which ones do what for you, well,  I would just love for you to hear it. 

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Back to Work

I was so glad to have clients on the books today.  It is my life purpose, and I love it so much.  I was also glad that I had a yoga class scheduled as well.  And the impromptu lunch that followed.  And the birthday gifts to deliver to a couple of friends.  And then a wonderful jaunt with my daughter to not one, but two Goodwills.  For me, that is the best therapy.  We picked up some great finds today including a copy of Harlan Coben's latest book which I had not read.  In hardback, too!  My daughter found a pair of Steve Madden platform pumps with stilletto heels that were like WHOA and they were $13.50.   It's the best treasure hunt ever! 

I got a beautiful note from a client today, and I am so happy to share with you the first paragraph. MC from Valencia wrote:

"When I got home after my healing session with you, the energy in my house was IMMEDIATELY different, positive and I felt I could finally BREATHE!  I called my girlfriend right away and shared my experience – I was so excited that I was on the verge of tears.  She was definitely skeptical and wanted to bring me back down to earth, “Maybe you’re just feeling like this because you were TOLD … you know, the power of suggestion.  Just think about when someone pays you a compliment on your looks, it makes you feel great all day.”  Okay – so maybe she was right.  So I waited a few days, then a week and now it’s been nearly 3 weeks and that NEGATIVE, heavy, SAD, energy is NOT back.  In fact, I’m STILL feeling terrific!" MC from Valencia, CA

After clients in the morning, I am super excited about tomorrow's radio show. We will be talking about Your Amazing Archangels. Who to Call, and What to Ask For. I think it is going to be a very, very special show.  Tune in at 3PM PT. You can call 646-929-2242 to ask psychic questions, too!  Or click on the link HERE.   See you then!

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I woke up early to drink the rest of the junk and to my surprise, my son and his gal pal were here. My daughter was already up getting ready for work.   It was a party at 6AM!  My appt for my colonoscopy was at 11:15.  Everything went without a hitch. I feel really good about getting checked out.  And I thank my mom for being my designated driver and for making turkey meatloaf and potatoes for dinner. I WAS SO HUNGRY!!! 

I've put off getting a colonoscopy for 6 years, and now I can see becoming a big advocate of getting checked out sooner than later.  Don't put it off!!  Get checked out and get a clean bill of health and peace of mind like I did. 

Back to work tomorrow.  Though I have to say, these past few days on the couch have been very, very welcome. 

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Colonoscopy Prep Day

I slept late. Read in bed. Moved from the bed to the living room couch and finished an incredible book called "ROOM" by Emma Donoghue.  Amazing book. I continued my liquid diet and moved from the living room couch to the family room couch and watched tv.  I drank the junk - added the pineapple flavor packet - and waited for the time to start.  The whole thing was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Basically, you drink the junk for an hour at 10 min. intervals and then you sit in the bathroom for an hour. I read another book.  Tomorrow morning at 6AM I am to drink the rest of the junk and repeat the process.   No big deal really.  There's a lot worse things in life, you  know? 

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Movies and Karma

Today was a much needed day off.  Saw "The King's Speech" which is really really good, and then went to Karma for dinner which was really really good.  Thanks, Mom, for a great day!


An Outpouring of Love

My little precious, Peaches, was giving me signs all day that she was with me.  At one point, one of my clients who I was doing a reading for tonight said, "OMG." I said, "What?" She said, "I just saw a flash of white light above your head.  Like a ghost."   I smiled.

Just prior to that when I entered Tina's house, my friend Julie closed the door.  Immediately thereafter she heard a knock  and opened the door to find no one there.  She said she knew it was Peaches.

If I thought I would have a day of rest, I was only kidding myself. My day started early with healing clients all day.  Even jewelry customers.  And then more healings. In between I had to drive to pick up my daughter at the movie theater because her glasses broke. They didn't just break, they disintegrated.  The movie theater was not the close one, but being that she couldn't see, she couldn't drive. So I picked her up and transported her across town to Lenscrafters, called mom and her taxi service to drive me back to the movie theatre to pick up my daughter's car and bring it back to her across town again while she waited for her new glasses.  After that I surrounded myself with some of my amazing friends at Tina's birthday party where I was available to do more readings and healings.

