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Blogger's End, For Now

I've been writing my blog since 2008 and I've decided that it is time to put a cap on it. All the blogs can be found on this website in the Archives. There are seven pages of blogs - Schwoo! that is a lot of blogging.

It's been an incredible forum to have to share thoughts, ideas, and events, and I am so grateful that many of you have joined me on this journey. I certainly look forward to what is next, and I hope you continue to tune in to Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour every Wednesday at 3pmPT for the latest in metaphysical trends and teachings, and of course answering your questions.  I will also be continuing my classes each month beginning with SOUL VISION on January 6th at 7pm.  Please click HERE for more details.  

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a healing session or psychic reading, please visit the Online Store for options and pricing HERE.

It has been an honor and a blessing to have shared my thoughts with you all these years. To continue to stay in touch with what's new, please SUBSCRIBE to my website.

Many blessings and love, Harriette

Connecting to the Breath

As we head into winter here in Southern California, I've been taking advantage of the close proximity to the beach and the ocean. It truly helps remind me what it feels like to breathe.  

I am always surprised that I don't breathe enough. Or properly. I always find myself reminding my body to take a breath, even though I am someone who preaches breathing to the masses. I even have a large sign in my home that says Breathe, and my favorite shirt says Breathe. I love that shirt so much, I have two.

In fact, right now, I am reminding myself to breathe. In more than one past life regression when it gets to the part of the last day of that lifetime, I recall the feeling of not being able to breathe. Or labored breathing. I realize that this is a thing with me, and I am consciously working on correcting it.  

Breathing is so simple, really. I mean we do it automatically or we, well, die.  But I find more often than not I am holding my breath until I remind myself to take a moment, and breathe...deeply.

I have a feeling that I will explore this more. The idea of holding one's breath is an interesting concept and one that comes with waiting for "the other shoe to drop," or something like that. Perhaps this is good opportunity to let go of that old programming, for if the other shoe drops or not, we still have to breathe.

When I am at the beach, I can breathe. In fact, here is proof! Won't you breathe with me?





It's a Whirlwind!

It certainly has been a whirlwind and unfortunately I do not have the time to blog like I used to. This is an extraordinary time to be alive. So much change!  It's exciting and daunting, and full of surprises!  

Please continue to join us each week on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. The shows have been full of great information helping all of us to cope with the changes in our personal landscapes. This is also boutique season!  In fact, just this weekend I got to see SO MANY FRIENDS and familiar faces!

On Saturday, Nov. 9th I will be doing psychic readings all day at Fleur Wellness Spa on Main Street in Newhall from 11-5. Should be a magical day! 10 minute readings all day!

The $99 Special for a 30 minute reading is still going strong until November 10th when mercury goes direct.  To take advantage of the special, please call 661-254-4747 to make an appointment or online HERE.  

This was taken last weekend at Saugus High School Boutique Fantastique!




On the Eve of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Even if you know an event is occurring such as an eclipse or Mercury Retrograde, you never know how it will manifest in your life. I have found HUGE shifts in consciousness over the past few days, reflecting on patterns in my life that I am now conscious about changing. This is HUGE, and I find myself quite the philosopher these days. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to delve deep into the recesses of our minds and process what was, is, and can be. It allows us to face our fears and come clean and learn to TRUST in the process and the outcome. It's quite amazing, and frightening, like riding a roller coaster or watching American Horror Story.  What's coming up for you these days? Reflect on patterns. It might be just the thing to complete the puzzle that has been holding you back from moving forward.





On today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, we covered a lot of great information about the upcoming eclipse which will occur on Friday, October 18th . If you want to listen, simply click on the player above. Lots of change, change, change! 




Eclipse Season

We are heading into a new eclipse season which we will be discussing on this week's Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. It is always so helpful when you have a head's up on what to expect. Though we never REALLY know what to expect since eclipses bring on surprises. 

Our first eclipse is on October 18th in the sign of Aries, and then a second eclipse on November 3rd in Scorpio.  It's not like we have anything else going on that is changing by the minute, right? So buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life!

Tune in on Wednesday, Oct. 16th at 3pm PT by calling 646-929-2242 or by clicking here.




New Moon in Libra on October 4th

There are a lot of aspects affecting us right now and we covered a large portion of it on today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour which you can hear by clicking on the player above. Enjoy, enjoy! 




The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Traveling Wall

I was honored this weekend to be one of the readers for the 58,286 names on the Vietnam Veterans Wall. This traveling wall is here in my town for this weekend only. It was a remarkable experience to be a reader. This is the first time that all the names are being read aloud for 24 hours each day the wall is here (Thurs through Sun). It's an exact replica of the wall in Washington at 80% of it's size and it is also the first one engraved so you can make etchings like you can in D.C. 

I have been to the Wall in Washington, D.C., and cannot express how fortunate I feel that the traveling wall is here in my own backyard.

I actually went twice over the weekend. Once to read and once with a friend of mine who had served in Vietnam. I went with him and his family (his wife is my bestfriend) and a great healing took place. He could not believe he found the courage to go to the Memorial since he had been filled with so much anger over the years about those who lost their lives. After visiting the wall, he felt peaceful and said, "I realize now they were just doing what they had been told to do." After that, I felt happy for him and his daughter took my picture. 




Tuesday's News

I've mentioned before that I am having an issue with TIME. I know I am not the only one. I NEVER know what day it is and all days feel like Sunday. And Sunday's feel like weekdays. It's very confusing! 

What I do know is that the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique was a beautiful success with wonderful people participating and visiting.  It is a true blessing to be surrounded by so many wonderful souls. 

In a flurry of creative energy, I made two new necklaces. There is more in the ONLINE STORE. Check out these two beauties. I hope you like them!

Also, on tomorrow's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, our Angel Expert, Kimberly Barclay, will be joining me for a FULL HOUR OF PSYCHIC & ANGEL CARD READINGS! Don't miss it! Live at 3PM PT by calling 646-929-2242!




Pisces Full Moon and Spiritual Boutique

It's a flurry of activity as we head into the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn. Today's full moon in Pisces is a grand time to harvest your dreams. To find out more, simply click on the player above and catch the latest broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. You'll find some powerful information about today's full moon and how to utilize it to the best of your ability. 

Saturday is quickly coming upon us and the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at the Residence Inn is sure to be a fabulous event! From 10-4 you will have a chance to sample unique services and vendors that can really help to shape and shift your life!  The Residence Inn is located at 25320 The Old Road in Stevenson Ranch, CA.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, it's super convenient. Just take the 5 freeway north to Lyons Avenue and turn Left. You will see the Residence Inn from there.  Hope to see you!  Here is the line up:

SERVICES:  Harriette Knight - Psychic Readings/Healings - $30 for 10 minutes

                        Kimberly Barclay - Angel Readings - $25 for 15 minutes

                        Maile Gray - Handwriting Analysis -  $15

                        Diane Stacy - Heavenly Healing Bamboo Chair Massage - $20

                        Tina Landrum - Crystal & Energy Healing $25  

Natalie Cooke – 3D Body Scan - $25 for 15 minutes

                        Andrea Giampaolo & Warren Volpe - Astrology Chart & Reading $25

                        Carol Woodliff - Shaman Readings & Healing - $25                 

VENDORS:  Harriette Knight - Charity Clarity Healing Jewelry

                        Elaine Giftos Wright - Feng Shui Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

                        Shawneen Rubay - Yoga Bags, Scarves for Dogs & Humans, Corn Cozies

                        Jacki Curcio – La Curcio Skincare

                        Terri Allen – DoTerra Essential Oils

                        Jody Valmassy – Amazing Nature Art

Karen Maleck-Whiteley - Tarot & Chakra Candles, Flying Wish Paper, & More! 

            Nancy Gonzalez – Reiki Crystals and Gemstones





Gearing up for the Spiritual & Psychic Boutique on Saturday, Sept. 21 at The Residence Inn from 10-4!  Wonderful services and vendors!  Readings, healings, massage, jewelry, clothing, art, gemstones, and SO MUCH MORE!  Check out the new Happy Chakra Necklace! Available at the boutique or in the ONLINE STORE!




Remembering 9/11

Today was a most reflective day, and I devoted the first portion of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour to remembering September 11, 2001 and how we have changed since then. I am proud of today's show and encourage you to listen. If moved to, please click on the player above.




Meditation CD's Available on Itunes and Amazon!


Both meditation CD's are available for immediate download on Itunes and Amazon, or click HERE and download immediately from this site! If you prefer the actual CD or 2 CD set, click HERE for all the options.  Immediate delivery!  

5 star review on Amazon for Meditations to Heal a Wounded Heart! 

"My son and I enjoyed listening to the meditations on this CD together. He listened with the most blissful smile on his face. He sometimes feels stressed about school and I thought the meditations might benefit him. He said they were helpful. I often meditate on my own, and Harriette's guided meditations were great. They helped me to relax into myself and let go of tension, leaving me feeling more peaceful. I hope many other people will have the chance to enjoy this CD and relax to Harriette's meditations. Super easy way to introduce yourself to meditating." Rebecca K.




New Moon, New Beginnings, New Year

Happy New Year! You don't have to be Jewish to start anew! Stake your claims and declare what you want for your life from this point on. The new moon in Virgo supports these claims. For more information, tune in to the latest episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour by clicking on the player above to find out more!  

This is what one of our listeners had to say:

"I had suffered through a couple of heart attacks, have ongoing COPD, and was at a loss as to how to move forward with my life. During my medical leave, I started listening to you, on Blog Talk Radio, which was about two years ago.  

You gave me the strength to make a move in my life I was scared to do, retire early and give myself a life! And, I did just that.  

I knew I would have to budget my employer’s pension fund, only withdrawing enough funds to sustain, while awaiting early Social Security payments, making sure that there was still have enough pension left over, to continue to cover my health insurance costs through the end of my life.    

And, I have done that!  

Each week, you give us guidance, instructions, readings, healings, and, in my case, the inner strength to acknowledge myself and to do things that will benefit me, which in turn, benefits everyone I come in contact with.  

From listening to your shows, I can honestly say “I love to meditate” now, and I am finding new ways to expand my energy, be true to myself, and heal myself. 

I have a long way to go, but I know that if I ever stumble, I can always tune into your weekly show or listen to an archived show! Even though your shows are based on what is happening in the universe, I honestly feel that each show was drafted for me, to help me overcome my obstacles in life.

I am so very blessed that you came into my life! I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to find you, an answer to a prayer.  

You have shown me how to live again, and for that I will always be grateful."

Your friend,  Carol Curran Johnson  




End of Summer

Going to Movie Night at the Hollywood Bowl marks the official end of summer. It's always held on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and each year seems to come faster and faster.  It was a beautiful and warm night at the Bowl as we ate a delcious dinner by candlelight of salmon and other treats. I love Movie Night.

The theme this year was A Tribute to Oscar and the montage at the beginning of the show is always my favorite, though this year I just loved the tribute to Jaws, Casablanca, and the encore of Dorothy singing Over the Rainbow. It was a truly magical experience.




Last Day of the Jewelry Sale!

Today is the last day of the jewelry sale. After today, everything goes back to regular prices. Check out what is available by clicking HERE.  Enjoy, enjoy!




NEW Meditation CD's Now Available!

They're here!  And ready for immediate delivery! Two new meditation CD's!

Click on each picture for more information and to order! Or click HERE!

If you would like to hear a sample meditation, click HERE to listen to yesterday's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour or on the player above. The topic OVERCOMING FEAR featured the FEAR meditation from Meditations to Heal a Wounded Heart. Enjoy, enjoy!  




Yo Yo Ma at the Bowl

What could be better than this? Yo Yo Ma doing Blue Grass at the Hollywood Bowl. And not just Blue Grass, he also did Bach, and jazz, and so much more with 3 other amazing musicians.  It was pure joy.




Shakespeare and Me

I can't believe I am going to admit this, being a theatre major and all, but Shakespeare really bugs me. Or perhaps it is the actors performing Shakespeare that bugs me. I know that sounds negative. I have seen good Shakespeare so I know it exists, but I have also seen some really bad Shakespeare.  Which was the case last night.

Midsummer's Night's Dream is being performed at the Ivy Substation in Culver City by Tim Robbin's Actor Gang.  To me it was like when you are a kid and say "Let's put on a show," and the only ones who enjoy it are the ones in it? (Unless your parents are watching).  Well watching the peformance last night was like that.  Over the top. Loud yelling voices. Over acting. Saying words that make no sense.  Okay, it was awful.  And LONG!  And just when I thought I could get out of there, Tim Robbins requests that we stay for the Q&A which we had to do because my date had been in Shawshank Redemption with him years ago.  It was in the Q&A I found out there were 3 Pucks in the show! I was wondering why nothing was making sense.  Three Pucks?????  And get this, Tim Robbins said, "Maybe next time we will have 10 Pucks."  

I rest my case.




Meditation CD's Coming Soon!

Two new meditation CD's will be hitting the market soon! I'M SO EXCITED! The first one is called MEDITATIONS TO HEAL A WOUNDED HEART and covers 1. Feeling Safe 2. Forgiveness 3. Fear 4. Guilt and 5. Coming Home. We tested 4 of the 5 meditations last Monday during my class and they were a HIT! The CD sells for $9.95 and will be available within the next two weeks!