Yesterday I was hesitant to post anything on FB about my little dog's passing, but I decided to do so and added a picture.  Tonight there are 80 comments with each one spilling over huge quantities of love and support.  Each time I read another comment, I feel more and more healing. It's so incredible. I have received private notes, emails, and phonecalls, too.  I've received notes from people I don't even know who were moved to write.  This is the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. The outpouring of love has changed me forever.  I am so very very very blessed.  Thank you to everyone.   Love, Harriette

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R.I.P. My Little Precious

My little precious, Peaches, crossed over the rainbow bridge today in my arms.  She had a tumor in her bladder, and not a bladder infection like we had thought.  I felt relief the minute she passed, which was very quickly.  My friends, Christiane and Diana came with me and I am so grateful.  When they took her away, I could see that the shell that remained was not her at all.  I knew she, too, was relieved and happy.
Afterwards, Diana and I went for a walk at Bridgeport. It was dark out and a giant white bird swooped in in front of us.  It flew a few circles in the moonlight making its wings even brighter white. I couldn't figure out how such a big bird could fly and we couldn't tell what kind of bird it was.  After it went in 3 circles, it flew off.  And I realized it was the sign from Peaches that I had asked her to give me that she was okay.   It was like an angel. 
I am so grateful for my little precious who has opened my heart in so many ways.  I know we gave her a really good home after being rescued.  She will live in my heart forever.
The picture above was taken today.  Love, Harriette

Full Moon in Cancer

Today there is a brilliant and powerful full moon in cancer.  To find out ALL about it and how it can affect you, please click on the player above.  Today's show was chock full of great information, healing, and many psychic questions. It's amazing how one person's question can affect so many different people.  I often hear that it sounded as if the show was directed specifically to the person listening.  It doesn't matter when you listen, it is always the perfect time.  Enjoy today's show.

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Yoga, waiting in line at traffic court with my daughter (for her, not me), and a fabulous marketing seminar tonight.  All those things equal a whole day. With lots of other details thrown in.  Like friendships and phonecalls, and memories, and laughter.  Days are full, even when they are not.  Each second is a universe unto itself.  Today's universe blew by at such a rapid speed, if I blinked I might've missed it. If I zero in on each second, I can cherish it.  I am staggered by the immensity of what is happening right now, even in the mundane. 

Life.  It's simply amazing.

P.S. Don't forget to tune in to Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour tomorrow at 3PM PT.  Call in your psychic questions at 646-929-2242 or click HERE to listen online.

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A Blur of a Day

Wow, today just blurred by.  Time is going by so quickly, it's hard to keep up!   I had a couple of healing clients today which is always at the top of my list of favorite things to do, and I am just 3 gems away from completing the Gemstone course for Daily Om - I'm so excited!!! And it was 80 degrees out today which made me infinitely happy. I even pulled out a pair of sandals from the closet. 

And I was in touch with Tom. Who's Tom?  Tom was the lead singer of a band I hung out with in the early 70's in NYC. My boyfriend (not Tom) was the lead guitarist of the band. Apparently Tom is now writing a book about that band and the other bands he was involved with. One of them had a huge hit - Walk Away Renee' which Tom wrote.  You might have heard of it, if you go back as far as I do.

So, Tom sent me a list of interview questions about the band and I tell you, it was really interesting looking back at that time through 17 year old eyes.  The visions of that time have not changed. I see things exactly as they were. When I realize that I was merely 17 at the time, it takes my breath away.  It's exactly the same in my mind, in my eyes, but how can that be? You would think it would change in some way, but it doesn't.  It's frozen in time.  I am still that girl, and she is still me.  And the memories, though nearly 40 years old, seem as fresh as the day they first occurred. 

Oh, and that lead guitarist?  His first band played at my 6th grade graduation dance.  He was in 8th grade. I still have his autograph.  He rocked it then, and he's still rockin' it now.  Some things never change.  And for that I am so grateful.

1/17/11 - Happy Birthday, Tina!
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Happy 80th Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's 80th Birthday.   Unfortunately, his party is in heaven.  I miss him so much, though I know he is with me often.  He leaves hints around, especially with the time.  For me, he shows me 2's. Yes, 2's. I see them ALL the time.  222222222222.  It's so great.  Happy Birthday, Daddy.

Today was full.  I worked in the morning with a client.  Golden Globes this afternoon.  TV. Lots of tv. Stonefire Grill (take out).  My daughter and I scarfing it down.  Worked on the Gemstone course for Daily Om.  A full and wonderful day.

It's 1:22 AM.  What'd I tell ya? Thanks, Daddy-O!

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Bouncing Back

Well....not so much.  Laryngitis today.  Worked diligently on the new Gemstone course for Daily Om. I'm super excited about it. Only 10 more descriptions and meditations to write and then we can see about a launch date!! Woohoo.  Making headway.  I can't talk, but I can still write.  Communication is the key, no matter how, right?