A double CD set, GEMSTONE POWER!, will also be released this month.  It's the 52 meditations that accompany my book GEMSTONE POWER! 52 Meanings and Meditations from Abalone to Zircon.  What's different about these meditations that unlike others, you can listen to these while driving! They are uplifting, positive, and inspirational boosts to your spirit.  The 2 CD set sells for $18.99 and comes in an attractive DVD case.  Great gifts, too!

Stay tuned for more as the these new products are rolled out.  Woohoo!!!





I seem to have a family of gophers that have moved in to my backyard. There hasn't been a gopher residence for about 20 years so I researched what this all means beside the fact that they are tearing up my yard. According to Lin's Domain,

Gopher people need to look beneath the surface of things and people to see the truth hidden there. They like feeling safe and comfortable and usually have their pantries well stocked. Take responsibility for your achievements, errors and the choices you make. Don't give credit (or blame) to others or outside circumstances. Own your path. You may have to move backward a little in order to move forward, but know that you are moving towards your goal, but perhaps a little slower than others. Gopher people are sensitive to vibrations - trust these feelings when meeting new people and places.

Dang! I thought I was done with all that!  




Meditations to Heal a Wounded Heart

I'm super excited that the Meditations to Heal a Wounded Heart CD is coming soon! Woohoo!!! Stay tuned for more info. If you would like to reserve your copy, let me know! The CD sells for $9.99 and will be available in the next few weeks!





Fluorite Galore

It was an interesting experience with my friends Julie, Tina, and Karen when we drove way past Pasadena to the Crystal Tunnel. My 3 friends were there to stock up on some crystals used for gridding and healing, and I was along for the field trip adventure. Of course I have my own incredible collection of gemstones, but wasn't in need of anything new...or so I thought. 

As soon as we walked in, I was immediately drawn to any and all of the fluorite there. Now this place is filled with treasures and fluorite is just a small part of it, but I couldn't help but touch the fluorite whether it was raw or polished, tumbled, or slabbed. 

Fluorite is a third eye activator and has always been a favorite of mine. I love the purple and greens and blues and clears and how it ribbons together. But like I said, I wasn't in need of anything new. Until I saw this....

This slab of flourite measures 11" x 9" and it is radiating a powerhouse of energy. Of course it had to come home with me. 

After a beautiful lunch at The Dish in La Canada Flintridge, we headed back home with our treasures. It was a glorious day. What treasures have you found lately?




Les Miz and More!

I have been fortunate to see many productions of Les Miserables including the Broadway production that played at the Shubert Theater in LA, but tonight's production of Les Miz presented by the Santa Clarita Regional Theatre and Canyon Theatre Guild was OFF THE CHARTS!!  Wow. I am still feeling the power of the production with fabulous voices, sets, costumes, and staging. What a treat!! Blown away!!

This was on the heels of attending my nephew's graduation for his internship at USC Medical School for doing stem cell research.  Another WOW!!!

How can it get better than this? Oh, maybe 13 episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Oh yeah. Treat yourself.  :)




When Your Get Up and Go, Got Up and Went

Check out today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. You'll be glad you did! Simply click on the player above or click HERE.  Enjoy!




More Energetic Shifts

You would think that with all the energetic shifting going on, we'd get used to it, but clearly that is not the case.  The changes are happening so quickly, forcing us to live presently, and teaching us that breathing is all we can fully do right now. Breathe, breathe, breathe. 

Last night's performance of Chicago, the musical, at the Hollywood Bowl was so terrific! I loved every second. I was fortunate to see Chicago in the early 70's in previews before it opened on Broadway. My dad took me and it was a special treat. Chita Rivera, Gwen Verden, and Jerry Orbach were the stars. Our seats were 3rd row center.  Wow.  I can still picture it vividly.

Last night's peformance at the Bowl was wonderful. Drew Carey was terrific as Amos, and ethe rest of the cast did a great job. The orchestra was spectacular. Dinner under the stars, it doesn't get any better than that!

This week is once again a game changer. What is changing in your life?




Here, There, and Everywhere

Where does the time go?  After Wednesday's show about Summer Animal Totems and their Secret Messages (if you missed it, simply click on the player above), it's been non stop activity!  On Thursday I decided more redecorating was necessary and painted in my bedroom. I even contemplated putting a tv in there, but one of the #1 feng shui rules is no tv in the bedroom and I just couldn't wrap my head around breaking that rule. It took up a lot of brain space, however, during the day. It's funny what the mind can fixate on.

Yesterday was a gorgeous and relaxing day in Encino visiting a dear friend of mine from Florida. We've been friends since 1975 and lunch and jacuzzi and pool time was exactly what the doctor ordered. From there, I went to see the acclaimed movie 20 Feet from Stardom which is a documentary about back up singers. SO GOOD!! See it if you can.

My vacation day continued by going over to see some live music at Dinks (where my daughter works next to Lazy Dog at the mall) and the band was incredible!!!! I think Dinks is a secret here in the SCV.  Great food. Great prices. So fun. You can even sit on the patio.  Ask for Chevy if you go. 

Today is a work day. YAY! And then maybe the Street Fair and Concert in the Park. Who knows what surprises are around the corner before the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow!






After seeing Val Kilmer last week in the hideously self serving performance of Citizen Twain in Culver City, I have to say I was a little gun shy to venture to the theatre again so soon, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the show Parallelogram which is now showing at the Mark Taper Forum in downtown LA.  It was engaging, smart, and I didn't fall asleep once, which is always my barometer for rating a performance. The actors did a great job, and the script was interesting and thought provoking. The sets were amazing. Dinner beforehand at Kendalls was delicious (as always) and all in all, it was a really great evening.




R.I.P. Dennis Farina

I never met Dennis Farina, but I felt like I knew him. I followed his career from the beginning even before he hit it big in such films as my favorite "Midnight Run." I had the strangest experience yesterday, though, a little over 12 hours before I heard about his passing. 

On Sunday late afternoon I was watching eons of television and the first thing I was watching was a movie called "The Last Rites of Joe May" starring Dennis Farina. It's a sad tale of a guy who really can't get a break and I didn't even know why I was watching, in fact, I think I had even seen it before.  But I like Dennis Farina and I was thinking heavily about him as an actor in Midnight Run, etc., and also that he and my friend Janet had become friends over these last few years, and she couldn't say enough good things about him.... Now it's just so strange to me that I even invested so much thought about him last night at the beginning of my tv marathon, but I did. And in the movie, I remember thinking about "The Last Rites" and how in the movie Dennis Farina dies.......I was shocked and saddened when I saw the news this morning that he had passed, at age 69 of a blood clot in his lung. I texted my friend Janet, who had not yet heard the news. I was sad that I had to tell her that her friend had died, and I was sad for the rest of us, too. 

A few hours after the news story broke, the Royal Baby was born. A boy!  The future king. I so wanted it to be the Lion King, but the sun was a smidge away from Leo (the sign of the Lion) so I couldn't in all honesty call him that. But I did yell out Hakuna Matata which means 'No worries,' and that is my wish for all of us on this Super Full Moon.




A Venice Respite and Val Kilmer

It was brutally hot again today, though I know it is hot everywhere right now. The east coast is having a heat wave like never before, but here in SoCal it's like that every summer. Not in Venice, though!  

I drove down to Venice to Ronnie's house and even the traffic didn't bother me. I was not in a time crunch and the air conditioning was on. When I got to Ronnie's, I read my book for a full hour before we had one of Ronnie's famous gourmet dinners. Gazpacho and Tuna Nicoise Salad. She also made homemade mint ice cream and creme broullet but since I don't eat desserts, I could only have a teeny taste. OMG.  Like a party in my mouth.

We had tickets to see Val Kilmer as Citizen Twain at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City. Val Kilmer wrote and created this one man show. Okay, it was terrible. Though I got a good nap. 

It was really cool out on the Westside tonight, too. Cool enough to wear a sweater and scarf. As I drove home and got closer and closer, I could feel the heat rise about 30 degrees. That is the difference on just a 30 minute drive. A degree for each minute.  Always mind boggling, but easy to cool off if you have to!

How are you staying cool?




And the Good News Is.....

...hopefully the crying jags are over. The Water grand trine is activated! To find out what that means, simply click on the player above and catch the latest episode of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. Lots of great information and insights for YOU! 




Water, Water, Everywhere

We are in the middle of an intense Grand Trine in all water signs. Don't be surprised if your own waterworks are flowing. Emotions are out of control right now. It's a time of major healing.  Cry, cry, cry if you are moved to do so.




As Time Goes By

I have been writing this blog nearly everyday since 2008 and I know that I have been remiss in writing each day recently. Time has sped up so much that the day is out before I know it. I apologize for calling this a Daily Blog when I don't write daily, so thank you for forgiving me. 

Recently I have been focusing on redoing my house, seeing clients and doing healings and readings, and spending time with special friends and family members. It's a reflective time, perfect for mercury retrograde, and though I feel that I have quite a bit to say, lately I've been parceling that out on my radio show and in my classes.  It's all extraordinarily fulfilling and I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do. 

Today I'm going to spend the day with Tina and Julie doing some crystal grid work with a group of people I have never met. It will certainly be life changing and energy shifty for all of us, and ultimately the planet. I really am grasping one heart consciousness and that everything we do is tied to each other.  Like I said, this is a reflective time, and feels very important. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and cleaning out the clutter before mercury stations direct next Saturday. After that, I can't wait to see the changes in all of us and the world. With some amazing astrological aspects upon us, our personal universes are changing by leaps and bounds in the best way. Stay tuned.....





Being Human and Spiritual at the Same Time

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was full to the brim with great information to inspire, teach, and motivate. If you wish to listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above.  Enjoy, enjoy!




The New Moon and The New Normal

Tonight's class was a gift! The New Moon and The New Normal Vision Boarding. We created, we learned, we shared, we wished. It was a beautiful evening with incredible women, gathering together in my home for creating a vision of our new best selves. I loved every moment!




A Day of Amazing Grace

Today was one of those magical days that just kept getting better and better as it went along. The motto for today was "How can it get any better than this?" and the universe kept showing us more and more examples.

I started out early, meeting Aimee at the Park & Ride to go to Santa Monica for meditation class. At meditation, there was a special guest. A venerable monk from Thailand who led the 2 hour meditation to a packed room. I mean packed! There was not an extra inch to sit. It was incredible and the energy was palpable. 

Afterwards, we hit Cafe Gratitude in Venice where the food and atmosphere seem to fill every pore with goodness. Not wanting the day to end, Aimee and I went down to Venice Beach and checked out every dreamcatcher, henna tattoo, original art piece, sunglass stand, and everything else under the California sun which finally peeked through the marine layer around 4 in the afternoon. By that time, we walked to the water's edge and took in the negative ions, even carving out a place in the sand for a nap. 

On our way back down the boardwalk, we stumbled upon an intense drum circle and took in the rhythms for awhile before the crowd thinned out at dinner time.

Instead of hitting the freeway, we decided to continue our journey and made out way to Santa Monica to PF Changs where they have an extensive gluten free menu. We scarfed down some ginger chicken and rice noodles before we headed back to Santa Clarita for the night. 

You would think the day would end there, but there was more!

I had a feeling about a flat tire but pushed it out of my mind. When we pulled up to my car, everything seemed fine until I heard a man and his son shout out, "You have a flat tire! Stop!" It turns out that this man and his son live about 2 blocks from me and what turned into a synchronistic moment with him being a service engineer for Honda (I have a Honda CRV) and his son going to MIT (Aimee's son went to Brandeis and had a lot of Boston info to share) and the dad changing my tire in record time (I think he was hitting on me, too), and all of this going on while right next to us 2 police officers were arresting someone!!!! I felt like I was in an episode of "Cops!"  

At any rate, everything was effortless, and settling in to watch Dexter, I thought, "How can it get any better than this?"   It was truly a perfect and magical day.





Hot Town, Summer in the City

I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday L O N G weekend and staying cool. It's been such a combo of lazy days and activity. The fireworks were great, and I've been fortunate to have breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with friends, and read and fall asleep on the many couches in my house. It's been quite a nice little stay-cation. Monday is the New Moon and my New Normal Vision Boarding class. For more information or to register, please click HERE. It's going to be more like a party than a class, but we will be creating vision boards and doing a New Moon ritual as well. I am looking forward to it!  




The Heat and the Heat

To say it has been brutally hot here is an understatement. It's BRUTAL with temperatures over 110 each day. To beat the heat (even with air conditioning) I took a break and went to see The Heat starting Sandra Bullock. HILARIOUS!  Really!  Treat yourself. I laughed till I cried. 




LIght at the End of the Tunnel

Wow. Lots of changes around here. My house feels lighter and is breathing in the best way. It's been a non stop frenzy of cleaning, tossing, selling, moving, and putting finishing touches on a project that in truth is never, ever finished. My house is a living, breathing, being unto itself, and as it changes, so do I.  My mom is a force to be reckoned with. At 81 years old, she masters a project with the tenacity of a pit bull.  I have learned a lot about myself while going through this process of reorganizing and redecorating, but I have also learned a lot about her. I really couldn't have done the work without her. I am cherishing this time of getting my house in 'new' order, and observing the changes here, around me, and in the universe.  Everything is connected by the finest thread. I wonder how you are utilizing this mercury retrograde in Cancer energy. Key words are 'emotional thinking,' but it is also well aspected for connecting to your mother, the mother in you, or mothering yourself.  For more on this aspect, simply click on the player above for the latest broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. We cover the topic in depth. Enjoy, enjoy!  And stay cool! It's 113 out there today!