One more thing. Today it hit 84 degrees outside. I was so happy I could hardly contain myself.  SoCal in January.  What a gift.

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Sinus Infection

I KNEW it wasn't a cold!  Went to the doctor, the pharmacy, and took the rest of the day off.  Back to work tomorrow.

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What's Your Sign?

About a month ago, I started to hear a buzz about a 13th astrological sign and that all the signs had shifted meaning that I was not a capricorn, but a sag.  Well, today, it was all over the news. Must've been a slow news day, but I got the skinny on what it all means. It's actually really interesting.

Many of us know that there are different astrology methods, but the one that most of us practice is Western Astrology which confirms I am a capricorn.  You see, there is a school of astrology that still bases their calculations on the constellations which over the years have been pushed farther and farther out into the galaxy opening a 30 degree gap which made room for a 13th constellation.  For those who follow that school of astrology, it makes for 13 signs instead of the 12 we are used to.

The Western school of Astrology maintains its calculations (yes, it is a science) based on the first day of spring and everything stemming from there.  So....this means, that for some, things have changed. But for most, everything is as it has always been. 

Crisis averted!

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Cosmic Unity Consciousness

I'm super excited to announce that Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour has had over 7000 listeners since its debut at the end of March last year.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!  Today's show was filled with excellent information about 1/11/11 and 11:11 and the Cosmic Wheel. If you missed it, simply click on the player above and enjoy, enjoy! 

Thank you to those who have helped make this show such an incredible success. There would be no show without YOU!!  I am so appreciative~

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Healings, yoga, lunch with friends.  I can't think of a more perfect way to spend 1/11/11.  I'm planning to extend the magic on tomorrow's radio show. Lots of great info about 11:11 and more! Tune in at 3PM PT. Click HERE to link to the broadcast.  Got a psychic question? Call 646-929-2242 on Wednesday between 3 and 4PM PT!

Quick note:  A month ago, my yoga teacher Jennifer, was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer in the colon.  We did 3 healing sessions right in a row and her surgery (where they removed 15 inches of her colon) was a success.  Four weeks later, she was back teaching our yoga class.  AMAZINGLY fast for such an intense surgery.  She is just radiating health and joy.   I could not be more thrilled.  It was a great celebration of 1/11/11.  New beginnings for all.

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Monday, Monday

Today was great. I had my WMF (Women Moving Forward) Mastermind meeting with the Fab 5 over at Sheri Varela's house.  It's a great way to gauge just how much is getting done business wise.  And, quite a lot is getting done. All of us are moving forward by leaps and bounds with our businesses. We have been meeting for nearly two years and it is incredible what we have accomplished.  On Friday, we are getting together for our Vision Board Quest to set the tone for the New Year.  I actually accomplished everything on my vision board from last year, so I look forward to setting new goals and new sights.  It's all very exciting.

When I got home I was thrilled to hear that my son was coming over.  The house was unusually quiet with all of us in it. I was blissed out beyond belief. My son, my daughter, my dog, and me.  I worked on the Gemstone course for Daily Om while my daughter gave my son a haircut.  Then, he was on his laptop, and my daughter was rhinstoning her platform heels. My dog was doing what she does best (sleeping).  We all worked simultaneously in quiet and peace.  It was a beautiful thing. 

Tomorrow is 1/11/11.  I have two clients, a yoga class, a lunch, a meditation class, and who knows what else will pop up.   All those ones mean new beginnings.  This is already a powerhouse year.

1/10/11 - Happy Anniversary, Sheri and Louie!
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25 Yarmulkes

I had one of those moments today when I was searching for something for my daughter and found something completely different. In fact, I am still processing the enormity of it.  I started cleaning out the hutch in the living room in search of some old film cannisters I had filled with rhinestones say....about.....twenty years ago.  My daughter has taken to turning her platform high heels into something bedazzly and I knew I had some rhinestones somewhere. Well, I didn't find them, but man oh man, I found a whole lot more.  For some reason I have about 25 yarmulkes.  I don't know why I have so many. It's not like anyone here is wearing a yarmulke, but there you have it. Twenty five of them. 

I also found the one picture of my true love, Lee, that I still have.  Lee was my boyfriend when I was 17.  My daughter told me to get over it already. I'm sure she's right.

But this is what I found that was so amazing.  I am a yellow legal pad freakazoid. I love yellow legal pads.  And for 10 years, I filled yellow legal pads with training information while I was in the Direct Sales industry. I pulled out a huge giant stack of yellow legal pads and was glad to toss them, but then one caught my eye. It had nothing to do with Direct Sales, and upon closer look I realized it was pages and pages of notes about chakras, and toning and in big giant letters, my favorite phrase EVERY MOMENT IS PERFECT.  It was dated eleven years ago in January of 2001.  Quite honestly I wish I had found these notes before I wrote my chakra book (lol), because there was some really great stuff in there!  I realize now that my current life was being carved in stone quite awhile ago, and I didn't fully realize it as it was happening.  Though I've been a healing practitioner for longer than that, it was eye opening to see how serious my studies had been.

The wild thing is, I don't remember taking these notes, though they were clearly in my handwriting. I don't remember the seminar or workshop or the environment. I just know that something extremely profound was happening eleven years ago, and I am so glad I have an souvenier and reminder.   Guaranteed we will be talking about some of these things on upcoming radio broadcasts.  Just you wait!

On a different note, I got a call tonight from my friend Brian, who I have been friends with since college in the early 70's. He calls every now and then from the east coast where he lives.  I said, "Hey, Bri, how's it goin'?" And he said, "Well, it's been a little crazy here."  I said, "Why is that?" He said, "My nephew is one of the two men who took down the shooter."

Of course he was referring to the tragic shooting in Tuscon yesterday. I had an in depth conversation earlier with my friend Diana about it. I talked about social feng shui which to me means that everything is in perfect order.  That the person who was next to Giffords was a retired obstetrician who knew to keep her head up. And that another person there was an ex ER physician.  And that a retired Army Colonel after feigning death (since he was shot in the head) jumped up to help hold the shooter down after the woman knocked the gun out of his hand and a young man jumped on him to hold him.  The young man....my friend Brian's nephew.  It wasn't enough that the Safeway is my friend Diana's sister's supermarket.   I was already about 2 degrees of separation going into the call.  Another reminder how we are all connected.

Be safe.  Hug your children.

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A One Day Hiatus...........


1/8/11 - Happy Birthday, Elvis.
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My calendar says 'Friday' but I'm not so sure. I can't tell what day it is since they all seem to blur together.  Time is moving so quickly. Okay, so maybe it wasn't allergies afterall, but a bit of a cold.  I never get sick, so it took me a day or two to figure this one out.  It's like having a slight cold.  Wierd, if you ask me.

Today was amazingly busy. Healing client after healing client. I feel like I have one foot in and one foot out of this world.  When I wasn't doing healing sessions, I was working on the Gemstone course for Daily Om.  The meditations I'm writing for each stone is another one way ticket out of reality.  One foot in, and one foot out, I swear. 

I conked out on the couch, and it felt delicious. I love my new couches.  All warm and cozy.  I feel infinitely lucky and look forward to an amazing and productive weekend. 

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A Blur

I woke up sneezing. Not a cold. Allergies.  Been sneezing all day. Sneezing now, in fact.  One big sneezing attack for all day.  It's the worst!  I held up my John of God crystal from Brazil to my third eye and my nose started to run. A relief from the stuffiness. This is not a cold, it's allergies, but it's still all sneezy and stuffy. Wierd, if you ask me.

I went to yoga today, and it was a beautiful class. Despite the runny nose (lol).  Since it was like a private class, we also did healing. It was amazing.  Zipped home and did more healing.  More amazing.  Despite the runny nose (lol). 

Zipped off to get a haircut when my phone rang. It was my mom checking to see if I was okay.  "Sure! Why?"  Her answer was funny.  She said that she wondered if I was okay because I hadn't posted on Facebook all day.    Hahahaha........I'm laughing now, but I wonder if I need to curb my habit a bit.

Belated birthday sushi dinner with my friend Lisa tonight - so yummy.  Despite my runny nose (not even LOL-ing anymore).  TV tonight.  A total couch potato. What did I watch?  The special "The Facebook Obsession."   Hmmmm..........

Wow, that crystal really worked. My head is now clearer than it was all day.  And no runny nose. Or sneezing.  Ahhhhhh.....relief.  I am so grateful.

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Present Moment Awareness on the Radio!

The beginning of the New Year is a perfect time to cover some great tips to achieve Present Moment Awareness and How to Stop the Negative Mind Chatter.  We did just that on today's Harriette Knight's Psychic and Healing Hour.  To hear today's broadcast, please click on the player above. We had the most listeners today for one live broadcast ever, and the total number of listeners for the last 9 months topples over 6500!  Wow!!!  I'm so excited!