Big Changes

When you change your home, you change your life. And my home seems to be changing by the minute. Each room has undergone some kind of transformation. I understand the macrocosm/microcosm theory and I have been semi joking that I wonder who I will be when my house is done. I feel anxious about getting it all done, but then one thing leads to another and there is more to do. This is an area that is bringing me great joy. It overlooks the zen garden outside.

Everyone is going through big changes. How are you manifesting your new life?




Letting Go!

I wondered how the full moon in Capricorn would affect me. The full moon (on June 23rd) was EXACTLY to the minute on my natal sun/mercury. In astro speak, that is HUGE! Well, for the past 4 days, I have been sifting and sorting and throwing out tons and tons of things which have been accumulating for my entire life!!! Talk about letting go!  I have let go of so much stuff that my house and my garage are transforming big time! It's incredible. Now, I have to admit that I am the kind of person that really really likes instant gratification, but this job is bigger than I am. Every single thing has snowballed into a bigger thing, but I just keep plugging along into the wee hours of the morning, getting rid of stuff and organizing (thanks, Mom, for your help!) each room of my house. It's an incredible job and an incredible feeling. I am, however, anxious, for it to be done.  Onward!




First Day of Summer

This is a special time. Lots of astrological wonders. Grand trines. Full moons. Retrogrades. How is it manifesting for you? Can you see how your own life is changing.  Hang on to your hats!




10 to Zen

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was full of great information pertaining to our topic LETTING GO FOR GOOD. We covered Chiron retrograde, the upcoming full moon in capricorn and so much more including 10 to Zen. As promised, here is the list. To listen to the show, simply click on the player above and enjoy, enjoy!




My First Friend in Life

On Sunday, I spent the day with my first childhood friend. We had not seen each other since we were 7 years old and that was 51 years ago in NJ. Life is funny. It turns out that her brother lives about 7 minutes away from me here in CA, and so we were able to reconnect and spend a beautiful (healing) day together. Seeing Sheri made me even more aware of how our lives are so scripted. Yesterday, while we were together, it became very clear to me that back when we were born just 11 days apart and lived about 5 houses away from each other, we were part of a soul group that had agreed to come in at the very same time. Our interests are very similiar, though our familial paths are very different. But the similarities made my mind boggle, and the ease in which we can still communicate was amusing, and wonderful. Who is your first friend in life?  Do you still see them? It's an incredible thing if you can reconnect with someone like that from your past. Perhaps during the upcoming mercury retrograde, you will do just that!




Fabulous Spiritual & Psychic Boutique!





In Gratitude

For the 2nd year in a row, my friend Jen has thrown a Gratitude Dinner for 30 of her closest friends. It's truly an amazing affair. Great women. Great food. Great vibe. Lots of love and mutual respect. It's so cool!  I had a wonderful time connecting with new and old friends. Truly, truly a fabulous time.

Yesterday's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was very cool. The topic was Your Personal Number Year and June Forecast. If you missed the show, no worries! Simply click on the player above. 

Gearing up for Saturday's Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at The Residence Inn from 10-4. It's going to be AN AMAZING DAY  and I would love for you to be part of it!!!  There will be readers and healers and vendors and gemstones, and surprises and surprise! You never know what you may find there, or how your life will change......   Come on over and say hi!!




An Even More Zen Garden

When I noticed that the chairs in my zen garden were cracked underneath the cushions, my feng shui feathers were ruffled and I raced off to find the perfect replacements. Fortunately I did not have to go far and had luck on my first stop. In fact, I hit the motherlode and got 4 new chairs, new cushions, a new umbrella and stand, and table. WOW!!!  A stunning instant transformation!  Here is the picture:

I'm super excited. Someone on Facebook commented that I ought to do my radio show from this beautiful space. What you are seeing in the picture is my view from where I broadcast live every Wednesday. It doesn't get much better than that!




New Moon in Gemini

New beginnings! That is the theme for today's new moon. Actually, that is the theme for all new moons! You get to clear the decks, let go of the past, and make your wishes. 

Today was a full day (so what else is new). I saw clients during the day, had dinner with my BFF's tonight, and then got to hang with my daughter and hit the Kohl's clearance sale. Got to bring mom home after her journey from Florida, and that about wraps it up for the day!

Hope your weekend is grand!



Seeing Old Friends

Today was like a 3 parter with 3 different sets of friends at 3 different times of the day.  In the first part, I saw my friend Janet whom I usually see at Christmas time. In fact, she almost drove past my house since she didn't realize I had the biggest shade tree on the street.  I realized that when she usually visits, the tree is bare and naked and yes, my house looks like a different one entirely. At any rate, I loved seeing Janet in the summertime and we had a wonderful visit. She is a costume designer and purchased a lot of vintage buttons I had stored away.  

After Janet, I had lunch with my friend Renee Coleman. I've known Renee for years. In fact when we first met she had only 1 child and now has 4. It's been a long time. Renee is BRILLIANT and I mean that quite literally. She has her doctorate in Spiritual Psychology and is a professional dreamtender.  She is also an author. You might know her as the catcher in the movie A League of our Own. She has had many incarnations.  Renee wanted info about radio and I was happy to give it to her. In exchange, she bought me lunch. Win/win.  We also had a lot of laughs. Renee is very, very funny.  

After Renee I was visited by Anne whom I had not seen for many years since she moved to live with a tribe in Panama. Anne used to be a movie animal trainer and now runs dolphin and whale watching tours for her village. She was in LA on her way back from Australia and it has been quite a while since we visited. We hung out at our friend Lisa's house and then for some culture shock, hit Staples and Sports Chalet. It's amazing how quickly one can forget a village.

I realize that mercury retrograde is still a couple of weeks away, but this sudden surge of connecting with old friends makes me wonder who else will be coming out of the woodwork.  I love reunions. Don't you?





Are you a gemstone fan? Or how about some guided meditations? Well, you get both on the latest broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour! Simply click on the player above and sit back and enjoy!  Lots of great tips for love, money, intuition, and fertility, and the meditations are uplifting for your spirit and your soul!  





Bizzed is my new word. It means that every moment is full and BIZZY! Today was Full and Busy. And wonderful. And I have a new garbage disposal at my disposal.  Get it?  Hahaha. Okay, punchy after a long and busy and wonderful day.  

Tomorrow's radio show is all about Gemstones. Gemstones for love, money, intuition, fertility, and MORE! Guided meditations, too!  Tune in at 3PM PT by calling 646-929-2242 or at Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  To listen to the archive, simply click on the player above.





Maybe I was inspired by Zooey on Nurse Jackie and her organizational skills, but when the window washers came to my house, I decided once and for all it was time to clear out my jewelry corner and organize!  Amidst clients and phone calls, I spent the day knee deep in strands of beads and stones, putting labels on boxes and finding lost treasures. It felt so good!!!  My house is breathing so much better now!

Of course, one thing leads to another, and the minute the decluttering was done, I noticed a leak under my sink from the garbage disposal. I believe everything is macrocosm/microcosm so I got rid of the "garbage" in the corner, and now I get to get a new garbage disposal!  The universe is all so perfectly organized, isn't it?





Friday night was a blast when I was joined by 6 of my closest friends and we headed down to NoHo for dinner at The Federal Bar and then sat in the front row for The Luminario Ballet.  WHOA!! It was amazing!!  A mix of classical ballet, modern, jazz, and aerials!! What a mix of music, too! From Stravinsky to Led Zeppelin!  So fabulous!

And then....tonight, my friend Ronnie and I saw Lily Tomlin at the Performing Arts Center which is (this is the best part) just a mile from my house!!!  Fabulous show, and then we returned here and watched the Richard Pryor Documentary on Showtime with interviews with Lily Tomlin! So good!  A culture filled weekend and loads of great friends, plus healing clients, too!!  I feel very lucky.



Personal Day

Sometimes you just have to take one......




After Death Communication

If you have ever wondered if your deceased loved ones are communicating with you, please click on the player above for the latest broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. Find out the 10 Most Common Signs and so much more in today's show. 




Memorial Day Weekend and More!

Time continues to fly by! On Sunday, I was gifted a gorgeous day with my two soul sisters Tina and Julie for a jaunt to Santa Barbara to the Gem Faire. We love being surrounded by crystals and gemstones and visiting with Jeremy and Conni of Energy Gems. I'm so excited that they will be at the next Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at The Residence Inn on June 15th. It will be their last appearance in Santa Clarita for the year!!  If you love gemstones, YOU WILL LOVE THEM and their GOODS! Or I should say GOODIES! 

The day was certainly magical and divine and I spent the rest of the weekend doing a little yoga in my retreat/treatment room and enjoying the stunning California weather.  Today I was gifted with a testimonial from a listener of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. She wrote:

Hi Harriette! I have to say I LOOOVE your show. I was in chat on Wednesday and called in the previous Wed. Just want to confirm both of my mini-readings!   

Wednesday 5/21- Chat.

I was in chat and asked if you could check my chakras. 

My guides told you I like purple.  - You noticed I wrote in purple on chat but a few hours after the show ended I noticed I was wearing a solid purple t-shirt AND was listening to the show   with purple headphones! Most of my clothes are blue and I rarely wear that particular shirt so that was cool!

Wednesday 5/15 - Call in

You mentioned sometime last  week M, Tues or Wed a job opportunity would pop up. And Thursday an energy shift regarding a job. You weren't  sure if it  was something I applied to previously or if I would be contacted out of the blue. 

On Tuesday I was contacted about 2 temp opportunities at a companies I've been dying to   work for. You nailed that! so cool! I interviewed at  company on Thursday and they sent an offer Friday morning.  You got the that too! 

Thank you SO much for all your guidance. You are so gifted!! I appreciated it so much. Listening to your show helps me stay positive :o)  Trea S.

This makes me so happy!!! Tune in tomorrow for a great show about After Death Communication and Signs from Deceased Loved Ones. We are on at 3PM PT and you can listen by clicking HERE or calling 646-929-2242.  We will also be taking your psychic questions. Woohoo!  Great stuff!





I didn't know until tonight that there is a thing called Binge Watching or Binge TV. This is a phenomenon when you watch an entire series in record time. I felt vindicated in a way, since for the past 3 days I have been binge watching Scandal.  I don't know how I will feel when I complete the series. I feel like I'm reading the best book ever and can't wait to get to the next chapter, and the next, and the next. It's been non stop and so completely FUN! I'm hooked. It has been my guiltiest pleasure and I am loving it.  Do you have a guilty pleasure? Or a favorite tv show?  Please share HERE.




Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 

We are in the midst of some crazy astrological transits with a pluto/uranus square last Monday, and the full moon/lunar eclipse on friday night. To find out what it all means (in English), click on the player above for the latest broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. I think you will really enjoy it, and gather a lot of great information in the process. 




Time is Fleeting

I'm really having an issue with TIME these days. It is moving at such a rapid pace, I often can't remember what day it is. And then I feel like time is getting away from me, even though I have enough time to get done what I need. I had always heard that time would become a bit nonexistent as we head into the future, but I wasn't quite sure what that meant. Now I am understanding that the essence of time is taking on a new form and one that is mind bending at best. 

Have you felt that time has shifted in your world? I would love to hear your comments.




What? The Weekend is Over?

Who am I kidding? At one point I couldn't even remember what day it was and thought it was the middle of the week! It turned out to be quite a busy weekend with wonderful surprises showing up throughout.

Not only did I do a little decorating, cleaning out, and cooking here at home, I got to spend time with Mom (yikes the play was awful and we left at intermission, but had a good laugh in the process), went to the Swap Meet, did some grocery shopping, talked to many friends on the phone, relaxed and read, indulged in some tv time, and even got a good dose of Vitamin D. I tended my garden, watched the amaryllis bloom in to gorgeousness, and even saw a client or two.  

For a treat, I will share the amaryllis' with you.


I hope you had a great weekend. We've got a powerful Uranus/Pluto Square tomorrow so beware, and remember that everything that happens is ultimately for your good and the greater good.





There was yet another planned power outage at my house today so I chose to stay in bed and read until it was over.  I LOVE mornings like that! This afternoon, Mom and I saw the film MUD starring Matthew McConaughey which was very good, and then had dinner at BJ's which was VERY GOOD.  All in all, it was a grand day.  I felt like the weekend was starting early! 




Psychic vs. Sketpic

I really enjoyed today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. The topic was Psychic vs. Skeptic and was filled with great information for those who practice psychic arts or for those who seek out the advice of psychics. To listen to the broadcast, simply click on the player above. All the latest shows are right here! 




Soul Stories

Tonight's Power Class - SOUL STORIES was phenomenal!  I want to thank all those who participated and all those who inspired the class. It was completely life changing, even for me! I feel so grateful to be able to do what I love (teach/heal) and be surrounded by such an amazing group of people who continually enrich my life. Wow. Big night.




Mother's Day

Today I had one of the best Mother's Day ever! My son called from Chicago, and my daughter made a delicious brunch for me and Mom, and we spent the day lounging around in the air conditioning. Simple and perfect. I feel truly blessed and grateful.

Happy Mother's Day!



Going to the Oscars

Okay, I didn't really go to the Oscars, but I did get to go to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences tonight for a screening of The Great Gatsby. I really had no desire to see the movie since the book is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES and I even wrote a gigantic paper on it in college, but my friend Billy (friends since 2nd grade) invited me and so off I went to Beverly Hills for the evening.

It was a total blast!