Another thing that has me bursting with pride is the following note from a customer who bought a stunning and powerful red jasper necklace.  This is what she has to say.....

"Hi Harriette!  That necklace is so amazing I  kept having to pinch myself this morning! I put it on yesterday at noon and I immediately could see white lightening bolts filtering through when I closed my eyes. My ears popped and soon I heard ringing in my ears.(I actually heard ringing in my ears the day before when I told mom that I purchased the piece. It wasn't even here yet.) The energy slowly headed from the Crown chakra down within 10 minutes aligning the centers in a powerful yet very soothing way. My face felt really itchy that night and I felt tingling and warm areas on my face. I showered and went to sleep and slept well wearing it. I awoke this morning and saw that my Acne had improved tremendously!  The cystic ones were gone and the small diffused blemishes had flattened out with even a dramatic lightening of the discolorations. Quite amazing and it seems that each of your pieces work a little differently and over the years I've come to know which to use and when!"  Charlene Mayeda

I am so thrilled!!

There's been a lot of amazing things happening over here lately. Between the heaing sessions, the gemstone course (in progress), the radio show, and everything else that's been going on, well.... it's been one helluva first 5 days of the year!  One word.....A M A Z I N G !

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It's true. You can get 365 messages to your inbox for as low as $1 for the entire year!   The sliding scale that Daily Om offers is a great thing, so that everyone can take advantage of their wonderful courses.  A YEAR of INTUITIVE ILLUMINATIONS is such a course. It's like a diamond in the rough that is yearning to be discovered!! Discover it today!  Just click on the link and if moved to sign up, you will get your first inspirational message right away!  Click HERE!

Today was a day full of healings. Between clients, I stole away to Yoga Yoga for a fabulous Yin yoga class. It's like an hour of meditation!  While there I worked out some marketing strategies - lol - nothing like killing two birds with one stone, right?

Tomorrow's radio show is going to be EXCELLENT! The topic is Present Moment Awareness and How to Stop the Negative Mind Chatter.  I have found that listeners really like the "How To" shows so we will just have to come up with more of them!  We have had nearly 1000 new listeners in just one week's time!! It's incredible. Tune in tomorrow (Wed.) at 3PM PT by clicking HERE or calling 646-929-2242 and ask a psychic question for FREE!

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Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Tonight!

Tonight at 1:03 AM, there is a solar eclipse in Capricorn. Michelle Karen' who is such a brilliant astrologer has such a knack for zeroing in on what we most need to know. Here is a copy of her latest newsletter with an excellent ritual to accompany this extraordinary event.  Please feel free to pass it along.

  • The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (13º39’) on January 4 at 1:03 AM PST.

As this new year 2011 starts, we are truly being projected into the unknown. In the Mayan Calendar, this one-before-last year is our last chance to clear our karma. This is why everything is coming to a head in such a violent way, forcing us to face the consequences of our actions,  but most profoundly, look at our thoughts/images, our feelings and the realities they create in our external world.

This Solar Eclipse talks about the need to find passion in our lives, fully commit ourselves to our spiritual growth, to projects that make us soar, as well as to a deep relationship -first to ourselves in the marriage of the masculine and the feminine within- and then to another whom we have a strong soul bond with. We are seeking nothing less than true intimacy with a person with whom we are of matching power and can relate to in body, mind, soul and spirit. This position is also likely to reveal what is keeping us from true love, what false/limiting/limited beliefs we still hold on to that prevent us from experiencing the joys of shared love. It is a time to dwell profoundly into the thoughts we have surrounding relationships and sexuality. Unexpected fortuitous events involving friends, the pursuit of educational, humanitarian or spiritual interests support us in realizing dreams and visions we’ve held for a long time for a deep personal relationship.

It also requires of us to see our own beauty, own our personal power and stand in our passion.

We could be led to creating new adventurous streams of income that require that we take certain risks in expanding our skills.

Limitations could be felt in our domestic circumstances, somewhat stifling the scope of our actions. But if we remain mindful that the change we want to see in the world first needs to occur in our own perception, then those blocks will automatically disappear and we’ll truly become the masters of our destiny. Making our home a sanctuary to bring the sacred into our daily lives could become important.

Because an eclipse multiplies a hundred fold the power of a regular New Moon, this is a chance to transmute what we have felt limited by and welcome what is more in alignment with our higher destiny. Making a fire ceremony is a wonderful way to assist in this process. If possible, it is best to do it outdoors. If you don’t have a backyard or balcony, use an old pan or Tibetan bowl, place 1 cup of epsom salts covered with 70º rubbing alcohol. Prepare as many sticks (or toothpicks) as you have aspects of your life to release and intentions to bring in. Open sacred space (as shared by the Q’ero Master Shamans of Peru, through Alberto Villoldo) with a rattle or drum with these words, turning towards each direction as you speak (with great feeling and consciousness):

“To the winds of the South
Great Serpent
Wrap your coils of light around us
Teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin
To walk softly on the Earth
Teach us the Beauty Way

“To the winds of the West
Mother, sister Jaguar
Protect our medicine space
Teach us the way of peace, to live impeccably
Show us the way beyond death.

“To the winds of the North
Hummingbird, Grandmothers and Grandfathers
Ancient Ones
Come and warm your hands by our fires
Whisper to us in the wind
We honor you who have come before us
And you who will come after us, our children’s children.

“To the winds of the East
Great Eagle, great Condor
Come to us from the place of the rising Sun
Keep us under your wing
Show us the mountains we only dare to dream of
Teach us to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit

“Mother Earth
We’ve gathered for the healing of all of your children
The Stone People, the Plant People,
The four-legged, the two-legged, the creepy crawlers
The finned, the furred, and the winged ones
All our relations.

“Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, to the Star Nations
Great Spirit, you who are known by a thousand names
And you who are the unnamable One
Thank you for bringing us together
And allowing us to sing the Song of Life”.

Light your fire.

Taking one stick at a time, place it against your forehead and focus on your intention. Blow it three times into the stick before offering it to the fire for transmutation.

When done, close each direction, rattling or drumming saying :
To the winds of the South, thank you, thank you, thank you.
To the winds of the West.....

You may do a fire tonight and also tomorrow night as well.

Michelle Karen'
Astrologer and Author

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I live in Southern California. Trust me, it does not snow here. EVER.  Well, once it snowed. It was Feb. 8, 1989. My daughter was 18 months old. She was too little to go out and play with her 3 year old brother and make a snowman. However.....today was different.  It snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean really, really snowed. It was such a huge distraction I didn't get anything done except clean my closet (finally. It took all day!!).  I just couldn't stop looking at the snow (in disbelief, I might add). It was amazing!!!  Here's a pic of my baby girl in snow for the very first time.  (She's 23).  And some pics of my outdoor sanctuary.  More snow fell after the pictures were taken, and now, about 7 hours later, it is still on the ground.  Everything is white. It's supposed to get way down in the 30's tonight.  Did I mention I live in Southern California?

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More New Year Fun!

The first thing I did on the first day of the New Year was book a healing client. I figure why not start off the New Year right!  Afterwards, I got ready for New Year's party #2 at my friend Lisa Madison's house. I got my pot luck contribution (more vegetable potstickers - OMG, this is my new favorite pot luck thing to make), and off I went to see Lisa's new home. GORGEOUS!!!  She really has knack for putting a place together.  Since so many of the people there had also been at Steve's house last night, we continued the fun with more charades.  This is easily addictive!! 

After the party, my daughter and I took off to go down to LA to see Ema and the Ghosts perform at Pehrspace on Glendale Blvd in Echo Park. Ema was FABULOUS!!!  I swear, she sings like an angel. Her songs  (all original) are unique and pull you in so you are riveted on every word and note.  She is soooooooooooo talented.  It makes me cry just thinking about it.  Who is Ema?  She's my son's gal pal of 4 years.  They are adorable together.  I love her.

Tomorrow I plan on working more on the Gemstone course for Daily Om. It's supposed to rain so it will be a perfect day to get work done.  One of these days I will relax, but not yet. There is just too much to do! 

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011! Wow, I can already feel the changes in the year. It feels lighter, as if the entire planet released a whole slew of burdens.

Today was really, really great. I worked on the Gemstone course for DailyOm.com and created 13 meditations that correlate with the gemstones.  Only 39 more to go! By the end of the day I was completely dreamy, and could see how effective the meditations will be for the enrollees of the course. Stay tuned for more information and a launch date!

Tonight I went to an intimate New Year's gathering with appetizers, charades, and bottle rockets. So much fun!! A great way to begin what is sure to be a very exciting year!

BTW, if you are wondering where the rest of the blog posts went, simply click HERE. They've been moved to the archive called Daily Blog 2010.

12/31/10 - 1/1/11
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