I didn't hate the movie. Which is amazing since it is super L O N G and I don't care for any of Baz Luhrman's work, but I have to say, I didn't hate it (Billy liked it a lot) and the 3D was extra cool. Plus, the screen at the Academy is so crystal clear, you just know you will never see a movie look so good again. It was incredible.  I wish they let us take pictures in there since I would love to have one taken next to Oscar, but they are pretty strict about that kind of thing.

Afterwards Billy and I went out for a burger and swapped grammar school stories which was so much fun. We even had the same teachers up until 6th grade!  What a trip.  It's amazing knowing someone for over 50 years, hanging out, seeing a movie, going for a burger, and laughing up a storm. You never ever know who will be part of your life for the long haul. You just never know. Next weekend I have college friends coming for a visit. What a long strange trip its been......



Astro Speak

I speak fluent astrology. It's a language I love, and when I am not speaking it, I am thinking in it. Like those who are adept in Spanish, astrology is clealy my 2nd language. 

Tonight I went to an astrology class taught by Diana Shaw who is my astrology mentor  (and my best friend). Because of her, I have been doing astrology for 25 years. I love it. There is so much to know and learn and delve into, I never tire of even the basics. 

Tonight's class was intense! Even with the knowledge under my belt, my head was swimming. I think it is important to continue to learn about a subject you love, and I feel extraordinarily fortunate that I was able to attend this amazing class. 

If there is a subject that you love, treat yourself to a class or a workshop or a conference. It not only keeps your juices flowing, but allows for necessary mind expansion. Especially during these transitional times. 




New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus TODAY!

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus will occur today, Thursday, May 9th at exactly 5:28 PM PT. Though we cannot see it here (unless you are in Hawaii or Australia), you can certainly feel its effects.  To find out ALL about the eclipse and how and when to make your wishes, simply click on the player above to listen to yesterday's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. You will quickly be an eclipse expert!  Enjoy your day! It's a powerhouse!




Heading into the Eclipse

There is a new moon/solar eclipse quickly approaching on May 9th/10th and it seems it is affecting EVERYONE! I'm going to be covering it in detail on tomorrow's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour at 3PM PT. You can listen in by clicking HERE or calling 646-929-2242. Got a psychic question? You can always ask during the show! Did you catch last week's show? Simply click on the player above for a listen! Enjoy.




A Multi-Cultural and Yummy Weekend

It was truly a delcious weekend. On Saturday I took a wonderful field trip with Mom and Aimee and Barry to the Ahmanson to see FELA. INCREDIBLE!!! Then a fun trip to Chinatown and dinner at Yang Chow's. YUM!

On Sunday, I stayed in bed all day and read a juicy thriller by Sandra Brown. What an indulgence! I was so grateful for the gray day outside. In fact, before I fell asleep the night before I wished for a gray day so I could stay in bed in read without guilt. Wishes come true! We rarely get gray days so today was the ultimate treat. In the evening, I traded my bed for the couch and television. More indulgence! I whipped up a gourmet pizza and it was heaven on earth. I hope your weekend was equally grand.

5/4 & 5/5/13



Being a Foodie.

Spending time with my dear friends is something I cherish, and lunch today at CPK was perfection. Besides the company, they have a salad there that is to die for. I thought I was hooked on the Roasted Veggie Salad, but the Morrocan Spice Chicken is killer. I highly recommend it. Plus, it's gluten free which is why I didn't indulge in their pizza. The best gluten free pizza is at Tomato Joes. I like the BBQ chicken one the best.  Thought I have to say that BJ's runs a close 2nd on that. 

I'm a complete foodie. My friend Julie just turned me on to Mandarin Wongs on Lyons Avenue. The Chow Fun is gluten free, too, since it is made with rice noodles. My other favorite place is Thai Dishes. I love their Tom Ka soup and Pad See You the best. I could eat those two things all day. 

I'm also a sucker for Rattlers. I love ribs the most.  Many people think I am a vegetarian. I was vegan for a year, but all those dreams about meat were starting to get to me. I took it as a sign. My body seems to crave meat, especially after doing readings and healings. I wonder if it helps keep me grounded.

I start off my day with a Green Smoothie. I'm hooked on Billy's Infinity Greens. They are amazing!  www.infinitygreens.com.  I make a smoothie of coconut water, tangerine, frozen berries, almond butter, and infinity greens.  YUM!  It holds me throughout the day. It's the mix of the fruit and protein. That's the key. In fact, I'm going to have one now!




L.I.F.E. - Living in Full Engagement

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was full of golden nuggets. With my special guest, Kimberly Barclay (our Angel Expert) we talked about L.I.F.E. - Living in Full Engagement and how the Angels can help you with that. To listen, simply click on the player above or click HERE.

Next week's show will be about the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.  Stay tuned!




Chakra Workshop

Tonight I was fortunate to facilitate a Chakra workshop over at Balance Point Spa. It was truly wonderful and transformative. I love teaching and sharing concepts that can shift your life immediately. Tonight's gathering was very special, and I am so grateful for those who attended.

My heart is full. And open.




Road Trip

Good weekend! Good Monday! 

On Saturday night, the weirdest play I have ever seen at Cal Arts - need I say more? And then on Sunday, a stunning day in Joshua Tree. Gorgeous vistas, a marvelous gathering in an artist's retreat, great play, and then delicious Thai food in a hole in the wall in the middle of nowhere with old college friends. What fun!  A rich, rich time. 

The days are full. Life is full. My clients are blessings. I feel blessed.





Eclipses can cause time to speed up. For example if you have been planning to do something in the future, don't be surprised if it  happens within days. Eclipses are magical that way. They speed things up so that we can be exactly where we need to be in record time.

Today was a beautiful day. I went to the park and communed with nature and then strolled along at the Farmer's Market stocking up on the most delicious strawberries, cherries, rasberries, and black berries. It was a berry paradise.  

I must have rose colored glasses to match that luminescent pink full moon tonight.  : )




Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

INTENSE ENERGY! Find out all you need to know about the Full Moon/Solar Eclipse taking place tomorrow, April 25th at 12:57PM PT by clicking on the player above. Great broadcast today! Don't miss the replay. It's available 24/7 right here!




Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Ooooh, I'm excited! There are a couple of great events coming up! Check it out!

Tuesday, April 30th 7-9PM HOW TO FIRE UP YOUR CHAKRAS - a great workshop to balance you and tune you up in the best way!  This workshop is at Balance Point Spa in Canyon Country located at 18285 Soledad Canyon Road (at Solamint) - $39

Monday, May 13th 7-9PM Harriette Knight's Power Class - SOUL STORIES - CLICK HERE for more info or to register. 

Are you looking for an Astrology Class? Diana Shaw, astrologer extraordinaire will be teaching a 4 part class beginning on Friday, May 10th.  Please call her at 661-296-0298 for the info. This is going to be an amazing experience!  Diana is located in Santa Clarita, CA.

Don't forget to tune in to Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour at 3PM PT on Wednesday. This week we have a GIGANTIC ECLIPSE and for sure we will be talking about it!




Vegas Vacay

Las Vegas can be an ambush of energy; it is helpful to navigate your way through it with a protective bubble. Especially if you are sensitive. But it can also be a helluva lot of fun which I was fortunate to have while there these past 4 days.

This is the first time I've spent time in Vegas on Fremont Street which is the old part of Downtown. It was a blast, really. I am completely enamoured with laser shows and the one that is projected on the GIANT screen above everyone's head is ASTONISHING AND MESMERIZING. I loved it!!! Plus, there are great bands every couple of feet and parades and artists and all sorts of freaky people watching. 

During the day I lounged by the pool which was a luxury in itself. To escape the smokey casinos I spend as much time outside as possible. Took a little side trip to the Strip and New York, New York which was fabulous and the location of our upcoming 60th birthday party for my high school class in 2014.  Woooo, what fun!!

A highlight was when 4 of us, all non gamblers, ventured over to the Roulette Table where our friend Andrea put down $10 on 8 black and won $350!!!  It was amazing. Beginniners luck for sure! She was smart, though, and cashed out immediately. That's the way to do it!




Busting Loose from the Money Game

Today we devoted an entire hour on Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour to answering your psychic questions. If you were unable to tune in, simply click on the player above.

There were a few themes that were threaded throughout the show, one of them was finances. I recommended one of my FAVORITE and life changing books BUSTING LOOSE FROM THE MONEY GAME by Robert Scheinfeld. EXCELLENT. The thing with this book is it's not one you can skip around in, but must be read from beginning to end.  It is life changing and I still use what I learned from it today. Click here to find out more.

I also want to recommend another book that I just finished called UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand who wrote SEABISQUIT. Wow, what a journey! It really shows how much a person can take, so when you say, "It's more than I can take," you might want to find out about Louie Zamparelli and his story. A page turner. And just when you say it can't get any worse, it does! A story of Survival, Resiliance, and Redemption.  Click here for more info.

Going out of town til Sunday. Have a great weekend!





Sending prayers. 




Busy Busy Weekend Spring Cleaning!

What started off with me cleaning out a couple of drawers turned into an amazing experience of venturing into areas I hadn't ventured in for maybe 20 years! Closets and cabinets and years and years of stuff accumulated. Some things sold, others were thrown away, and a full car load went over to Goodwill. What a great feeling!!!  

Of course now I feel addicted to cleaning out more and more! The garage is getting lighter by the minute. And I know I have only touched the tip of the iceberg, or should I say glacier. I have lived in this house for 23 years and yes, I admit, I have some stuff. But it was great to unload what I did today and tomorrow I might continue to do the same.  What have you cleaned out lately?  Imagine the things you will find!




Personal Day

Everyone needs a personal day and today I took one! When is the last time you took a personal day? Perhaps you could schedule one now!




One Night With Janis Joplin

Wow. Today was major. Healing sessions back to back to back and then a jaunt to Pasadena to meet up with Ronnie for dinner and ONE NIGHT WITH JANIS JOPLIN at The Pasadena Playhouse. Wow.

A couple of years ago I was at a birthday brunch with about 10 people and I sat down next to an animated guy who upon finding out that I was a psychic asked me if an idea he had was viable. His idea was to put on a show about Janis Joplin called One Night with Janis Joplin. I immediately said YES YES YES DO IT, and.....he did!  Randy Johnson did a phenomenal job of creating a brilliant evening of Janis Joplin sharing herself and her life and her music with a rambunctious crowd at the Pasadena Playhouse. It has now become the highest grossing production EVER to grace the Pasadena stage and was just extended for 2 more weeks. 


While there, I had an astrological insight. Those who know me know I speak Astrology as a second language so it was no surprise that this insight came to me. It turns out that Janis was a capricorn. And pluto right now is transiting through Capricorn. Pluto means birth, death, and rebirth. I thought how perfect that Randy Johnson launched this show which basically rebirths Janis for current generations and for those who love and miss her. 

Janis Joplin died at age 27 in 1970. She would've been 70 now. Hard to believe. Why it seems just like yesterday I purchased my Cheap Thrills album (still have it, too!). Ahhhhh, Janis, it was so good to see you back tonight!!!




New Moon in Aries

Don't forget to make your wishes! To find out more about New Moon rituals including the right verbage for wishes and adding candles into your routine, tune in to today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour by clicking on the player above. For those of you who wanted to connect with the clairvoyant Rachel Mai, please call 614-607-2370 or visit www.sedonalight.com.




Healings, Readings, and Crystals

This morning started off with 2 healing clients back to back. The afternoon brought about readings and some jewelry orders. Tonight I was lucky to be at Tina Landrum's Crystal Grid Class and got to be the volunteer. WOW! I love having Tina work her magic on me with her crystals. It was a perfect way to end the day after working so diligently. Even healers need healing!  Once again I am feeling enormously grateful for my clients, and my gifted friends. My heart is full.

New moon in Aries tomorrow! We will be covering it on the radio at 3PM PT HERE.




Vision Quest

Tonight's Power Class - Vision Quest was AMAZING!!! The classes are always life changing and this one was incredible. We took a meditative journey and then created our own decks of oracle cards.  Fantastic!  Especially when the cards spoke to us to reveal their meanings. So magical. I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I do, and I look forward to what's next!




Birthday Time!

No, not me. It's not my birthday, but it is my sister in law's, nephew's, and assorted friends. A cluster of Aries birthdays happening right now! Tonight I went to the most exquisite birthday party for my sister in law's 50th celebration. Wow. It was truly beautiful with the most divine food ever! Here is a picture of me with my two brothers and mom. And a pic of the birthday girl. It's such a treat to share these special milestones together.





Family Time

My brother is visiting from Florida and I was so happy that we (and Mom) were able to spend a relaxing kick back day today. Hanging out with the fam! I cherish those moments.  By the way, if you live in Santa Clarita, Bricks on Lyons makes a GREAT burger!




Spiritual Hygiene

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was full of great tips for Spiritual Hygiene in the event that you or your home gets slimed. To listen to today's show, simply click on the player above. The link for the article about How to Clear Negative Energy from Your Home is HERE

Tonight I was a guest at a charity event at The Hollywood Museum in the old Max Factor building just south of Hollywood Blvd and Highland. It was a trippy place with a conglomeration of the strangest Hollywood memorabilia and a whole floor devoted to Loretta Young. The museum itself is old and dusty so just walking in is like walking onto the set of Sunset Blvd. There were dressing rooms and makeup stations for Blondes, Brunettes, Brownettes and Redheads with Max Factor innovations everywhere. Including a contraption that looked like something out of the scariest horror film that he developed to check the contours of the face. And for some reason, there was an exact replication of Roddy McDowell's powder room complete with a pink toilet. I don't know why. Afterwards, I ate a Mel's Diner to top off the Hollywood evening. The 2nd in a row. I'm not sure what that means, but it certainly has been a theme this week.




End of the Rainbow

I'm so glad my mom and I had an adventure to the Ahmanson Theatre to see End of the Rainbow with Judy Garland, I mean Tracie Bennett, but seriously Judy Garland. I mean, it was freaky. Though I felt like I was watching an entire season of Celebrity Rehab while sitting there. I did, however, love going to dinner at Kendalls and being at the theatre. It was a special treat to spend the time. 

Tomorrow's radio show is going to be interesting. The topic is Spiritual Hygiene - What to Do if You Get Slimed.  Don't miss it at 3PM PT at Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour or call 646-929-2242 with your psychic questions.  




Vision Quest

April's Harriette Knight's Power Class is VISION QUEST where we will take a meditative journey through the past, present, and future and then make a deck of special cards just for you reflective of that journey and your life purpose. To find out more, please click HERE. The class is on Monday, April 8th from 7-9PM. Space is limited. Don't miss out!! Reserve your spot today!




Reading and Sleeping and Eating

Today was one of those yummy morsels of a day where all I did was eat and sleep and read. I woke up and hung out in bed reading for awhile when I realized I was super hungry, so I made a gigantic breakfast of waffles, an omelette and applewood bacon and then went back to bed. I read for awhile and fell asleep until about 3 in the afternoon when I continued reading. I was in the middle of Yesterday's Gone Season 3 and was determined to find out how this post apocalyptic alien invastion alternative universe saga would end. Schwoo! I finished it around 7PM when I got up to eat again and watch tv. What a great day!!! And since Season 4 of Yesterday's Gone does not come out until the summer, I can take a hiatus and read something else! Happy Easter to ALL!




A Stunning Saturday

Spring has really sprung here at my house. All the flowers are blooming and the backyard smells of lilac and jasmine. After seeing clients in the morning and doing some errands, I spent most of the day in my zen garden tending to my plants and reading. Tonight was movie night and it was a total blast. We made popcorn and watched Django Unchained. SO GOOD!!!  Wishing everyone a glorious day and Easter Sunday!




A Truly Magical Day

There were so many wonderful synchronicities today - completly serendipitous - what great words!! Today I felt I was truly in my purpose. It was a glorious feeling! 




Work Work Work!

Today I had healing clients back to back to back. It was glorious!  I am so grateful I get to do what I do. This has been an incredible week. I love my job!!




Spring Animal Totems and the Meanings of Flowers

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was a lot of fun and full of great insights about Spring Animal Totems and Spring Flowers. If you missed the show, no worries! Simply click on the player above and enjoy, enjoy!

We are in the midst of an intense full moon in Libra. Think about what you want to let go of and let the full moon carry it away for you! There are more insights about this full moon included in today's broadcast HERE.




In the Zone

Today I got to do two of my most favorite things. I got to work doing healing sessions with clients, and I got to speak about Chakras tonight. I remember a time when I was not so lucky and worked (many) jobs that were unfulfilling. And now, each day, I get to do what I most love to do. I feel so blessed.  

Tomorrow I will do more of what I love to do which is host Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour at 3PM PT. We will be talking about the Signs of Spring including Animal totems and the meanings of flowers. If you have a psychic question, feel free to call 646-929-2242 or listen online and chat. Click HERE to tune in from 3-4PM PT. 


Happy Passover

What a joyous day! Lunch with my gal pals and then sedar with my family.  A whole lotta love and good food!  I feel blessed a million times over. For those who celebrate Passover, I am wishing you a lovely and beautiful holiday. 

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 26) at 7PM I will be giving a FREE lecture called "What's a Chakra Anyway?" at Balance Point Spa at 18285 Soledad Cyn Road in Canyon Country. Come on over and join the fun!





I get so mixed up on what day it is these days! Time has a whole new meaning and dimension. Today was filled with many layers, and each one was more palatable than the next - meaning...it was a delcious day!  I spent time doing yoga and then some gardening, sunning, enjoying, making maztoh ball soup, and then gathering with friends tonight for meditation and crafts. What joy! What laughter. If time is escaping me, then this is the best way to go!








Spiritual & Psychic Boutique Tomorrow!

Don't miss our Spring Spiritual & Psychic Boutique tomorrow, Saturday, March 23 from 10-4 at The Residence Inn at 25320 The Old Road in Stevenson Ranch. Great vendors including Jeremy Kennedy's Energy Gems. He has the BEST crystals and gemstones anywhere! Great prices, too! Plus numerous readers, healers, and more!! Massage, handwriting analysis, aura readings, angel readings, psychic readings, astrology, and gifts galore.  One day only!  Can't wait to see you. Easy directions: 5 North to Lyons Avenue. Turn left at the exit. Left on Marriott Way. Left into The Residence Inn parking lot. We are in the Conference Center.  See you there!! 




Bizzy Bizzy

Clients all day and surprise visitors tonight! Woohoo, what fun!!




It's Spring!

If you missed today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, simply click on the player above. It was a SPRING FLING with great information about today's Spring Equinox with an emphasis on Mars in Aries energy. Great show! Thanks to everyone who tuned in. My heart is full.




Upcoming Events

Wed. 3/20 - Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour 3PM. Call 646-929-2242 to ask your psychic question.

Sat. 3/23 - Spiritual & Psychic Boutique at The Residence Inn - 10 to 4.

Tues. 3/26 - Free Event - "What's a Chakra Anyway?" at Balance Point Spa in Canyon Country

Mon. 4/8 - Harriette Knight's Power Class - VISION QUEST 7PM

Please call 661-254-4747 for further information.  Thanks!




High Speed Internet

Patience, they say, is a virtue. That said, I could never be a cable guy. They have A LOT of patience. At least the one who visited my house today did. 

I had called Time Warner late last night when one of the shows I had recorded did about 3 minutes of tiling. Three minutes in tv land is A LONG time and I was getting frustrated so I picked up the phone and called.  I have the number memorized. The woman on the phone told me a technician could come out to my house between 1 and 2 the next day (today) so I said, "okay."

He was not only on time, but early which is unheard of when you are actually waiting for someone. He spent A LONG time checking connections, measuring something with his high tech equipment, went from inside to outside behind my tv and under my computer.  After awhile, I had nothing. No picture on my tv at all and no internet.  

I was freaking. He was VERY calm.

To make a long story short, this cable guy remained calm the entire time even though my appointment ran way over the estimated hour AND as a bonus and almost secretly, he asked me if I would like a new modem, one that would leap tall buildings in a single bound (my words).  Of course I said "yes" until I saw it was HUGE and I wondered where it was going to fit. We found a place and lo and behold, I finally have achieved HIGH SPEED INTERNET! I had heard about it from many, many people but never believed it truly existed. But it does, and now I have it, too!!!!  

It's really the little things that get me so excited. You should've seen me when I got copper plumbing. Oh my!




Book Soup

It was a very full weekend with gorgeous weather, friends, food, fun, and a field trip into LA to see our friend Rebecca Kellogg read from her novel at Book Soup on Sunset Blvd. Here are Julie, Malle, and I with Rebecca outside after her debut:

3/17/13 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Hanging at the Homestead

I LOVE my home. And I love being at home. So for the past 2 days, I have been a homebody and I am loving it!  I can't even tell you what I've been doing but whatever it has been has brought me immense happiness and joy. I have seen clients, had friends swing by, helped my daughter sell things she no longer needs (if you need books, dvd's, costumes, shoes, etc., let me know!). It's been an exquisite time. Today I even found time to make a new necklace creation. This one is 100% amethyst and fluorite with amethyst bunnies! Great for new beginnings and expanding consciousness. Here is a picture:

To see this and more, simply visit the ONLINE STORE. To schedule a reading or a healing, please click HERE or call 661-254-4747. 

3/15/13 - Happy Birthday, Carol!



Cracking the Number Code

It's been such a joy to have my BFF from high school here for a visit. I am really sorry to see her return home to Washington State.  : (    Because it was such a gorgeous day, we spent the morning in my zen garden soaking up the Southern California sunshine.  Mmmmm, so yummy. I even squeezed in a client before I cooked a delicious breakfast, but then didn't realize that I was still waiting to get that hour back from turning the clocks ahead, so I rushed rushed rushed to get ready for my radio show.  The topic ARE NUMBERS TALKING TO YOU? FIND OUT HOW TO CRACK THE CODE! was a big hit. If you missed today's broadcast, simply click on the player above.  

More client activity and then a delicious dinner of gluten free pasta, sauteed spinach and cioppino.  More yumminess!

All day and everyday the numbers talk to me. Are they talking to you? I bet they are!




Mini High School Reunion

My friend from high school, Carol, is a bundle of energy and joy. It's been so great to have her here to visit. Today we woke up and did some yoga and then ventured to Pacific Palisades to spend the day with our friend Billy who I have known since 2nd grade. We had a lovely day sitting outside in his courtyard, eating yummy food, and talking up a storm. Another one of our friends dropped by, too, which made the day even more special. Since we are all from NJ it is amazing that we were able to gather together so effortlessly.  Here we are!

Afterwards, Carol, Billy and I went down to the beach. The fog rolled in but that didn't stop us. Here is a pic of me on the beach.

After the beach, Carol and I headed down to Santa Monica for some Maine Lobster dinners. Woohoo!!! What fun! The whole day was a joy.  Back to work tomorrow!




Be Free in Your Body

What a great day! It started off with a client before I even picked up my BFF from 10th Grade at the Flyaway for her visit. We lunched OUTSIDE in the most glorious weather at Egg Plantation and then chilled at home while I prepped for tonight's Power Class called BE FREE IN YOUR BODY. The class started at 7 and everyone arrived. What a JOY. What FUN. What FREEDOM! The goal was to break down the barriers that prevent us from merging mind and body and we achieved our goal! It was a fabulous class and amazing energy. Plus, it was so great to have my BFF from high school here to participate. Of course we are most comfortable dancing around together since we did it for endless hours in her basement in 1970!  Some things never change, and for that, I am so grateful.




Meditation and Manifestation

Losing an hour by springing ahead is not one of my favorite things. I always seem to be in need of that hour for six months until we get it back. Today sped by. My timing was all off. I convinced myself I just needed an extra hour to get things done, but that hour was lost forever. Or at least until autumn.

My best friend from high school is coming for a visit tomorrow until Thursday. I'm super excited to see her. She is going to attend my class tomorrow night BE FREE IN YOUR BODY which will be a perfect manifestation of the new moon energy and 7 planets in pisces. What a perfect time to go with the flow and be fluid. 

Tonight was a wonderous round table with my meditation/manifestation buddies. Hugely insightful and very rewarding. It's part of a 12 week journey that even after week 2, I can see is life changing.  Plus the commeraderie is undeniable. I have found my soul circle and it lives in Santa Clarita!  Each day, I feel more and more blessed.

3/10/13 - Happy Birthday, Maile!



Dinner with the Dames

Every month "The Dames" go out to dinner to catch up, laugh, and eat great food. Tonight we went to Thai Dishes which I LOVE. I'm kind of addicted to their Tom Ka Kai soup and Pad See Yu; I swear I could eat it everyday. We had such a good time and I am once again reminded how lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life. 





My schedule has been really different lately. Going to bed by midnight. Waking up early. Today I did yoga and meditation and still met friends for breakfast by 10:30AM. Unheard of for me!!!! I have done yoga 6 days in a row and I am really enjoying it. I guess this is what happens when you picture something in your head for a couple of years; eventually it manifests into reality. Shakti Gawain was really onto something!  (haha metaphysical humor). 

Breakfast early. Clients in the afternoon. Even got my taxes signed sealed and delivered! Yummy dinner. Great conversations. Some cool ideas for Monday's Power Class, and a general feeling of life is good.  Can't get any better than that especially with nearly 7 planets in Pisces. Ahhhh, but maybe it is all an illusion. Who cares! It's a good one!




Tasty Words

It looked like rain for most of the day, but it didn't come until this evening when my friend Lisa and I left Santa Monica Playhouse after seeing Tasty Words. Rain is rare is SoCal which is why we talk about it so much. And heavy rain is even rarer which is why I am still talking about it.

Lisa and I had a delicious dinner at PF Changs.They have a great gluten free menu which makes it even more of a treat. Tasty Words was good tonight, too, though I have to admit, I slept through most of it. I've been going to sleep much earlier these days and in turn, waking up earlier which has given me time for my yoga practice (5 days straight!). I'm so glad to be back doing down dogs and single pigeon I can't even tell you. There is a lot of transition going on right now around all of us, and doing yoga has helped me filter the energy to cool, calm, and collected. 

What kind of things have you been doing to weather the storm? Please feel free to share. Click HERE to leave a comment.




Don't Worry, Be Happy

If you missed today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour, don't worry! You can listen right now by clicking on the player above.  Today we had special guest, Kimberly Barclay, our Angel Expert, advising us How the Angels Can Help You to Live Worry Free!  It was a great show, with lots of excellent advice!  Treat yourself!




A Mish Mosh of Meditation

It really hasn't been a mish mosh of meditation, I just like alliteration. I have been much more diligent in my meditation practice, however, since I am connected to an amazing group who has committed to meditate for each other. If you are meditating for another person, you must be held accountable. This has been extraordinary and it is only the end of week 1. I also have recommitted to my yoga practice and it is now the end of Day 2 for that. 

In the midst of all this piscean energy, I have felt very calm and collected. Perhaps it is a combination of yoga and meditation or the slowness of the days, but it has been a nice change. The workaholic part of me angsts a bit, but on the downside of this roller coaster, I am finding gratitude and peace. A nice place to be. 

Last night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 4:44 AM. My days and nights seem to be combined. When this happens, I forget what day it actually is. Yesterday was Sunday but felt like the middle of the week. Confusion is running rampant these days. Going with the flow is key. My dreams have been extraordinarily vivid. More pisces energy. Nothing makes sense and everything makes sense. I am reminded of a wonderful quote by Aldous Huxley - "There are things known and things unknown, and in between, there are the doors."  What doors will you walk through today?  




Personal Day

The weather was pitch perfect today with the temp hitting over 80 degrees. I spent the day outside reading, on the couch reading, on the couch watching tv and movies, on the couch sleeping. It was a delicious personal day. Tomorrow, taxes.




Going Crazy?

Wednesday's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour is worth a listen, especially if you are among the many that feel a little crazy these days. The topic SO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING CRAZY? covers a lot of aspects of what is happening right now to all of us. To listen to the show, simply click on the player above.  Pssst. Here's a secret.....you are NOT going crazy!




Houseguests and Healing

I've been juggling a busy schedule of houseguests and healing clients. I'm loving my new retreat/treatment room which has really worked out well. It's so warm and cozy and away from the hub bub of the house. I've also been cooking way more than I have had to in a long time, and that has been fun and rewarding. I realize that I look at everything I do as an art project, which under all these pisces influences is really perfect. Art, healing, dreams, watching movies, these are all great things to do while juggling life and mercury/saturn retrogrades. I look forward to today's show on Harriette Knight's Psychic &  Healing Hour at 3PM PT on Blog Talk Radio. The topic is "So You Feel Like You are Going Crazy? Find out Why!" Tune in by calling 646-929-2242 or online HERE. If you miss it, simply click on the player above. It should be reassuring and enlightening. Plus, I'll be taking your psychic questions, too!




Happy Birthday, Mom!





Angels Among Us

Today was a gorgeous day spent with my mom, brother, and sister in law at LACMA. I got to see three of my closest friends. Here they are: Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael. What a joy to see them!!!

After basking in all the glory of art, we headed to Santa Monica to Enterprise Fish Company for Maine Lobster. YUMMY! Here we are celebrating my beautiful mother's birthday:

It was a gorgeous day.



Loving Life

There are so many blessings in my life right now. Having my brother and sister in law here is such a joy. I was so happy to wow them with a full breakfast before they got on with their day. We are all going to convene tomorrow and Sunday for more family time. I was able to get a lot of work done and stocked up my fridge for more houseguests coming. I'm super excited that my BFF from high school is making her way down here from Washington State for her birthday in March. Busy with plans for upcoming classes and lectures, all the outlines are being laid out. This is a wild time, a swirly time, and as we head into my mom's actually birthday on Sunday, a grateful time. Many, many blessings indeed.

Feeling the love.




Hanging with the Fam!

My brother and sister in law are visiting from Florida and joining the rest of our family who live here. Except for my son who just became a resident of Chicago, we are all in one state right now. I love when we are together. We have the best time. And today was really wonderful. It centered around technology (my bro is a computer whiz) and food (of course!) and laughing and shopping, all the things we do really really well.  This is a family weekend celebrating my mom's 81st birthday!!!! Wow!!!!!  What a joy, joy, joy!

Here's a picture of us (sans my other brother and his fam) visiting my daughter at work.
From left to right, my brother, Me, my mom, my sister in law, and my daughter.  LOVE! 




Mercury and Saturn Retrogrades!

Tune in to today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour to find out all you need to know about Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio, plus what you most need to know about 7 planets in Pisces! Whoa!!! Go with the flow much?

Click on the player above to listen.  Great stuff just for YOU!




A Blur

Though saturn went retrograde yesterday and mercury goes retrograde on Saturday, you would think things would slow down a little. NO WAY! There is so much happening, it's a wonder anything gets done at all, or maybe everything is getting done at once. Zip here, dodge there, field a phone call, maneuver a crisis, buy something, and return it. Over and over again. 

With retrogrades you can expect to do things twice which is why I bought a clock but when I went to set it, the hands were all lopsided, so back to the store I went. The best was when I pulled out the caulking for my shower, cut off the tip, did a squeeze and everything was fine until I realized all the caulk was shooting out the other end of the tube!  It was crazy!!  Back to the store I went again. 

Retrogrades are a time of RE-turns in so many ways. We experience a retrograde to return to or revisit a situation or time in our life that needs completion. Use the time wisely, and if you need to do something twice, just smile and understand it is getting done in the best way.




Saturn is Retrograde

Saturn went retrograde today and mercury goes retrograde on Saturday. Since we don't know which end is up lately anyway, I wonder if it will even matter. Crazy, crazy shiz! I knew mercury was going retro when I went to use my credit card reader and it wouldn't read the credit card. So we tried another credit card. Nothing. So we tried another reader from a different company. STILL NOTHING. I gave up and put in the credit card manually. It was like returning to the dark ages! 

There is a lot of transition now, to put it bluntly. LOTS. I've moved a lot of energy in my home, switching things up, changing things around, moving things in, and moving things out. It's so different and I love it. I imagine that I am not the only one who is changing things around in their life. What about you?




Fun with A

My friend Adrienne and I have known each other for over 30 years and we always have a blast when we spend a marathon day together. It was a gift exchange first since we haven't seen each other since before December when we both celebrated birthdays. Then lunch at Egg Plantation sitting outside on this magnificent day. We like to shop, and we like bargains so we hit up Goodwill and Home Goods and came away with deals of day, and treasures to boot. Then it was dinner and tv. Adrienne and I have been through a lot together; being single, getting married, pregnant, divorced, being single parents, and it is so gratifying to spend time that reflects both ease and support. It was truly a beautiful (and FUN!) day. Thank you, A!




Scarf Addiction

Oh yeah, I've got it bad. My scarf addiction is out of control!! Today I decided to tackle the problem head on. It started out like this:

And after a lot of procrastination, it transformed to this:

I actually got rid of about 9 scarves which is a BIG deal for me!  Though I am sure I probably could've gotten rid of a few more.  Well....maybe after scarf rehab.

I also took advantage of this scrumptious day and went on an extra long bike ride, plus I cleaned out cupboards that had not been cleaned out in so long that I found a huge box of cardboard applicator tampons and just to give you a time frame here, I haven't needed tampons for about 15 years now.  Oh yes, it was quite a treasure hunt today!




Living Social

With all these planets in Pisces transiting my 11th house of friends, I am certainly living social! I had lunch with a couple of friends early in the day and then tonight a birthday party with more friends. Friends, friends, friends! I am so lucky!!

I worked today too, doing readings, and then taking time to enjoy the day. It was scrumptious outside with temperatures nearing 80. Oh my, I could not have been happier. But it seems there is so much more going on than just the weather. As I commented to my friend Julie tonight while driving back from the party, the veil is so thin these days it is difficult to discern between being awake and dreaming. In fact, while driving, I felt it was more a dream than 'real.' I have a feeling this will only increase as more planets head into pisces leaving us all with dream like experiences during our waking hours.  Some people are feeling dizzy or disoriented and even dehydrated. Pisces is all about water, so drink plenty of it. 

How are you dealing with this shift in energy? Please share.




Mission Accomplished

When I am on a mission, there is nothing that can stop me, and today I had my work cut out for me. I decided that there were a few things I just HAD to have to complete my latest projects in my home. I needed a couple of new lamps for my bedroom, end tables for the retreat room, and a corner decorative thing in my room as well. I went to Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls, Cost Plus, Target, Urban Home, and Pier One, and by the end of the night, I had just what I needed! I also made some return trips since I had an assortment of tables and accessories to choose from. Now my house feels brand new, and I am LOVING IT!!!  Jeez, and it isn't even mercury retrograde yet! In the coming weeks, I plan to go through clothes and cupboards and get rid of a bunch of excess.  That's going to feel so good!!  In the meantime, I am enjoying my "new" house to the fullest.  




Love Fest

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was an awesome LOVE FEST in honor of Valentine's Day. If you missed today's show, no worries! Simply click on the player above to listen. I also wanted to share this note that I received from one of our listeners. It is always such a pleasure to hear from you!

Hello Harriette,

I use the name naturalmystic on your BlogTalkRadio chat, and I asked you a question the other night. I told you that I was going through a difficult time and I asked if there was anything specific I could look forward to. 

You told me that I would hear from an old friend and it would make me very, very happy.

Well it turns out that you were right! I was online last night and an old friend messaged me. To give you some background, my father, a former university professor, has terminal cancer. My friend, whom I dated for a while, was in his class, so I was updating him on our situation. He had been trough something similar with his mother, and was of tremendous support and comfort.

Then he hit me with a surprise. He was actually in my country and right up the road from my house! I jumped in my car and sped across to see him and we spent a magical night reconnecting after 18 years. You were absolutely right, I was incredibly happy to see him, as he was me.

So I just wanted to let you know that the wonderful thing did happen to me. His presence has lifted my spirit tremendously.

Love and blessings, Natasha




There were many instances of bittersweetness today beginning with my son coming over at 10AM with my new couch for my retreat/treatment room strapped to the top of his car. My son is moving to Chicago and I bought his couch which was a steal considering it also included delivery. Being a mom, I paid him more than his asking price. 

The couch is AWESOME and I am thoroughly enjoying having a separate room for 'retreating' and/or 'treating' my clients while doing healings and readings. I once had a dream that I discovered rooms in my house I didn't even know I had, and now I feel like that has come true. With my newly acquired space, I now have a beautiful new addition to my home. I even redid the 2nd bathroom. 

Though my daughter just moved a short distance away, my son is taking on a bigger more gigantic move to Chicago. Saying goodbye to him took me by surprise. I mean, I've moved far away from my family before; once from Miami all the way to Toronto! That wasn't even in the US for goodness sake, I had to move to another country! But saying goodbye to my son brought tears to my eyes and all my mom-ness came to the surface. Though I am totally supportive of his move, I am sad to see him go. Even though when he lived in Hollywood I could go months without a single sight of him. 

We are all moving forward. My home reflects that as well. New rooms, new vibe, new me. How about you? Are you feeling new or re-newed?

After my son and I had breakfast, I went to have lunch with my dear friends Tami, Julie, and Candice at Tea Garden. We were celebrating Julie's and my birthdays (yes, they were in December) since we haven't had the opportunity to get together. It has become more challenging since Candice now lives in New Jersey. But we make it work and lunch was wonderful. Lots of love in the air.

The rest of the day I felt scattered and weepy. I cried all during the State of the Union address and decided to redecorate some more to take the edge off. It worked. My bedroom looks amazing and my new retreat room is glowing. It was a roller coaster of a day, but I blame it on all that Pisces energy. So far 4 planets are in Pisces with 2 more due really soon. And then all the Pisces planets are going to go into Aries.  Sheez, batten down the hatches! More about that in the coming months.





Even though mercury does not go retrograde until Feb. 23rd, I have an overwhelming desire to clean cupboards and closests and sort through all the things I really no longer need. What a joy that is! I love getting rid of the excess! It makes everything feel so streamlined and breathable.

Apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way. It seems that everyone I speak to is in the same mode. Cleaning and clearing and organizing. This means only one thing, that we are all opening the way for newness to come into our lives. Changes abound, and everyone is feeling it.  It's very exciting, really.  Keep on going with the flow and all will be revealed.




A Working Sunday.....

....feels like Monday. : )




Conscious Life Expo

I can't believe a year has gone by since the last Conscious Life Expo. Time is flying! Early this morning, Shawneen, Tina, Cathy, and I headed down towards the airport for this year's jaunt to Conscious Life Expo. Already the ride down was jubilant and fun, but that was just the beginning. We spent about 2 hours at our friend's Jeremy and Conni's Energy Gems booth visiting and feeding our crystal addiction. The energy was palatable and we clearly could've stayed there all day. We ran into our friend Shanna which was a total suprise and birthday girl Terri which was a semi surprise. Our other friends Chuck and Jonathan showed up as well for more of a group convergence. Our soul circle is growing by leaps and bounds and it is joyful.

We sampled and purchased some of Billy's Infinity Greens which is a Health Transforming Superfood. (www.infinitygreens.com), we ate delicious Indian food while sitting on the floor in the hallway, laughed a lot, talked to the vendors about healing and chakras, gemstones, coconut sugar, singing bowls, and got completely giddy by the end of the day. It was so much fun, we really didn't want it to end.

When I got home, Julie picked me up to go to our friend Candice's Silpada party benefitting the American Heart Association where I picked up a birthday present for my dear friend Cherie who was my roommate while living in Toronto in 1979!!!  More friends. More fun. More food.

Tomorrow, clients all day, and really breaking in my new healing and retreat room!  : )

2/9/13 - Happy Birthday Terri and Cherie!

I'm Back!

Well, I wasn't really gone, but my computer was out of commission for awhile. The good news is I'm back on the grid! It's been a super busy week!  Among the highlights was Wednesday's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. If you missed the show, not to worry! Simply click on the player above. The topic was HOW TO GO WITH THE FLOW AND NOT GET WASHED OUT TO SEA!  Great tips and tools for these transitional times. 

I've had numerous joyous encounters with great friends from my soul circle, extraordinary healings and readings, lots of decorative changes in my home, and tomorrow a trip to Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton. I'm feeling extraordinarily blessed and lucky, and safe and warm as the temperature dips to the low 30's tonight. Oh yeah, I know that is nothing compared to Snowstorm Nemo back east, but for a thin blood like me, brrrrrrrrr.

Please continue to stay warm, happy, and healthy.




Who are YOU?

Tonight's Power Class was AMAZING! The topic was WHO ARE YOU? or WHO AM I? Either way, those who attended got some real insights into who they really are and were propelled forward into who they really want to be. It was incredible!!!! I want to thank everyone for coming out and participating in this class. It was such a hit, I just might have to do it again with a 2nd group. Let me know if you are interested.....




Transforming My Home

Spent the weekend tranforming my home from beautiful to EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL!  It's amazing what a coat (or 2) of paint can do! I painted a second bedroom and turned it into a retreat area, and I painted the guest bathroom and transformed it into an even better guest bathroom!  It was the most rewarding work ever which is what I keep telling my achy muscles and legs!  

I'm looking forward to the next Harriette Knight's Power Class - WHO AM I? which is tomorrow (Monday, 2/4) night at 7PM at my house. It's going to be fabulous!!  Click HERE to find out more.




A Soup Party!

Before I get to the part about the soup party, there was a whole lot more that happened today. I kind of got the bug to paint my daughter's room (since she moved out) and turn it into a retreat room. I am SUPER EXCITED about this and was anxious to pick out a paint color. I did this between lunch at Wolf Creek with my friends Julie and Tami. It was a gorgeous day and we sat outside. Very different from my friends back east in 18 degree weather (or colder). After lunch I went over to Home Depot and picked out some paint possibilities, ran home and taped them on the wall, and then ran back after making a decision. With limited time, I got the room pretty much ready for prepping for painting in the morning. Now this is where the soup party came in. My friend Shawneen (Cooking with Gratitude) made a soup party for about 15 guests. It was DIVINE!! The soups were delicious!  A butternut squash curry soup, tomato basil pesto soup, and a taco or tortilla soup which was out of this world. In fact, I made a concoction of all 3 soups at once and it was spectacular! Plus there were other goodies, too. Shawneen knows how to throw a party! Each guest was asked to bring a mug or cup with a blessing written and we did a gift exchange that was so beautiful and touching and uplifting. Plus, I got a really cool mug! With a few exceptions of people who couldn't make the party, pretty much all my favorite friends were there. It was a completely joyous evening and miracle of miracles someone there was in need of a mattress and box spring! Hey, it just so happens I have one ready to give away!  Everything works out as it should, of course.  In the morning, my friend Terri will be here ready to paint. I look forward to getting that room put together.  Wow, what a great day!




A Day of Surprises!

I love when you wake up and you don't know what kind of day you will have and it ends up being a total work day! Yahoo! With readings and healings, it was blessfully busy. What a joy! Tomorrow is bound to be social with a lunch with friends and a party with more friends. Jupiter is smiling down on all of us!




Jupiter Direct and Singing Bowls!

After 4 months of being retrograde, Jupiter went direct today which is good news for everyone! To find out more, simply click on the player above to listen to today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour.  Great information and something for everyone!

Afterwards I went to my networking group which is code for seeing my friends, and had a lovely time with all of them. After that, quite a few of us headed over to an amazing Singing Bowl Meditation which made me feel like I left my body for a trip around the sun. I'm still flying even now.....





Electronic Overload

Right now I am feeling like I am on electronic overload.  Between computer stuff and cell phone stuff and stuff and more stuff, I am caught in an energetic vortex!  It's really intense right now. External hard drives, back ups, data transfer, yada, yada - who knew I would ever be so tech savvy!!  But I have to say I am so GRATEFUL for all of it. Though I am sure a stay at Walden Pond would be nice, I think I would have to have all my electronic accessories handy - well, at least my Kindle Fire and free wi-fi.  : )

Tonight I took a break from it all and had a lovely dinner with my mom, my son, and future daughter in law (that's okay, she doesn't read my blog). Such a nice evening at Bosso Nova in Hollywood on Sunset. Yummy food and lots of fun. My son and his gal pal are moving to Chicago, and though I am sad for me, I am really happy for them. All grown up and off they go.....




Busy Day, So What Else is New?

I had a wonderful meeting today with Cheryl Montelle who created Mil-Tree which boasts the Mission Statement "It is our mission to bring together veterans, active-duty military, and civilians in order to help each other to address the wounds of the soul through commiunication and art."  What a powerhouse she is! And what a vision! Cheryl also runs retreats in Joshua Tree for women veterans. She's all about healing and moving from chaos to flow. To find out more, please visit www.cherylmontelle.com




Phone Shopping and Food Shopping

The weather has turned cold again. Brrrrrr. I ventured out to do some phone shopping since my cell phone has been putting up a good fight but ultimately is losing. I'm excited about the new Samsung Galaxy S III in AMBER BROWN.  Woohooo. Stylish and so cool. But all good things come to those who wait and so I need to wait a few days for delivery. Afterwards I battled the crowds at Trader Joes and it was a regular Spiritual & Psychic Boutique convention with a bunch of us running into each other. I love that! Maile and I simply picked up our conversation from last night, and running into Diane Stacy reminded me how nice a massage might be.  Busy week ahead. It was a pleasure to have some down time today.  Hope you had a great weekend!




Under the Light of the Full Moon

There is a big big big full moon tonight in Leo. It's amazing and intense and the perfect time to have a party or go to a party, and so I did. Tonight was a combination birthday party for me, Elaine, Tina, and Julie. It turned out that 4 more guests at the party had birthdays either in January or in the next couple of weeks so it was about 8 of us that celebrated tonight. There was the most yummy (healthy, gluten free) food, and a lot of joy.  Guests complied with the request of no gifts but to bring a poem about each one of the birthday girls. What a true gift that was!! The words shared were gorgeous, as were all the amazing goddesses, healers, and shamans in the room. I am so lucky to be blessed by such good friends. Wow. What a powerhouse group! It was a wonderful and loving and humor filled evening.  I am feeling very grateful right now for all the love in my life. 




Rainy Day

It rained all day, and I loved it! A perfect opportunity to take a personal day. In fact, I super indulged myself in a tv marathon and made a dent in my DVR. I know, I know, not what you might expect from the likes of me, but that is the truth and I loved every minute of it!




Chakra Speak

It was a busy, busy day with clients and readings and speaking at Fleur Wellness Spa about CHAKRAS which is one of my most favorite things to talk about. I'm so grateful for those who came out to take part in the How to Fire Up Your Chakras lecture, meditation, and book signing. The ages ranged from 6 years old to 60 and it was fabulous! You are never too young (or to old) to learn about Chakras, that is for sure! Thank you to Shelly Culver for inviting me to speak and I look forward to doing more classes there in the future. 

The next Harriette Knight's Power Class is on Monday, Feb. 4th at 7PM and the topic is WHO AM I?  or WHO ARE YOU? Either way it will be revealing. To find out more, please click HERE


"Dear Harriette, I listened to your radio show this week. Loved it! I worked in radio in NYC for ten years -- I can tell you with authority that you are a naturally talented radio host. Thanks so much!" Julie L.



Gearing Up for the Full Moon in Leo

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was devoted to the upcoming full moon in Leo which will take place on Saturday night, Jan. 26th. To find out more, click on the player above. It was a lively show with lots of great information just for YOU!




Playing Hooky

I felt like I was playing hooky today and it was so much fun! Lunch at Clafoutis on Sunset Boulevard, a movie at the Grove (Gangster Squad was good!), and more snacky things at Cheesecake Factory.  Fun food, Fun friends, Fun time....All fun! Back to work tomorrow. Tune in at 3PM PT for Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour. We'll be talking about the upcoming Full Moon in Leo! Got a psychic question? Call 646-929-2242 between 3 and 4 PM PT. Call in early to guarantee a spot in the queue!




Lovely Day

I stayed in my leopard pajamas until about 1 in the afternoon which was such a luxury! And then I got dressed and ready to spend the day with an old friend. We walked around Bridgeport and talked endlessly about everything under the sun and then gorged on a platter of BBQ at Rattlers. More talking, laughing, and engaging. I love old friends.





After working all day with clients, I headed down to Hollywood to see my friend Brian Delate's one man show MEMORIAL DAY which he wrote and performs. It's like watching an entire ensemble since Brian portrays at least a dozen different characters. The way he morphs from each one to the next is mind boggling; you simply forget it is the same person. MEMORIAL DAY recounts a year in the life of a Vietnam veteran while he served in Chu Lai in 1969. I know Brian very well (since college) and I know which parts of the play are real and fabricated which makes it all the more meaningful and heart wrenching. What the play offers, however, is hope which is something much needed for all veterans whether they served in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan....it doesn't matter, the feelings are universal. This was a very special performance since audience members included veterans, friends, and fellow actors all who've known Brian for many years. And since he just returned from a trip to Hanoi and Chu Lai where he served, it was even more poignant and hopefully healing. There was a lovely reception afterwards, and a lot of joy.  It was cool, too, when my friend Ronnie asked me afterwards if that was me on the recording in the beginning of the show as the angry ex-wife on the phone. "It was me!" I exclaimed. And Ronnie, who is very discerning after showering accolades on Brian, said, "You were EXCELLENT and very professional!"   I loved that.  : )




Beach Day!

Oh how I welcomed the 80 degree weather!! It's been so bitter cold, I thought I would have to hole up until spring, but today we were gifted with a beach day like no other. I trekked down to Santa Monica (Venice was too packed) and met up with my friend Brian. We immediately walked to the beach amidst the seemingly thousands of Ultimate Frisbee players. It was intense!!  We stumbled on a Beach Cafe and sat for hours looking out over the ocean. It was scrumptious. I feel so lucky to live where I do, in the middle of January, wearing a tank top outside in the sun.  Ahhhhhh, bliss!





The days are blurring together. Have you noticed that, too? Today was jam packed with great stuff. I had breakfast with Maile, then appointments with clients, and dinner at Lazy Dog with my friend Brian. Tomorrow going to Venice. So happy it is warmer outside!!! I imagine the beach will be packed. Everyone, including me, is anxious to thaw out!




A Delicious Day

I cooked today. A rarity. I like to cook, but don't do it much unless I am having guests over. Today I cooked up a beautiful lunch with a spinach, mushroom, and pesto sausage frittata, country potatoes, and Harriette's specialty soup. With sliced avocados, stuffed olives, and sugar plum tomatoes on the side.  YUM!!!

For dinner, I made a stunning salad with lots of surprises like blueberries, apples and strawberries, and since we were still stuffed from lunch, a little hummus and crackers and more soup. All gluten free of course!!

In the middle of the day, when more friends were over, I served ginger tea and honey. It was simply divine and a little zen, too. Add in a walk on the paseos as it got dark out, lots of wonderfully rich conversation, and you have what just might be the most delicious day ever.  : )

1/17/13 - Happy Birthday, Tina!!




Every day is full of surprises so I don't know why I am surprised when surprises happen. Today was full of wonderful surprises. My friend Brian came to visit on his way back from his life changing journey to Vietnam where he served in the war in 1969. We've been friends for nearly 40 years. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, Brian's one man show MEMORIAL DAY will be performed on Sunday. The information is below in yesterday's post. 

Brian wanted to add a layer of dialogue into his show which will be used as a playback of a phone call. He asked me to do it with him. What you may not know is that Brian and I met in college while we were both theater students. In fact, we both have degrees in Theater Arts and met in acting class. To be honest, I have not done any acting since graduation except for the time I was on America's Most Wanted playing the "Victim's Mother," though I had no dialogue just a really concerned facial expression. 

Brian wrote up some dialogue which featured a very ANGRY and NASTY ex-wife. I have to admit I was embarrassed at first to even do the scene with him. All my old stage fright issues came right back up to the surface. I can speak to hundreds of people now with no problem, but when it was the 2 of us doing acting, I froze before I got into it. We rehearsed a couple of times in my backyard; I'm sure the neighbors were getting an earful, and Brian had nothing but praise for my performance. We were scheduled to record later on at a recording studio in Burbank. Fortunately, my friends Shawneen and Geoff own the studio and it was all beyond friendly.

Well, here's the thing...I LOVE recording in the studio. In fact, it was there that I recorded the soon to be released meditation CD's, so I was more at ease getting into the groove when we got there. I found it was hard for me to be so angry and so nasty. Brian is an actor and a director and wanted to go deeper and deeper to get to the nitty gritty of the feelings.  We did about 5 takes and all of them were good, but then he wanted go one more time.  He whispered to me, "Pretend you are talking to _________."   Now _______ just happens to be someone who recently threatened me so it was easy to find the emotions. We did the take one more time and it was PERFECT!  

We celebrated by the four of us going to Eclectic Cafe in NoHo and had yummy food and the best time. Afterwards, I thanked Brian for the chance to use my college degree!

1/16/13 - Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you and miss you more than I could ever express here. Thank you for the 222 sign on the bus tonight. You are loved.


Friends, Friends, Friends

It's been very social lately, with friends visiting from out of town. I did predict that my guest room would get a workout this year, and already I am right. My friend Janet visited from NJ last week and it was fabulous. On the heels of her visit, I had lunch with my friends Gina and Andy who are in town from Ft. Lauderdale. Tonight I got to visit with Ronnie, my "Cultural Attache'" whom I met for a divine dinner at Kendalls before going to Disney Hall to see (in my opinion) a horrendous edition of a modern day opera of Angels in America. Yikes. I left at intermission. To be honest, I saw Stanley Tucci leave at intermission, too. It made me long for the avant garde piece Ronnie and I saw years ago where the woman sang with playtex rubber gloves. I think I left at intermission for that one, too. Tomorrow my friend Brian (friends since college) arrives from his journey to Vietnam where he continued his healing journey as a veteran. His one man show MEMORIAL DAY will be presented on Sunday, Jan. 20 at 7PM at The Working Stage Theater in Los Angeles. Tickets are free. Here is the link  http://memorialdaybydelate.eventbrite.com

BTW, if you are in the Newhall area, I will be guest speaking at Fleur Wellness Spa on Main Street on Thursday, Jan. 24 at 7PM. The topic is HOW TO FIRE UP YOUR CHAKRAS. There will be some great tips and tools to share, a chakra meditation, and followed by a book signing.  $10. Space is limited. If you are interested, please call Shelley Ann Culver at 661-255-0738.





I know, I know, we should probably talk about other things besides the weather, but I can't help it! I just have to talk about it! It is sooooooo FRICKIN' cold outside, I cannot stand it!  Some people are saying, "oh yeah, like how cold? Boo hoo, you can't take some temps in the 50's?" Well, this isn't temps in the 50's, this is temps in the 20's!!!!!  There is ice on the road in the morning, and some slushy stuff that makes me think of winters in NJ. The winds don't help either. It makes it feel like it is in the teens or single digits. I mean, we are talking COLD!!!

I'm glad I have the wardrobe for every type of weather, so I'm bundled up to the max, but some people here in Southern California, just don't get it and are prancing around in shorts and t-shirts. I"m like WHAT??? Are you crazy?????  Oh, brrrrrr....I'm going to fetch my flannels and climb into bed. Baby, it's cold outside!




Goddess Day

It was a lovely day at Balance Point Spa today with lots of happy people. In fact, here is one of those happy people - ME!

Thank you to all those who came out to say hi!




There is something very special about spending time with an old friend. You can sit in silence, laugh at the drop of a hat, and be very spontaneous. My friend Janet and I do all of those things very well, plus, we can eat up a storm. My goodness! These past 5 days I'VE felt like the one on vacation. Food, food, and more food!  All of it delicious. Today we headed to Ventura. It was icy cold but stunningly gorgeous and clear. The air was biting. It felt more like December in New Jersey than anytime or anywhere in Southern California. Both of us were bundled up. Our first stop was Taj on Main Street for the most delicious Indian food. Super YUM!!  We hit all the thrift stores with a vengeance, and I now believe I have finally reached maximum capacity for turtleneck sweaters. Sitting outside in the sun outside of Palermo was simply wonderful, and the drive there and back breathtakingly gorgeous. I LOVE WHERE I LIVE!!

Even with all this visiting, my regular life has continued. With clients and emails and phone calls, etc. It's all good! In fact, please come visit me tomorrow at Goddess Day at Balance Point Spa at 18285 Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country from 12-5. It's going to be a fabulous day!!  Hope to see you there!




Friday or Saturday?

All day I thought it was Saturday. I mean, I really truly didn't get it. Each day is so full and rich!  Janet's visit is full of activities and today was no different, though we opted to stay closer to home. We did what we both like to do, hit Goodwill with a vengeance. In fact, we hit 2 of them today. We took a break, however, and fueled up at Soup Plantation taking advantage of the soups and salads on this very very brrrrrrrr cold windy day. I pulled out a faux fur lined ski jacket that I NEVER thought I would wear here in SoCal and my hat and gloves. We are talking BRRRRRRRR.  Tonight we watched Beasts of the Southern Wild with that gifted little 6 year old girl who was nominated for an Oscar. She is 9 now, but just as deserving, and the movie is extraordinarily powerful. Tomorrow......Ventura!




Kubrick and Coincidences

We already know there are no coincidences but more about that later. 

Today my friend Janet and I went to LACMA to see the Stanley Kubrick and Caravaggio exhibits. So cool!! I am so grateful that my son gifted me a year's membership to the museum and I intend to continue to take full advantage of that! Now here is where the "coincidence" began.....

Janet and I have been friends for 40 years. She met a guy Malcolm at a concert in Battery Park in NY about 15 years ago. Malcolm lives in LA so he met up with us at the museum. I met Malcolm briefly about 12 years ago when Janet was also in town visiting and haven't seen him since.  

On another note, in 1981, I worked on the film Porky's as the Production Coordinator. It was there that I met my ex husband Wyatt. The film is about 6 high school guys. In real life, their names are Scott, Tony, Cyril, Mark, and Dan. All of the guys not only attended my wedding, but were IN my wedding, though I have not seen them for over 20 years. 

So.....today, Janet and Malcolm and I are eating at The Cheescake Factory at The Grove, and out of the blue, Malcolm says, "If you worked on Porky's, you must know my friend Scott." I said, "Yes, I know Scott though I haven't spoken to him since my wedding (in 1982)." He said, "Let's call him!" And so we did.

When Scott answered, Malcolm told him that he was with someone who knew him and told him my name. Immediately, Scott said "Hold on," and Malcolm handed the phone to me. I said, "Hello," and Scott said "Hold on again," I figured he had another call. But then there was someone else on the line and I recognized the voice immediately. It was Tony, who then said, "Hold on," and Cyril got on the phone.  Now here is the weird part....Tony and Cyril stopped in to see Scott for just 5 minutes and tomorrow morning, they are having a mini Porky's reunion with Dan and Mark!!!  

I thought that was CRAZY.  The only one missing from the gathering is Wyatt who passed away over a year ago, but I believe FULLY that Wyatt orchestrated this whole event to send a message that he, too, was not missing the reunion.  There is no question in my mind at all. The whole thing was truly amazing.

After I recovered from the shock of all of this, Janet and I went to see "Silver Lining Playbook," which was really good.  It was a truly wonderful day full of surprises.





The Wonderful Archangels

Kimberly Barclay is one of the most radiant beings I know and I was so thrilled that she was able to be a guest on my radio show today. If you missed it, no worries! Simply click on the player above. I'm sure it will become one of your favorite episodes. Please check out her website at www.MomentConnections.com.




Out of Towners

My guest room is officially open. My friend, Janet, whom I have been friends with for over 40 years flew in this morning from NJ/NY to visit until Sunday. I've been fortunate to be able to see Janet a couple of times this year since I have been making treks back east more than usual. We have a lot of fun and have had a lot of fun since we first started hanging out with the band back in the 70's, but that is a whole other story. 

Her plane got in an hour early which meant that I was still in bed when she landed. I lept up and got showered and dressed and we arrived at The Flyaway at the same time. Immediately we went to breakfast at Egg Plantation since the day was scrumpdiddlyumptious with weather in the 70's. I was so happy to not feel cold.

After lunch, we settled in for a bit but the day was beckoning so we hooked up with my BFF Diana and went for a gorgeous walk at Bridgeport. After that, it was tea at Mimi's Cafe, and then not an hour later, we were picked up for dinner and meditation class. A whirlwind vacation and it hasn't been even 12 hours yet!

Lots of laughs and activity so far with more to come this week. I've also managed to do some readings and see clients between activities, so don't worry, I'm still available to work. If you are interested in a reading, please call 661-254-4747.  BTW, we have a great radio show planned for tomorrow with my guest Kimberly Barclay who will talk about How the Archangels can Help You Expand Your Life in 2013! She will also do angel card readings. Don't miss it! At 3PM PT at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/HarrietteKnight or by calling 646-929-2242. 




Oracle Card Reading Class

Tonight the stars lined up just perfectly and 12 angels arrived at my house for a most incredible Oracle Card Reading Class. INCREDIBLE!! The information and exercises that were shared were so profound with insights galore, and fun, fun, fun!! I am still flying high from such a wonderful experience. I look forward to more classes for this year and more Sacred Speaking Circles.There are so many shifts occurring, sometimes it hard to keep up, but with these platforms provided, it sure helps to make the paving of the way easier.  I am feeling SO BLESSED AND SO GRATEFUL!  What an incredible night. And much more to come!!


"It was amazing, Harriette, thank you for sharing your gifts. You are a fantastic teacher and so inspirational!" Julie Molinare

"I walked into that class with low energy and sadness. I left feeling calm, peaceful, and hopeful. Thank you so much for creating a safe place for angels to gather." Linda Clements



Busy Sunday

I raced out early to beat the rush to get my haircut.  Yes, my haircutter works on Sunday, and for that I am SO grateful! Afterwards I did my Trader Joes thing which reinforced the idea that one should never go grocery shopping when hungry. I intended to do a lot more than I did, but even with that, I did laundry and bleached out all the moss that seems to be taking over my patio.  Yikes! It's like the whole thing was turning green!  The best part was meeting the girls over at Tandoori Grill for dinner. What fun we had!! And the food was SO good!!  I'm gearing up for a busy week and with the Oracle Card Class tomorrow night at my house, there is a lot to do!  Still space available if you are interested. Simply click HERE to register. 




Past Lives and Connecting to Source

Wow! What a day!  We are talking MAJOR! Early this morning I went to my 9AM appointment with Seraphina who is a Quantum Healer. Her specialty is putting you into an altered state to access past lives and connect to Source. I'm talking MAJOR!  The session ran 3 hours though from what I understand can go up to 4-6 hours. We accessed many past lives which revealed a plethora of information that was pertinent to my current life situations. EYE OPENING! But the most profound was visiting the Hall of Records and connecting to Source (Masters, Guides, Light) and receiving downloads of information not only for myself but the planet. POWERFUL and LIFE CHANGING!  I was quite dizzy by the time I left, but then felt supercharged! Seraphina gives you an audio and video recording of your session. The healing can go VERY deep and on all levels.  I can't recommend this enough. You can cover a lot of ground in one session, and let go of old baggage in a flash. The insights and connections to those in your life now will surely blow your mind.  Call Seraphina at 661-724-6604. We are lucky to have her right here in Newhall next to the new Library at Walnut and Lyons.  Wow. I'm still processing, and probably will for a very long time. Thank you, Seraphina!!





I have the best waxer. I know that sounds crazy, but I just love her. She does more than waxing, she does facials and other stuff, too, but she loves waxing more than anything. And she loves doing Brazilians. I'm not kidding. She told me today while my legs were all yoga style that many waxers don't like to do Brazilians. I tried to be shocked, but couldn't, I mean who would want to get all up in someone else's parts if they didn't have to?  She loves when I come to see her because all I do is laugh. I laugh at the whole idea of it, and I laugh through the pain of it, and I laugh because of what we choose to do as women. She's extraordinarily professional as she studies her work and makes sure everything is even and to your liking. She laughs at me because I want something more natural looking. A natural Brazilian. I think I invented that. She plays David Bowie while she works, though she mellows it out if you are having a facial or other treatment. She says, "I just can't see having mellow spa music when I'm working on someone's kitty." It's quite a way to look at it, and I agree. Meanwhile, if you want the best waxing experience for eyebrows, upper lip or more, call Corinne Andrews at 661-714-8292 over at Fleur Wellness Spa in Newhall on Main Street.  BTW, the facial she gave me absolutely transported me. It was an incredible experience.  Treat yourself.  




Non Stop Activity!

This morning I was a guest on Shelley Hofberg's Psychic Horizons Radio Show. It was super fun! We talked about chakras, gemstones, and answered psychic questions. If you want to hear the playback, simply click HERE.

The rest of the day was one of those non stop days full of clients, social activity, phone calls, friends, work, miracles. The kind of day when you have no time to think about anything except what is happening at the moment. A perfect day indeed! Complete present moment awareness. Between clients I spoke to every single one of my oldest friends. It was like a mercury retrogade!  The healing sessions have been incredible with lots of shifts and releasing. There is so much new information and frequencies coming in. It's very exciting. Watching it all unfold is incredible. 

As if all of this activity wasn't enough, tonight I went to see Lincoln with my friend Lisa. Right now, I'm contending that Argo is the best picture of the year.  What do you think?




Finding Your Passion

Today's broadcast of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour was all about DREAMING BIGGER IN 2013. To listen to the show, simply click on the player above. During the show I promised that I would list the questions that John Holland suggested to help you figure out what you are passionate about (if you don't already know). So grab a pen and paper or your journal, and take as much time as you need exploring and answering these questions. 

1. What did I enjoy doing as a child?
2. What did I imagine at a young age that I wanted to be when I grew up?
3. Have other people noticed or commented on what I am good at?
4. Is there a hobby that I enjoy doing?
5. What am I doing when time seems to fly by?
6. What do I like reading in my spare time?
7. What kind of people would I like around me?
8. What can I do right now tot ake a step closer to doing what I love? 

"When you follow your passion, you are honoring your soul's purpose of being all that you can be, a Divine Being."  John Holland




New Year's Day 2013

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve, and a relaxing New Year's Day. I did something today that I NEVER allow myself to do. I stayed in bed ALL DAY and read. I am reading the BEST book! Stephen King's most recent 11/22/63 is a fabulous read. It is very NON Stephen King (not scary) and all about time travel. I'm a freak for time travel books and this is a major read. Treat yourself!!

Last night I welcomed the new year with good friends and good food and a good vibe. Here is a picture embracing the moment.




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CM, Oregon